132 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things You May Have Never Seen Before, As Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Not always do we want to squeeze the max out of the internet. Sometimes all we need is a calming scroll and some entertaining (but not triggering!) content. And sometimes it’s the mild kind of information that we seek.

In these cases, this corner of Reddit offers a perfect shelter. Known as “Mildly Interesting,” it’s a Reddit powerhouse boasting a mind-boggling 21.2M dedicated members. And it proves how something moderately interesting is all it takes to catch people’s tremendous interest.

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Below we wrapped up a new batch of posts shared on the community, so scroll down. Also, make sure to check out our previous articles for more Mildly Interesting content here and here.

Bored Panda also reached out to Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, the best-selling author and CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts who shared some interesting insights about staying curious and open to learning, as well as the benefits of it.

#1 Orangutan Enrichment Center With Water Guns

Image credits: orchid_breeder

“Have you ever tried to learn something that you were bored by, and then found that nothing sticks?” Dr. Tsipursky wondered. “No wonder,” he added, “researchers find that curiosity helps improve our memory. That means if you want to have a good memory, it’s valuable to stay curious and open-minded.”

#2 This Gravestone Is Shared By Twin Sisters: One Lived For Just Two Days, The Other For 101 Years

Image credits: winooskiwinter

#3 The Truck In Front Of Us Lined Up Perfectly With The Mountains!

Image credits: SugmaDoink

#4 A Lonely Remora Attached To My Leg While I Was Snorkeling

Image credits: Distaplia

Moreover, Dr. Tsipursky, who’s the author of multiple best-selling books, including Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams (Intentional Insights, 2021), The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020), argues that if you find yourself bored by a subject you are trying to learn something about, don’t force yourself to learn it.

On the other hand, it’s wise to first find something that makes you curious about it, and then learn it. “Curiosity is especially important as we age to keep a healthy mind. Curiosity can also help us make good decisions,” Dr. Tsipursky explained.

#5 My Eggplant Has A Laser Marking Instead Of A Physical Sticker To Show It’s Organic

Image credits: Notdazedbutalright

#6 This Ambulance Has Stork Decals, One For Each Of The Babies Born In The Back

Image credits: Man_of_Aluminum

#7 A Clock That Shows Time By Using The Shadow Of The Person Who Stands On The Current Month

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: cokiyioldu

One cannot ignore the fact that we live in times when there is so much information that people often lose focus. Many people, especially young, experience a lack of attention and distractibility, as well as the inability to concentrate. When asked what are his thoughts about it, Dr. Tsipursky said that challenges with attention and focus come from a lack of mental fitness.

“People go to the gym to train their physical bodies, but our minds are just as important – if not more important – for our success in the modern world, due to the overabundance of information and the fact that most of us do knowledge work rather than physical labor,” Dr. Tsipursky explained.

#8 Tributes Left At The Grave Of John Bonham (LED Zeppelin Drummer)

Image credits: NighthawkUnicorn

#9 My Friend’s Dog Gently Puts Your Knee Into His Mouth When He Is Happy To See You

Image credits: heneedsomemilk101

#10 This Bar Has A Chilled Strip To Keep Your Drinks Cold

Image credits: kr5228

So in order to improve your focus, Dr. Tsipursky argues, “it’s critical to pursue mental fitness by learning about how our minds can lead us in the wrong direction and practicing mental exercises to address these problems.”

We also asked whether some people are more naturally gifted with curiosity, to which Dr. Tsipursky explained that since one of the Big Five personality traits is openness to experience, the answer is yes. However, “all of us can learn to be more curious: genes are not destiny, they may explain only up to half of our mental abilities,” he concluded.

#11 A Stack Of Cups That You Can Turn To Indicate When Coffee Was Brewed

Image credits: not_0K

#12 Interesting Reflection Caught On The Colorado River In Austin, Texas. Almost Looks Like An Underwater City

Image credits: Expwar

#13 A Long Exposure Shot On My Phone Made This Ghost Train

Image credits: TimebombChimp

#14 The Core Of This Dog Poo Bag Roll Says “Use Bare Hands Now”

Image credits: JoinTheClub62

#15 Opened Up A Lighter And There Was Just Another Lighter Inside

Image credits: clumsyinsomniac

#16 I Got A Waterproof Cast On My Ankle Today

Image credits: funkikomedina

#17 Taking My Turkey To The Vet

Image credits: megarne

#18 Clearing Out My Recently Deceased Grandfather’s Attic And Found Just Over 200 Grams Of Gold Powder

Image credits: Brody1911

#19 This Seafood Place Called Nordsee Puts Their Ketchup In A Waffle Cone

Image credits: Dudman138

#20 Gorilla Glue Completely Dried Before We Used Any Of It. Cut It Out Of The Bottle

Image credits: TrizziePie

#21 I Have An Entire Brick Of North Korean Money

Image credits: 1poundbookingfee

#22 It Got So Hot In My Grandma’s House That The Candles Melted

Image credits: mrclover60869

#23 Official 10 Code Cup I’ve Had Since I Was A Kid

Image credits: MetalIncorporated

#24 Took This Picture Of An Infinity Mirror In The South Australia Museum Today

Image credits: wanchomemes

#25 A Person In Medieval Armor Just Standing In The Middle Of Detroit

Image credits: Wise-Manufacturer324

#26 Logo On A Chair Has A Small Chair Hidden In It

Image credits: Patiencesbest

#27 This Target Cafe Hasn’t Changed Since The 90s

Image credits: galaxy-m81

#28 Report Card From My Great-Grandfather In 1926

Image credits: wtfimscreaming

#29 Discovered A Piano… In The Middle Of A Hiking Trail

Image credits: -SayAnything-

#30 All The Trash I Found In 25 Square Feet Of My Forest

Image credits: BoosterSqueak

#31 Anti-Circumcision “Intactivists” Demonstrating In My Town Today

Image credits: LeftMySoulAtHome

#32 This Football I Found In An Old Archive States It Was Made Without The Use Of Child Labor

Image credits: Once_a_cornflake

#33 This Person Riding A Cow Though The McDonald’s Drive Thru

Image credits: Ohnobros111

#34 The Way The Light Shines Through The Thinner Parts Of The Door

Image credits: 3GGN00DL3S

#35 The Embers Of My Bonfire Look Like The Eye Of Sauron

Image credits: goldiwak

#36 Hotel In Jordan, No Bible In The Nightstand, But A Sticker Telling You Which Direction To Pray

Image credits: Bigjohnmudd12345

#37 My Local Cinema Has The Carpet From The Shining

Image credits: TheFoolman

#38 My Dirty Coffee Cup Looks Like A Pine Forest

Image credits: Knugles

#39 This Guy At Work’s Huge “Dad Wallet”

Image credits: loercase

#40 Random IP Address Printed In The Middle Of A Word Half Way Through This Book

Image credits: barackobamafootcream

#41 Starting To Lose The First Joint Crease On My Ring Finger After Being Splinted For 7 Weeks

Image credits: fender5string

#42 My New House Has A Little Moving Staircase That Leads To The Washer/Dryer

Image credits: FiguringItOut–

#43 The Shadow Of This Bath Faucet Looks Like A Sitting Frog

Image credits: gotsweptunder

#44 This Squirrel I Saw Had A Little Canister Strapped Around Its Neck

Image credits: Saw_the_sign

#45 The Hot Tub In My Hotel Room Fills From The Ceiling

Image credits: baltinerdist

#46 A Line Of Campus Bots Following Me At My College

Image credits: Crusty_laptop

#47 Found This Cat Wandering Around Lowes (Big Box Home Improvement Store)

Image credits: micasa_es_miproblema

#48 Friend Visiting From Overseas And A Bartender In Town Have The Same Tattoo

Image credits: emergencytower

#49 2,600 Year Old Fur-Lined Leather Coat

Image credits: friderikobarinet

#50 Opened A Roll Of Pennies And Found A 1908 Indian Head Penny

Image credits: GForceHangover

#51 I Got Cash From The Bank, And All The Bills Were In The Same Sequence

Image credits: rarewhitebird

#52 This Second Hand Book I Bought Online Has A Ticket To The 2000 Sydney Olympics Inside It

Image credits: kmo11

#53 I’m Staying In A Scottish Village Called Dull. It’s Paired With Boring, Oregon

Image credits: tongueinloftuscheek

#54 I Added A Different Kind Of Soap To This Near-Empty Bottle, And The Original Soap Rose To Form These Little Mushroom Things

Image credits: PurchaseOutrageous12

#55 The Tube On My Expanding Foam Can Cracked, Resulting In This Mess. The Glove Is Irremovable

Image credits: Glandrid

#56 Car Key Fell Off Night Stand And Onto A Half Plugged In iPhone Charging Brick

Image credits: gentlesir123

#57 This Traffic Light In Germany Has A Little Girl And A Camel As Signal Lights

Image credits: ShroomzTV

#58 Right Eye Is -2.50 Left Eye Is -17.00

Image credits: GodMesh

#59 My Vaccine Card From My Time In Us Army 2002-2005

Image credits: SmiteforSmite

#60 There Is A Dog Under The Silver Paint On My Fridge Magnet

Image credits: opanic

#61 My Neighbor’s Auto Repair Shop Has A WW2 German Helmet For A Chimney Cover

Image credits: SloppyPornLover

#62 There’s A British Section At My Local Publix

Image credits: akitta74

#63 My Local Grocery Store Sells Ostrich Eggs

Image credits: loopdeloop15

#64 My Wife Has Diligently Kept A Journal Everyday Since 2000

Image credits: FuktOff666

#65 My Hotel In Istanbul Served A Whole Honeycomb For Breakfast

Image credits: theyouarehere

#66 My Dog And I Are Taking The Same Medication

Image credits: MeasuredInsanity

#67 Forgotten Can Of Pumpkin Puree Had Developed Some Cultures After About A Couple Of Months

Image credits: zombiepigperson

#68 Wingsuit I Found At A Thrift Shop

Image credits: PM-me-ur-left-tiddy

#69 My Dog Left A Perfect Snoot Print On My Dress

Image credits: xTouko

#70 My Friend Got Stung By Something

Image credits: Groundbreaking_Log77

#71 Apparently You Can’t Park This Rental Car In Milwaukee County

Image credits: Genitallica

#72 You Can Get Beer [instead Of Sprite/Cola] With Your Chicken At KFC In Poland

Image credits: sausagespolish

#73 This Billboard In Springfield, Mo For A Gas Station That’s ~8 Hours Down The Road

Image credits: MedicaidFraud

#74 The Plane That I Flew On Did Not Have Any Livery (Colors, Logos, Or Branding)

Image credits: lil_literalist

#75 The Stirring Pattern Formed Over Time In My Coffee Cup

Image credits: quietryet

#76 I Got A Whole Potato In A Bag Of Waffle Fries

Image credits: mikogiko

#77 $250 Of Tacos Come With This House

Image credits: Texas___Forever

#78 These “Virtually Indestructible” Totes Collapsing Under Their Own Weight

Image credits: tilt-a-whirly-gig

#79 Found Out Through Home Inspection That The Toilet Is Plumbed With Hot Water, Interesting Infrared Image

Image credits: mbe8819

#80 Starch Lines Above The Water Make Up The Exact 2D Outline Of The Potatoes Below

Image credits: greenduck4

#81 I Flew Over Burning Man Last Night

Image credits: PanicAK

#82 I Found A Pair Of Antipaparazzi Pants At The Thrift Store

Image credits: penededios

#83 The Way My Skin Tries To Re-Pigment In The Summer (All Of The Little Dots Are New Pigment)

Image credits: inkyedges

#84 I Cut Open A 10 Year Old Rubber Band Ball And Found That It Had Fused Together

Image credits: AlfansosRevenge

#85 These Cups Have Chips Under Them To Prevent Refills

Image credits: EveRyview

#86 Mcdonalds Is Desperate Enough To Put A Job Application As Their Tray Liner Paper

Image credits: Max-Max-Maxxx

#87 These Two Men In A Fender Bender Are Dressed In The Same Colors As Their Cars

Image credits: julesrtheman

#88 The Shadow From This Plant Makes It Look Like There’s A Decal On My Friend’s Car

Image credits: fidlarla

#89 Found A Sword On A High Shelf In My New House

Image credits: ace-mathematician

#90 I Sweat So Much At The Gym Today That I Kept Leaving Human Disney Sweat Stamps With My Hoodie

Image credits: DrSpinnerMD

#91 My Dentist’s Waiting Room Has A Picture Of The Building Next Door Going Up In Flames 11 Years Ago

Image credits: twdvermont

#92 The Amount Of Cameras In The New Amazon Fresh Store Is A Little Orwellian

Image credits: micasa_es_miproblema

#93 My Tanlines Make Me Look Like I’m Wearing Necro-Pants

Image credits: elite4caleb

#94 Walmart Shipped A 90lb Kettlebell With No Packaging At All To My Home

Image credits: Newb3258

#95 Found A Mass Grave Of Pokemon Cards At The Bus Stop

Image credits: mashfixies

#96 This Huge Restroom In A San Antonio Tx Store

Image credits: lorde_ofthephlies

#97 Pizza Hut, Papa John’s And Domino’s All Have A Store Next To Each Other In Wokingham England

Image credits: FloydDufrense

#98 Some Food Takeout Place In China Delivers Food In Clay Pots

Image credits: keshaal

#99 Goodwill Store Is Making Halloween Costumes By Adding Fake Blood To Wedding Dresses

Image credits: landylindo

#100 My Hotel Room Had A Ronald Mcdonald Statue In It (Hyatt Regency Chicago)

Image credits: ChoiceMycologist

#101 My Old Next To My New Clogs

Image credits: Hier_Is_Sven

#102 This Big Ass Toilet At The Hospital, Normal Size Urinal For Scale

Image credits: kkendd

#103 The Sun Bleach On My Side Gate

Image credits: goneawol321

#104 In Aerial Photograph Of My Grandparents Old House From The 70s, There’s A “Ghost” Truck In The Grass

Image credits: lunarbridge

#105 I Found The Geographic Center Of The United States

Image credits: homer-price

#106 I Found Out My Veneers Don’t Glow In Blacklight

Image credits: sarahkbug

#107 A Customer At My Work Paid With A Series 1934 $100 Bill

Image credits: ryaninflorida1

#108 My Oyster Had A Little Crab Inside It

Image credits: 3xTheSchwarm

#109 Double Decker Couch We Made

Image credits: Yeebees

#110 My Impossible Vegetarian Nugget Had A Piece Of Wood In It

Image credits: DBrianSanders

#111 My Wife’s Bag Of Dried Squid Pieces Had An Entire Complete Squid

Image credits: Frankieanime158

#112 I Bought A Prawn The Size Of A Dinner Plate

Image credits: lancelkw

#113 My Prescription Sunglasses Are Like Half An Inch Thick

Image credits: counter-parts

#114 These Are Most Of The Exit And Fire Safety Signs I Collected Over The Past 2 Years

Image credits: Trizocbs

#115 My Omelette Is Exactly Two Slices Of Toast Wide

Image credits: WereCareBear18

#116 My Car Rental Key Has A “No Marijuana” Symbol On It

Image credits: jbird221

#117 Saw A Cloud That Looked Like Obama, (Louisiana)

Image credits: yellowbracelet

#118 Neighbors Have A Monster Truck In Their Driveway

Image credits: PotatoKingIV

#119 Our (Not Cheap) Airbnb Has A Tip Jar

Image credits: Eat_Sleep_COD

#120 My (New) Adidas Slides vs. My Dad’s 20 Year Old Ones. Design Unchanged

Image credits: kicklouis

#121 The Collection Of Things I Found In My New Suit

Image credits: ScienceSnap101

#122 My Thumb Looks Like A Toe And Is Exactly 1 Inch Wide

Image credits: Scurried

#123 Found Like 250 Rounds Of Rifle Bullets, Pistol Ammunition And Shotgun Shells In The House I Recently Bought

Image credits: querschlaeger_

#124 Ordered A Speaker From Target And They Delivered It With The Security Device On

Image credits: sauron-is-lord

#125 I Accidently Pulled Out A Cluster Of 5 Beard Hairs All From The Same Follicle

Image credits: Cwazy_Wabbit

#126 The Mcdonalds “Sausage” Sticker Fits Perfectly Over My Air Conditioning Knob

Image credits: jacktwo37

#127 My Church Does A Grape Instead Of Juice/Wine For Communion

Image credits: kitkat1122

#128 My Uber Eats Order Came With A Little Baggie Of Salt

Image credits: NotYouAgains

#129 There Aren’t Blue Froot Loops In The Canadian Version

Image credits: cmac4ster

#130 The Original Puppymonkeybaby Is On Display At Pepsico Headquarter

Image credits: TheMaryTron

#131 My Husband Broke His Leg When He Was 4 Years Old. He Kept The Cast

Image credits: boeiejoh

#132 This Grocery Store Has About 50 Different Types Of Mayo

Image credits: StcStasi

#133 My Old Next To My New Clogs

#134 Right Eye Is -2.50 Left Eye Is -17.00

#135 This Coffee Shop In Bedford England Has “Wallpaper” Made From Real, Full Sized Books

#136 When My Blind Is Open Just The Right Amount, My Bedroom Becomes A Giant Pinhole Camera

#137 A Cloth Façade On An Under Construction Mcdonalds

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