132 Times When The World Aligned And Things Fit Perfectly Together (New Pics)

Some pleasures only grown ups can understand. Like when your vacuum fits perfectly between furniture. Or when you finish that mandala in your adult coloring book and didn’t once go over the lines. Those are the little joys in life to really appreciate and cherish. This is what the internet was made for ‒ to share these moments of delight with others.

Bored Panda has put together a collection of pictures from all over the web where sometimes things just perfectly fit with others. And to know why exactly we are positively triggered by perfect fits, we’ve sought expertise from an APA Journal Psychology of Popular Media editor Karen Shackleford, Ph.D.

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So please don’t hesitate, dear pandas, and scroll down to satisfy your inner perfectionist. Don’t forget to let us know which posts you like best.

#1 Purrfect Fit

Image credits: giaodichstr

Social psychologist Karen E. Dill-Shackleford begins with defining what can be considered “a perfect fit.” “A container is ‘right’ for the object(s) it holds when it conforms to the shape and there is no wasted space.” She then gives a simple everyday example: “A bun is the ‘right’ container for a hot dog because it was made to fit.”

There is a difference between seeing the aforementioned hot dog fit into its bun and a cat that nestles in its new bed to perfectly fit its shape. We expect the hot dog to fit – that’s what they’re made for. It makes sense, it’s logical.

#2 The Way The Veins Of The Leaf Align On The Creases Of The Hand

Image credits: admiralwan

#3 My Parents’ Hoover Under Their Cabinet

Image credits: A1Qicks

Other times, like when non-food related items fit into a sandwich bag, we get satisfaction from efficiently used space. It’s the visual representation of finishing one’s plate. We like its feature of effectiveness.

Sometimes the reason can be pure aesthetics: “There is beauty in forms that seem made for each other,” says Dr. Shackleford. Just like we love looking at the sun setting into the ocean, we can enjoy things purely because of their aesthetic value – it just looks pretty.

#4 A Worker Took A Picture Of Her Truck After She Was Done Loading

Image credits: jedidoesit

#5 Perfectly-Timed Shot

Image credits: _Abnormalia

#6 The Head Just Fits Perfectly

Image credits: ROOTBEER360

If we measure the cat or the pet bed prior to buying, we can say that it was planned. Then the satisfaction comes from it being custom-made to fit the cat. Still, it is expected, the perfect fit is not suddenly sprung upon us.

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#7 Couldn’t Find My Bath Mat For A While

Image credits: itk_jpeg

#8 Right Click, Inverse Selection

Image credits: –Gianni–

#9 The Water Stream Fits Perfectly In The Hole

Image credits: Expensive_Win

So here comes the biggest difference in what perfect fits really tickle our brain in the right way and which are just mildly satisfying. The factor of surprise plays quite a significant part in the amount of joy we get.

#10 Purrfect Selfie

Image credits: burglarturtle

#11 Glorious

Image credits: frankcfreeman

#12 The Way My Lord And Savior Leans In To Watch Me Cook

Image credits: Muse_22

Belgian experimental psychologist Johan Wagemans has done research on this phenomenon. According to him, there are two explanations of why we love looking at things that fit into other things. Firstly, it satisfies our need for order. In a world where we control very little, it’s nice to see little things that bring order.

#13 I Can’t Leave An Instrument Case Open For Any Amount Of Time Without Her Doing This. My Mandolin Case Happens To Be Just The Right Size For Her

Image credits: carcaranarchy

#14 Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Image credits: Nykolaishen

#15 This Bench Perfectly Fits Its Window

Image credits: anchen47

Another reason is finding order where we least expect it. The sense of surprise deepens our satisfaction in cases where we expected failure. Wagemans explained this sensation to the Atlantic: “Suddenly you see things in a different relationship and it challenges your expectations about how things relate to each other.”

#16 No Edge Left Uncleaned

Image credits: LonelyRestaurant6772

#17 Our Suitcases Fitted The Trunk Of Our Car Absolutely Perfectly

Image credits: jtube

#18 I Accidentally Dropped My Can Of Tuna In The Sink Today

Image credits: Lab_and_Crobster

“The unusualness of the combination might grab the attention, but it’s also how extreme the coincidence of a perfect fit is. If you look at it statistically, and in terms of how these objects are made, and how they came together, it’s almost too good to be coincidental. If it would fit only 75 or 85 percent, it wouldn’t be fun,” says Wagemans.

#19 Gibson And Schecter Guitar Headstocks Fit Perfectly With Each Other

Image credits: Aethro_

#20 I Found A Banana That Fits Perfectly In My Banana Case

Image credits: Markymark142

#21 Opened My Mailbox Today To Receive A Package

Image credits: inquisitor23

Dr. Shackleford agrees with the statistics argument: “You feel that good fortune has befallen you because you have defied the odds. Surely, there are low odds that of your haphazard assembly of things, any container will be the perfect fit for any object you possess.”

#22 This Parking Job In Japan

Image credits: Tweecers

#23 The Way This Stroopwafel Sits Perfectly Inside The Mug’s Rim

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Hmmm Yes

Image credits: Xtian_0223

Our expert also relates this to the psychology of human relationships. “This may mirror the feeling of gratitude we feel when a person meets another person that feels like a custom fit,” Dr. Shackleford adds.

“In the haphazard collection of humanity, the odds seem low that any two would be a custom fit for each other. When you feel you’ve found one, you realize how fortunate you are.”

#25 Satisfying Office Desk

Image credits: HovercraftMain

#26 The Way These Coat Hangers Are Packed

Image credits: tehmungler

#27 Look At That

Image credits: IBeDumbAndSlow

Dr. Karen also carefully speculates there’s a Freudian angle to liking perfect fits. “Maybe it relates to something biological or even sexual – that body parts that were made to fit together are valuable,” she says. 

#28 We Just Thrifted This Couch For Our Basement

Image credits: PowerlineCourier

#29 Cork Coaster So I Can Play At Night Without Waking The Kids

Image credits: KernowFunk

#30 Watermelon In A Ziplock Bag. It Took 3 Bags But It’s The Most Efficient Way

Image credits: BaileyPruitt

“To be explicit, [male and female genitals] need to form a good fit in order for humans to reproduce. So maybe we look for those patterns of fit in the world based on a primal desire for a good fit,” Dr. Shackleford suggests.

#31 How She Fits Perfectly In The Sink

Image credits: HappyJacket3113

#32 New Apartment. New Problems

Image credits: s_aintjerome

#33 Squeegee Meets Window

Image credits: YanisK

#34 I Just Discovered That This Container Fits Exactly 4 Stroopwafels. Today Was A Good Day

Image credits: LightExpo

#35 Snoot In A Pineapple

Image credits: Avbitten

#36 The Way The Sunlight Shined Through My Window Makes It Look Like A Fire In The Fireplace

Image credits: timothy53

#37 Had A Pot Of Hot Tea At A Restaurant And They Couldn’t Find The Lid But They Had A Perfect Solution

Image credits: CcSimonne

#38 I Can’t Express How Happy This Made Me On A Tough Job

Image credits: coolez-nunez

#39 I’m Very Proud Of My Tea Drawer

Image credits: eggbynch

#40 Perfect Fit Or Perfect Save?

Image credits: Blue-_-Jay

#41 Potato Smile In My Onion Ring

Image credits: adoptimus_prime

#42 Not The Usual Perfect Fit. Baby-Proofed The Bath Tub And Our Drain Plug Turned Into A Perfect Top Hat

Image credits: bamilr36

#43 Initially This Space Was Reserved For A Coat Rack, But Happened To Be A Perfect Fit For My Old Fridge

Image credits: bar10

#44 I Lost My Ring At The Workshop, Found It Days Later In One Of Our Grip Mats

Image credits: NoirRaven100

#45 Macintosh LC Fits Nicely In IKEA Shelf

Image credits: thetarasque

#46 Lost The Screw Cap For Our Air Mattress. This Was The Third Bottle I Tried

Image credits: gianthooverpig

#47 This Truck Driver Is Barely Scraping By

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 This Plate In This Pot… Much To My Frustration

Image credits: ClaudioCfi86

#49 This Ice Ball So Perfectly Fits My Glass, It Forms A Seal, Keeping Liquid From Reaching The Bottom

Image credits: Sahlmos

#50 Moved My Desk Into A Closet. Perfection Ensued

Image credits: perfectfiction

#51 Got This TV In My Civic Hatchback

Image credits: ZedDead9631

#52 My Toddler Found One

Image credits: pettypillow

#53 This Bit Of Schnitzel Fits Perfectly On The Bread

Image credits: SAbbon01

#54 Band-Aids On A Shelf In My Medicine Cabinet

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 My Postman Fit My Package Perfectly Into My Post-Box Today

Image credits: jubjubmacrub

#56 Does This Count?

Image credits: teamspaceman

#57 People Put 10 Cent Coins In These Construction Holes In Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki

Image credits: GeorgieH26

#58 Couldn’t Believe My Luck When Trying To Vacuum Here

Image credits: surprsie

#59 The Shadow Of The Ledge And The Crack In The Sidewalk

Image credits: king-of-new_york

#60 Perfect Orange

Image credits: User1458526936

#61 There Are Two Cups

Image credits: puertonican

#62 Walked Into This In My Office

Image credits: eaypc1

#63 Album Art And My Hamster Wallpaper

Image credits: badrax

#64 Stepped On A LEGO And It Perfectly Fit My Shoe

Image credits: TwoSk00ps

#65 Do Pork Chops Count?

Image credits: cafffeee

#66 It’s Like This Ramen Was Perfectly Made For This Pot

Image credits: PrometheusTitan

#67 My Girl’s Ring On The Inside Of Mine

Image credits: manofmanytradess

#68 The Perfect Fit

Image credits: WinterTheDog

#69 If It’s Not Supposed To Work, It Shouldn’t Fit

Image credits: TypicalRecon

#70 My T-Shirt’s Design Perfectly Fits Through The Hole Of My Gaming Chair

Image credits: laserwafflez

#71 My Cat Snoozing In His Basket

Image credits: pmiller1673

#72 Boxes In Crate

Image credits: Maazell

#73 Me And Ceilings

Image credits: ed-sucks-at-maths

#74 I Hope The Delivery Guy Felt The Same Way I Did

Image credits: Ne0dyme_

#75 Perfect Enough

Image credits: rastroboy

#76 How The Dice Fit Into This Box

Image credits: SirGavmister

#77 Never Lose Your AirPods Again

Image credits: StoutlySpat

#78 Soda Can In A Railing

Image credits: OakenCallisto

#79 The Way One Bag Fits Perfectly In My Plate When Placed In A Row

Image credits: samtheonlyone

#80 Potted Little Friend In My Cupholder

Image credits: cubsywubsy

#81 The Way My Pills Fit In The Bottom Of The Bottle

Image credits: mybirdisapokemon

#82 A New Form Of Measurement

Image credits: twiggy_todd91

#83 Exclusive Parking Spot

Image credits: chouette1996

#84 It Should Be Known That American-Made Vehicles Do Not Have “Cup Holders”, But Instead Are Designed For Dipping Sauces

Image credits: rcmaehl

#85 Mints In A Cup Holder, Angry Wife

Image credits: 5zalot

#86 This LEGO Star Wars Set In This Section Of My Coffee Table

Image credits: where-is-my-england

#87 Furnishing My First Apartment

Image credits: ezwoosh

#88 My New Phone Is A Nice Fit In The Car’s Wireless Charger

Image credits: robbiekhan

#89 My Husband Was Washing Dishes And Our Soy Sauce Tray Fell Toward The Drain, And Well It Was Too Perfect Of A Fit. Couldn’t Get It Back Out. We Had To Drill Through It And Break It

Image credits: Its_Billy_Bitch

#90 My Toilet Has A Triangular Top To Fit Into The Corner Of The Bathroom

Image credits: vick5516

#91 How This Salami Perfectly Fits On The Bread

Image credits: jewishboy666

#92 The Chain And The Art On The Wall

Image credits: maxlegentil

#93 Only The Avatar Can Perfectly Fit All 4 Corners

Image credits: PrezMoocow

#94 This Package I Got From Amazon

Image credits: JeffTrav

#95 A Nintendo DS Lite In A Snack Bag

Image credits: bunnypirateholly

#96 My Cards In A Random Wooden Wine Case

Image credits: GeraldINC

#97 Tiny Watermelon In A Bowl

Image credits: mymindisanenigma420

#98 Found A Fit While Doing Paving Work

Image credits: XibariS

#99 Our New Shelf Fits Perfectly In The Storage Room

Image credits: cptstoneee

#100 Purchased These Containers For Cable Management And Electronic Parts Organization. 21 Containers Will Fit In The IKEA Alex Drawers Perfectly

Image credits: UnlikelyTheory

#101 The Perfect Fit In My Shopping Basket

Image credits: marcusjsmall

#102 Pinecone Sole, Extra Comfy

Image credits: Imprettysaxy

#103 Stupid, Silly Thing That Gives Me Joy

Image credits: ezk3626

#104 This Hockey Puck Inside This Roll Of Tape

Image credits: Capt_Wiku

#105 TV With Nearly No Tolerance

Image credits: Czerkasij

#106 Mini Sprite Can In The Grates Of Our Stovetop

Image credits: Shmoopity420

#107 Flags/Stripes Coming Out Of Their Backs

Image credits: -Carel-

#108 After Removing My Lashes And Putting Them On Top Of This Magazine I Then Realized

Image credits: Individual_Jelly6333

#109 Pipe Froze And Burst. Found The Perfect Thing To Seal It

Image credits: Amneesiak

#110 The Drop Cloth Is A Perfect Fit For The Room We’re About To Paint

Image credits: thepackratmachine

#111 My Finest Parking Achievement

Image credits: hulkissmashed

#112 Sponge-Father In My Flour Sifter

Image credits: skeletonsforsale

#113 It Was Suggested I Post This Here

Image credits: Apocalyptic_Inferno

#114 Cool And All, But Now I Have To Break The Cookie

Image credits: Dull_Bed5306

#115 Truck And Nuggets

Image credits: Toe85

#116 These Yogurts Fit Perfectly Into The Cup Holders In My Friend’s Car

Image credits: SlurpeeOrbit

#117 Took My Yogurt To Work In The Best Spot

Image credits: thebrainypole

#118 My Coffee This Morning After I Misclicked

Image credits: simoneubeul

#119 The Coin Holder From The Dodge Charger Fits Perfectly In The Toyota Prius

Image credits: rfswingr

#120 It’s Almost Like This Shelf Was Made For Collecting Blu-Rays

Image credits: faggyswag20

#121 I Noticed This Bottle Of Oasis On The Shelf That Was Slightly More Full Compared To Others. Took The Cap Off And They Have Not Wasted A Drop

Image credits: primestarr

#122 Legs Of The Plastic Christmas Tree Stand Fit Perfectly In The Dimples Of This Random Tupperware Storage Bin

Image credits: pentium0

#123 My Wedding Ring And A Tums Antacid

Image credits: FictionVent

#124 Perfect Banana Angle

Image credits: StuckinMoran

#125 Slim Perrier Fits Perfectly Into The Bottom Of A Crosswalk Sign

Image credits: amullfilms

#126 Perfect Tiramisù

Image credits: Lalilalule

#127 The Tomato From My Sandwich On The Lid Of My Cup Of Soup

Image credits: arthurdentxxxxii

#128 This Plate Perfectly Fits 9 Saltine Crackers

Image credits: jiujitsuPT

#129 Ketchup In A Fridge

Image credits: theme_song___3

#130 Grandma Gave Me The Painting That Watched Over Me As I Slept. It Gave Me Nightmares. I Was Worried It Wouldn’t Fit Over The Mantel. Perfect Fit

Now it keeps an eye on my front door.

Image credits: coffeecupcakes

#131 Console Compartment Fits My Kindle Perfectly

Image credits: roosnamla

#132 She Fits, Boys

Image credits: courtesyflusherrr

#133 Walked Into This In My Office

#134 Never Lose Your AirPods Again

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