130 Times Architects Really Outdid Themselves And People Celebrated Their Works Online (New Pics)

It’s articles like this one that make us want to become architects and change the world forever with our creativity, skills, and designs. The world is full to the brim with impressive architectural projects that go beyond pleasing just our eyes: when we see them, we genuinely feel like they energize our imagination and reinvigorate our spirit.

One popular subreddit, with over 1.3 million members, celebrates “beautiful impossibilities that we want to live in.” The photos of these architectural marvels are staggeringly gorgeous. This is the best that humankind has to offer. And it feels like it. Scroll down for the very best of architectural design, upvote the pics that resonated with you the most, and tell us what you loved the most and why, dear Pandas.

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Here at Bored Panda, we are huge fans of architecture, design, and all things beautiful. When you’ve enjoyed this list to the fullest, be sure to take a peek at our earlier features about the subreddit right over here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

#1 This Elegant Staircase That Leads Directly Into The Sea. Artatore, Croatia

Image credits: Matyas11

#2 Tis Beautiful Stone Bridge

Image credits: LazyOldPervert

#3 Oak Wood Imperial Staircase In Castel Savoia, A 19th Century Eclectic Style Villa Built For The Queen Consort Of The Kingdom Of Italy, Margherita Of Savoy As A Holiday Home In Valle D’aosta, Northwestern Italy

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

Though we can’t mention the full name of the architecturally-inclined subreddit (internet censorship is the worst, believe us!), we can’t stress enough just how awesome the community really is.

It is chock-full of beauty, mind-bending ideas, and enough inspiration to get any and all artists out of any creative blocks that they might have. Seriously. If you’re having a bad day or feel that your imagination has run dry, just soak in all of the photos in this list. They’ll help. Oh, and if any of you Pandas are on the fence about studying architecture, this is the sign from the Universe that you were waiting for: do it!

#4 Sığacık, İzmir, Turkey

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#5 Azure Blue Pool At Hearst Castell, San Simeon, California

Image credits: amonaloli12

#6 The Water Reflection Of The Bridge

Image credits: Smith-Oliver1999

The subreddit is absolutely massive and has a large following. It’s hard to not see the appeal of the community: everyone’s sharing beautiful photos of impressive buildings and places. It really sparks your innermost desire to pack a bag and travel somewhere new. Wanting to go on an adventure is a very human thing… building places worth visiting is the other side of that coin.

#7 Jal Mahal (Water Palace), Jaipur, India

Image credits: OrganicWheel7

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#8 The Castle And Chapel On St Michael’s Mount, A Tidal Island In Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, England, Which Have Been The Home Of The St Aubyn Family Since Approximately 1650

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#9 Corner Bookstore Selling Vintage Books In Buxton, A Market Town In High Peak, Derbyshire, England

Image credits: positive_molecule

If you plan on being an active and friendly member of the subreddit’s community, then you’ve got to commit to following the group’s rules. They’ve actually got a massive and well-structured FAQ available for everyone to browse. It details, well, pretty much everything: from the photo submission guidelines to what types of images are better off being shared on other subreddits. All of the rules help the sub’s mods focus on their preferred niche.

#10 150 Meter Aluminum Sea Serpent Skeleton Sculpture From Saint Brevin, France

Image credits: RefrigeratorNice3151

#11 Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Towering Above Old Québec

Image credits: fan_tas_tic

#12 Natural History Museum, London, England. Stunning Architecture!

Image credits: AlphaDevon31

A lot of the buildings and locations featured in this article look amazing, that’s true. But how many of them would make for a good home? Sure, it’s fascinating to explore an ancient castle with a regal library, but consider the practical aspects of living there.

How much time would you spend dusting and cleaning everything? What would you do about heating? What’s the commute situation like if you’ve got to show up to your office half the workweek? (Though if you’ve bought yourself a castle, we assume that travel expenses and work, in general, aren’t much of an issue!)

#13 Edinburgh, Scotland

Image credits: AlbertaChinooks

#14 Temple Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus In Barcelona Spain. For Sure One Of My Favorite Buildings, Also Known As Tibidabo Church

Image credits: legwelkar

#15 The Fountain Room At Hammond Castle – Gloucester, Ma [oc][3331×4163]

Image credits: whatsaphoto

The long and short of it is that only you can tell if you’d love or loathe to live in a particular place. The most aesthetically pleasing buildings might be a pure headache to maintain. Similarly, a quirky historical home might steal your heart and make you want to settle down there.

A while back, Bored Panda spoke with Ariane Sherine, editor at ‘These Three Rooms,’ about buying and redecorating properties. She noted that if you see a house that you love, ignore what everyone else thinks and go for it—buy it. (Of course, after you get it checked out in terms of safety, etc.)

#16 The General Electric Building, New York City. Designed By Cross & Cross (1931)

Image credits: Wavywizard8

#17 The Royal Palace Of Naples

Image credits: dragsxvi

#18 The Ask House, An 1890s Queen Anne-Style House Originally Built In 1890 On Dayton Avenue That Was Then Moved To Ashland Avenue In 1977, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

“A home which functions perfectly in terms of everything working correctly and has a beautiful design aesthetic is the dream,” the design expert told us earlier.

“Strip any hideous wallpaper, take up any awful carpet, and start over. I’m a fan of neutral decor with white or cream walls and oak flooring, but that’s not everyone’s thing,” the expert shared how you can start redecorating your new old home.

#19 Inside Of City Palace In Jaipur, India

Image credits: royalbluesword

#20 Cottage Between Rocks, France

Image credits: Znatureanimals

#21 Statue Of A Eagle Demi God Jatayu Situated In The Sate Of Kerala, India

Image credits: intragalacticcouncil

“Create a mood board featuring decor you like. Choose four colors maximum per room, stick them on the board and see if they all go together. Everyone has their own unique sense of style; the important thing is that you love your home’s interior. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.”

#22 Nuru Karim’s Rain Water Catcher Highlights Water Conservation And Climate Change

Image credits: lazydesignerartist

#23 The Basilica Cistern (Istanbul, Turkey) [oc]

Image credits: peigitrahearn

#24 Bruges, Belgium

Image credits: wigovsky

Alas, many of our house-related dreams are limited by our wallets. Yours truly would love to have a literal castle. But all of the ones that I’ve got my eye out on are a wee bit out of my budget.

“If you’re struggling to find somewhere within your budget, it may be worth looking at Help to Buy schemes if you’re a first-time buyer, and shared ownership schemes if not. Alternatively, explore downsizing, or look in different locations,” Ariane told Bored Panda.

#25 Petra, Jordan

Image credits: Mindless_Building135

#26 Beautiful Spiral Staircase In Bojnice, Slovakia

Image credits: -W-h-y-

#27 The Schwerin Castle Surrounded By Water

Image credits: achkerli

“The further you are from a city, the cheaper property usually is. Though any savings may be obliterated by the cost of commuting to work and traveling generally, so do factor that in,” she said that you have to look at the whole picture. When you see the broader context, you can start thinking about what compromises to make and where.

“Only you know what compromises you’re willing to make, but it really is worth getting on the property ladder as early in life as possible. Though I appreciate that can often be extremely difficult.”

#28 The Abbey, Mont St Michel, France

Image credits: _notsuoh_

#29 Dining / Kitchen / Bedroom / Study In Tiny Home [1000 X 1335] Byron Bay, Australia

Image credits: amb005

#30 Azadi (Freedom) Tower, Tehran, Iran

Image credits: yugsareen

#31 One Of The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) Residential Buildings In Milan

Image credits: follow_illumination

#32 Arnavutköy, Istanbul

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#33 The Tilework Of Esfahan, Iran

Image credits: Lost_Masterpiece22

#34 The Soft Glow Of Night, Dean Village, Edinburgh

Image credits: TheGuvnor247

#35 A Tudor-Style House In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#36 Heidelberg Castle Towering Over Heidelberg, Originally Built In The 13th Century And Expanded, Then Left As A Ruin During The 18th Century After Multiple Destructions, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#37 Rock-Cut Cave Temples At Badami, Karnataka, India. Chalukya Dynasty, 6ᵗʰ Century Ce. [2592×1944]

Image credits: Logical-Location-708

#38 The House That Fernando De Higueras Díaz Designed For Himself In Madrid. He Was A Famous Spanish Architect In The 1970s

Image credits: Crypto-Pito

#39 Architect Sami Angawi House In Jeddah

Image credits: Zalibo

#40 Ottoman Style Houses, Asian Side Of Istanbul

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#41 Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore – Florence, Italy

Image credits: rockystl

#42 Using The Classical Technique Of Trompe-L’œil, A Modernist Bloc In Berlin, Germany Was Transformed To Become Less Dystopic

Image credits: MichaelDiamant81

#43 Traditional Uyghur Architecture, Kashgar

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Built Roughly 1942 Years Ago The Colosseum At Regio III Isis Et Serapis Is An Architectural Icon Amongst Architectural Icons In The City Of Rome

Image credits: TheGuvnor247

#45 Ornate Architecture Of Buildings And Balconies In Valletta, Malta

Image credits: MyIpodStillWorks

#46 German Restaurant Repurposed Giant Wine Barrels To “Eating Pods”

Image credits: Relevant-Team

#47 Villa Elisa In Posillipo

Image credits: jhenerosexo

#48 The World’s Oldest Underground Station, Baker Street, London, 159 Years Apart. It Is One Of The Original Stations Of The Metropolitan Railway, The World’s First Underground Railway, Which Opened On 10 January 1863

Image credits: Zee2A

#49 Castle De Haar – Utrecht – The Netherlands [oc]

Image credits: omerfe1

#50 Manasija Monastery, A Serbian Orthodox Monastery Established In Early 15th Century Which Is Surrounded By Massive Fortifications That Consists Of 11 Towers Linked With Huge Walls, Despotovac, Pomoravlje District, Central Serbia

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#51 Cat-Shaped Kindergarten In Germany

Image credits: emmochkaxx

#52 The Gates Of Hell

Image credits: newjersey1988

#53 Il Castel Del Monte, A Very Unusual, Totally Symmetrical Octagonal Castle Built During The 1240s By King Frederick II In Andria, Southern Italy

Image credits: jorsiem

#54 National Fisheries Board, India. A Master Class In Mimetic Architecture

Image credits: Pupse

#55 Budapest’s Grand Market Hall, Finished In 1897

Image credits: hhyyerr

#56 Arulmigu Arunachaleshwar Temple In Tamil Nadu, India

Image credits: royalbluesword

#57 Round And Around. Baron Empain Palace

Image credits: EffectiveRepair71

#58 ????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?: @?????.??

Image credits: Night_Inscryption

#59 This Beautiful “Wooden Cave” In Trikala, Greece

Image credits: blcknoir

#60 Valley Skyscraper In Amsterdam

Image credits: miamador

#61 La Maison Rose, Paris. This Tiny Pink House Built On The Slopey Junction Some Time Before 1850 That Now Rests Against An Art-Deco Building Of The 30s Has Become One Of The Most Iconic Places In Montmartre

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#62 Iravani House, Isfahan, Iran 2022 [oc]

Image credits: LifebetweenDots

#63 Interior Of The Fisher Building Detroit Michigan

Image credits: CrotchWolf

#64 A Small Tavern Built Against The Wall Of One Of The Medieval Houses Of Oldtown Bruges. Brugge Is The Capital Of West Flanders, Belgium. Along With Other Canal-Based Northern Cities Such As Amsterdam And Stockholm, It Is Sometimes Referred To As The Venice Of The North

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#65 Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#66 The Colossal Proportions Of The Architecture At The Forum In Rome. If One Has Not Walked Along The Roman Forum, It Is Hard To Realize How Huge Everything Is. This Image Shows The Forum From The Palatine, With Visitors All Over The Place We Can Use For Scale

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#67 Snake Shaped Temple In India Dedicated To Lord Krishna

Image credits: shashi_pai_b

#68 Mont Saint Michel, France

Image credits: YoggieD

#69 Paris, France

Image credits: Ehisokoedion

#70 A Grocery Store Inside A 3rd Century Roman Imperial Palace In Croatia

Image credits: FranjoTahy

#71 “The Wave” Residential Building In Vejle, Denmark

Image credits: capital_alex

#72 A Looped Courtscraper In /China By Bjarke Ingels [732*969]

Image credits: Crazy-Ad7977

#73 Tile Pattern On The Floor Of Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore – Florence, Italy

Image credits: rockystl

#74 Step Well In Peralassery Temple, Kerala, India

Image credits: OrganicWheel7

#75 St Kinga’s Chapel, Deep Inside A Former Salt Mine In Poland

Image credits: fan_tas_tic

#76 Château De Chenonceau

Image credits: Guilty_Aspect3299

#77 A Bar In A Typical House Of Bruges

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#78 A Modern Cabin In Norway

Image credits: UltimateLazer

#79 Parkview Square, Singapore

Image credits: jjuustin

#80 Murud Janjira Fort, India

Image credits: OrganicWheel7

#81 Tree House In Munnar, Kerala, India

Image credits: OrganicWheel7

#82 The Shambles – One Of York’s Most Famous Landmarks

Image credits: shafiqakhan

#83 Victorian House With Canted Bay Windows On Portland Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#84 Bannerman Castle, An Abandoned Military Surplus Warehouse On Pollepel Island In Upstate New York

Image credits: UltimateLazer

#85 The New York Public Library

Image credits: Wavywizard8

#86 “Atri” By Architecture Firm Naturvillan. Värnesborg, Sweden. Designed To Be A Self Sufficient House Serving Also As A Green House With Planters For Fruits And Vegetables

Image credits: Shadowslipping

#87 Built In 1882, Vecna’s Lair, The ‘Stranger Things’ Creel House, Just Hit The Market For $1.5 Million

Image credits: Reasonable_Silver109

#88 Le Kinemax Imax Theatre At Parc Du Futuroscope, Poitiers [768×1024]

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 That Tower From 15th Century…

Image credits: redcattino

#90 Firenze, Italia

Image credits: brazucat

#91 Renovated Penthouse Apartment [1147 X 1490] New York

Image credits: amb005

#92 Metapontum, Temple Of Hera

Image credits: na7oul

#93 Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Image credits: ParaMike46

#94 Flower Shaped Pedestrian Bridge, Shenzen, China

Image credits: Chintanned

#95 I Find This Quite Juicy (One Tower North, Denver)

Image credits: internet_explorer99

#96 Piano And Violin In Anhui(China)

Image credits: CricketUnited3070

#97 Tatev Monastery, Armenia, Syunik 9 Century

Image credits: mollymalena

#98 Residential Complex In The City Of Kazan. [oc]

Image credits: Visitrussia

#99 A Pun From 1552

Image credits: Krexomight

#100 A Monument In Armenia

Image credits: luvvangel90

#101 Steinway Tower: World’s Skinniest Skyscraper

Image credits: Fickle_Blackberry_18

#102 Lisbon’s Corner

Image credits: hidemelon

#103 Dining With Floor To Ceiling Windows Overlooking Nature [2000 X 1333] Lake Michigan, USA

Image credits: amb005

#104 I’ve Had Nightmares Of Buildings Coming Alive

Image credits: Dirt290

#105 Worlds Largest Pipe Organ, The Wanamaker Organ. Macy’s Store, Philadelphia

Image credits: Wonksbear

#106 Fallingwater (Pa) By Frank Lloyd Wright (1935) Oc [5312 X 2988]

Image credits: Shak7

#107 The Late Romanesque Saint Peter’s Evangelical Church, Originally Built In The 13th Century And Renovated In The 19th Century, Towering Over The Town Of Bacharach, Mainz-Bingen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#108 150 E 78th St, Upper East Side, New York City. Robert A.m Stern Architects

Image credits: Wavywizard8

#109 Glass House In Maryland

Image credits: ObjectiveHouse865

#110 Markthal In Rotterdam, Netherlands

Image credits: baddieashleyxo

#111 Loft Renovation [2150 X 1433] New York, USA

Image credits: Individual-Ice4867

#112 Sameba Cathedral In Tbilisi, Georgia. One Of Largest Eastern Orthodox Churches In Europe

Image credits: effdone4

#113 The Architecture In Chicago Is Insane

Image credits: UnknownSleeper900

#114 Suspension House, California, USA | Fougeron Architecture | 2022

Image credits: Logical_Yak_224

#115 A House Older Than Most Redditors… From 1698

Image credits: Relevant-Team

#116 Wedge

Image credits: mschlief

#117 1988 Building In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Image credits: lilpolishangel

#118 Vancouver Public Library

Image credits: RepresentativePut653

#119 Suspension House By Fougeron Architecture

Image credits: Heavy_Machine008

#120 New York’s Pennsylvania Station

Image credits: Lepke2011

#121 Jardin Botanicol In Medelin. Columbia

Image credits: Ehisokoedion

#122 Greek Themed Mall, Las Vegas

Image credits: puppet510

#123 Tuzla Bank In Bosnian

Image credits: iamhungry4more

#124 Hangzhou China’s Night

Image credits: Hangzhou_China

#125 A Modernized Take On A Tudor Style Home With A Slurry Finish Washed Over The Brick Facade Allowing The Black Doors, Windows And Roof To Provide Contrast. Designed By Scala Designs In Inglewood, Ca

Image credits: Helpful-Substance685

#126 I Love Polish Architecture

Image credits: CountOmar

#127 Turku, Finland

Image credits: vinkulelu

#128 Buffalo City Hall

Image credits: mike_oxlong2077

#129 In Love With London

Image credits: naricus

#130 ?wheaton, Illinois

Image credits: Mrezzi

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