131 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

Thrift stores are veritable treasure troves for cool old goodies, intriguing ancient valuables, and things that will make you mumble ‘What in God’s name is that thing’ to yourself or shout ‘I must have this! Now! Cashier, take my money!’

The Facebook group ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ serves as a central hub for weird and awesome photos from thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. We’ve collected some of the most interesting pics of secondhand things that people found, so scroll down and feast your eyes on a buffet of strangeness. Remember to upvote your faves and share the weirdest things with your friends.

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We at Bored Panda absolutely love thrift store finds and we hope you do as well. So when you’re done looking through this list, you’re cordially invited to check out our previous collections of great things found in thrift stores right here, here, here, and here. And we wouldn’t want this post right here to be left out either, right?

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#1 My Sister And I Were Shopping At Our Local Thrift Store, And I Bought A Bag Of Random Gift Tags In Which I Found This Angel Drawn By My Dear Childhood Friend

One of my best friends in elementary school was a precious girl who had cystic fibrosis. After 7th grade she moved out of state, and I heard the next year that she had passed away. I was heart broken. After she moved, we lost touch and I didn’t get to say good bye. Years later, as an adult, my sister and I were shopping at our local thrift store, and I bought a bag of random gift tags in which I found this angel drawn by my dear childhood friend

It had her name and the city she’d moved to printed on the back. I was stunned and overwhelmed that it found it’s way to me. It will always be my best find

Image credits: Heidi Fitzgibbon

#2 It’s Home! And Matches My Doodles. Thanks Again, Weirdos

Image credits: Sarah Smith

#3 Stumbled On This At A Yard Sale In Pa I Almost Crashed And Couldn’t Turn Around Fast Enough Lol, I Lucked Out It Fits Perfect!

Image credits: Mike Witkowski

If you care about the planet and if protecting the environment is a priority of yours, you can’t go wrong with shopping secondhand. You’re not only saving Planet Earth, you’re also saving money when you choose to reuse instead of buying new. So if money is tight or you’re saving up for a big purchase, going for secondhand clothes can be one of the ways that you can save quite a bit of cash.

#4 My Cat Did Not Love It

Image credits: Maddie McShinsky

#5 My Weirdly Beautiful Find

Image credits: Angel Trudeau

#6 I Found My Mug At A Yardsale And The Hat At A Thrift Store On The Same Weekend

Image credits: Scott Leak

What’s more, when you’re reusing something, that means that you’re not buying something that has to be made half a world away and then transported to your local mall. Less waste. Less fuss.

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There’s also an unexpected benefit of buying secondhand: you form communities based on shared values. After all, you’re literally walking around in someone else’s shoes, you start caring about them and about your other neighbors. It also encourages you to share with others, to recycle, to communicate, to give others that which you yourself might not need but that they really would love to have. In other words, you become an active member of a brand new flourishing community.

#7 I Found The Same Ken Doll They Based Ken Off Of From Toy Story 3 At Goodwill Today. Best Find Of The Year!

Image credits: Chelsea Ward‎

#8 Great Find By My Daughter, 1902 Print Of All Is Vanity!!! Just In Time For Tricks And Treats

Image credits: Catherine Nicely Thoman

#9 Found A Cat Sized Tiara For My Princess

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#10 Found This Little Gem Today In A Antique Store

Image credits: Troy Gleason

#11 I Work For Kdot And Sometimes We Have To Go Pick Up Roadkill, Tire Scabs, Mattresses… You Name It. Today I Hit The Jackpot!! And No You Can’t Have It. It’s Alllllll Mine!! Haha. Kansas

Image credits: Rodney Wright‎

#12 This Is My Favorite Yard Sale Find Ever! His Name Is Earl. I Got Him Five Or Six Years Ago At A Hoarders Yard Sale Along With Some Doc Martens And A Lava Lamp

He’d been hanging on my living room wall at my old place for years. That is, until my husband made me take him down because he didn’t think potential buyers would appreciate my dark decorating style. Well, we sold the house and I’d been begging my husband to bring earl home for months, but he was one of the first things to be put into storage, so he was buried pretty deep. Well, he finally made it to our new house today and he’s proudly hanging above the fireplace, where he’ll stay for years to come. To answer some questions, Earl is a thick plastic, he has the artists name engraved on the side, I looked him up once, he’s worth about $200, but I’d never dream of selling him. I do decorate him for parties and holidays, he’s puked streamers, blown up balloons, worn santa hats and bunny ears among other things. I usually try to match him to whatever my headless mannequin (deidre) is wearing. He doesn’t glow in the dark. He does have an Adam’s apple, it just doesn’t protrude very far. He’s always reminded me of Maynard Mames Keanan more than flea though

Image credits: Heather DeMougin

#13 Found These Babies At A Flea Market Last Week. Secondhand Lamps With Real Xray Lampshades. They Obvs Came Home With Me

Image credits: Lyssa Davidson

#14 I’m So Happy! I’ve Wanted One Forever And Found This For $22

Image credits: Sandra Conner

#15 After 15 Years Of Marriage I Was Looking For Some Inspiration To Cook A New Romantic Dinner For My Husband

Image credits: Cleo Pedemonte

#16 Would’ve Bought This Today If It Were Not $150. Worth Every Bit Of That, Though!

Image credits: Kelly Sunflower

#17 Local Goodwill. Decided Then And There I Will Be Lizzie Borden For Halloween

Image credits: Mandy Rose‎

#18 Found This Awesome Unicorn Perfume Ring For $1 Yesterday. It Definitely Came Home

Image credits: Kat Wroski DeRubbio

#19 Just In Time For Halloween – Found This Sad Composition Baby Doll At A Great Thrift Store In Salem, Ma And Saturday I Found The Perfect Dress (At St. Vincent Du Paul) So I Could Match Her

House in the background is: Buhl mansion guesthouse & Spa in Sharon, PA. You can stay there and it’s really gorgeous

Image credits: Beckie-Ann Galentine

#20 I Spotted This Gorgeous Boy Over A Year Ago In A Second Hand Shop And Was So Sad When A Deposit Had Already Been Taken On Him

Turns out the layby fell through and the owner of the shop finally made him available for sale again. Today I got to buy him. Hes the size of a child. How amazing is he?!!

Image credits: Mel Kuru

#21 Yasssss! Finially Something Post Worthy! A Teal Triceratops Purse You Guys!

Image credits: ‎Samie Mae‎

#22 My Mom Found Three Porch Gargoyles At A Barn Sale. One Of Them Rode Shotgun With Me Back To North Dakota From Idaho… A Little Too Chatty, But Great Company

Image credits: Ame Watkins Trull

#23 If Only I Had A Place To Store Him After Halloween! I Would So Take Him Home To Put Coming Out Of My Woods To Scare The Crap Out Of People Driving By

Image credits: Betty Miller

#24 Found A New Container For All My Arsenic!

Image credits: Laura Jean

#25 Couture Or Nightmares? Dress Made Of Barbies And Dolls. Found At The Thrifty Fox In Twisp, Wa

Image credits: Hillary Ketcham Roseland

#26 Something Unique And Technically Second- Hand I Thought This Group Would Enjoy. My Grandmother Made Me This Button Tree Pillow In 2001 (She Passed In 2003)

The letter reads: dear Jennifer, this is a special button tree. The top button on the left is from the army uniform that your great-grandfather (my father, Oscar Anderson) wore while he was fighting in WWI – 1918. The top button on the right is from the navy uniform that your grandfather wore while he was serving aboard the USS Sproston dd 577 (a destroyer) during WWII – 1944-45. The other buttons on the tree are from my mother’s button box. The tiny ones may have been on some of my baby clothes (which makes them real antiques)! In those days you saved the buttons from the clothing you were throwing away. Love, grandma

Image credits: Jennifer Meese Becker

#27 Thought I Was Grabbing A Plain Black T-Shirt For Work, But What I Got Was A Mobile Puppet Show

My kids love it. $2 at salvation army in Mchenry IL. They had two left.

Image credits: Lenny Danger Reed

#28 A Few Years Ago I Stumbled Upon A Young Woman’s Personal Travel Journal From 1926 Belonging To Mrs.virginia H Mayfield, The Very First Female Judge In The State Of Alabama

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#29 They Say Art Gives Voice To Our Dreams… Still At The St. Charles, Il Salvation Army If You Want To Get It For Yourself

Image credits: Rebecca Miller

#30 My Mom Found Three Hippos

I went shopping with my mom and grandmom at antique/secondhand stores today. I said “keep an eye out for a hippo, I need a house hippo.” not five minutes later, my mom found three hippos. So we now all have our house hippos

Image credits: Molly Hall

#31 Found The Coolest Brooch Of All Time In An Antique Store In Boise, Idaho

Image credits: Andrea Jasso

#32 Weirdest But Cutest Measuring Cups Ever

Image credits: Kacey Lee Wood

#33 This Is The Most Beautiful Chandelier I’ve Ever Seen! Not A Single Bead Was Missing! Wish I Could Have Brought It Home And Hung It In My Little Itty Bitty Apt

Image credits: Kayla Shannon

#34 My First Post. Thanks For Having Me In The Group. Used Antique Glass Eye. I Had The Winning Bid

Image credits: Karen Mccoy-hefner‎

#35 Ok Miniature Lovers, Check Out These Cans Of Pumpkin Pie Filling And Grapefruit Slices! I’ve Never Seen Any This Tiny Before!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#36 Me When I Was A Little Girl vs. Now. Found Him Again At A 2nd Hand Shop!

Image credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeirdSecondhandFinds/permalink/1359465357571007/

#37 Does A Shrimpy Travel Pillow Count As A Weird Secondhand Find?

Image credits: John Carroll

#38 $10 For A Broken, Vintage Costume $25 On Groceries To Make Lasagna For The First Time Ever.

Image credits: Wendy Mays

#39 Because Who Can Say No To A Violently Pink, Flocked Neon Mozart Bust

Image credits: Kerry Nelson

#40 Pick A Card, Any Card…

Image credits: Lisa van den Hoven

#41 Creepy Photo Of Masked People. Of Course It Came Home With Me. Found In Knoxville, Tn At Dutch Valley Antique Mall

Image credits: Cora Wagoner

#42 I Put This Right Above My Fireplace

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#43 I Found This Miniature Mary Poppins Umbrella At An Opshop On San Remo For Just 50cents! Cute. It Didn’t Make Me Fly

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#44 I Know How Much Everyone In Here Loves Mushrooms. Check Out These Sweet Mushroom Terrariums

The larger one my mom gifted to me. It was one she used when she was in high school for a botany class project. The smaller matching one I found a couple months later at a goodwill. It was destiny

Image credits: Krista Brochman

#45 Pour A Drink From This Mouth Pitcher

Image credits: Jane Sorensen Atkisson

#46 I Definitely Took Home This Vintage Barbizon Caftan! Makes Me Feel Like Liz Taylor About To Marry Her Eighth Husband

Image credits: Mandy Arvin

#47 I Work In A Charity Store In Sydney, Australia And This Came In Today. It Is Vintage And Handmade In Adelaide!

Image credits: Ellen Gif

#48 Wizard Of Oz—-Cats??

Image credits: Erin Forgit

#49 Found At A Yard Sale Today. Bottom Label Says “I Told You So”

Image credits: Lisa Haiss Svabek

#50 Denim In The Front (Not Stretchy, Just Regular Denim!) And Joggers In The Back

Image credits: Jennifer Kelly

#51 I Found This Clay Thing At Goodwill A Few Weeks Back

I had to get it because it looks freakishly like my father I stuck an airplant in the hole in the top and I’m giving it to him for christmas

Image credits: Isabel Victoria

#52 This Is One Of My Prized Possessions – An Inflatable Mid-Century Rose Ottoman. I Remember Obsessing Over Them As A Kid And I’m Still Smitten!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#53 This Beautiful Lady Was At An Estate Sale In Atlanta. She’s About Six Feet Square So She Couldn’t Come Home With Me But I Love Her!

Image credits: Margaret Rowlands‎

#54 I Can’t Believe I Found This. My Kid Watched Beetlejuice A Million Times As A Kid. It Was Only A Dollar At A Second Hand Store

Image credits: Jessie Talks

#55 A 100 Pound Crocheted Teddy Bear. Using It To Keep The Littles Away From The Fireplace

Image credits: Kris Purdy

#56 Dress From Boîte Au Fringues In St Brieuc, France. €6… Seriously Weird, And I Love It

Image credits: Laura Lola Maravilla

#57 Victorian Mourning Jewelry Which Contains Human Hair. Yeah Yeah, I Know It’s Weird

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#58 Found When My Brother Pulled Up The Floor Boards In His Attic For Renovation. All I Can Say Is That They Predate 1957 When My Mom’s Family Bought The House. . .and Gross!

Image credits: Sue Ryan

#59 Ummmm, What The Heck!? I’m So Confused.. Lol

Image credits: Teresa Wilmot

#60 So My Parents Had This Rad Plastic Terrarium When I Was Little And I Spent Much Of My Adulthood Looking And Wishing For One. So Of Course I Now Have 2 I Love That It’s In Spaceship Earth At Epcot, Too

Image credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeirdSecondhandFinds/permalink/1360032647514278/

#61 I Had Found Other Gems In The Past. But This. I Wish I Could Wear It Every Day.

A year ago I moved from the UK back to Spain where charity shops are not really a thing. Last weekend I went back to Bristol to visit friends and stopped at my local charity shop, where I had found other gems in the past. But this. I wish I could wear it every day. Bristol, UK

Image credits: Marlana Purkhiser

#62 My Husband “Found Himself” At The Second Hand Shop In East Earl Pa

Image credits: Nikki Scott Neal

#63 This Sign

Image credits: ‎Joanna Lin‎

#64 Found This At A Garage Sale In Terrell, Tx. My Daughter Thought It Was God-Awful, But Just Look At All The Cool Bands!

Image credits: ‎Rhonda Mallett‎

#65 My First Ever Weird Find.. I Think Someone Actually Had This Hanging In Their Home At One Point

Image credits: Morgan Stanley

#66 Mine!

Image credits: Mary Lutz

#67 My Friend Found This Full Size Humphrey Bogart Statue (From Casablanca) From A Downtown Toronto Restaurant That Went Out Of Business About 15 Years Ago

He now serves the purpose of scaring everyone that comes out of that bedroom

Image credits: Deidre Gauthier

#68 What Is The Potential For Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest? Red Nail Polish To Hats And Add Pompoms? Charleston, SC Goodwill

Image credits: Kate Capps

#69 The Toilet Cover Set I Found Looked Suspiciously Similar To My Father?

Image credits: Angela Ingel‎

#70 Thrift Store Employee Here. There Were Two. They Sold In Less Than An Hour. . . But Not Before I Ran Around The Back, Scaring My Coworkers

Image credits: Kayla Spradling‎

#71 I Got This Journal At Goodwill A Few Weeks Ago And Just Realized That It’s Not Microwavable. I’m Not Sure Why That Is Necessary To Specify On A Notebook But..

Image credits: Hannah Rose

#72 I Collect Christmas Ornaments, Everywhere We Travel Or Even If I See Something Unusual Or Different I Like To Have It

Found the best ornament yesterday, a vintage 1985 fraggle rock ornament at a charity shop in Dublin. It was made by hallmark and henson company. Fraggle rock was one of my favourite tv shows growing up! It def came home with me. Best €5 I have ever spent

Image credits: Melissa Cameron

#73 Found In Hillsboro, Oregon And I Regret To Say That I Didn’t Buy It

Image credits: Morgan Shea Nichols

#74 These Appeared Brand New

Image credits: Stacy Beahan

#75 Me And A Portrait Of… Me? Dated 1872

This is from a few years ago but I only recently found this group. Unfortunately was too broke to purchase at the time but strongly considering making the three hour drive to pick it up if it’s still around!

Image credits: Jae S. Yi

#76 My Sister Found This In St Augustine Fl. It Sure Does Resemble Christopher Meloni

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#77 It’s Actually A Print Of The Original That Some Members Mentioned, And Not An Actual Needlework Piece- But Still Awesome! Although I Never Had This Problem With In-Laws

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#78 I Found This Wooden Frame At A Garage Sale For $1 And Then This Lady And The Unicorn Stitched Wool Tapestry For $10 That Literally Fit The Borders Of It Perfectly A Few Months Later

I gasped so loudly when I found it that my husband was like ‘ohhhhh you found a treasure!?’ from across the huge store and quickly made his way over

Image credits: Jana Millaway Warnke

#79 I Found This Hand Towel From The 50’s Featuring A Man With An Impressive Ass

Image credits: Elise Hayes Dlouhy

#80 My Dad Brought This Home From A Flea Market Years Ago. My Mom Hated It And Told Him To Get It Out Of Her House

It lived from then on in his workshop out in the barn. When he passed I asked her if I could have the “Ugly head”. She said yes, she never wanted to see it again. Unfortunately for her, I put him on the entrance table in my foyer. We all (except my mom) love him. I put seasonal hats on him

Image credits: Julie Richardson

#81 I Found This In A Consignment/Thrift Shop In Evansville Indiana

I did not buy it that day , but went home and thought about it for three weeks . Called the store and purchased it , then drove three hours there and back to bring it home . I now have a pug “room” to go with my pug chair

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#82 To The Friend With The Blanket Jacket- I Found My Blanket Jacket One Year Ago In A Maryland Goodwill And It’s One Of My Most Prized Possessions

Image credits: Chloe Straub

#83 When The Item Is Too Large For The Thrift Shop Shelf… WI Dells, WI

Image credits: Tammy Ann Fuller

#84 I Got This A Long Time Ago For $5 At An Estate Sale. Its Not Too Unusual, But How Often Do You See These Things?! Its Super Heavy. And Clearly Handmade. I Have It For Protection In My Apt

Image credits: Emily Ann E

#85 My Dads Tissue Box Cover. He’s Had It For Years. Bought From A Charity Shop In Ilfracombe, England

Image credits: Jo Poile

#86 My Goodwill Find Of The Day

Image credits: Whitney Sewell‎

#87 The Diet Fork… Needed This In My Life

Image credits: Ashlee Marie Allushuski

#88 I’m Thinking This Was A Demo On The Sales Floor At One Point… Ok I Know That’s What It Is. But I Have Questions As To How And Why It Ended Up In A Second Hand Store

Image credits: Jennifer Mullen

#89 Just Me Out Shopping For Limbs

Image credits: Clare Armstrong

#90 Found A Gorgon Head Lamp Today, Had To Leave Behind But A Tiffany Shade On That

Image credits: Richard Ian Hope Salmon

#91 No She Didn’t Come Home With Me

Image credits: Samantha Gregory

#92 The Thrift Gods Were With Me Today

Image credits: Riley Czech

#93 Friends! I Just Remembered, And Decided To Wear Today, The Stupidest Shirt I Own. Found This Thrifting A Few Years Ago And It Fills Me With Certain Joy

Image credits: Bekki Weber

#94 So I Found The Holy Grail For Every Lady On A Budget… Heels That Go With Everything

Please excuse my foot fog, these shoes have like three tiny vent holes in them. I can’t wait to wear obnoxious socks with them

Image credits: Alexandra Miller

#95 Blanket Jacket. My Most Comfortable Find Of All! Best 4.99 I’ve Ever Spent

Image credits: Elsi Kay Marti

#96 If Anyone Is Looking For Proefssional Sakteobard Shoes, Savers In Murrieta Gotcha!

Image credits: Kimber Shilpetski

#97 It’s Been One Of Those Nights… Drunk Unicorn, Yes He Came Home With Us

Image credits: Shauna Brink

#98 Holy Spatula! Don’t Know What We’re Going To Flip With This But It Totally Came Home With Us!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#99 Found In Monroe Washington. I Knew I Needed It, But Didn’t Know Why Until This

“I want you to draw me like one of your french girls.. “ my kids were questioning my sanity during our photo shoot.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#100 I Was A Flight Attendant For Primera Air Until The Company Went Bankrupt In October 2018. That Food Trolly Was On My Very Last Flight

Hi guys this is my first post here !

Bit of backstory for this: so I was a flight attendant for Primera air until the company went bankrupt in October 2018. I was heartbroken, I loved my job! (This is gonna be a long post, sorry in advance. TLDR at the buttom)

The last flight I was so insane. We were flying from BLL in Denmark to Chania. We took off not knowing what was in store for us but it was about to be a wild ride. Not long after the seatbelt signs came off we were called to the front of the aircraft where my senior (boss of the cabin) told us we were bankrupt while crying. It was all very emotional but soon there would be no time for crying. (Skip next paragraph if you don’t like mention of blood)

We went back to our stations and suddenly smell something weird. We look out from the galley and see something dark and red on the floor. We knock on the door to the bathroom. An elderly lady was in there, bleeding all over the place. It looked like someone was murdered in there. There was blood everywhere! Sink, mirror, floor, the whole nine. She was talking calmly and explained she had had surgery in her behind and it must have been that.

We called for a doctor  and it turns out he had been there to operate and knew her by name! Told her that she had gotten a letter stating that she wasn’t to travel within two weeks of the operation but she thought it wasn’t to be taken serious. Doc told us he didn’t consider it life threatening per say but that she needed a hospital.

We ended up diverting and got her with an ambulance and called for cleaning.

In the meantime Primera air broke the news on Facebook. Which meant that all the 180-something passengers suddenly found out. We debated if we should turn back to Denmark. But agreed after talking to some of the passengers that we should continue our last flight and finish it.

We got back in the air and gave all drinks and snacks people wanted away. It was very emotional knowing this would be the last time we did that. People were so nice too. All our makeup was ruined, we took turns crying and got so many hugs and well wishes from the passengers. It was lovely really under the circumstances 

We land and the passengers went on their holidays. Then the aircraft got seized and we were told to leave. Luckily our crewing department managed to book us a hotel and air travel home before everything was closed.

Not much sleep were had that night. A lot of red wine and g&t as well as a lot of stories and memories shared.

Flash forward and an old colleague tells me he found this food trolly for sale. That food trolly was on my very last flight. Naturally it had to come home to me  a memory I will forever cherish.

TLDR; this food Trolly was on my very last flight with Primera air and thus I had to have it 

Image credits: Kiri Bundgaard Bødker

#101 Someone Dead Ass Made A Cup Of Coffee In Value Village I Kept On Looking Around Trying To Find Why It Smelled Like Coffee And Saw This… I’ve Seen Everything Now

Image credits: Yoshe Durston

#102 It’s Hammertime Baby! I Couldn’t Have Found This At A More Perfect Time!! Going To An 80’s Party Friday Night For My Company Convention! Goodwill For The Win!

Image credits: Brittany Hollaway

#103 It Totally Came Home With Me

Image credits: ‎Payton Sharp‎

#104 Check Out These Shoes!

Image credits: ‎Nancy Papak‎

#105 The Most Reasonably Priced Item I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Amelia Barker

#106 It’s Good To Be Appreciated

Image credits: Drew Martin

#107 Anybody Care For A Race?

Image credits: Johanna Rae

#108 These Were In A Goodwill In Geneseo, IL. I Can’t Imagine Sitting On These Lol There Was Another One With Arms… They Stayed…

Image credits: Pat Fisher Cruzan‎

#109 Now This Is Fashion. I Know, I Know; It’s Almost Too Beautiful To Look At Directly

Image credits: Liz Ballinger‎

#110 This Mug Had Me Quite Excited For A Minute…then I Realized Angle Is Everything, Lol. It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Karissa Murdock

#111 I See Your Hippo/Elephant And I Raise You A Bear Cub With Freaking Gold Toe Beans Winnipeg, MB

Image credits: Victoria Dawn

#112 I Bought These A Few Years Back At A Antique Store And I Thought They Were Whales For A Few Months Until I Started Looking At Them And Realized It’s A Heart With An Arrow Through It!!

Image credits: Kim Hunt

#113 I Was A Bit Confused By This Han Solo Cooler/Heater, And What You Are Supposed To Heat/Cool In Such A Tiny Space

For $14.96, I initially passed it up at the salvation army on n clybourn in Chicago, figuring the thing was probably broken anyway. But, lots of people on this site let me know 1) personal mini fridges are actually a “thing” that lots of people have and 2) star wars merch can be highly collectible even if not in perfect working order (or in the words of my fave commenter, “ya done messed up, a-a-ron!”). So I went back and rescued Han Solo, and to my surprise, he works just fine. Thanks for the assist

Image credits: Chris Scronce

#114 No Need To Help Me Name Him. I Came Up With The Perfect Name As Soon As I Figured Out What He Was. I’d Like To Introduce You To Snotty Scotty

Starting tomorrow, he will sit on my desk at school. What a perfect tissue box cover for a kindergarten classroom

Image credits: Carrie Collier Stevens

#115 At A Thrift/Antique Mall In Hot Springs, Ar. For $3,000 It Stayed There And I “Visit” Every Year. Big Booty Barstools

Image credits: Lois Ferguson Hedrick

#116 My Husband Keeps Telling Me “It’s Too Early To Put The Tree Up!” Well Guess What, Buddy… I Am The Tree

Image credits: Lisa Marie Koontz

#117 Found This Amazing Robin Williams Shirt Today At Value Village! You Bet It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Barbara Valentine-Hustoft

#118 I’m Not A Small Person Either! Larger Than Life Chair

Image credits: Liatra Myers

#119 I Think This Counts As A Weird (Amazing) Second Hand Find!! Introducing…. The Hotdog Toaster

Image credits: Danyelle Cunningham

#120 Calling All Bobs Burgers Fans, You Missed The Deal Of The Century. Only One Dollar To Take This Bad Boy Home. Thank Goodness For Yard Sales

Image credits: Shelby Schaefer

#121 Found At Clarksville Indiana Goodwill Outlet. So This Sexy Outfit Came Home With Me

Image credits: Adam Garlock

#122 This Cute Little Purse Was Found At The South Burlington, VT Goodwill. It Doesn’t Know You!

Image credits: Melinda Umezaki

#123 At Our Local Consignment Shop… I Actually Love It… Others, Not So Much… Located In North Webster Indiana… $795

Image credits: Michele James-jordan‎

#124 Guys This Couch!

Image credits: Abby Peaslee

#125 Found This At A Children’s Resale Store. Parts Of Me Thinks I Should Have Gotten It. I Don’t Think My Daughter Would Have Been Too Thrilled

Image credits: Jen Bumeter

#126 I Have A Feeling I’m Going To Regret Not Spending $65 On These. At The Nitro Antique Antique Mall In Nitro, West Virginia If Anyone Is Interested

Update: according to people in the comments one of you fellow weirdos called them and bought it. Well done

Image credits: Victor Puente

#127 Hell Ya It Came Home With Me!!!

Image credits: Sharon Wilcox

#128 Found At Auction… Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#129 For The Classy Crazy Cat Ladies Out There. Melinda Copper Is The Artist And There Are Prints Available Online!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#130 I Received This As A Tip At Work Tonight

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#131 Cigarette, Anyone? My Sister Bought This At An Antique Shop In Virginia A Few Years Back

(I just had to add that I love you, weirdlings! I thought everyone would get a kick out of this, but had no idea how much! For those of you who want your own cig pooping donkey, I found a couple online when I searched ‘donkey cigarette dispenser. You can put your weed in it!”

Image credits: Christine Catania

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