130 Times People Forgot To Wear Sunscreen And Ended Up Learning How Painful And Embarrassing Sunburns Are (New Pics)

Always wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and try to avoid direct sunlight when it’s super hot outside. It’s the middle of the summer right now and one of the biggest joys for many folks is soaking up some rays and stocking up on vitamin D. Sunlight is important for our physical and mental health, but too much ultraviolet light can be harmful, painful, and… embarrassing.

To remind you to prioritize your health when it’s sunny (and to give you a hearty laugh), our team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the biggest sunburn fails from all over the net. The photos show what happens when you forget to put on sunscreen, miss a spot, or if you wear hats and clothing with cut-out shapes in the fabric.

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Scroll down, upvote the pics that you found the funniest, and tell us about the worst sunburn you’ve ever gotten in the comments. Meanwhile, you’ll find Bored Panda’s earlier list about the most hilarious sunburns over here.

Just remember: stay safe; don’t be lazy, don’t be stubborn, and put on some darn sunscreen!

Dr. Andrew Carroll, the CEO/Medical Director of Atembis LLC and Family Physician, was kind enough to share his expertise with Bored Panda. He explained why it’s important to get daily sunlight, how we can tell when we’re going overboard, and how to convince someone to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. You’ll find the expert’s insights as you scroll down.

#1 My Brother Works Outdoors, And Wears The Same Hat Every Day

Image credits: LivingInColor8

Dr. Carroll, the head of Atembis LLC, said that everyone should get a decent amount of sun daily. “We need sunlight just for mental health, but we also need it to help convert vitamin D to its active form. Taking vitamin D orally is not enough—it needs to be activated and that happens through the skin. There is no “right amount” of sunlight. Everyone’s skin tone is different,” the medical expert said.

“What you don’t want to do is burn. If you get a peeling sunburn, each time that happens, you’ve increased your risk of skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure also increases the risk of solar lentigo, which are sunspots,” the doctor warned. “A peeling, blistering sunburn is ‘too much.’ You don’t want to get there.”

#2 Is There A Chemist Open This Evening In Abersock Or Pythelly?

Image credits: SetCheshire

#3 At My School This Skiing Goggles Tan Line Was A Status Symbol

Image credits: TigzyWigzy

Meanwhile, sunstroke is different. It’s a state of dehydration: it occurs when you don’t consume enough fluids while you’re out in the hot sun. Recently, Europe has been dealing with a massive heatwave, so both sunstroke and sunburns were much more acute.

“Your skin requires hydration to stay healthy—if you’re outside for long periods of time, make sure you’re hydrating from the inside as well as the outside by using lotion and/or protective sunscreen,” Dr. Carroll told Bored Panda.

#4 My And My Coworkers’ Tan

Image credits: Beans-n-egg

#5 I Managed To Make Almost A Perfect Straight Edged Rectangle On My Back With My Haphazard Sunscreen Application. I Am Not Accepting Hugs At This Time

Image credits: bradley_viking42

#6 Be Careful When Applying Spray-On Sunscreen

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Image credits: 3rdFloorChair29

We wanted to get the doctor’s opinion on how someone could go about talking with a person who stubbornly refuses to wear sunscreen. Here’s what he told us: “Sometimes the best way to convince someone of the risks of too much sun exposure is to have them talk to older relatives. Older relatives not only share genetics but also commonly skin tone and risks tend to be similar. Talk to your older relatives and look at their skin.”

Dr. Carroll, of Atembis LLC, shared with Bored Panda the types of questions that people should ponder: “Do they have a lot of sunspots? Look at their hands. Look at the skin structure. Is it leathery and thick, wrinkled early? Is it overly thin and easy to tear? How many times have they had something cut or frozen off of their skin? Have they ever had major surgery for skin cancer? Those risks are shared, and you can reduce your own risk by either using physical cover or wearing sunscreen appropriate to your skin tone,” he said. Physical cover includes clothing, hats, and sunglasses, the latter of which reduces the risk of cataracts.

#7 PSA: If You’re Using Spray Sunscreen, Rub It In

Image credits: katie___ham

#8 “I Don’t Need Sunscreen, I’ll Just Wear A Hat”

Image credits: JAH_1315

#9 Got A Nice Tan

Image credits: tremil89

Sunlight is pretty much like anything else—moderation is key, and the ‘dose’ you get really matters. Sunlight helps with serotonin production and helps you stay calm, focused, and positive; it also gives you more energy. It’s also one way to fight back against depression and seasonal affective disorder. So much so that some doctors prescribe natural or artificial light treatments.

In other words, you need a daily dose of sunlight to be a properly functioning human being. You really shouldn’t spend all day indoors, in front of your computer screen, hissing at anyone who opens the curtains. On the flip side, you don’t want to stay out in the sun for too long. Especially without protection.

#10 Went Out On A Boat Without Sunscreen Today And Now I Have What I Am Calling “The Bib Of Pain”

Image credits: Whitefence227711

#11 My Crocs Tan

Image credits: Skintoodeep

#12 Leave It To A Ginger To Get Sunburnt Fishing Off The Bank When It’s In The High 50’s

Image credits: ehunley71

Some people are naturally more prone to getting sunburnt. The easiest way to predict the future is to look at the past. Have you gotten badly sunburnt in the past? Do you end up looking like a super-red lobster after just a few minutes outdoors? Do people keep telling you to put on sunscreen, for the love of all that’s holy? Those are some ‘subtle’ hints that you should be far more careful with your skin health during the summer and throughout the year.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have white skin and red hair are at higher risk of getting sunburn. Obviously, if you’re at the beach or elsewhere with tons of sun, the risk is higher, too. But those of you traveling to the mountains and places at a high altitude should also be aware that your skin might get burnt more easily.

#13 My Tan Lines Make Me Look Like I’m Wearing Necro-Pants

Image credits: elite4caleb

#14 I Wore A Mesh Hat On A 30 Mile Hike. Feeling Like Aang Today

Image credits: jurz90

#15 Tan Lines Are Hot, Right? When You Forget To Put Sunscreen On Your Feet

Image credits: BobHopeLives

Wet skin tends to burn more easily than dry skin, so keep that in mind when splashing around in the sea, lake, or pool this year. You might want to invest in lots of water-resistant sunscreen if you plan to do a lot of swimming.

Of course, sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect yourself. You can wear long-sleeved clothing and hats to protect yourself from the UV rays. If your skin feels painful or hot to the touch, odds are that you’ve gotten a sunburn, and it should appear within a few hours. It can several days to heal.

#16 My Wife Helped Me Sunscreen My Back At Beach Day Today (Twice)

Image credits: Leeroy_D

#17 Got A New Job Where I Have To Wear A Uniform And Gloves While Working Outside, Now I Look Like This

Image credits: Arxtix

#18 Working In An Outdoor Vaccine Clinic. Didn’t Think About Sunscreen… Now I Have A Mask-Shaped Sunburn, But Only On Half My Face

Image credits: thatwillnotsuffice

Prevention is usually better than having to deal with the consequences. However, we can’t always avoid those. When you get a sunburn, your skin might look pink or red, it might feel tender and itchy. There might be swelling and blisters, and you might have a headache or a fever. The scariest thing is that even your eyes can burn in the sun.

#19 I Have One Small But Gross Blister On My Back And My Whole Body Aches

Image credits: hiiiibaaats

#20 When You Forget To Put Sunscreen On Your Face But At Least Your Sunglasses Work

Image credits: aandjclemmer

#21 Leigh Left His Sunglasses On

Image credits: coombears

If the pain gets worse, your headache or fever doesn’t break, head to the doctor ASAP. You should also seek medical help if you get blisters on your face or hands, or if your blisters show signs of infection. Getting chills and noticing changes in your vision are also signs that you need may need assistance from a professional.

#22 I Bought Some New Shorts That Are Shorter Than My Other Shorts For Work. Now My Leg Looks Like Neapolitan Ice Cream

Image credits: chet-

#23 Throwback To That Time My Backwards Hat And Lack Of Sun Cream Resulted In A Hat Imprint Being Burnt Onto My Forehead

Image credits: mr_g_f_a

#24 Less Than An Hour In The Sun, With Factor 50 And Factor 70 All Over Me

Image credits: inkwitxh

The NHS warns not to use petroleum jelly or ice on sunburnt skin. What’s more, you shouldn’t scratch the affected area; don’t pop any blisters, and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes while your skin is peeling and healing.

#25 I’m A Solar Roofer, And We Are Required To Wear Gloves While We Work… It’s Only May

Image credits: ItsJustGrandpa

#26 First Day At The Beach And My Wife Made Sure I Was Protected From Sunburn By Spraying My Back With Sunscreen. I Can’t See Back There – Did She Do A Good Job?

Image credits: Kratsas

#27 Fishnets Turned Me Into A Human/Snake Hybrid

Image credits: Anahell

You can actually get sunburnt on cloudy days. Meanwhile, water, sand, and even snow reflect UV rays and add to the risk of getting burnt badly. As the UV light damages your skin cells, your body reacts by increasing the blood flow to the affected areas. That’s what causes the skin to be inflamed.

#28 Ran The London Marathon A Couple Of Years Back. Think I Missed A Bit With The Sunscreen

Image credits: mikeszabo20

#29 My Dad Is Two Different People

Image credits: illbeyournursetoday

#30 I Didn’t Wear My Watch To The Beach And Got A Strip Of Sunburn

Image credits: friendofmany

Meanwhile, sun exposure ages your skin more quickly and you’re more likely to develop wrinkles and discolored spots. Your skin loses strength and elasticity. Moreover, the more time you spend out in the sun, the greater the risk of skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important to do everything that you can to stay protected. Your health is your greatest resource, Pandas. Protect it well while you’re enjoying life to the max.

#31 Last Summer When My Wife “Sprayed” Sunscreen All Over My Back

Image credits: ryanthesmith

#32 Like An Idiot, I Chose To Not Wear Sunscreen

Image credits: datchilidoh

#33 Our Tan Lines After Cycling Across The United States

Image credits: caliborntravel

#34 Sunburn Socks

Image credits: indysleep

#35 Didn’t Take Off My Calculator Watch At The Beach

Image credits: OdysseyOverland4x4

#36 That Helmet Strap Tan Line Though

Image credits: bikepsyke

#37 I Probably Should Have Covered His Whole Back In Sunscreen And Not Just His Moles

Image credits: joss_coad7054

#38 I Had To Sit For Two And A Half Hours In Direct Sunlight For My Brother’s Graduation

Image credits: River_Atkinson

#39 Asked My Friend To Spray Sunscreen On My Back… Not The Most Even Coat

Image credits: LambSauce26

#40 Tanned A Bit Too Much While Wearing Shoes. Kids Call Them My Chimp Feet

Image credits: vectorious1

#41 My Dad’s White Feet And Tanned Legs. He Wears The Same Shoes Everyday

Image credits: G-radicus

#42 This Patch On My Skin Never Tans/Burns. I’ve Had It Since I Was Born

Image credits: xJacon

#43 Very Sunburned

Image credits: neonixdub

#44 So Skye Was Wearing Factor 50 And Still Got Burnt

Image credits: the_mallett_family_of_7

#45 Someone Asked Me What Was Wrong With My Hands. Nothing Is Wrong With Them. Just Some Motorcycle Riding Tan Lines

Image credits: Jenny Oliver

#46 Attempt To Put On Sunscreen Was Made

Image credits: ddaug4uf

#47 My Worst Sunburn Ever

Image credits: AmberFang37

#48 I Raise You My Sunburn From When I Built My Deck

Image credits: Rude1231

#49 I See Your Tans And Raise You A Fry

Image credits: Eraev

#50 It Was Cloudy And The UV Index Was 4… Didn’t Even Occur To Me To Apply Sunscreen

Image credits: panicked_goose

#51 Had To Unexpectedly Sit Outside For Parent Information Pick Up And Didn’t Put On Sunscreen

Image credits: Redstrawberry35

#52 I Got Sunburn Yesterday

Image credits: technoviking_onigiri

#53 I Got A Temp Tattoo, Got A Sunburn, And Got This Imprint

Image credits: 0zzyking

#54 My Fiancée Was In Charge Of Getting My Back

Image credits: ijalajtheelephant

#55 When You Put Sunscreen On Every Other Part Of Your Body Bedsides The Legs

Image credits: christokesalot

#56 When You Thought Your Sunscreen Application Was Thorough Enough. An Outdoor Graduation Ceremony In Georgia Will Put Your In Your Place

Image credits: mohrrachel

#57 Two Days After I Got Sunburned

Image credits: Anahell

#58 Drank 10 Beers In The Sun Yesterday, Thank God I Had A Hat

Image credits: upsidedownlunchbox

#59 So You Thought The Roofer’s Hand Tan Was Bad

Image credits: jaquatics

#60 My Husband Started A New Job Outside, He Wore His Hat For The First Week, Resulting In His New Tan Line

Image credits: hopininamopin

#61 “I’m Not Gonna Be In The Pool That Long, I Won’t Need Sunscreen”

Image credits: 123mitchg

#62 Tan Line From The Time I Was Living In Vietnam

Image credits: ClickbaitDetective

#63 Boyfriend Only Put Sunscreen On His Tattoo While Hiking And This Really Showed How Useful Sunscreen Is Compared To Socks

Image credits: wanksies

#64 My Dad’s Lovely Summer Croc Tan

Image credits: Christina1028

#65 Walked Downtown For Drinks Last Night, You Know It’s Bad When People Think You’re Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes

Image credits: blakelikessteak

#66 Got A Little Sunburnt On The Kayak Yesterday

Image credits: aprilrarick

#67 Ripped Jeans Sunburn

Image credits: mcbridemc23

#68 When You Fail At Your Wifey Duties Of Applying Sunscreen On Your Husband. I Blame The Spray Sunscreen. Or We Can Just Call It Art

Image credits: mom4life365_24_7

#69 Wife Helped Me Put Sunscreen On

Image credits: sertskiz1

#70 My Grandfather’s Two-Toned Feet From Working Outside His Whole Life

Image credits: jjaid

#71 Spray Sunscreen Would Provide Adequate Coverage They Said

Image credits: bjohnson32

#72 The Tan Lines On My Feet

Image credits: dramignophyte

#73 This Classy Tan

Image credits: bill-o-more

#74 Got A Sunburn After Putting A Band-Aid On

Image credits: LittleLightsintheSky

#75 Sunscreen Is Very Effective, But I Can’t Reach The Middle Of My Back

Image credits: HenningAW

#76 Who Else Has Some Crazy Tan Lines?

Image credits: FlyGodd

#77 Please Remember To Re-Apply Sunscreen. I’ve Never Felt Crispier

Image credits: Wafflesattiffanies

#78 I Said I Wanted A Blacked Out Sleeve Tattoo And The Sun Gave Me A Free Trial

Image credits: ali.ramona

#79 My Son Fell Asleep Sitting On A Beach Chair

Image credits: Naptownfellow

#80 My Tan Line From Wearing Gloves At Work (Laborer On A Trash Truck)

Image credits: drwsgreatest

#81 When You Use Spray Sunscreen And Forget To Rub It In So It Leaves Whack Tan Lines

Image credits: clairesalas14

#82 I Think I Forgot To Apply Sunscreen Somewhere

Image credits: badlinu

#83 This Sunburn I Got While Working On Top Of A Greenhouse All Day

Image credits: Raph3345

#84 My Tan Line

Image credits: shekelwastaken

#85 Went To The Beach Today. Missed Some Spots With The Ol’ Sunscreen

Image credits: Irongauntlet21

#86 The Range Of My Skin Color (My Fully Tanned Arm Across My Tanless Shoulder)

Image credits: Paracortex

#87 Throwback To 2011 On Exactly Why I Should Not Be Allowed In The Sun. Even With Sunscreen I Can’t Escape The Burn

Image credits: jepsonhannah

#88 Always Wear Sunscreen. Apply The Sunscreen Correctly Or Reap What You Sow

Image credits: Blunk18292

#89 “Did I Rub All The Sunscreen In?”

Image credits: RobbieBarstool

#90 Wear Sunscreen My Friends

Image credits: AlexDelarge420

#91 Painted Roof For 6 Hours With Only 1 Leg In The Sun Without Sunscreen

Image credits: 210519802

#92 Massive Sunburn After A Day At The Beach

Image credits: mrmax1999

#93 Tried To Put Sunscreen On My Back

Image credits: Rhymelikedocsuess

#94 Reapplied Sunscreen Twice, Wore A Hat, Sat In The Shade, Even Had My Mother Help Me Reach Places I Couldn’t Get To. Yet This Still Looks Like I Walked Into Reactor 4 Of Chernobyl

Image credits: bioshockedtoinfinity

#95 Got This Nice Little Sunburn Almost 2 Weeks Ago, Really Dark Red Almost Purple So I Think It’s Gonna Be Around For A While

Image credits: adrienne86434566

#96 I Guess I’m Bad At Sunscreen

Image credits: reddit.com

#97 The Result Of 15 Minutes In The Australian Sun Without Sunscreen. Currently On Day 3 Post Burn And While Some Of It Is Improving, Other Parts Look Purple And Are Blistering

Image credits: itsavava

#98 Missed A Few Spots With The Sunscreen Stick

Image credits: grumpydinosaur77

#99 This Is Why We Reapply Sunscreen (I Was Pretty Much Stuck In Bed For About 3 Days)

Image credits: SpookyJacooby

#100 Nice Tan Lines

Image credits: TheFirstsecond

#101 Starting To Really Understand The Reasoning Behind The Whole Socks And Sandals Thing

Image credits: aoifefenner

#102 A Day Of Softball. Sunscreen Didn’t Help, And I Learned My Lesson

Image credits: chelseacoles8

#103 I Got Sunburned On My Face And Shoulders

Image credits: iron_harleygirl

#104 The Sun Almost Cooked Me Up For Breakfast

Image credits: swankyscotty

#105 Wife Helped Spray Sunscreen On My Back

Image credits: Saucy_Lemur

#106 When You Don’t Rub In Your Husband’s Sunscreen

Image credits: shelli_zan

#107 PSA: Always Rub In Spray Sunscreen

Image credits: JordanMaxgay

#108 My Dad Wore A Shirt That Didn’t Fully Coverup His Untanned Sections And Got Really Burnt. His Arm Looks Like A Neapolitan Ice Cream

Image credits: jazzyg1379

#109 Fell Asleep On A Beach In Mexico, Woke Up With One Spot Of A Sunburn

Image credits: girafa

#110 I Think You Can Imagine How Bad My Sunburn Is Just Based On These Tan Marks That Aren’t Even As Bad As My Other Ones

Image credits: grassroads3

#111 My Watch Tan Is Insane

Image credits: I-am-shrek

#112 16 Sunny Days With Slippers Only

Image credits: TheGuywhosellsstuff

#113 I Dozed With My Sunglasses On And This Happened

Image credits: thisisgreatrex

#114 I Forgot To Apply Sunscreen

Image credits: Anythingpork

#115 Went To A Water Park With A Bracelet On And No Sunscreen. Pain

Image credits: Phutonic

#116 Neglected To Put On Sunscreen Assuming I Would Be Fine In Black Jeans With Rips On The Knees

Image credits: ziggymoon13

#117 My Hands Are Turning Purple After Getting Sunburned

Image credits: Perfect-Debt-6906

#118 Unfortunate Sunburn

Image credits: Whole_Lavishness_935

#119 Forgot To Put Sunscreen On Before I Hopped On The Motorcycle, And As A Result I Have This Sweet New Tan Line

Image credits: MusicAndMunchys

#120 I Work Outside In A Mask All Day. Forgot Sunscreen. Now I’m Three Shades Of White. Thanks Covid

Image credits: batterycat

#121 Tan Line On A Construction Worker Who Wears Gloves Daily

Image credits: Jilaiyas

#122 This Is How I Tan

Image credits: Whisper06

#123 We Call This The Neapolitan Sun Tan. Courtesy Of My Husband’s Foot

Image credits: CherryBlossom0408

#124 My Friend’s Tan Line When He Pushed Carts In The Summer For Costco

Image credits: Blambinooo

#125 I’m Two-Toned

Image credits: maekyosity

#126 I Guess Sunscreen Would Have Been The Better Option. This Tan Line Will Make All The Dentists Fall Off Their Cervelos

Image credits: johannthesenate

#127 My Fiance Has Three Shades Of Skin On His Arm Right Now

Image credits: munchkym

#128 My Watch Tan Is Coming Along Nicely

Image credits: irradiated_toast

#129 Sunburn On Wristwatch Tan Line

Image credits: romaineroyalty

#130 Working At The Same Spot For Months Full Time. Has Tanned Only The Right Side Of My Body

Image credits: Family_friendly_user

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