130 Times People Failed In The Kitchen So Badly, They Just Had To Share Pics Online (New Pics)

No matter what Top Chef and MasterChef may show us, the truth is not everyone was born to cook. And it’s totally fine. We find our ways around it, from ordering in, eating out, finding happiness with a way more cooking-savvy partner, and opting for ready-mades and super easy meals a child could make.

The brave ones, however, dare to play games with their cooking talent, or rather the lack of it, and take their kitchen on a ride. Surprise, surprise! Often, cooking fails and mishaps follow, but hey, you never know if you never try. And if you never try, you never learn!

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After all, it gives us the greatest gift of laughter because life is short, and if it takes a tray of burnt muffins to make us smile, so be it. Scroll down below and be sure to share our previous features with more cooking fails here and here.

#1 My 20-Year-Old Cousin Got His Own Apartment And It’s Going Pretty Well

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#2 The Taste You Can See

Image credits: vplxw6903

#3 Tried To Make Purple Lemonade… Got Dirty Mop Ade Instead

Image credits: okiedokieophie

#4 I’m Supposed To Bring A Snack To Share At A Work Meeting, I’m Thinking The Beef Broth Gelatin With Hot Dogs And Eggs Should Do It

Image credits: Wyodaniel

#5 Husband’s Turn To Cook… I Pop In The Kitchen For A Moment. He Says We’re Out Of Breadcrumbs. No Problem, I Say, You Can Use Crackers As A Substitute

Image credits: humankindbeboth

#6 The Brioche Looked So Great Right Until I Cut It

Image credits: alexthesingingchef

#7 Is Roommate Shaming A Thing?

Image credits: Lewgold

#8 My First Time Baking Bread… Forgot The Yeast

Image credits: PizzaHut_Official_UK

#9 How

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: _aniebananie9

#10 My Pizza On The Left, My Husband’s… Single Cell Organism On The Right

Image credits: azrael6947

#11 Asked My Wife To Keep The Oven On Low For The Burgers. Puts It On Low, Broils, And Forgets To Take The Plastic Cover Off

Image credits: PartyRooster

#12 Forgot Spaghetti With Mushrooms In The Microwave For A Week. Now It’s A Floofly Ball Of Mold

Image credits: yanbochen

#13 Casual Reminder – Clean Your Grills. Burgers And Grilled Pineapple. Sort Of

Image credits: Prestigious-Vast-903

#14 My Dough Turned Into A Monster

Image credits: Cheloniidaes

#15 My Step-Dad Keeps Forgetting To Take The Boiled Eggs Out Of The Freezer When They Cool Down

Image credits: Bitten469

#16 Date Said Her Favorite Food Was Blue Cheese Pizza. I Guess I Misunderstood Where The Emphasis Was Supposed To Be

Image credits: Imatworkgoaway

#17 My Husband Asked Me To Heat Up The Croissant And That He Wanted It Very Crunchy… I Guess I Nailed It

Image credits: Kaneando

#18 I Forgot This Pizza In The Oven About A Year Ago

Image credits: MamiPauk

#19 Today I Learned That A Coffee Pot Can Explode

Image credits: BronxBelle

#20 I’ve Been Looking For My Glasses For 3 Days. Found Them

Image credits: sh4ggyguy

#21 Grabbed The Wrong One And Now All Of My Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Weird

Image credits: lawl3ssr0se

#22 Glass Pot Lid Exploded Into The Pasta

Image credits: LatestLurkingHandle

#23 Just A Normal Milk Shattered A Glass Perfectly In Two And Exploded The Milk Across The Kitchen

Image credits: MyFriendsCallMeTwat

#24 You Might Think “Oh, Cute, A Child Tried To Decorate Halloween Cookies!” Nope. This Was All Me. A Grown Man With A Career And No Artistic Ability

Image credits: Treebeard_Jawno

#25 These Eggs My Dad Made With “A Bit Of Turmeric”

Image credits: Theeliaq

#26 My Girlfriend Told Me She Has Never Cooked The Fish Before. I Didn’t Expect Scrambled Haddock

Image credits: shapeofanl

#27 I Just Remembered I Wanted Waffles 6 Days Ago

Image credits: Afrolover25

#28 My Boyfriend Used To Unscrew The Red Pepper Flakes’ Tops At Pizzahut In Junior High For S&Gs. Karma

Image credits: annabegins-

#29 This Is How My Boyfriend Cuts An Avocado

Image credits: chinky_cutie

#30 I Just Wanted To Make Pizza Dough

Image credits: Iber0

#31 My 6-Year-Old Son Decided To Try To Microwave Dry Mac And Cheese Before I Woke Up

Image credits: bubbles_are_shiny

#32 Freshly Opened Can Of Jam Has A Big Patch Of Mold. It Even Made The Popping Sound When The Seal Broke

Image credits: 3vanescence

#33 Nothing Like A Little Glass For Seasoning

Image credits: Honeykief

#34 Forgot About Eggs Boiling

Image credits: Razlaw

#35 Wifey Just Learnt That You Can’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

Image credits: Jackandcokeguy

#36 The New Jar Of Nutella My Girlfriend Tried To Heat In The Microwave

Image credits: aintx

#37 Brain Malfunctioned While Preparing Scrambled Eggs

Image credits: fatjoelapuma

#38 And That Was Our Dinner

Image credits: AmyMHouse

#39 I Baked Potatoes With Emmentaler And Cheddar Sprinkled With Glass Shards

Image credits: noarri

#40 Wanted To Cook A Nice Meal For My Grandma Since She Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Time Left. I Didn’t Realize She Used Her Oven As A Pantry. I Usually Pre-Check Ovens, Too

Image credits: Ijustwannalurkhomie

#41 Oops. That White Thing That’s In Between The Meat And The Styrofoam In The Package? Yea, I Don’t Think You’re Supposed To Cook That

Image credits: sarahsonthemove

#42 My Favorite Knife – Defeated By Some Leek

Image credits: Somekindofjazz

#43 Just Spent The Last 3 Hours Cooking For Family Coming Over… Then They Brought Their Own Takeaway To Eat

Image credits: grey-clouds

#44 When Your Husband Overestimates Your Ability To Use The Grill

Image credits: laura_likes_to_run

#45 Today I Screwed Up By Not Checking The Sauce Before Pouring It Into The Pot

Image credits: cookiemonster3259

#46 Forgetting A Hot Pocket And Typing The Wrong Time

Image credits: Hubbylord

#47 When Your 14-Year-Old Forgets To Add The Water Before Destroying The Ramen Noodles And Seasoning For 3 Minutes

Image credits: meggles1030

#48 I Rarely Make Breakfast For Myself, But I Decided To Treat Myself This Morning. I Had To Take Like 15 Minutes To Calm Down Before I Could Clean It Up. I Was So Mad

Image credits: in_rainbro

#49 A Little Crispier Than My Husband Likes. Oops

Image credits: mattieeeee84

#50 This Is How Being Dumb Feels, I’ve Never Done Something Stupider Than This, I Could’ve Burnt My Whole House By Just Putting A Plastic Cover Over My Ham Into My Oven

Image credits: Hacks_exe_exe

#51 I Planned On Making Pork In The Crockpot While I Was At Work Today. When I Got Home, I Was Shocked My Apartment Didn’t Smell Delicious Until I Saw It

Image credits: liverdawg

#52 The Yeast Went A Bit Crazy In The Bread I Was Making

Image credits: aciakatura

#53 I Accidentally Created Vantablack When I Forgot About My Pizza

Image credits: jennthemermaid

#54 I Tried Making Churros. Help Me Come Up With The Restaurant Name, Where I Could Proudly Serve Them

Image credits: Far-Philosophy-4375

#55 The Oven Just Exploded For Some Reason

Image credits: Pb801

#56 If You Need Me I’ll Be Crying In The Bathtub

Image credits: charmorris4236

#57 After 2 Days Of Cooking Beans, The Pot Explodes The Night We Were To Feast On Them

Image credits: Rigatonicat

#58 Don’t Cut A Slice Off Before Baking Camembert

Image credits: elextrixblue

#59 Pot Cover That Can’t Handle The Extreme Temperatures Of Frying Eggs. Any Move I Make Drops Glass Shards Into My Food

Image credits: kingharis

#60 This Is How My Wife’s Chocolate Cake Looks Like

Image credits: HalPaneo

#61 Wrong Side Of The Pepper Shaker

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 Wife Spent 5 Hours Making Dinner And Specifically The Gravy. She Went To Strain It So She Could Get The Extra Stuff Out, And Accidentally Poured It Directly Down The Drain

Image credits: Spacecowboy8888

#63 I Over-Stuffed My Sandwich, Then Broke My Sandwich Toaster Trying To Fit It In

Image credits: Agitated_System6964

#64 This Is Why I Don’t Cook. I Forgot Plastic Melts And Put The Pizza In An Oven On A Plastic Tray

Image credits: fathercosby

#65 I Added Chilli Flakes To My Curry. Turns Out It Was Infested By Weevils. 3 Days Of Dinner Gone

Image credits: Sproose_Moose

#66 Heard A Crack, Stopped It And Lifted Up The Jug. Turns Out The Base Separated

Image credits: CurbNothing

#67 Guys Don’t Cook Shrimps With Red Wine

Image credits: daxiguaa

#68 Forgot My Plastic Spatula In The Oven While Heating Up My Lasagna

Image credits: jonek1999

#69 My Dinner. I Ate It Anyway

Image credits: Original88

#70 I Asked My Boyfriend’s Mom Not To Take The Lid Off The Rice While I Quickly Ran To The Shop. When I Got Back, She Said The Rice Was Burnt, So She Put Hot Water In It

Image credits: mumtried

#71 I Put A Wooden Spoon On Top Of The Pot, So It Wouldn’t Overboil, But Instead, My Spoon Burned

Image credits: Imlife_havealemon

#72 The Bottom Of The Slow Cooker Pot Fell Off, Spilling 6 Liters Of Hot Pineapple Juice Everywhere. The Kitchen Will Be Sticky Until The End Of Time

Image credits: OceanSupernova

#73 Blue Waffles. My Kid Insisted

Image credits: Bakica_original

#74 Rate This Pizza I Made With Some Friends

Image credits: tobiascecca

#75 Here’s My Dinner For Work At 2AM (Night Shift). I Was Hungry But I Guess The Floor Was Hungrier. 5 Second Rule?

Image credits: Inochimaru

#76 Forgot To Set A Timer

Image credits: clothesline

#77 Red Cabbage Turned My Ramen Noodles A Lovely Grey-Blue Color

Image credits: drilldo

#78 My 4-Year-Old Wanted To “Cook Dinner.” Damn, Near-Burned The House Down In The Process

Image credits: Sammibear1024

#79 My Grandma Forgot The Bread Croutons In The Oven

Image credits: Lizard_Inside_Box_69

#80 Put Them In The Oven On Purpose To Hide Them From Kids. Forgot About Them

Image credits: _Dahl_

#81 After 60 Hours Of No Power In Middle Of Freezing Winter In TX, I Got Electricity For An Hour And Decided To Thaw Frozen Honey For Rest Of The Day But Forgot To Open Lid

Image credits: sigsegv7

#82 My Sister Promised She’d Take The Chicken Out Of The Oven While I Took A Bath And Relaxed After Driving All Day

Image credits: youlooklikeabirdUwU

#83 When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make Lemon Bars And Then Drop Them On The Kitchen Floor

Image credits: Homesicktexan21

#84 My Girlfriend Spent Hours Making A Dinner, And The Lid Exploded

Image credits: sleazemonkey

#85 I Put Aluminum Foil Down In The Oven To Make Cleanup Easier After Cooking Pizza. The Foil Melted And Got Stuck Instead

Image credits: paintedshrubbery

#86 Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand My Wife’s Thought Process

Image credits: GoatMeatnOlives

#87 I’ve Seen A Few “Fell Asleep” Pizzas Recently… Here’s Mine

Image credits: Nota_Dr

#88 My Hard Boiled Eggs This Morning

Image credits: Boom_byebye

#89 Roommate Feel Asleep Trying To Cook Some Pasta, This Is What I Woke Up To

Image credits: Nightrox_

#90 So I’m A Cook And I Spent About Two Hours Making This Salsa Today Only For Someone To Put It In The Sink And Rinse All Of It Out

Image credits: FutureDistribution22

#91 I Tried To Make My Husband Cookies For His Birthday

Image credits: natsugrayerza

#92 I Got Home Late, Finally Got The Motivation To Make Dinner. While I Was Putting The Dressing Away, My Big Cat Came Bulldozing Through

Image credits: faeriebones

#93 My Toddler Decided To “Help Cooking” Today

Image credits: k2yip

#94 I Was Halfway Through Making A Sandwich

Image credits: Honeydew_18

#95 1st Attempt At Smoking A Brisket – Happy Mother’s Day

Image credits: UNHOLYpuppetboy

#96 Pizza Night Starting Off To A Real Good Start

Image credits: CodyKyle

#97 Waited Hour And A Half For Dinner Only For This To Happen

Image credits: cw9241

#98 I Cooked Some Pot Pies Only To Have The Light Bulb Explode Glass, All Over The Top

Image credits: InformalPenguinz

#99 My Sister Often Puts Eggs To Boil And Forgets About It Until One Of Us Notice The Burning Smell And Turn The Stove Off

Image credits: Segundaleydenewtonnn

#100 Eggplants Should Be Pierced Before Roasting

Image credits: AusGeo

#101 Tyson’s Birthday Cake Baked Up A Bit Stiffer Than I Intended

Image credits: mamakatielady

#102 First Time Ever Making Waffles For My Husband’s Birthday Breakfast

Image credits: Lululabear

#103 My Company’s St. Patrick’s Day Lunch

Image credits: joeboyib

#104 I Hastily Chose The Wrong Bottle Of The Fridge And Just Covered My Smoked Salmon With Caramel Instead Of Dill Dressing

Image credits: Abty

#105 First Time Making Cookies

Image credits: EatingFoodInWendys

#106 My Son Cooked His Soup For 20 Minutes, Not Two

Image credits: phenols

#107 The Sweet Sunday Cake Cooked With The Wrong Mold

Image credits: Le0Maj0r

#108 My Girlfriend Tried To Bake Minion Cookies

Image credits: theKovah

#109 This Isn’t Melted Cheese, It’s The Plastic Cutting Board I Forgot To Remove From Under My Bread Dough

Image credits: Red_Geronimo

#110 Forgot About The Bacon In The BBQ

Image credits: Punningisfunning

#111 “Brownies” But With Crunchy Peanut Butter Instead Of Eggs

Image credits: cyborg_pasta

#112 The Handle Broke

Image credits: Crab_Bitch69

#113 What Happens When Jordan Says “Hey, Watch These Burgers.” And Then Leaves For Ten Minutes. Sorry Babe

Image credits: lexyladyr

#114 When You Forget You Have Leftovers In The Oven And Ruin Your Husband’s Birthday Dinner

Image credits: jaclyn39

#115 Woops

Image credits: loki2002

#116 Dad Burned The Roast

Image credits: sparksfan

#117 My Toddler, Husband, And I Hungrily Waited For The Food To Be Ready, But Then This Happened

Image credits: AjizaTsana

#118 Made Pancakes For The First Time, Finally Learnt Which Pan In My House Is A Nonstick Pan

Image credits: AstroyashSenpai69

#119 Here’s One Way To Get Your Husband Out Of Bed In The Morning

Image credits: christythecolorista

#120 I Like To Start My Morning With A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: AllDatSalt

#121 My Coworker’s Breakfast Today

Image credits: tfnyelice

#122 Well I Guess That’s One Less Pizza In The World

Image credits: spacelord4ever

#123 My Girlfriend Made This Pancake. What Do I Do?

Image credits: reddit.com

#124 I Meant To Add Cinnamon To My Oats. Instead I Added Pepper

Image credits: BronxLens

#125 Dirt Came Up The Kitchen’s Sink While My Mom Was Cooking

Image credits: ASimpleDude868

#126 I Forgot To Take Out A Plastic Tray When Preheating The Oven. Note To Self: Stop Storing Stuff In The Oven

Image credits: helpmeimlame

#127 So, I Set My Kitchen On Fire Last Night

Image credits: StarChaser_Tyger

#128 Thawing Chorizo In A Microwave

Image credits: livinlrginchitwn

#129 Failed Trying To Make Waffles Somehow

Image credits: Evan_jansen

#130 Whoops, Turkey Fail

Image credits: mrsgorisasideofsunshine

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