132 “DIY WHY” Projects That Probably Should Have Never Happened (New Pics)

With the internet chock full of ‘Do It Yourself’ instructional videos and posts, it looks like everybody and their mothers should be DIY masters. However, some of these handmade projects and hacks should never ever have seen the light of day! And they’re making us ask, “DiWHY would you ever do this?”

Incidentally, ‘DiWHY’ is the name of the 1.1-million-strong subreddit that’s full of handcrafted disasters and fails that will make you want to show them to your dad and make him groan with despair. Check out some of the biggest DIY WTFs and remember to upvote the best of the worst ones as you scroll down.

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In the mood for some more facepalm-worth at-home DIY projects, our dear Crafty Pandas? Check out Bored Panda’s earlier post about the ‘DiWHY’ subreddit right here. And be sure to give their community a visit if you ever need some more demotivational crafting pics to look at.

#1 This Toilet Seat Cover

Image credits: badbitchbeys

#2 Something I Found On Twitter

Image credits: EmilyHatzar

#3 Please Don’t Try This

Image credits: Inotlife

“Ever try fixing things on your own? Didn’t come out the way they were supposed to? Do you stand there questioning your whole life? If so, post your results here to DiWHY, where [crappy] projects from DIY live prosperously,” the community moderators describe the subreddit’s main mission online.

Having been started way back in 2013, the ‘DiWHY’ subreddit’s “hot glue gun enthusiasts” (that what members call themselves) celebrated its 7th birthday last week on November 20. While their content is great for knowing what to avoid at all costs, it’s also useful to have some general DIY guidelines to help you out.

#4 This Mailbox

Image credits: RabiesRaisinss

#5 That Is An Actual Piece Of Bread.. Covered In Cement, Being Used As A Table Coaster

Image credits: Dominik_DarkLight

#6 Incognito Barefoot “Shoes”

Image credits: DEEP_SEA_MAX

For example, ‘Today’s Homeowner’ suggests looking at projects in a very simple, sober way: don’t bite off more than you can chew. Some people tend to vastly overestimate their capabilities, so staying grounded, having patience, using the right tools, and taking the time to get every single measurement right is how you turn your DIY disasters into DIYESes!

The founder of ‘DiWhy,’ Mr. Khan, told Vice that imperfect projects and home crafting fails don’t divide us but rather connect us.

“DIY and the failed attempts that accompany it will always serve as a great way to connect us. I think we’ve all tried our hands at making or building something. At times, it comes out great, but other times you stand there questioning yourself and wondering if you should continue,” Mr. Khan said.

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#7 Feeling Insecure About How Unoriginal And Boring Your Bathroom Tile Grout Is? Want To Make A Statement? Simply Just Cover It Up With Some Glitter Glue!

Image credits: dtx1984

#8 My Mom Tried To Make A Cane For My Dad

Image credits: crazinem

#9 I Never Thought I’d See Anything Like This In My Own Town

Image credits: darrenja

#10 Made A Watermelonboy And Tested It Out In Public

Image credits: cedishappy

#11 A Woman On My Timeline Has A “Remote Stick”, Because Her Family Loses The TV Remote So Often

Image credits: Skytrip

#12 When You Start Playing A New Game And You Need To Wear Anything You Found

Image credits: AAALLLIIISSS

#13 Just Saw This On Twitter

Image credits: ybbaaabby

#14 5 Minute Craft

Image credits: PowerRangers69

#15 Good Lord

Image credits: niko13107

#16 “Can You Pass The Salt Before It Falls Into The Trough Again Please”

Image credits: libertetrading

#17 This Great Wall Of China

Image credits: McDirty09

#18 Tried To Hang The Curtain Rod Above My Front Door Yesterday… Didn’t Realize What I Had Done Til I Stepped Back

Image credits: cdcarson99

#19 When You Want The Person Overtaking Behind You Have A Heart Attack

Image credits: UNSC-COMMsNO1379

#20 Temporary Solution

Image credits: schemaddit

#21 Why Just Why

Image credits: JoseGiraffe

#22 Fake Sunroof Decal For Your Car

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#23 I Made A Ram Guitar Pick

Image credits: BlackAngus03

#24 The More You Think About It The Worse It Gets

Image credits: gebali

#25 My Dad’s Hot Glue And Silver Spray Paint Lampshade

Image credits: Max-1995

#26 My Uncle’s Christmas Tree

Image credits: Sketch_Crush

#27 This Guy Built A Mini-Door Complete With Doorknob Into The Front Door At The Place He’s Renting, For His Cat Stanley

Image credits: BurritoBoy11

#28 Hot Glue Bowls I Found At My Boyfriend’s House

Image credits: dreatheplaya

#29 Liam Nissan

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 Impossible To Clean!

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Spotted On The Marketplace

Image credits: TheN00dleDream

#32 Who Doesn’t Love Crocs?

Image credits: Cameron653

#33 Came Across This Picture And Wanted To Share

Image credits: MissouriFred

#34 Found On Kijiji. Church Pew Headboard Complete With Buckets For Only $150.00

Image credits: supercoolgirlzone69

#35 No Showerhead? Here Use A Tap Insted

Image credits: Yingluck_Chinawhat

#36 I Made A Candle From The Wax Casing Of Baby Bel Cheeses…

Image credits: ThatGuyInTheCornerEd

#37 Excuse Me I Need To Ride My Piece Of Wood To School

Image credits: The-Quantum-Man

#38 Concrete And Horseshoe Kettleball Found At A Goodwill In Sweet Home Alabama

Image credits: busi74

#39 Wind Chimes

Image credits: Miskatonixxx

#40 Jesus Christ

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Aw Yee

Image credits: real_pcwiz

#42 Excuse Me What

Image credits: IvanaDrago

#43 For Sale In The Neighborhood

Image credits: Jnapier999

#44 Making Your Dirt Bike Fit On Your Truck Bed

Image credits: 94Impact

#45 So I Posted This On Pics And I Was Really Proud Of It And Someone Said This Is Bad I Should Feel Bad And Post It Here. So Here I Am

Image credits: injaneinthemembrane

#46 Easy As Pie

Image credits: toppun2345

#47 As A Landlord, I Am Constantly Amazed At Some Things My Tenants Do. I Installed New Curtain Rods Before The New Tenant Moved In, But She Still Felt It Necessary To Nail The Curtains To The Wall

Image credits: bruce656

#48 It’s Not A Crack House, It’s A Crack Home

Image credits: gabrieltwin

#49 These Window Reflections Are Painted On

Image credits: EvilDuncan

#50 Found This One On Facebook

Image credits: adireek

#51 Pretty Sure It Decreased In Value

Image credits: 93f2

#52 Ice Cream Bowl

Image credits: Improvis2

#53 Porcelain With Handpainted Ants

Image credits: FoRealDoh

#54 1. Find A Dead Beetle. 2. Cover It In Hot Glue. 3.fashion

Image credits: iranroman

#55 A Definite Diwhy

Image credits: kkillbite

#56 Imagine Running Into Your In Laws While Wearing These

Image credits: Spite96

#57 Mows Grass, Gets Ass

Image credits: Arctic_Scrap

#58 This Paperweight Was Clearly Made With Hot-Glue-Gun Abuse. I Found It On My Grandfather’s Desk After He Passed And Apparently I Made It When I Was 4. Diwhy The Feels

Image credits: spacelincoln

#59 Real Fake Doors

Image credits: indigofire1o8

#60 Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Image credits: enchantedrosemary

#61 I See Your Hand Candle And I Raise You My Hand Soap

Image credits: Chicagogogo

#62 I’m Scared

Image credits: Ilovemychicken1013

#63 Diwtf

Image credits: dianaateme

#64 Why?

Image credits: LG222

#65 Hmmm

Image credits: LithiumTT

#66 Because Palm Trees Don’t Grow In Indiana

Image credits: effervescent-bubbles

#67 One For The Classy Ladies

Image credits: lyla88

#68 Reusable Water Balloons, Anyone?

Image credits: Pianoariel

#69 My 9 Year Old Daughter Bedazzled Our Remote. It’s Very Pretty But Quite Challenging To Find The Button You Need

Image credits: spankybianky

#70 D R I P

Image credits: IanMullins13

#71 This Showed Up At My Work Today. It’s Hand Made From Old Cans Of Fanta

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 I Hear Y’all Like Fancy Doors

Image credits: ImaginaryCheetah

#73 Soo… Yeah

Image credits: SlowlyDriftin_

#74 The “When Grandma Passed I Didn’t Know What To Do With Her Meds” Decorative Jar

Image credits: mae1347

#75 Deodordon’t

Image credits: Phreakhead

#76 This “Up-Cycled” Hot Water Bottle Necklace

Image credits: mackycormacky

#77 Nothing Quite Like Homemade Peanut M&M’s

Image credits: SirERexYun

#78 Bean Burrito

Image credits: Emerald_Triangle

#79 I Made An Interesting Ring From An Old National Geographic Article

Image credits: Domestica

#80 I Ate An Orange And Stitched The Peel Back Together Because I Was Bored

Image credits: entropy-fan

#81 This Is Terrifying

Image credits: UpwardsBeliever

#82 Yes

Image credits: gregorior1

#83 DIY Fail

Image credits: sal6ado

#84 I Accidentally Got Too Baked And Made This Monstrosity. I Present The Shrek Camera

Image credits: NickyWiggles

#85 Still Available?

Image credits: Lil_Ounce

#86 Ewwwwwwww

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Finally Found Something For This Sub. Thanks Idaho!

Image credits: BlackUpFreddy

#88 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Image credits: duke1722

#89 About 15 Years Ago I Got Drunk And Nicked A Security Camera. The Next Day I Gutted It And Put A Lightbulb In. It’s Been Stowed Away Ever Since Until Today

Image credits: Grothorious

#90 I Hate It But Kind Of Like It!

Image credits: slothmk1

#91 My Partner And I Did 5 Minute Crafts As Our Christmas Gifts To Each Other

Image credits: coralie_ann

#92 Cyberpunk 2077

Image credits: vzakharov

#93 Why Even Have A Tree If You Hate Nature?

Image credits: garlic_moon

#94 Meat Always Shrinks When I Cook It But Not Anymore!

Image credits: Sebastian294

#95 The Hottest Freshest Pizza To Ever Be Delivered

Image credits: thisandthis

#96 How To Upcycle A Meat Grinder

Image credits: spezi_is_life

#97 This Is Terrifying

Image credits: Dirty_Ghetto_Kittens

#98 125 Pound Hairball Made By A Barber

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#99 Dad’s “Life Hack” Didn’t Make Mom As Happy As He Hoped

Image credits: PhallusSea

#100 Swiss Army Wife

Image credits: SpicyShaggy

#101 This Paperweight I Made With My Wisdom Teeth A Couple Years Back

Image credits: emillionurr

#102 Found My First Wild… Scorpion?

Image credits: Rum4Every1

#103 Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: i_am_chewbacca

#104 The Jouch

Image credits: Jesse141001

#105 Must Be A Dentist’s Car

Image credits: ThaRoma

#106 Found In An Antique Mall

Image credits: schmamble

#107 Kept Fumbling In The Dark And Couldn’t Figure Out Which Cable Was For My Phone Charger, So I Made It A Little Bigger And Easier To Distinguish

Image credits: jax3rir

#108 Still Not Sure Why I Made This

Image credits: Phoneaddictanonymous

#109 I Found This Monstrosity At My Local Acura Dealer

Image credits: Deppiy

#110 Forgot About Grandma

Image credits: Mrsaloom9765

#111 Doesn’t A Holder Cost Like 2$?

Image credits: rspiesman

#112 Bumper Rockery

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#113 Is It Just Me Or…

Image credits: littlemissyA

#114 Couldn’t Afford AirPods So I Made My Own

Image credits: rockfart

#115 These “Wormaments” I Saw At An Oddities Store

Image credits: anitarash

#116 Attempt At A Computer Case?

Image credits: Wisecaten

#117 Using A UV Lamp To Imprint Photos

Image credits: reddit.com

#118 Swiss Barbie Knife

Image credits: DrunkOnSocks

#119 Have Loads Of Barbies And No Coat Hangers? I Have Solved Your Issue!

Image credits: reddit.com

#120 Lost The Backboard To Your Goal? Just Use The Back Of Your TV!

Image credits: reddit.com

#121 My Friend Plays Smash Competitively And Retweeted This. I Hate It

Image credits: reddit.com

#122 Oh God

Image credits: Chaclean

#123 Piano Wall

Image credits: Beefcake52

#124 I Made An iMac For Ants

Image credits: PhantomSpectre

#125 Sometimes Homemade Just Hits Different

Image credits: GenghisJohnny

#126 This License Plate

Image credits: NebulaPixel

#127 I Feel Like This Belongs Here

Image credits: SirPat_

#128 Making A Pig Chair

Image credits: Kdial2002

#129 It’s Probably Very Dependable

Image credits: itsybitsybosmer

#130 Uhhh Who Tf Did This?

Image credits: BootyClown

#131 Someone Turned Their Car Into A Truck

Image credits: TheFlamingTurtle123

#132 But Why

Image credits: reddit.com

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