133 People That Greeted Christmas With A Great Sense Of Humor

When you think of it, the Christmas holiday is really the perfect time to crack a joke or two, or go on a full-on week-long comedy bender. Everyone, yourself included, is kinda in a good mood, so the chances of offending someone are at yearly lows (unless you step into politics or decide to school the anti-Covid-vaxers, of course). After all, it’s all about having fun, and fun is in the eye of the beholder, right?

So this time, Bored Panda compiled a festive list of people having the time of their lives thanks to a smashing sense of humor, overall good spirits, and a dash of absurdity, which is always a big part of Christmas.

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Get ready to relate a whole lot, and don’t forget to upvote your favorite pics! And after you’re done reading this one, don’t forget to check out our previous humorous posts with 42 people having a worse Christmas day than you, and a priceless compilation with 50 Christmassy memes.

#1 Special 2020 Feature

Image credits: kevrone

#2 My Daughter’s Christmas List I Just Read. I Almost Choked On My Burger

Image credits: stefanfection

#3 Merry Christmas Beard

Image credits: ajallee

#4 My Annual Christmas Photo With My Housemates

Image credits: matafumar

#5 I Got My Little Brother A Ghillie Suit For Christmas And Now He Wont Stop Hiding Behind The Tree

Image credits: Sillypants69

#6 Celebrating Christmas With My Wife’s Family, When Suddenly

Image credits: scottzee

#7 My Wife And I Are Expecting In The New Year. My Sister’s Name Is Emily. This Worked Out Well

Image credits: Bricklettuce

#8 Christmas 2020

Image credits: MonicaHesse

#9 Mom Listens, Mom Delivers

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Image credits: BickertonMiss

#10 Every Picture Tells A Story

Image credits: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

#11 Did A Christmas Scavenger Hunt. This Is What My Grandpa Sent For 3 Wise Men

Image credits: WizardlyJB__ps4

#12 “My Cat Is Afraid Of Tangerines, So I Created A Force Field To Protect The Christmas Tree”

Image credits: Iatrogenia

#13 My Son’s Letter Santa. I Think He Knows

Image credits: Cr3s3ndO

#14 Merry Christmas. I Spent An Hour This Morning Turning My Hair Into A Christmas Tree For A Costume Contest At Work. I Have No Shame

Christmas 2017

Image credits: dibbiluncan

#15 We Had A Christmas Door Decorating Contest At Work. This Was My Entry

Image credits: R4D4R_MM

#16 This Christmas Card I Thought Everyone Would Enjoy

Image credits: KojiKidd

#17 If You Ever Feel Useless, Remember You Can Turn On Subtitles For The Yule Log. Merry Christmas

Image credits: Shay_Mar

#18 The Real Heroes

Image credits: CalebMoshier

#19 My Sister Thought My Leg Could Use More Holiday Spirit

Image credits: stalnoypirat

#20 We Know The Teenage Kids Will Never Find It In Here

Image credits: bbbbbbbbbb99

#21 Day Five Of Sneaking Things Into The Nativity Scene Until Someone Notices

Image credits: krombopulosmfart

#22 This Year’s Christmas Card With The Roommates Turned Out Better Than The Expected

Image credits: desperato

#23 My Wife Told Me To Get Dressed Up For Professional Xmas Photos. Think I Nailed It

Image credits: Darzin

#24 My Daughter Always Steals Printer Paper To Draw On So For Christmas I Wrapped A Pack Of 500 Pages Of Paper. Easiest Present Ever

She started running around screaming with excitement.

Image credits: imod3

#25 You Can Tell The Age Of A Tree From Its Rings

Image credits: Argodruid

#26 A Buddy Of Mine Put This Up As His Christmas Tree

Image credits: Aphelion93

#27 I’m No Longer Allowed To Help With The Xmas Decorations

Image credits: drdalebrant

#28 Merry Christmas From My Hilarious Coworkers

Image credits: talia_x

#29 My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Image credits: PrincessAlterEgo

#30 Saw This Customer Today With The Coolest Christmas Decorations Ever

Image credits: corpsequeen96

#31 Friend’s Christmas Sweater

Image credits: mdr28

#32 Due To The Pandemic, I Decided To Send My Mom A Cutout So I Could Still Be Home For The Holidays

Image credits: Berserk_Beer

#33 Winner Of Best Christmas Card

Image credits: AprilAncira

#34 Happy Solstice

Image credits: awwaygirl

#35 Math Teacher Is So Smug

Image credits: BobButtons

#36 For 7 Years I’ve Tried To Capture The Essence Of Raising Kids In Our Christmas Cards. Here Is This Year’s Card

Image credits: kakalacky_guy

#37 I Asked My Husband To Take On Some Christmas Cards This Year. My Sister Just Sent Me This Picture Of What He Wrote

Image credits: sorrygordon

#38 I Saw The Apron While Shopping, And Decided To Do A Remake Of My Mother’s Favorite Picture For Christmas. 23 Years Apart

Image credits: Deeplight

#39 My Brother Asked Me To Make Him A Christmas Card

Image credits: Hieth

#40 Got The Job Of Creating Our Family Christmas Picture This Year, Here’s What I Came Up With

Image credits: webhead_93

#41 Did This Christmas Day, Girlfriend Still Hasn’t Noticed

Image credits: PsykoDynamic

#42 “We’re Doing Pictures So Wear Something Nice”

Image credits: rrrroasted

#43 My Friend’s Christmas Card

Image credits: kcm1984

#44 Got A Leaf Blower For Xmas. But I Like To Pretend It’s A Futuristic Railgun

Image credits: breakone9r

#45 Look What I Found

Image credits: RandomTho24

#46 This Wrapping Paper

Image credits: DYNAMICRICK

#47 So After I Bought This House I Was Informed My Neighbors Do It Big For Christmas. I Spent A Lot Of Money Already Buying A New Tree And All The Decorations For The Inside, So I Talked To My Neighbor And We Came Up With The Perfect Solution

I promise i’m not really a grinch!

Image credits: ImBrokeEveryWed

#48 Started My 2020 Christmas List Early This Year

Image credits: ClassyTurkey

#49 Daughter Returns Home For Christmas Tomorrow. Wonder How Long It Takes Her To Notice My Photocopied Face

Image credits: GJRTunesmith

#50 December

Image credits: matts41

#51 This John Mcclane Christmas Decoration Found In NYC

Image credits: TheThickneySnowman

#52 My Mom’s Christmas Socks

Image credits: lollrus

#53 This Photo Not Only Captures A Quote From My Favourite Christmas Movie But Also How I Dealt With 2020. This Is Fine

*No dogs were harmed in the making of this picture

Image credits: kaylajae1

#54 How To Get Everyone In The Family Picture

Image credits: fatassroshi

#55 A Creepy Little Christmas Tree Fully Decorated In The Middle Of The Woods. Powered By What Looked Like Mini Solar Panels

Image credits: ygtjf

#56 A Christmas Card

Image credits: MrDiou

#57 My Mom Got Fed Up And Said She’d Cancel Christmas If She Finds The Blocks Rearranged To Spell Anything That’s Not “Holiday Themed”

Image credits: willows_closet

#58 Our Subtle, Yet Brilliant, Christmas Decoration That I Think Is Underrated, As Seen From A Main Road At The Back Of Our Property

Image credits: BallCoach79

#59 Mis-Addressed Christmas Card. Best One Of The Year. Thank You Anonymous

Image credits: hankinaround

#60 My Cousin Has No Idea Why People Are Laughing At Her Deer

Image credits: emperor_piglet

#61 For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas

Image credits: Tenten32321

#62 Meanwhile In Australia

Image credits: clitmitten

#63 I Modified My Wife’s Xmas Decorations, Let’s See If She Notices

Image credits: jakematthew

#64 I Replaced A Picture Of My Sister With One Of Vladimir Putin Before My Family Came Over For Christmas, They Haven’t Noticed Yet

Image credits: kittie-cat

#65 My Sister Got Me This For Christmas. I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image credits: FriendFucker2000

#66 Christmas 2020. This Year Is Gonna Be A Banger

#67 “The Perfect Christmas Tree For 2020 Doesn’t Exi-“

Image credits: anuncommontruth

#68 When The Christmas Card Photo Shoot With The Sheep Goes Wrong

Image credits: mydogismysoulmate

#69 True Christmas Spirit

#70 IKEA Is Now Selling Christmas Trees. Gonna Be A Long Night

Image credits: Swaggins-masta

#71 My Dad Built This To Protect The Tree From The Cat

Image credits: Stitch_Dragon

#72 I Didn’t Realize I Had So Much To Say Until I Got This Particular Christmas Present. Happy Holidays Everyone

Image credits: danifrancuzrose

#73 Finished Putting Up The Christmas Tree In Record Time

Image credits: EinsteinQRockefeller

#74 My Cousins Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: neodawg

#75 This Crazy Christmas Gift I Got (I’m Jewish)

Image credits: myfathersinprison

#76 My Girlfriend Put Up Xmas Decorations. I Improved Them

Image credits: Dibza

#77 My Little Sister’s Ugly Christmas Sweater For Family Dinner

Image credits: DuckieMcWasted_lrg

#78 Full Ensemble And Ready For Students

Image credits: JamilliousThePaws

#79 Designed My Own Christmas Decoration Tonight While The Wife Was Out

Image credits: Bodhi1977

#80 My Kids Suffered Through This Photoshoot For Me And It Was Honestly The Best Christmas Present I Could Have Asked For

Image credits: happybrooks

#81 Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: olives4me

#82 For Once I Had The Xmas Photo Idea. Yippy Ki Yay Fellas

Image credits: cliffsis

#83 Every Year I Try To Make A New Menorah. I Present This Year’s Addition “Batmanorah”

Image credits: lockstocks85

#84 Santa And His Elf

Image credits: the12thegg

#85 2020 Tree Topper

Image credits: GayAvenue

#86 Got The Perfect Christmas Card Picture For Next Year

Image credits: kornykory

#87 A 2020 Holiday Message We Can All Agree With

Image credits: its-enrico-palazzo

#88 I Created This Christmas Card To Give To Someone Recovering From Covid

Image credits: Insaniteus

#89 My Girlfriend Is Taking This Hosting Christmas Thing A Bit Too Far

Image credits: t426g593

#90 My Coworker Came To The Office Holiday Food Fest Dressed Like Mr. Hanky

Image credits: lorettadion

#91 That Is Brilliant

Image credits: MeyerAndGoliath

#92 My Mom Gave Me An Old Santa Christmas Decoration And I Thought It Was Super Sentimental. But My Puppy Got Ahold Of It And Who TF Is This

Image credits: Meghannoelle

#93 I’m Using My Dying Plant As A Christmas Tree This Year And Decorating It With Meme Ornaments

Image credits: againcreg

#94 Xmas 2020

Image credits: wishIcouldthinkofsomething

#95 A Lot Can Change In 22 Years. Some Things Never Do

Image credits: lilpaulie

#96 This Is Fine, Gingerbread Edition. Had 45 Minutes To Assemble In A Building Contest

Image credits: FNa3g08JK

#97 Creative 2020 Christmas Ornaments

Image credits: _Silvervale_

#98 Best. Present. Ever.

Image credits: Amandaisacult

#99 Baking Hack: Chop Off Angel Head For A Homemade Baby Yoda Cookie Cutter

Image credits: Geogal42

#100 Went Back To The 80s For Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: LostInTheAttic

#101 Hopefully My Coworker Won’t Kill Me

Image credits: AdventEcho

#102 Best Christmas Decoration Of All Time?

Image credits: warhawksahocky27

#103 Last Christmas A Stranger Sent Me The Card On The Left. This New Year I Got The One In The Right. Thank You Anonymous Sender

Image credits: hootiewhodat

#104 So Glad My Family Took My First Christmas As A Vegetarian Seriously

Image credits: young__ruffian

#105 My Friends And I Made Our Own Christmas Card

Image credits: DeeDubb83

#106 We Were Asked To Set Up The Work Christmas Tree But Also “Don’t Spend Too Much Time On It”

Image credits: theobanger

#107 This Is How I Attended My Work Zoom Christmas Party

Image credits: derek86

#108 My Neighbor’s Way To Show Us How He Feels About This Christmas

Image credits: dveskov

#109 Family Christmas Card For 2020

Image credits: racell0

#110 Our Company Christmas Card. You’re Welcome

Image credits: taytaygangordie

#111 Love Our Holiday Card This Year

Image credits: melissabruno123

#112 I Can Always Tell When My Wife Has Been Baking

Image credits: tyleryoungblood

#113 So I Made A New Ornament For My Wife

Image credits: morendral

#114 The Kids Insist On Having Danny Devito As Our Christmas Tree Topper

Image credits: vvooxx

#115 Best Christmas Tree Topper I Have Seen

Image credits: check_your_attitude

#116 Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures! I’m Finally Breaking Out My Christmas Present. A Gag Gift Turned To Gold

Image credits: ThatGeekEvan

#117 My Annapolis Neighbors Spray Painted Their Dead Brown Lawn Bright Green For Christmas

Image credits: RedTessSanchez

#118 Rearranged My Moms “Merry Christmas “ Blocks Over A Week Ago. She Still Hasn’t Noticed

Image credits: Heypaisano

#119 We Have Just Decorated The Christmas Tree

Image credits: karen.corrick

#120 Day Two Of Adding Things To The Nativity Scene Until Someone Notices

Image credits: krombopulosmfart

#121 Our 2020 Christmas Card

Image credits: avesy90

#122 A Covid Christmas

Image credits: OGjizzWizzard

#123 After Sitting In The Closet 15+ Years It’s Finally The Perfect Year For This Tree

Image credits: tekza

#124 Nailed It

Image credits: sryincdyojrdcbigdvji

#125 My Friend And His Roommates Took Their Christmas Card Photo Today

Image credits: LordofDecay

#126 A Local Guy In My Town Dresses Up As Cousin Eddie And Stands On A Busy Corner To Wave At Passing Cars. Legend

Image credits: Turbo224

#127 Kid Was Given A Cash Register Set From Grandma On Christmas And Has Been Using The Scanner To Take Our Temp All Day

Image credits: brianwolftv

#128 I Finally Put My Tree Up, Happy Holidays

Image credits: ImWadeYo

#129 The Best Harmless Prank Ever

Image credits: JoySparkle

#130 I Made These Ornaments For All The Members Of My Family For Christmas. Merry Plaguemas

Image credits: TheAntiGhost

#131 Parents Bathroom At Christmas

Image credits: Asidious66

#132 “You Jews Are So Lucky. You Get Eight Days Of Presents!” Yep, Here’s Day Four. L’chaim!

Image credits: OyVeyzMeir

#133 When 2020 Gets A Hold Of Your Family Christmas Card

Image credits: neonpastel

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