131 Hilarious Girlfriends And Wives Who Know The Key To A Good Relationship Is Laughter (New Pics)

Getting together with someone who has a good sense of humor is a one-way ticket to years of laughter. And these girlfriends and wives are living proof of it. They’re bold, creative, and their jokes make their partners love them even more.

Relationships can get way too serious sometimes, especially when stress from work, kids, and expenses start taking a toll on everyday life. Laughing together, on the other hand, creates a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and bonding, and can even stimulate physical attraction.

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So give a round of applause for these women who know the power of a wide smile, and upvote the gags you would use on your significant other as well.

#1 My GF Proposed To Me Today

Image credits: LakotaV420

#2 Sleepy Girlfriend

Image credits: bishilarious

#3 Wife Is Breastfeeding And I’m In Bed

Image credits: jonathan-dough

#4 I Won

Image credits: torii_somerss

#5 She’s A Keeper

Image credits: beagz

#6 My Wife Decided To Dress Up As Me For Halloween

Image credits: jlblessingjr

#7 My Son Was Born Today. I Am Away, But My Wife Sent Me This. I Am Beyond Excited

Image credits: YoungOrthodox95

#8 New Favorite Hobby: Photoshopping My Cat Into Movie Posters And Setting Them As My Fiance’s Phone Background

Image credits: PhDinHb

#9 GF Proposed That I Should Take A Pic Of Her In The Bath Today. Not What I Expected, But Turned Out Pretty Cool Anyway

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Image credits: Grothorious

#10 Yes, This Is Actually How I Told My Husband We Were Pregnant Again

Image credits: wavesandlilacs

#11 My Friend’s Birthday Gift To Her Husband: A Fantastic Painting Of Their Derperman Pinscher

Image credits: jread

#12 Some Wives Be All Sexy And I Be Like

Image credits: kelsey.lovley

#13 When I First Told My Wife I Loved Her, She Replied With “That’s Dangerous”. When We Married A Year Ago She Snuck This Inscription Into My Ring

Image credits: frad_darsh

#14 My Mom Made This For My Dad Because He’s Going To Vegas This Weekend Without Her”

Image credits: thegip03

#15 Wife Modified A 5-Year-Old Birthday Card For My Brother’s 35th

Image credits: luke_and_coley

#16 My Boyfriend Probably Won’t Ask Me To Pick Him Up From The Airport Again

Image credits: ATLbritta

#17 The Valentine’s Day Card I Bought For My Husband

Image credits: shallywally

#18 Friend Had A Vasectomy And This Is The Cake That His Wife Made For Him

Image credits: jetery

#19 My Wife And I Have Been Competing To See Who Can Make The Fanciest Hot Dog. Her Entry:

Image credits: r00__

#20 My Wife Took This Unflattering Photo While I Was Cleaning The Living Room

Image credits: ActingLikeTheFunPolice

#21 Working In The Leather Shop At Night And I Hear A Noise At The Window. My Wife Thinks She’s Funny

Image credits: hidegear

#22 My Wife Made Me A Passive-Aggressive Flow Chart To Use Every Time I Get Hungry

Image credits: biscoff_nutella

#23 First Thing My SO Sends Me After Not Texting All Day

Image credits: TGShadow69

#24 Working Night Shift, Wife Sends This

Image credits: lizardking7750

#25 My Wife Made Me A Coffee Table Book For Christmas. All Quotes Out Of Context She Has Been Collecting While Listening To Me Gaming With The Buds Online From Another Room

Image credits: DBMS_LAH

#26 Got Blackout Drunk Last Night. My Girlfriend Helped Me Remember What Happened

Image credits: chadneidt

#27 Every Year I Get My Boyfriend A Cake For His Birthday. This Year I Asked What Type He Wanted. He Said “I Don’t Care”

Image credits: shesafireball

#28 My Wife Dressed Up For Her Birthday During The Lockdown. This Is The Result Of Watching The Tiger King, Boredom And A Lot Of Whiskey

Image credits: whiteboyscared

#29 My Wife Sent Me This Picture While I Was At Work To Tell Me My Jacket Was Depressed

Image credits: maxbrickem

#30 My Husband Didn’t Think I’d Find Shirts To Match Them

Image credits: lilmizzvalz

#31 I Just Found The Perfect Christmas Present For My Husband. He’s Going To Hate It

I always pester my husband to eat bananas for his leg cramps. I tried to get him to eat one last night when he was watching Netflix. He was already irritated as every movie suggestion starred Nicholas Cage and he doesn’t like him. 

Image credits: seriphae

#32 My Girlfriend Recently Started Working Nights. I’ve Been Waking Up To A Lot Of Worrying Texts

Image credits: Frondescence

#33 My Girlfriend Just Told Me “Come Here! The Toilet’s Smoking!”

Image credits: Jamarcus_Mankrik

#34 How My Girlfriend Slices Onions

Image credits: louie0027

#35 My Husband Wanted A Sweet Treat. I Made Orange Rolls. To Keep It Interesting, One Of These Has Nacho Cheese On It

Image credits: asparagustus_gloop

#36 My Wife Hid This In Our Backyard And Waited Days For Me To Discover It

Image credits: ajcpullcom

#37 My Wife Got Me A Cake, I’m Having My Rectum Removed On Tuesday

Image credits: medfitthrowaway

#38 Birthday Gift From My Wife, Because I Eat Cereal Way Too Much At All Times Of Day And Night

Image credits: TimingIsntEverything

#39 Girlfriend’s Idea Of A Theme For My 25th

Image credits: rockinbobdole

#40 How Did My Wife Do On Her Latest Batch Of Cookies?

Image credits: Iusetoomuchtp

#41 Cake I Made For My Boyfriend’s Birthday

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 My Girlfriend Had To Adjust The Age Range For Me

Image credits: ICorrectYourTitle

#43 Made A Birthday Cake For My BF, Complete With Torch

Image credits: dirzmice

#44 I Photo Copied My Husband’s Phone And Left It On His Desk And He Tried To Pick It Up And Now I Wish I’d Filmed It

Image credits: Hev60

#45 A Friend’s Note To Her Husband This Morning

Image credits: Tweetystraw

#46 My SO Falls Asleep On The Couch Pretty Frequently, I Usually Take A Pic And Set It As His Phone’s Background. Tonight I Figured Out How To Change The App Icons

Image credits: EskiBean

#47 I Try My Best To Not Make A Fuss On My Birthday, But I Got This Card Today From My Girlfriend. It Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Received

Image credits: slothmk1

#48 Wife Said I Look Like Hopper. I Can’t Unsee It

Image credits: NonviableCody

#49 My Wife Just Got A Label Maker

Image credits: hammonjj

#50 Wife Got Me A Mask With My Boy’s Face On It. Not Sure Whether Funny Or Scary

Image credits: noiamnotyourfriend

#51 My Wife Has Been Secretly Collecting Pictures Of Me For Months Sleeping. Today, For Father’s Day, I Was Gifted The Collection. I Present “Catnapping”

Image credits: minusidea

#52 My Husband Isn’t Thrilled About The New Decor

Image credits: WeiWeiSmoo

#53 Found The Perfect Spot To Hide These From My Egg-Hating, Reese’s-Loving Boyfriend

Image credits: RebelAvenger1

#54 My Husband Was Having A Bad Day At Work, So I Hid Over 30 Pairs Of Googly Eyes All Over The Apartment. Some Of Them He Won’t Find For A Few Months

Image credits: retro_axolotl

#55 I Put A Cute Note In My Boyfriend’s Lunch

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 Husband Said I Can’t Buy Anymore Plants Because There Isn’t Any Room. Check And Mate

Image credits: murrene

#57 My Wife Thinks She’s Funny. Had My Vasectomy Today

Image credits: slim-chicken

#58 My Drunk Girlfriend Tried To Draw Me

Image credits: ManYolk

#59 My Wife Leaves Me Notes In The Morning. I Hope This One’s Not Finished

Image credits: ChronicIdealist

#60 Told My Boyfriend I Was Getting Him A Burger For Christmas

Image credits: Ao-Eleni

#61 I Entertained Myself While My Husband Was Out Of Town With Our Clearance Halloween Purchase

Image credits: passesopenwindows

#62 My Wife Bought This. Perhaps This Explains Why We’re Still Married After 27+ Years

Image credits: rodeler

#63 My Wife Out Dad Joked Me. I Always Joked I Wanted A Harley But Instead Got A Daughter. Finally Got My Bike

Image credits: PatDaddy2625

#64 Wife Got Bored And Colored In My Tattoo With Sharpies

Image credits: Newbreed101

#65 My Attempt To Scare My Husband When He Wakes Up

Image credits: Kateryna_Mazhuha

#66 I Laughed And Laughed And Laughed. He’s A Good Sport

Image credits: mannieross

#67 My Wife Thinks She’s A Comedian

Image credits: gibletzor

#68 My Girlfriend Is Going To Be Gone For A Week. She Either Has No Faith In Me Or Is Setting Me Up For Failure

Image credits: puckpuckpuck

#69 I Showed My Girlfriend The Shower Hair Photo And Told Her To Clean Up. I Woke Up To This

Image credits: perfsmerf

#70 My Fiance Is About To Have Our First Son

Image credits: Freaky_Naughty23

#71 Asked Wife To Write A Small List For The Grocery Store. She’s Not Wrong

Image credits: TemporaryUsernameUntilIThinkofSomethingClever

#72 My Husband Falls For This For 5 Years Now Now

Image credits: cassiesneaks

#73 Left A Message For My Husband On The New Bathroom Mat

Image credits: cameling

#74 I Asked My Wife To Pick Up Some Frozen Fruit At The Grocery Store

Image credits: jtstonge

#75 Told My Irish Boyfriend To Expect A Sexy Surprise On His Lunch Break

Image credits: rachelleybell

#76 My Wife Thinks She’s Funny, I Tend To Agree

Image credits: Dmopzz

#77 I Made One Of Those Card Thingies For My BF

Image credits: ninjakittenz

#78 My Husband Got A Vasectomy This Morning, So I Got Him A Cake For Taking One For The Team

Image credits: LexiTheMermaid

#79 This Fabulous Pair Of Boxers Produced For A Boyfriend Going On A Trip Without His SO

Image credits: v_cffb

#80 My Wife Works In Pest Control. She Was Servicing A Mill And Came Across This, Says It Was The Biggest Mouse She Has Ever Caught

Image credits: Joezze

#81 Wife Gave Me A Note For Her Breakfast Bagel Order

Image credits: gh0stbeard

#82 I’ve Been Complaining About Work To My GF All Day, This Is Her Response

Image credits: Chopana93

#83 I Won A Trophy Too From My Future Wife

Image credits: Fragrant_Hawk_3191

#84 My Wife Got Me A Battery Organizer For Christmas. I Love The Organization Of It

Image credits: ohineedascreenname

#85 Sent This To My Husband To Try To Explain My Hormones

Image credits: speedy-tomato

#86 My Wife Said “This Looks Familiar”

Image credits: BucketsOLouis

#87 The Card My Girlfriend Made Me For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: nedtheman

#88 Girlfriend Slid This Under Bathroom Door

Image credits: sonofwang

#89 My Wife Likes To Leave Sweet Love Notes Around The House For Me To Find

Image credits: Ashtronica2

#90 Came Home To My Girlfriend And Cat In Matching Outfits

Image credits: nightswimsofficial

#91 Put My Fake Eyelashes On The Toilet Seat To Scare My BF. It Backfired This Morning As I Was Half Asleep Opening The Seat

Image credits: sammyblue22

#92 Edited This Lovely Picture Of My BF’s Daughter

Image credits: Witchy_Hufflepuff

#93 A Picture To Commemorate My Husband’s First Day Of His Office Reopening. They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: melllis

#94 I Called My Wife A Goob. She Responded By Messaging Me The Entire Text Of Hamlet. Took 20 Minutes To Complete And About 40% Of My Battery

Image credits: Lazy_Dervish

#95 My Husband Has To Stay Up All Night After Waking Up At 5am Today, So That He Can Adjust To His New Night Shift. I Left Him Moral Support Cause I’ll Be Sleeping

Image credits: moolof

#96 My Wife Told Me To Check Out The New Playlist She Made Me

Image credits: Cornshuckin

#97 Valiant Effort By The UPS Guy

Image credits: avalonbowser

#98 Thanks, Babe

Image credits: stevestevensen

#99 My Wife Got Me An Engraved Watch Band. A Little Ominous

Image credits: Stumbling_Corgi

#100 Wife Came Home From The Grocery Store Excited That She Found Pasta Appropriate For A Man Of My Proportions

Image credits: headgate19

#101 My Wife Left Me Instructions For Dinner. She Thinks She Married A Moron

Image credits: slave_1

#102 My GF Made Me This

Image credits: JakeDBfc

#103 The Wife Thought It Would Be Funny To Put This On My Bumper For Our Cruise To Dinner Tonight, Surprisingly Nobody Honked. Or At Least I Didn’t Hear Anyone Over The Radio

Image credits: travs_f150

#104 His Girlfriend Is Obviously A Very Stable Genius

Image credits: MoniMokshith

#105 Today Is My Husband’s 50th And I Tried To Do It Right

Image credits: Leira128

#106 Turned 50 Recently. This Gift From My Wife Sums Up The Big Event Perfectly

Image credits: FarSideOfReality

#107 Guys, We’ve Been Doing It Wrong. My Wife Got Me A Bouquet Of Bacon

Image credits: Kratsas

#108 I Really Love My Wife I Don’t Know Where She Finds These Thing. Swinger Party, Maybe?

Image credits: BIGJOE520

#109 I Think Quarantining May Have Made My Girlfriend Clingy

Image credits: HalpTheFan

#110 The Only Toilet Paper My Wife Could Find Online. We’re In Our 50s

Image credits: pavi92

#111 A Few Years Ago My Buddy Got Me A Gremlin Shirt. Today My Girlfriend Got The Perfect Picture Of Me Wearing It

Image credits: large_bug_weenie

#112 Second Wedding Anniversary Theme Is Cotton. I Never Miss An Opportunity To Prank My Dude So Here We Are

Image credits: MoreDinosaursPlease

#113 What Ryan Will Wake Up To Tomorrow

Image credits: brooksidedogmom

#114 I Just Got A Vasectomy And My Wife Found This In Her Bag Of Carrots And Saved It For Me

Image credits: kcrab91

#115 Wife Got Me This For My 25th Birthday

Image credits: Itsjoelfromschool

#116 My Boyfriend Is A Programmer, This Is What I Imagine When He Tells Me He Is Fixing A Bug

Image credits: lacunaluna

#117 Just Survived 30 Years, And My Fiancee Made Me This Collage

Image credits: flumoo

#118 My Fiancee Left This On My Desk For Me To Find

Image credits: VoidwardenAlex

#119 Been Watching A Lot Of “Hell’s Kitchen” Lately So My Girlfriend Got Me This Card For My Birthday. Needless To Say, She Nailed It

Image credits: SaulSilverado

#120 My Girlfriend Had A Cake Made For Me

Image credits: toasterforked

#121 I Bought My Husband A “Sexy” Scratch Off Ticket. He Wasn’t Amused

Image credits: HerDiamonds3

#122 My Wife Religiously Writes Down Dinner For The Week. Guess This Week Just Hit The Fan

Image credits: edgeofruin

#123 My Girlfriend Made Me The Sad Frog For Christmas


#124 Day 4 Of Writing Odd Things On My Boyfriend’s Lunch. Any Suggestions For Tomorrow?

Image credits: hotrod_sally

#125 My BF Jokingly Said He Wanted Me To Write Half A Page On Why I Didn’t Go To Work Today. I Decided To Give It My All

Image credits: Thatoneweirdgirl-31

#126 I Made My Boyfriend This Terrible Card For Our Anniversary

Image credits: Electric_Moogaloo

#127 Something My Wife Left For Me After I Got Out Of The Shower This Morning

Image credits: Wildest83

#128 My Husband Mentioned Last Night That I Don’t Bake Him Cakes Anymore. This Was Worth The Sarcastic Smile On His Face

Image credits: reddit.com

#129 My Husband Asked Me Three Times How To Cook The Pork Loin For Dinner. The Third Time I Scribbled A Pictorial

Image credits: DarkGreenSedai

#130 After I Hurt My Foot Mowing The Lawn, My Wife Bought And Decorated A Robot Mower

Image credits: Ok_advice

#131 My Dad’s Girlfriend Did Some Drunken Redecorating

Image credits: MutedHornet87

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