131 Times Old People Used Social Media And Provided The Internet With These Gems (New Pics)

We often take for granted how quickly things change. Phones went from being fully stationary, then mobile, with buttons to touch-screen devices over the course of two decades. The same can be said for internet culture, where the gap between digital natives and adopters is abundantly visible. 

The “Old People Facebook” page, ironically, not on Facebook, is dedicated to sharing all the times the elderly tried to engage with social media, with hilarious and adorable results. So feel free to get comfortable and scroll through. Be sure to upvote your favorites and comment your own stories about social media fails. 

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#1 Speecial Anouncement!

Image credits: Villan_99

#2 Lady Accidentally Tries To Sell Her Family

Image credits: heinst

#3 Wholesome Old People Facebook

Image credits: knifewrenchhh

While these posts are whimsical and a bit unhinged, the baby boomers may be the last generation to be digitally inept. While the future elderly might not be on the cutting edge of technology, basic digital and technical literacy will be present from the first memories one has when growing up.

There are already companies working on technology to help older people stay connected, stay safe and keep in touch. Rehabilitative technology is becoming more commonplace, which comes with more skill to interact with devices, which, in turn, helps a person understand the difference between sending a DM and posting a comment. The technology that has been developed to help people recover from injuries is slowly being adapted for older people to use. 

#4 Why Do They Think They Have To Answer These Questions?

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#5 My Relative Is Very Flattered By Her Own Post From Four Years Ago

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Hmm.. That’s A Tough One

Image credits: reddit.com

In comparison to digital natives, old people in 2023 have to be categorized as digital immigrants. The technology that we use daily, which you are also using to read this, came about later in their life. Researchers note that there is an “accent” between people who were born after the widespread adoption of the internet and people who have only started to explore it relatively recently. 

#7 The Radio Was On

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#8 Kenny

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Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#9 Meatloaf

Image credits: reddit.com

While we do describe the internet, social media, and other digital technologies as recent, which they are in the grand scheme of things, they have still been around for over two decades and at this point, many people have years of experience with them. One study conducted in Canada found that the majority of the cohort between the ages of 65-74 used the internet a few times a month over the last few years. 

#10 Cheryl Seems To Be Having A Confusing Day

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#11 2021 Is Going To Be

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#12 Grandma And Grandpa Doing What They Do

Image credits: take_number_two

It’s worth noting that among “digital natives,” internet use is not uniform at all. Millennials will use the internet more as a resource, for information, study, and professional purposes, while one study of Hong Kong youths found that, in contrast to the millennials, Gen Z prefers to socialize and consume content online, but has fewer “practical” uses for the internet. Unfortunately, the internet habits of Baby Boomers need more research. 

#13 Wholesome Margaret

Image credits: aliencrocs

#14 Carol Has Spotted A Thief

Image credits: kitten-stroker

#15 On An Ad For Doordash.

Image credits: rogueShadow13

Despite technology uses varying across cohorts and locations, most places do recognize that digital tech is here to stay. So the posts here may end up as a sort of relic of a bygone era, as educational institutions and workplaces worldwide see technology as absolutely necessary to work and study. As such, children are accessing the internet at a younger age and being taught how to use it and navigate in a digital world. 

#16 How Do You Turn Down The Volume?!

Image credits: diverareyouok

#17 My Grandma’s Savage Comment ?

Image credits: Throwawayroast111

#18 Nancy Pelosi Hacked My Phone With Communism

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 My Grandma Is My Favorite Person On The Planet

Image credits: Art_Areola4

#20 My Mom Emailed Me A Photo Of An Emoji…

Image credits: ima_mandolin

#21 I Hate Yellow

Image credits: Rorshach85

#22 Found In A Work Related Group I’m In On Facebook

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#23 Catch Nancy At Your Local With The $15 Surf N Turf Tuesday Deal

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#24 This Is Exactly What You Want To See From Your Parents. They’re Only 62 And 58…

Image credits: pcyr9999

#25 Grandma Sue Has Advice For Kim

Image credits: ToxicAntiFem

#26 She Keeps Setting Her Profile Picture To “Temporary” And Just Resets It Every Day

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#27 I Have Never Been

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 I Got An Ad For A Box Of Chocolates And Decided To Open The Comments

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#29 Does She Have 4 Different Pensions?

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 I Mean, She’s Not Wrong…

Image credits: birdfightt

#31 Chad

Image credits: throwawaytejas321

#32 I’m Risking A Lawsuit By Posting This

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Reviews From A Local Chuck E Cheese

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 My Grandma Keeps Adding New Frames To Her Profile Picture. She’s Up To Eight Frames Stacked On Top Of Each Other

Image credits: girl-off-kilter

#35 My Great-Aunt Had A Question For Me Today On An Old Picture Of My Daughter…

Image credits: juliaakatrinaa0507

#36 I Am A Grown Man With No Interest In This Troll Foolishness. 1 Star

Image credits: dsdouglas02

#37 Power Bottom

Image credits: SNESdrunk

#38 Not A Care In The World

Image credits: macklintietze

#39 Fireworks

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#40 Not Facebook, But I Found An Old Screenshot From The First Time My Grandma Messaged Me. I Love Her

Image credits: Seaboats

#41 An Extreme Reaction

Image credits: chatshit_get_banged

#42 Visiting Grandma, This Is How She “Gets To Hulu”… On Netflix

Image credits: AmazingTortuga

#43 They Think It’s Real

Image credits: jaclyn_doesnt_spam

#44 My Grandmother Is A Hoot.

Image credits: AshTreex3

#45 My Mom’s Cousin Was Doing Some Late-Night Searching

Image credits: SailorSpaghetti

#46 Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Image credits: Wakeybonez2

#47 My Dad Couldn’t Figure Out How To Take A Photo Of His Dog.

Image credits: shelleykay999

#48 His Profile Picture Is Him And His Wife Being Cute

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 Are We Going To Golden Corral

Image credits: iajzz

#50 So Close

Image credits: missoulian

#51 My Granny Died A Year And A Half Ago. I’m So Happy She Had A Facebook So I Can Look Back Fondly At Her Photo Albums. Here’s My Favorite

Image credits: Nunez4Pres

#52 Amendment 4

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Very Insightful Post From My Step Grandmother A Few Moments Ago

Image credits: umlizzyiguess

#54 That’s….. Not Quite How That Works

Image credits: ismellnumbers

#55 Happy Mother’s Day

Image credits: biggiepants

#56 Ladies And Gentlemen- My Nan.

Image credits: cdogbrian

#57 For What

Image credits: Rorshach85

#58 Not Competent Bartender. Paul Was Told This.

Image credits: hsox05

#59 Sign Up For Lasagna

Image credits: Rorshach85

#60 Cute Misunderstanding

Image credits: samarthjoshi99

#61 Sent This To My Dad A Couple Of Years Ago. Still Makes Me Laugh

Image credits: investorman689

#62 Dont Wsaste My Time

Image credits: GrumpyThump

#63 Very

Image credits: Do_I_work_here

#64 I Dont Like Miata’s

Image credits: schnozlord

#65 I Think This Old Man Thought He Was Using Google

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#66 Not Quite The Gif She Meant

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Something Insightful Grandma Posted

Image credits: n8_7h3_gr8

#68 She’s Been Hacked.

Image credits: notbuter

#69 Wholesome

Image credits: blackcovenant666

#70 Did You Draw Him

Image credits: BirboBeep

#71 My Aunt’s Response To A Photo Of My Husband And Me Where I Jokongly Said We Are “Ready To Take On The Apocolypse”

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#72 Spotted In A Frog Group. I Just Want Dumplin To Take A Dump..

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#73 Her Name Is Sharon

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Wilma Is His Wife

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 Potato Salad

Image credits: tobekiller96

#76 Who’s Coming?

Image credits: slutpup02

#77 Happy Birthday To Yo.. Wait, Oh.

Image credits: __WellWellWell__

#78 My Grandma Honest And Straight To The Point

Image credits: Dankhotg

#79 Giving My Grandma Twitter Wasn’t Such A Good Idea

Image credits: Underman11

#80 A Very Straightforward And Helpful Review

Image credits: SligPants

#81 No Comment Sorry

Image credits: pop_out

#82 Dtf – “Down Town Familiar”

Image credits: MrsMozely

#83 ???

Image credits: Greeve3

#84 What Does It Mean?!

Image credits: reddit.com

#85 Sorry If This Is Too Political

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 “Love This Stuff” 1 Star

Image credits: censorkip

#87 85+ Relative To My Missus Posted This Gem To His Story Today… Twice.

Image credits: iamFabeLish

#88 I Will Sue This Company

Image credits: Rorshach85

#89 Rip Sherry

Image credits: cmw427

#90 It’s Better Than Three

Image credits: FranklinDe

#91 I Want To Be Deleted From This Site

Image credits: manwith10toes

#92 My Sister Sent A Picture Of Her Nursing License After Passing The Exam A Few Weeks Ago. Mom Is In Her 60s And Still Struggles With Snapchat

Image credits: SoKawaiiGirl

#93 Found One!

Image credits: wontonpierre

#94 No Greens For Me

Image credits: punctually-late

#95 Stamach Mass

Image credits: oldpeoplefacebook

#96 The Aliens Beamed Her Up Before She Could Finish ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#97 Order TV

Image credits: mikaelwazowki

#98 Who’s Joe?

Image credits: Greeve3

#99 Harry Potter And The Creepy Grandpa

Image credits: thunderbuttxpress

#100 My Father-In-Law Texts Me Pictures Of Facebook Memes On His Laptop, That He Took With His Cellphone

Image credits: pbmax542

#101 Lesbian Alert

Image credits: goobiewoobie

#102 At Least It Makes The Shopping Easier I Guess?

Image credits: bobdole07

#103 A Family Member’s Profile Picture

Image credits: Curri189

#104 An Amazon Review

Image credits: lolasana

#105 I Know Who Has Done This

Image credits: RIKERS_TROMB0NE

#106 My Mum’s Use Of Emojis

Image credits: Vharlkie

#107 Capital Numbers

Image credits: PrimaryBand

#108 Don’t Talk Back To John

Image credits: reddit.com

#109 I Love Ringo

Image credits: reddit.com

#110 Minivan For Sale

Image credits: Rorshach85

#111 Craigslist Maybe?

Image credits: Lat-the-rat

#112 Flats, Drums, Or Funerals?

Image credits: mojitomonsterreturns

#113 Don’t Think My Uncle Has Quite Figured It Out Yet

Image credits: FiliaDei

#114 Sprote Bag

Image credits: Chomper-32

#115 Thanks Dad.

Image credits: oracle_gemm

#116 Posted On My Sister’s Wall- I’m The One With The Dog.

Image credits: victoriathehuman

#117 I Wonder If She Ever Answered?

Image credits: hawkayecarumba

#118 They’re Becoming Self-Aware, Ole Buddy

Image credits: danktrilliums

#119 Do I Look Pretty, Walmart?

Image credits: SilverShrimp0

#120 I’m

Image credits: fugazi-stugotz

#121 I’m Sorry What Now

Image credits: hawkstormer

#122 My Mother, Everyone!

Image credits: Rayofaj

#123 Sandra Does Not Care For These Feathered Fools

Image credits: acidcakes134

#124 It’s Free

Image credits: UncapedHeroes

#125 Yikes

Image credits: geosunsetmoth

#126 What A Celebration (?)

Image credits: 43patheticgirl

#127 These Facebook Backgrounds Strike Again!

Image credits: tjs1993

#128 I Wouldn’t Count On It

Image credits: Keaner81

#129 Choosing A Background For Your Post Can Be Difficult

Image credits: __The__Bedongler__

#130 Something To Celebrate

Image credits: jcnewton1

#131 The Post. The Comment From Grandma

Image credits: meatlazer

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