130 Times People Who Love Cross-Stitching Made Incredible Things (New Pics)

Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery that has been around for ages, and it is widely regarded as one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery, making it an accessible hobby for virtually everyone.

One of the biggest online communities advocating for this craft is the aptly titled subreddit r/CrossStitch. As you may have seen in our earlier article on this place, its 404K members are constantly sharing pictures of their proud works, and they serve as perfect examples of cross-stitching’s limitless potential.

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However, since the subreddit remains really active, we thought it was about time we made an update on it. Continue scrolling to check out its latest gems.

#1 Did This As A Gift For My Wife. Took Me A Whole Year

Image credits: R3dAvalon

#2 Eden Serpent By Paradisestitch! It Took Forever But I’m So Happy With How It Turned Out!

Image credits: xBanshee_5

#3 286,600 Stitches, 5 Years… And Done

Image credits: Omissionsoftheomen

#4 Frogs

Image credits: theLoveRhombus

#5 First Time Using Glow In The Dark Thread, It Was Super Fiddly And The Stitches Came Out Quite Messy But I Love The Glow

Image credits: Red_Heifer

#6 My Internet Password Is Long And Complicated. No Matter How Hard I Try, I Will Never Remember It. My Router Is Hard To Reach And My Kid Keeps Running Off With My Post-It Notes, So I Decided To Stitch A Qr Code To Hang On The Wall

Image credits: _The_Blonde_One_

#7 My Mom Allowed Me To Post This On Her Behalf. This Is Officially Her Biggest Finished Project And I’m So Proud Of Her!

Image credits: Elipetvi

#8 Peeking Jesus

Image credits: Miss_Lemon_Sunshine

#9 I’m Finally Done Live, Laugh, Loving Over Here!

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Image credits: germanmotorcar

#10 When I Was A Teenager, My Dad Took A Newly-Started Version Of This Away Because “Cross-Stitching Is For Girls”. Cut To 20 Years Later As A Proud Gay Man, I Found This On Amazon And Completed Last Week As My First Project And A Huge Symbolic Personal Achievement. Take That Dad!

Image credits: dirtywang

#11 Going To Surprise My Wife With This Tonight. We Are Having Our First

Image credits: 2Black_Hats

#12 Seven Months And Three Countries Later, My Neon Sushi Bag Is Finally Done!

Image credits: StareyedInLA

#13 Agoraphobic But Missing Art Galleries, I’ve Started Stitching My Own Mini One

Image credits: OxfordApartment213

#14 I’ve Started Making A Cross Stitch Of Each Trip My Partner And I Go On Together. We Made A Special Deal – I Do The Stitch, He Makes The Frames!

Image credits: gatorbasil

#15 My Finished Wonders Of The Night Sky Design (Pattern By Me). It’s All As Nerdily Accurate As I Could Make It And Took A Loooong Time To Put Together!

Image credits: tunnellingrhino

#16 I Don’t Know If This Game Is Universal But It Was The Best

Image credits: WednesdayRavenAddams

#17 Someone Here Suggested Me To Make Country Roads Cat, So Here It Is!

Image credits: Curious_Ad8855

#18 Just Finished My Second Cross Stitch Project! Took Me Two Years To Finish. It’s 46 X 61cm And Made With 90 Colors

Image credits: _norwegian_wood_

#19 After A Year And A Half Of Work, I’ve Finally Finished My Very First Cross-Stitch!

Image credits: GrahamfieldShip

#20 My Pokémon Epic 1-5 Is Back From The Framer!

Image credits: Rogue0527

#21 Birthday Gift For My Mom, The Person Who First Got Me Into Cross-Stitch. We Love Watching Hummingbirds Together, So I Stitched One She Can Look At Whenever She Wants

Image credits: Fabrycio6

#22 The Weasley House – Before And After Backstitch

Image credits: Electric_Target

#23 My Cute Avocado Yoga!

Image credits: Daily-Magic-Stitch

#24 Stitched A Friend’s Save The Date As A Wedding Gift

Image credits: BananicattheDisco

#25 Found This At A Church Rummage Sale! Part Of A $5 Per Bag Sale!

Image credits: Sorceress683

#26 My Expression When Someone Tells Me That Men Shouldn’t Cross Stitch (Self Drafted Pattern)

Image credits: HelpMeWithMyPixel5

#27 Blackwork Cat Pile

Image credits: warpskipping

#28 My Youngest Sibling Came Out As Trans, So I Made Them This

Image credits: Etak61817

#29 Made For My Pigeon Obsessed Friend, Do You Think She’ll Like It?

Image credits: evmt95

#30 It’s The First Time When I Tried Coaching Instead Of Backstitching And I Love The Result! Spent The Coldest Time Of The Winter Stiching This Dragon From Nadezhda Gavrilenkova

Image credits: zlerok

#31 Does It Look Like Watercolor?

Image credits: vetlanka

#32 I’ve Come To Brag!

Image credits: PopsickleHeaven

#33 It’s Finally Finished! 8 Months Later

Image credits: Advatt

#34 Y’all Means All – Self Drafted

Image credits: FabulousNightMonkey

#35 After A Year, May I Present The Spirit Of The Kohaku River

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Finally Finished Sewing Up My Wife’s Stocking Just In Time For Christmas!

Image credits: calyps_o

#37 Made For A Friend Who Is Moving Away From Me

Image credits: Thepettiest

#38 This Is My Favorite Cozy Holiday Stitch

Image credits: nottstitch

#39 I Finally Finished It!

Image credits: NumerousdTune

#40 Just Got This Done For A Friend. First Time Using Black Aida Also!

Image credits: Shaphira7

#41 3 Years And 197,580 Stitches Later, She’s Done!

Image credits: choosecoffee

#42 It Took Me Over A Year, But I *finally* Finished My Cross Stitch Of The Solar System!!!

Image credits: Andromeda321

#43 Finally Finished My First Full Coverage Piece! My Favorite Place

Image credits: dadaduck

#44 Present For A Friend Who Loves Hedgehogs! Pattern “Hedgehog” By Cutepatternsbymaria

Image credits: faroutinthespace

#45 How I Spent My Weekend

Image credits: chubbygirlreads

#46 One Of My Largest Finishes Yet!!

Image credits: Xanadu1706

#47 Trixie Mattel And Katya Zamolodchikova!

Image credits: lefinq

#48 I’m Not At All The Type To Brag, But It Has To Mean Something That I Keep Confusing The Back For The Front

Image credits: feistyfirebird

#49 Do You See The Resemblance?

Image credits: hermioneinthetardis

#50 I Wasn’t Able To Finish This In Time For The Launch, But Here’s The James Webb Space Telescope’s Primary Mirror Rendered In Blackwork!

Image credits: FlipDarkChillWinter

#51 Finished My Japanese Pagoda Stitch!

Image credits: gildius

#52 Autumn In The Valley – Finally Finished This! Pattern Self-Drafted

Image credits: lightbringer54

#53 LOTR Stained Glass Piece For A Friend

Image credits: Ailuj182

#54 Done After 5 Years! Pattern Made Using Kg-Chart With Tweaks Along The Way

Image credits: Perilinxi

#55 Entering A Fo In My First Country Fair This Weekend! Wish Me Luck!

Image credits: Talbertross

#56 Adhd Be Damned, I Did It!

Image credits: yespls

#57 370 Days Later I’m Finally Finished Catching Them All

Image credits: Trolivia

#58 At Last!! And I Can Finally Say Im Done With This Awesome Conversion Hehehe!

Image credits: dewnrivera

#59 Just A Recent Finished Project

Image credits: Great-Comedian2870

#60 A Gift I Made For My Newborn Niece

Image credits: ComfortablyJuicy

#61 This Is What 200,000 Stitches Looks Like!

Image credits: 21-nun_salute

#62 Burninate The Cross Stitch – Self Drafted

Image credits: leighdelo

#63 None Of My Friends Appreciate My Cross Stitch So Im Upset But I Finished This Frog In One Week

Image credits: glowbabeglow

#64 Over-Educated Cat Loving Millennial Feminist

Image credits: bookwithoutpics

#65 Cross Stitch On A Kitchen Strainer

Image credits: ExcessCatLady

#66 My Third Ever Cross Stitch Project

Image credits: madbillyblack

#67 Finally Finished This Beauty!!

Image credits: mypetalt

#68 Finally, My Peaceful Pond Is Completed. I Want To Wash It Still To See If It’ll Brighten The Floss At All, I’ve Never Washed A Project Before

Image credits: echosspirit

#69 Baby Penguin Sliiiide

Image credits: ohthesarcasm

#70 Made This For A Friend

Image credits: leviathanbones

#71 Here’s A Little Game For You: There Are Two Letters That Are Slightly Smaller That I Didn’t Bother To Fix. Go!

Image credits: Outrageous-Skill-456

#72 A Hedgehog For My Mum’s Spring Birthday

Image credits: purple_ladder

#73 I’m In Covid Isolation, But At Least I Finished My Christmas Living Room In Time

Image credits: gildius

#74 Finally Finished! Rainbow Garden By Una Buena Pieza

Image credits: Got-me-in-stitches

#75 Neon Cross Stitches! These Are Self-Drafted, And Were Really Fun To Design And Stitch

Image credits: iconicbutironic

#76 Promised My Grandma I Would Stitch Her An Angel For Christmas. Boy, Is She In For A Biblical Surprise

Image credits: Erotavlas_SVD

#77 One Of My Latest Projects. What Do You Think?

Image credits: vetlanka

#78 My Wife Stopped At This Point. We Now Eep At Each Other When There’s A Problem In The House

Image credits: InspiraSean86

#79 Don’t Panic

Image credits: novanav13

#80 Stardew Valley Cross-Stitch I Made! Inspired By An Adorable Piece I Saw On This Sub A Couple Months Ago

Image credits: liushinlin

#81 My Take On Homer In The Bushes

Image credits: perplexedchick

#82 Finished The Next Bottle In The Series!

Image credits: monocle-enterprises

#83 Just Finished This Delightful Piece A Day After The My Friend’s Birthday Where It Was Suppost To Be A Present. Better Late Than Never. She’ll Love It. Pattern By Gameoverstitches, Lightly Changed

Image credits: Vartanes_KindOf

#84 Eyeballed This Instead Of Making A Proper Pattern And Painted The Hoop. Very Happy With The Result!

Image credits: EliNotEllie

#85 I Just Realised I Never Shared This Completed Piece. Considering It Took Me About 15 Years To Complete I Figure It’s Worth A Share

Image credits: perpetually_me

#86 Finished This Little Gem Tonight! Surely I Can’t Be The Only Person Thinking This…

Image credits: KayPea78

#87 I Put All My Processes On Hold When I Saw These Agarics

Image credits: Olga_SV

#88 The Glitches

Image credits: HazelnutTheBot

#89 Everything Is Fine

Image credits: Outrageous-Skill-456

#90 Only The French Knot Mist Remains!!

Image credits: Complex_Reputation85

#91 Back By Popular Demand: Cross Stitching Ghost, All Filled In With Glow In The Dark Half Stitches!

Image credits: heyitsamb

#92 [fo] Blackwork Woodland Fox I’ve Designed

Image credits: trunky26

#93 I Created A DIY Wordle Pattern!

Image credits: nottstitch

#94 My 3D Betta Tank

Image credits: awkward_chocobo

#95 First Time Using Glow In The Dark Thread! Pattern By Lolacrowcrossstitch On Etsy

Image credits: SoberSquirrell

#96 Recently Had A Second-Trimester Miscarriage, Completed This In Honor Of The Little One. Pattern From Vladaxstitch On Etsy

Image credits: TheGoldberryBombadil

#97 Bee Blackwork Pattern To Celebrate International Honey Bee Day

Image credits: trunky26

#98 Sieve Complete! My Self-Designed Chefalopod Is Headed To The Fair. Let’s Hope The Judges Find Him Punny

Image credits: sgivens_i

#99 And That’s A Wrap. After Working On This For 1 Year And 5 Months It’s Finally Finished With 400 Days Of Progress And 128,164 Stitches In Total. Now It’s Time To Get This Bad Boy Framed And Hung On The Wall!

Image credits: oldmanchadly

#100 First Time Posting Here—i Just Had To Show Off The Glow In The Dark

Image credits: booboothefoolish

#101 This Is A Pattern I Picked Up To Keep Myself Busy While My Other Material Arrived. Pattern Linked In Comments. Background I Added Myself

Image credits: itsamekenzie

#102 50 Hours vs. 100 Hours. Pattern Underwater Kingdom By Riolis

Image credits: WineCherryCandy

#103 Been Working On This One For 2months! We’re Not In Autumn But I Still Vibe With It. Pattern By Mamawitchcrossstitch On Etsy

Image credits: SomethingSomewhere69

#104 It Took Me 5 Years To Finish Lord Libidian’s Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch Gen 1. But I Re-Picked All The Colors To Get A Better Match

Image credits: GabiNeme

#105 I Think My Neighbours Have Never Seen Me Before

Image credits: Fenyleny

#106 “It’s Just A Little Blackwork,” I Thought. “It’ll Be A Quick Stitch.” A Month Later… It’s Finished! The Pattern Is My Own

Image credits: nymori

#107 Finally Finished My Last Project

Image credits: realajceci

#108 Fricken’ Chuffed With How This Turned Out! Backstitching It Was Hell

Image credits: NovelTAcct

#109 After Two Years Of Cross Stitching, I Am Finally Ready To Start Back Stitching!

Image credits: IonlyGetWorse

#110 Backstitching Isn’t Exactly Popular In This Subreddit, But It Can Really Make A Difference

Image credits: CrochetChameleon

#111 Repetition Is Chaos

Image credits: Erotavlas_SVD

#112 My Marshmallow Cat! With Some Color Subs To Make It More Reminiscent Of My Sweet Marshmallow Baby

Image credits: UREatingGlitter

#113 Some Ginkgo Leaves For My First Larger Sized Project Since Picking Up Cross Stitching Last Year

Image credits: flippingflapper

#114 Did A Quick Lavender Project! Planning On Making My Own Lavender Scent Bags With This Design

Image credits: mergzerg

#115 First Of The Christmas Presents Finished: A Denim Jacket With Cross-Stitched Foxes For My Sister

Image credits: sterlingauh

#116 My First Cross Stitch Finally Finished And Framed!

Image credits: lollykoi

#117 Captain Merman With Bonus Before Backstitch Photo

Image credits: marshmallownose

#118 I Dyed The Fabric Using Turmeric. At Midnight. Because I Was Stressed. I Love It

Image credits: idiot-sandwich-

#119 Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

Image credits: eureka7

#120 So Many Greens

Image credits: normiebean

#121 Finished My First Stitch After A Year-Long Break

Image credits: BrightOrion

#122 I’ve Formed A Love/Hate Relationship With Blackwork

Image credits: smokyblanket

#123 The Poison Chosen Especially To Kill Kuzko. Kuzko’s Poison

Image credits: Bowqueen3

#124 Cross Stitch Minecraft Bee

Image credits: TinfoilTaint

#125 A Finish Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

Image credits: Shaphira7

#126 Balloon Dog Finished!

Image credits: Prestigious-Alarm522

#127 Showed My Boyfriend The Wonders Of Cross Stitch And Had To Show Off His First Project!

Image credits: rvl211

#128 Blackwork Honeycomb. Pattern By Peppermint Purple

Image credits: radiantlyres

#129 Pink Was My Obsession For March, But That Was So Last Month. April Is For Lavender Darling!

Image credits: Trotterswithatwist

#130 Just Discovered That Black Aida Is A Thing, So I Had To Try Out A 1-Bit Pixel Art

Image credits: WalterB1

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