131 Things That Look Like Other Things (New Pics)

It seems the universe is constantly making fun at our expense. One of the ways it does that is by trying to disorientate us. Whether it’s a rock that looks exactly like a human heart or a cloud formation that disguised itself as a floating ocean, optical illusions are all around us.

The technical term for this “flaw” in our sensory system is pareidolia, which means the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none.

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While many of these moments come and go, as Bored Panda showed in our previous publications here and here, some people manage to take a picture of whatever it is that’s tricking their brains. Continue scrolling to check out the latest examples of pareidolia that we found!

#1 Incredible Cloud Formation That Appeared To Look Like An Ocean In The Sky

Image credits: Theresa Birgin Lucas

#2 I Snapped A Photo Of My Dog Through A Window Screen That Looks Like An Old Painting

Image credits: PhatWalda

#3 The Way My Windscreen Froze

Image credits: Liamers

#4 The Wear And Scuff Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea

Image credits: supremo92

#5 Lace Bug (Stephanitis Typicus) Looks Like Stained Glass

Image credits: xkzdiffuser

#6 Dust From A Ramp On My Suede Rollerskates Looks Like An X-Ray Of My Feet

Image credits: supervixen456

#7 Glasslands. Chinese Rice Fields From Above Takes Form Of Stained Glass. One Giant Artistic Puzzle

Image credits: airpixels

#8 Wife Took This Photo, She Pointed Out That The Base Of The Antlers Looks Like Cat Paws. Can’t Unsee

Image credits: wtf_did_I_justsee

#9 My Friend Found A Tree Within A Tree

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Image credits: 4rch7ek

#10 The Area I Used To Work In Washington Looks Like Jurassic Park

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#11 I Found Dust In My Wine Glass When I Set It Down Next To My Lamp. It Looks Like A Galaxy

Image credits: owiekazzowie

#12 My Painter Dad Making The Soup Looking Like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”

Image credits: toko92

#13 The Way The Light Hits This Spiderweb Makes It Look Like A CD-ROM

Image credits: SweetestSummer

#14 Tea Tree Oil Looks Like A Tree

This is at the end of lake Cakora in brooms head. It happened after the storm at the beach side of the lake broke out. It drained most of the water. As it drains out a connecting lake with tea trees on the banks, the high tides push the tea tree oily water back up the lake to create these stunning natural masterpieces.

Image credits: derry_moroney_photography

#15 Was At The Beach And Found A Shell With Barnacles On It That Make It Look Like An Anatomically Correct Heart

Image credits: Cascading-hearts98

#16 Found A Piece Of Rock That Looks Like A Steak

Image credits: Weidelberg

#17 When You Try To Make Peppermint Swirl Soap And It Comes Out Looking Like Raw Meat

Image credits: eeyore134

#18 Rainbow In Front Of My House Looks Like Another Planet

Image credits: NewBeerNewMe

#19 This Cluster Of Golden Oyster Mushrooms Looks Like Covid-19

Image credits: breakyourfac

#20 This Stick I Found Looks Like A Burning Torch, Flame Included

Image credits: hoikarnage

#21 The Post Paint Chipped Into The Map

Image credits: LolcatXTREME

#22 Someone Bumped Into A Wall At Work And Made A Painting Of A Snowy Town

Image credits: bonerificnoodles

#23 Splitting Firewood And Found A Piece Resembling The Sky In “The Starry Night”

Image credits: virgilturtle

#24 The Way This Ice Has Formed Looks Like A Tiny Forest

Image credits: Jqzzy

#25 The Melting Snow On This Chair Looks Like A Tree

Image credits: glassenthusiast

#26 The Way The Mud Froze On My Truck Looks Like A Painting Of The Forrest

Image credits: The-devils-usb

#27 This Cicada I Found Looks Like It Has The McDonald’s Logo On Its Head

Image credits: Thats_A_Tangy_Malany

#28 The Clear Ice In My Absinthe Looks Like A Chunk Was Cut Out Of It

Image credits: merlinrising

#29 The Pizza Saver On My Pizza Makes The Photo Look Like A Video With A Play Button

Image credits: poranges

#30 This Ice Patch I Found That Looks Like A Feather

Image credits: GreasyCheese5976

#31 This Geode Looks Like An Ocean Waves On The Beach

Image credits: GingerGinny

#32 The Top Of My Car Covered In Morning Rain Looks Like A Field Of Sunset Jewels

Image credits: zeke3326

#33 This Tree Looks Like Broccoli

Image credits: ZackTheLampGod

#34 My Pizza Stone Looks Like A Moon

Image credits: frodnorg

#35 The Feet On This Bench At My Gym Look A Lot Like An Impaled iPhone

Image credits: thehippestmanalive

#36 The Way This Tree Stump Has A Cityscape On It

Image credits: JelliedHam

#37 The Most Beautiful Ice Cave I’ve Ever Explored In Iceland. It Looks Like A Massive Frozen Wave

Image credits: h0rdur

#38 I Put Another Type Of Shower Gel On Top Of The Old One Without Stirring, And After A Few Pumps They Start “Raining” Down. Looks Like Melted Wax

Image credits: baby_balrog

#39 Upside Down, The Bulls Logo Looks Like A Robot Making Love To A Crab

Image credits: LaDiscotheque

#40 Found A Patch Of Moss Behind A Loading Dock That Looks Like A Tiny Tropical Island With A Palm Tree

Image credits: Smiling_Fox

#41 My Coffee Looks Like Jupiter

Image credits: WhenGinMaySteer

#42 My Girlfriend Found This Rock That Looks Like A Moustache

Image credits: samuel1410

#43 My Cauliflower Looks Like An Atomic Mushroom Cloud

Image credits: Mission_Acrobatic

#44 A Vine Grew Around This Little Tree And The Tree Absorbed It, Making It Look Like A Snake Had Woven Itself Around The Tree

Image credits: goodytwotoes

#45 Proud Daddy With His New Litter

Image credits: AutumnHopFrog

#46 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You – Pizza Rock

Image credits: charliewarner01

#47 I Met A Chunk Of Snow That Looks Like A Boot

Image credits: sweetshark_666

#48 Wood Splinters That Look Like A City

Image credits: bignector

#49 This Landscape Looks Like Someone Just Dropped A Green Quilted Blanket On The Earth

Image credits: deliorodrigues

#50 Apartment Hallway In Dallas, TX Looks Like A Scene From The Titanic

Image credits: valpaal

#51 Tottenham Hotspur’s Football Stadium Looks Like A Flying Saucer From A Distance

Image credits: crashbangwallops

#52 My Cat Fell Asleep Looking Like He’s Standing Up

Image credits: fofizzleshizzle

#53 Saw The Sunrise In This Parking Garage And It Almost Looks Like A Mural. San Antonio, TX

Image credits: SuperN0VA3ngineer

#54 The Sediment From This Chemical Reaction Looks Like A Marshy Forest

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 The Gap Between My Window And Shades Made The Perfect Glowing Little Number 1

Image credits: Waterbots

#56 My Daughter. Dad, It Looks Like A Giant Piece Of Pizza. I’ll Be The Round Pepperoni

Image credits: narlycharley

#57 My Coworker’s Phone Cord Made A Treble Clef

Image credits: ScroogeMcDuq

#58 A Suspicious-Looking Cloud

Image credits: Your_Friendly_Nerd

#59 Happy Cat Mama

Image credits: daria_arbuz

#60 Bert? Is That You?

Image credits: yonlom

#61 My Sliced Bacon Looks Pixelated

Image credits: idontlikethishole

#62 My Thick Glasses Lenses Look Like Ice Cubes

Image credits: p1ng74

#63 My New Monstera Leaf Looks Like A Thumbs Up

Image credits: Toelva

#64 Glass Mark Looks Like A Bike

Image credits: kolegatorr

#65 View From The Cafe I Was In Almost Looks Like A Picture Hanging On The Wall

Image credits: Meznay

#66 The Crack On My Wife’s Windshield Looks Like An Airplane From The Front

Image credits: ranchdressinggospel

#67 Used Match Looks Exactly Like A Mic Stand

Image credits: SunshineCorgiss

#68 This Concrete Post At Our Playground Looks Like A Moon

Image credits: UtmostPants

#69 My Girlfriend’s Scrubber Looks Like It’s Trying To Impersonate My Bluetooth Speaker

Image credits: cameronhimself

#70 Volcanic Explosion On The Lid

Image credits: sylvester49

#71 Abandoned Grain Elevator, Adrian, TX. Looks Like A Giant USB Stick

Image credits: alwaysbefreudin

#72 If You Can See The Beach, Ocean, Sky, Rocks And Stars, Then You Are An Artist, But It’s Not A Painting. It’s Lower Part Of The Car Gate Which Needs To Be Repaired

Image credits: nxyxm

#73 Found A Treble Clef In My Arby’s Curly Fries Once

Image credits: bisforbodkin

#74 Someone Told Me My Workshop Materials Cart Looks Like Manhattan

Image credits: sgtpepperaut

#75 I Found A Puffball Mushroom That Resembles The Moon

Image credits: curlyhairedgal28

#76 The Wall On The Bridge Looks Like Its Own Mini Landscape

Image credits: joeChump

#77 One Of The Eggs I Poached This Morning Came Out Looking Like A Human Heart

Image credits: chicken_statue

#78 Pan Fried Brussel Sprout Looks Like A Tunnel

Image credits: CJP11

#79 This Rock I Found Looks Like A Speech Bubble

Image credits: James12252006

#80 Toasting Some Sesame Seeds And When I Stopped Swirling The Pan And Pac-Man Appeared

Image credits: Bug_butz

#81 My Banana Has A Bruise That Looks Like A Musical Note

Image credits: epsilonik

#82 My Bruise Kinda Looks Like A Nebula In Space

Image credits: tobiascuypers

#83 This Window Inside The Fairmont Lake Louise Looks Like A Painting

Image credits: LessOrgans

#84 Capturing Fireworks With A Fast Exposure Makes Them Look Like A Space Nebula

Image credits: Bored_space_nerd

#85 Clouds Looked Like A Map Of The World

Image credits: riraq25

#86 Mountains Look Like Waves In The Middle Of The Ocean

Image credits: smells-fishy

#87 The Roof Turned Into A Keyboard

Image credits: metanoiable

#88 This Piece Of Metal At My Barn That Rusted Into A Nuclear Detonation

Image credits: BrownvilleREM

#89 The End Of This Banana Looks Like A Burnt Match

Image credits: syymo

#90 The View From This Ballroom Looks Like An AT-AT Construction Site

Image credits: Head_Note_1133

#91 The Branch On Top Of This Pine Tree In Sydney Looks Like A Perfect Star

Image credits: kouroshkeshavarz

#92 The View Out Of Our Door Looks Like A Painting

Image credits: atodaso

#93 Sand Dune Looks Like A Ski Area Out In Utah

Image credits: Decoyboat

#94 After Cutting A Stick Of Butter, The Residue Looks Like A Winter Nature Scene, Stream And All

Image credits: deepbluesilence

#95 Ripped Tights Looking Like A City Skyline

Image credits: leelahtequila

#96 This Spider’s Abdomen Looks Like An M&M

Image credits: SpecificMocha

#97 Looks Like The Truck Is Carrying The KFC

Image credits: xscoreax

#98 The Cracks On This Screen Protector Look Like A Valley

Image credits: lukeangmingshen

#99 I Thought This Agate Looked Like A Separate Landscape

Image credits: circularnewt97

#100 Bubbles In My Bath Look Like An Icy River

Image credits: papasapa

#101 Crystal My Brother Found That Kinda Looks Like A Bean Burrito

Image credits: Chevicea

#102 This Kitchen Counter Along With An Empty Drinking Glass Sort Of Looks Like A Death Star In Space

Image credits: pizzapost

#103 This Car Protection Film Now Looks Like A Densely Populated City Map

Image credits: p_o_l_o

#104 Wilted Flower Looks Like The Eggplant Emoji

Image credits: Grindalokki

#105 Moldy Orange That Looks Like A Planet

Image credits: 3niti14045

#106 Rock That Looks Like A Smartphone

Image credits: Overlord_Crabz

#107 We Found A Pill Bug That Looks Like An Actual Pill Capsule

Image credits: Mediocretee

#108 Forgot About A Can Of Wolf-Brand Chili In The Back Of Fridge And The Mold Growing Looks Like Wolf Hair

Image credits: DrLeoMarvin

#109 This Sun Reflection Through My Window Is Shaped Like A Sword

Image credits: designatedarabexpert

#110 My Wineglass Broke In The Shape Of Australia

Image credits: danj_Mo

#111 The Shower Glass In My Hotel Room Looks Like The Matrix

Image credits: Invad3r999

#112 Found This Interesting Bug That Looks Like Moss

Image credits: Civil_R0se

#113 This Tree Looks Like It’s Covered In Skin

Image credits: delliejonut

#114 These Chocolate Chip Cookies Look Like Scoops Of Ice Cream

Image credits: prettypanzy

#115 The Way This Broken Metal Latch Rusted Makes It Look Like Wood On The Inside

Image credits: SJtheFox

#116 My Steak Looks Like America

Image credits: Outstandable

#117 The Sun Reflecting On My Drying Dishes Looks Like Saturn

Image credits: godmorpheus

#118 Fermentation In The Beer Well Looks Like A Brain

Image credits: pure24k

#119 These Tree Branches That Look Like A Spiderweb

Image credits: SaggyEspresso

#120 This Old Brick At My House Looks Like A Youtube Play Button

Image credits: NojTamal

#121 My Stepdad Grows His Own Vegetables, And A Cucumber Grew In A Question Mark Shape

Image credits: DonaldTheBird

#122 Molten Sugar From The Domino’s Sugar Storage Fire Looks Like A Lava Flow

Image credits: BCFire22

#123 Shadows Of A Spiral Ring Binding Look Like Seismograph Registers

Image credits: OttoVonCranky

#124 This Propane Tank Where I Work Was Just Painted To Look Like A Watermelon

Image credits: doitaljosh

#125 I Found A Stone At The Beach That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread

Image credits: SafeNafe

#126 The Snow On My Mom’s Lawn Looks Like Florida

Image credits: Jazzlike_Complex_747

#127 Dried Watermelon Looks Like Pizza

Image credits: LabRatPerson

#128 This Flower I Found Looks Like A Galaxy

Image credits: epona_yo

#129 My Beer Bubbles Look Like The U.S.

Image credits: jorshrapley

#130 Birds Outside Were Drying Themselves And Ended Up Looking Like Arrows

Image credits: elle6464

#131 This Pumpkin Looks Like A Mushroom

Image credits: reddit.com

Source: boredpanda.com

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