132 Of The Best Posts From This Online Group That Perfectly Sum Up Ireland And The Irish Sense Of Humor (New Pics)

Céad míle fáilte! A hundred thousand welcomes! You’d be hard-pressed to find someone on Planet Earth who hasn’t at least heard of Ireland. However, just how much do any of us actually know about the Emerald Isle?

Many people rely on stereotypes and rumors. Thankfully, the r/ireland subreddit exists to give everyone a more in-depth peek at what life there is really like. From posts about news, politics, culture, history, and society to snippets of great Irish humor and memes, the members of the group touch on a bit of everything.

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Scroll down for some of the best and funniest posts from the online group, upvote the ones that you enjoyed the most, and consider joining the subreddit for some more great social insights and jokes. Meanwhile, Bored Panda got in touch with the friendly moderator team running r/ireland, as well as travel and adventure blogger Keith O’Hara, who runs ‘The Irish Road Trip.’ You’ll find both of our interviews below.

When you’ve enjoyed the list to the fullest, consider checking out Bored Panda’s earlier feature about r/ireland, over here.

#1 Truly The Miracle Of Medicine

Image credits: ciarahatesu

One of the moderators in charge of running the r/ireland subreddit was kind enough to tell us about the online community’s roots, what the members are like, and how to tell whether a post is ‘Irish enough’ (and, therefore, fit for the sub) or not. The entire mod team is Irish or from Northern Ireland, however, that’s not a requirement to join them.

“The subreddit has been around a long time, 14 years. Back in those days, there was a huge proliferation of subreddits for different places and r/ireland was one. It’s meant to be a haven for Irish redditors to talk to other Irish redditors about things that are interesting to Irish folks,” the team representative explained to Bored Panda.

“The rest of Reddit is heavily dominated by Americans talking about American stuff in an American way. Our culture is a little more casual and it’s nice to have our own space,” they noted.

#2 Nice Guy

Image credits: Ryder56004614

#3 These Older Lads Standing At The Spire, They Do An Hour Every Tuesday. Huge Respect To Them

Image credits: Weavel

According to the moderator, each country-specific subreddit is going to be “a reflection of that country.” The r/ireland sub is no exception.

“We’re a fun bunch and like to joke around (especially referencing the ‘90s sitcom Father Ted— that’s where our icon comes from), but we also love to argue. Ireland has changed a lot over the last 30 years and the mods see some pretty heated conflicts between our users that would be typical of that.”

They gave Bored Panda some examples of what some of the arguments were about. “A few years ago, r/ireland users were heavily involved in the abortion and gay marriage referendum campaigns. Our users mostly skew liberal and the sub showed that, but when those users ‘have a row’ with some of our right-wing users, it can get pretty messy.”

They continued: “In the past year, we’ve covered some pretty controversial topics like transsexuals in sports, crime in and discrimination against the traveler community (an ethnic group specific to Ireland and the UK), the housing crisis, and the current politically hot topic is how the country should be accommodating asylum seekers.”

#4 Love You Mam, Please Don’t Be Angry

Image credits: amhran-na-meme

#5 I Love This

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Image credits: janky_jane

#6 And The Nominations For Best Irish Business Names Of The Year Are…

Image credits: edgar-neubauer1989

Meanwhile, we were curious about how redditors can tell that their posts are ‘Irish enough’ for r/ireland, so they don’t end up getting removed.

“A post is Irish enough if a) it’s about Ireland, b) it’s about an Irish person, c) it will have a large effect on Ireland, or d) it’s a joke we know our users like.”

The moderator also shared where the line between a regular and a ‘substandard’ post is. “A post is substandard if it looks like it took very little effort to make and is not clever, or a joke that has been overused. A lot of substandard posts are from users that are making an effort,but don’t frequent the subreddit enough to know what’s been said 20 times in the last week… which is probably a good sign for them!”

The only requirements for joining the r/ireland team is to be active when it comes to modding the community, as well as being familiar with the subreddit’s culture. That way, they’ll understand the in-jokes and won’t overreact to normal banter.

“The team rotates pretty frequently because it’s hard work and I know in the past we’ve had mods that weren’t Irish, but had lived in Ireland at some point in their lives.”

#7 The Duality Of Ham

Image credits: tomasthemossy

#8 Lamp Posts In Dublin Holding Hands

Image credits: zatar77

#9 A Beautiful Elegy!

Image credits: jackbern23

Bored Panda also reached out to blogger Keith, who runs ‘The Irish Road Trip,’ to get his opinion on life and travel in the country. He was happy to answer our questions.

We were interested to hear how the cost of living crisis has affected Ireland, and whether it’s had much of an impact on travel.

“The changes in the cost of living are affecting different people/families/businesses very differently. Many people are living hand-to-mouth and businesses are closing due to skyrocketing energy bills,” Keith told us that the situation varies a lot.

“Speaking from my own experience, we’re being much more careful about how we use electricity in the house. In particular, we’ve become much more conscious about how and when we turn on the heating,” he said.

#10 A Map Of Éire I Made Using 3D Surface Data And Satellite Imagery, Hope You Enjoy!

Image credits: visualgeomatics

#11 Great Episode!

Image credits: cuchulainndev

#12 Irish Households When The Bill Comes In

Image credits: Mursh864

Fortunately, the current economic doom and gloom hasn’t changed how Keith travels. “There’s a lot of talk about how expensive Ireland is, and it absolutely can be. However, there are still plenty of places offering great value (although they can be hard to find!),” the travel blogger told Bored Panda.

“You just need to be prepared to either 1) go mid-week, 2) plan a trip during the quiet season, or 3) step a little off the beaten path.”

#13 Culture Shock

Image credits: MANN_OF_POOTIS

#14 Strabanimals

Image credits: AulMoanBag

#15 Not For Fire

Image credits: frenchcat808

Meanwhile, we wanted to find out more about Keith’s passion for travel across Ireland. We also asked him for some advice that he’d give someone who yearns for adventure but might be a tad scared to take the first step.

“Long before creating The Irish Road Trip, I spent a lot of solo trips traveling around Ireland. Back then, heading off into the quieter corners of Ireland, like the Beara Peninsula, helped me clear my head,” he opened up to Bored Panda.

“Fast forward 5 or so years and the one thing that, even after hundreds of trips around the island, keeps me excited about exploring is that you always, without fail, discover some ‘new’ landscape that you previously never knew existed.”

According to adventurer Keith, a big part of the fear that surrounds traveling somewhere is “often the unknown.”

“The best bit of advice that I can give someone that’s wary about planning a trip to Ireland is to dedicate a good chunk of time to mapping out their itinerary.” He added: “We’re in the process of publishing the largest library of Irish Road Trip itineraries so they could always start there!”

#16 Tyrone Man Here, First Time In The Big Smoke Today, Loved The Futuristic Urinals, They Make A Mad Mess Though

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 3 Days Before D-Day, A 21 Year Old Irish Woman Named Maureen Flavin Took Her Hourly Barometer Reading And Sent It To Dublin. She Had No Idea That This Single Data Point Would Be Sent Directly To Eisenhower And Averted Disaster By Delaying D-Day Due To An Incoming Storm

Image credits: geoffraffe

#18 Who’s Laughing Now!

Image credits: SwissArms

The r/ireland subreddit has been around for nearly 15 years! It was originally created all the way back in March, 2008. In that time, the community moderators have helped build a flourishing online community.

At the time of writing, the sub had 625k members. A whopping increase of over 100k internet users since the last time Bored Panda featured the community’s posts. 

#19 This Sly Lad Tried To Rob My Trail Camera

Image credits: Sinisterkid1992

#20 Irish Woman Mocks British Soldier For Being Short, Creggan, Derry 1972

Image credits: Jellybabyman

#21 Oh How The Turns Have Tabled

Image credits: SubstantialFeel

In order to have a healthy and happy online community, all members need to be aware of the rules and keep them front-of-mind before posting and commenting on anything.

For example, the moderator team’s main priority is to create a high-quality online group. There’s zero tolerance for abuse or hate speech, there’s no room for spam or self-promotion. Meanwhile, all of the posts have to be related to Ireland: they can’t be “substandard or generic.”

Repetitive and low-effort content can get removed, for the sake of the subreddit’s overall quality. That’s a good thing. Pretty much everyone wants to have high-quality infotainment in their feeds, instead of having to endlessly scroll through filler posts.

#22 Well Well Well

Image credits: pgerardo

#23 Ulster Unionist: Irish Is “Nonsense” That Nobody Understands

Image credits: MongTheMad

#24 Which One Are We Again?

Image credits: reddit.com

Something that we love about r/ireland is the community’s grounded approach to the news. The team running the whole show notes that the sub “is not a source for driving pageviews and ad-clicks through hysteria and fabricated reporting.” As such, any tabloid or non-news source links will be removed. Again, members are encouraged to make an effort when they post something.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have some specific questions or advice on tourism, immigration, and studying in Ireland, then r/ireland might actually not be the best sub for this. You might want to hop on to r/irishtourism for tourism advice, r/MoveToIreland for immigration tips, and r/StudyInIreland if you plan to study there.

There’s a huge support network on Reddit for the people living in Ireland or hoping to do so in the near future—you just need to know where to look.

#25 Halloween Costume

Image credits: HiCarumba

#26 Rental Crisis In A Photo. Viewings For A 1 Bed 1 Bath

Image credits: PHDinBeingMe

#27 Most True Meme Ive Ever Seen

Image credits: shoeless_tramp

The cost of living crisis has affected Ireland, just like many other developed nations. The inflation rate in the country stood at 8.9% in November 2022, dropping slightly from 9.2% in October. Housing and utility prices soared the most last year: they stood at 27.8% in October, easing to 27.1% in November. Meanwhile, the annual inflation rate for food and beverage costs was 11.2% in November, up slightly from 10.6% in October.

However, what probably hurts people’s wallets the most is the cost of housing. According to RTE, citing the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland, the average price of rent in the country has increased by a whopping 82% over the past 12 years. That’s compared to the 18% average in the rest of the European Union.

Ireland currently has just over 5 million people and the population has been slowly but steadily growing over the decades. In 2005, the country’s population stood at 4.1 million; in 1990 it was 3.5 million; and 3.1 million people lived on the Emerland Isle in 1975.

#28 Irish Girlfriend, No Offence, Just My Observation. Probably Her Fault Haha

Image credits: V2BTR

#29 Your Ma In The 80’s Watching You Open Up Christmas Presents

Image credits: mooncommandalpha

#30 During The Great Irish Famine, Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid Declared His Intention To Send 10,000£ To Aid The Irish People. However, Queen Victoria Intervened And Requested That The Sultan Send Only 1,000£. So The Sultan Sent 1,000£, But He Also Sent Five Ships Full Of Food Secretly

Image credits: zireael1877

15,000 years ago, Ireland was completely covered by glaciers. As the sheets of ice moved, they completely stripped the soil in some places, leaving only limestone ground. Meanwhile, the peat bogs that you can find in the midlands and the west coast of the island are all the remains of the ancient lakes that were left by the glaciers. 

According to archeologists, the first people to settle in Ireland arrived on the island around 6000 BC. 2,500 years after that point, they were using stone tools to clear land for farming. By 700 BC, the Celts began to settle on the Emerald Isle. 

By the ninth century, Vikings began raiding Ireland. Their settlements later become some of the main cities on the island. That includes Dublin, the capital! By 1170, the Norman Vikings who had taken over England also invaded Ireland—the island became English territory. This lasted until 1922, until violent uprisings forged the Irish Free State. In 1948, Ireland became independent while six counties that made up Northern Ireland remained a part of Britain. The r/ireland subreddit was founded just as the global financial crisis hit the country. And here we are, now, at the edge of another recession.

#31 Jk

Image credits: gogoguy5678

#32 Unsolicited D*ck Pics On A Train

Image credits: ElaineByrne

#33 This New Sign They’ve Put Up In Work To Welcome Us Back In The Office

Image credits: cavhob

#34 Bill Hicks Was Right

Image credits: jdogburger

#35 Just Saw A Horse Carriage Going Into The Finglas Tesco Parking Lot. I’m New In Ireland Is This The Norm Here?

Image credits: BlacksmithSad3583

#36 My Mum’s Friend Had A Cataract Operation The Other Day, And This Warning Came With Her Eye Drops

Image credits: carlclancy

#37 Had An Awesome Time In Ireland, Just Wanted To Leave You My Favorite Photo Of My Trip!

Image credits: HamDoggity

#38 Wat Yeww Lookin Ah

Image credits: AvonBarksdale666

#39 The Left Is An “Atlantic Rainforest”, Teeming With Life. Ireland’s Natural State If Left To Nature. The Right Is Currently What Rural Ireland Looks Like. A Monocultural Wasteland

Image credits: Automatic-Ear-994

#40 Probably More Than A Few People On This Sub

Image credits: chuckwonderocks

#41 Airbnb Needs To Be Banned Outright. That Many Houses For Short Term Let Is A Major Factor In Why We All Pay Through The Nose For Rent

Image credits: seamusmcnamus

#42 The Year 2522, Dublin. Archaeologists Uncover Mysterious Rows Of Frozen Humans. It’s Assumed They Were Moving So Slow, They Became Fossilised Mid-Walk

Image credits: scannerdarkley

#43 Greetings From Germany Where The Irish Flag Is Now Used For The English Text. (Thanks, Brexit?)

Image credits: dracona94

#44 Everyday A New Low

Image credits: GregHughes2

#45 We Have A Guest In The House This Week. First She Gives Us All Covid, Now This

Image credits: Duckie_x

#46 The Struggles Of Trying To Stay Strong When Doing The Big Shop

Image credits: Prince-Of-Gotham

#47 Ww2 Map Of Ireland To Deter Invaders; Published In The Irish Satirical Magazine ‘The Dublin Opinion’ In August 1940

Image credits: SubstantialFeel

#48 Accurate

Image credits: LoathsomeReflection

#49 Green Energy Is The Way Forward

Image credits: InternationalFly89

#50 There Was A Post Yesterday With Hammer And Sickles And People Were Shouting “Commie”, Just A Reminder What One Of The Leaders Of The Rising Had To Say About Capitalism

Image credits: Ok_Can_309

#51 Nothing To See Here

Image credits: Jamesieboy

#52 Ryanair Changes Flight From Faro, Portugal To Malaga, Spain Without Informing Passengers

Image credits: BarryMasterson

#53 This Aita Post

Image credits: Lopsided-Moose5492

#54 Love The Ryanair Social Media Team

Image credits: ryanair

#55 Positive Bike News Is Important. 5 Times Quicker Commute By Bike

Image credits: LiveDrive

#56 Social Media

Image credits: MajorMany7618

#57 Moved To Dublin Fro The Country, Do Dubs Really Eat This Or Is It A Gimmick For The Tourists And Blow-Ins?

Image credits: caniplayalso

#58 Well F**k

Image credits: Chillonymous

#59 Galway Man, Damien Browne, Has Become The 1st Person In History To Row Fro Nee York To Galway. Let’s Celebrate This Amazing Achievement!

Image credits: MiggeldyMackDaddy

#60 The Independent Still Trying To Make Us Believe That The Housing Crisis Is Not That Bad And That Living At Home With Your Parents At 40 Is Actually A Good Thing. What Is Happening To Our Country?

Image credits: thunderingcunt1

#61 We Have So Many Now

Image credits: Kyadagum_Dulgadee

#62 Happy Budget Day

Image credits: cuchulainndev

#63 Sorry About The Famine, Ireland (Credit: Martin Rosner)

Image credits: c08306834

#64 True Witches

Editor’s note: Irish accent translated: You can bring your water through (true) with you (with yiz – witches)

Image credits: tourabsurd

#65 A Cloud-Free Shot Of Ireland Sent To Skibbereen Heritage By A Local Who Works For Nasa

Image credits: SubstantialFeel

#66 That’s A Lovely Baby Guinness You Have There

Image credits: MannyPervis

#67 Everyone After The 3 Day Weekend

Image credits: Necessary-Region6445

#68 Ireland Is The Third Safest Country In The World

Image credits: Khdurkin

#69 Credit: Waterford Whispers

Image credits: SirMike_MT

#70 Lads Why Is There A Pro Life “Bye Roe” March In Dublin In 2022? Really Thought We Are Better Than That

Image credits: theaudacityofthi

#71 Something Ffg Will Never Understand

Image credits: chimeracoder

#72 I Think It Was Illegal To Not Have One Of These In Your House Growing Up

Image credits: MannyPervis

#73 Housing Crisis Hitting Harder Everyday. We Are Now Begging For A Couch!

Image credits: Maxipp9001

#74 Loyalists Appalled By Irish Girls Singing A Chant That They Really Didn’t Mean To Cause Any Offence By

Image credits: Larrydog

#75 You Gotta Admire Ryanair For Having A Sense Of Humour

Image credits: Ograws

#76 Hugh Cahill On Twitter:

Image credits: SirMike_MT

#77 Big Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out To Our Repair Cafe, Big Success !

Image credits: whoopdawhoop12345

#78 Saturday Mornings

Image credits: Cubatahavana

#79 100 Years Ago Today (28 June 1922) Smoke Rises From The Four Courts On The First Day Of The Civil War

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 What Could Wales Be Accuing Waterford Of?

Image credits: A_Leahy

#81 No Surrender

Image credits: Pump_Out_The_Stout

#82 The Catalina Wine Mixer Of Dublin

Image credits: erich0779

#83 When Leo Said They’re Doing Everything They Can To Fix The Housing Crisis

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 Small Businesses Will Begoing To The Wall With These Power Costs

Image credits: cuchulainndev

#85 Anglesea Street Garda Station, Cork. I See Your Angry Robot From Limerick And Raise You Bender From Cork

Image credits: davesr25

#86 Geeewan The Lads

Image credits: BitterProgress

#87 Stupid Alcohol Laws

Image credits: step6666

#88 In The Words Of ‘The Bull’ Mccabe, “Go Home, Yank”

Image credits: That_Charming_Otter

#89 My Grandmother Outside Of Mitchelstown, 1950’s

Image credits: BigPapaD

#90 The Evolution Of A Plonker

Image credits: AvonBarksdale666

#91 I Know People Find Generic Scenicposting A Bit Annoying But I Cycled From Tralee To Dingle (And Back) For The First Time Today And Was Very Proud Of Myself

Image credits: CascaydeWave

#92 The One True Way To Tell Summer Has Arrived In Ireland

Image credits: Perspective262

#93 We Rode Our Bikes 2,600 Kilometers Around Ireland And Had A Ball. Highlight Was Getting Invited For Hot Whiskey And A Place To Sleep By A Sheep Farmer On A Rainy Night

Image credits: RollingExistence

#94 Mullingar Along The Royal Canal Yesterday Morning

Image credits: Redrunner4000

#95 Honestly, Why I Love Ireland

Image credits: wrapchap

#96 Helped The Wife Make A Food Board For Her Hocus Pocus Night With The Girls

Image credits: Theobane

#97 The Fastest Irish Man, Ever. Israel Olatunde, 100 Meters In 10.17 Seconds

Image credits: SubstantialFeel

#98 The Writing Is On The Wall!

Image credits: Alba-Ruthenian

#99 The Queue At Terminal 1 Is Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: Misodoho

#100 Ryanair: James Corden Banned From Ryanair

Image credits: SubstantialFeel

#101 Just Elon Stuff

Image credits: shit_w33d

#102 F**k Electric Cars

Image credits: 50bagthug

#103 Seriously, When Is The Government Going To Step In?

Image credits: SavethPeaBladdd

#104 Is There Any Serious Way The Ff, Fg Gov Can Fix This

Image credits: GreenOnion-

#105 Autumn Sky In Ireland Has My Heart

Image credits: ronakmdy

#106 Spotted In Waterford

Image credits: AldrichIsDaddy

#107 2 Completely Different Things

Image credits: reddit.com

#108 Deceptive Tipping Amount

Image credits: h6evj2vdsk5fhw4

#109 Ah Now Lads

Image credits: IrishWithSomeSun

#110 Miggeldy Is A Wise One

Image credits: saggynaggy123

#111 I Know Wages Are Generally Lower In Spain, But It’s Still A Joke

Image credits: Leadhead1311

#112 Country’s F**ked, Another Reason To Not Return To The Office, Couldn’t Believe This “Deal”

Image credits: ZealousidealFloor2

#113 The Way It Should Be

Image credits: tom-kot

#114 South Korea (Population 52m) Is Roughly The Same Size As Ireland (Population 7m, Whole Island)

Image credits: D-dog92

#115 Half Of This Sub Now

Image credits: bulletpyton

#116 Are You In Favour Of School Uniforms?

Image credits: cmas_25092022

#117 Chemical Bros Ditch Cork To Play Glastonbury. Claim Band Has Covid

Image credits: Environmental-End724

#118 Why Is There No Windows On This Building In Limerick?

Image credits: pizza-man-123

#119 I Thought That Might Fit Here

Image credits: Everything_is_a_Hoax

#120 Managed To Capture A Photo Of The Lightning Last Night In Dublin

Image credits: fedupofbrick

#121 Celebrating A Towering Symbol Of Hate Is A Bit Weird. Good For Them That They Got The Photo Before The Tricolours Are Added – Can Totally Whitewash The Hatred

Image credits: BitterProgress

#122 Just Finished This Piece Of Portmarnock Beach, Inspired By The Heatwave

Image credits: _TheRabbitDied

#123 Kerrygold A Hit With The American Black Community, A Great Bunch Of Lads

Image credits: dirtyh4rry

#124 5th In The World!

Image credits: pablohoney26

#125 Happy Long Weekend Everyone!

Image credits: Digigma

#126 It’s That Time Of Year Where I’m Reminded That There Are Actual People Who Walk Among Us That Enjoy These

Image credits: Whigget

#127 Spotted In Ennis, Co. Clare

Image credits: AnxiousPea4513

#128 Virtue Signalling

Image credits: RealHunterVanguard

#129 Was Walking By The Canal This Morning. Seems A Garth Brooks Fan Dissolved Over The Weekend

Image credits: ronan88

#130 24 Hours After He Was Invited To Speak On The Issues Of Drug Decriminalization In The Dail

Image credits: padsterica

#131 Passports Will Be Revoked

Image credits: PukeUpMyRing

#132 U/Chipper6412’s Brilliant Ireland Triskele Map For The Sub Image

Image credits: Sisyphuscontent

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