134 People Share Their Unique Collections (New Pics)

If there is one thing we humans love doing, it’s collecting. Coins, seashells, stamps, baseball cards, vintage artwork — you name it, we hoard it. Some people see it as a hobby, while others build rooms or create special places in their homes to showcase their fascination with accumulating objects they’re interested in. But there’s a whole other category of people who undertake the challenge of finding the rarest and most extraordinary items from every corner of the world.

Collectors of the most random objects have stockpiled impressive quantities of things they’re obsessed with and shared pictures of their discoveries with everyone on the internet. We at Bored Panda have scoured the web to bring you a list of sometimes whimsical, sometimes slightly creepy, but nonetheless captivating collections that might inspire you to start one of your own.

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From shark teeth to four-leaf clovers to tiny balls from pen ink cartridges, continue scrolling to check out these interesting displays. Be sure to hit upvote on your favorite ones and let us know about the things you love to collect in the comment section below! And after you’re done admiring this list, take a look at Part 1 of this feature right over here.

#1 I Want To Share My Nintendo Gaming Cabinet With You All

Image credits: tyweed220

#2 Weird Christmas Tradition: Parents Buy Me These Bird Pens Every Year Without Fail. Here’s My Collection After About 10 Years. I’m A 26-Year-Old Male By The Way

Image credits: Cheese-is-vile

#3 My Collection Of More Than 200 Four Leaf Clovers

Image credits: EllieBee22

#4 I Am Nearly 14 Years Old, And Have Been Collecting Succulents And Houseplants For Nearly 3 Years. Here Are My Succulents

Image credits: angelica-b

#5 Here Is My Vinyl Record Collection

Image credits: iamstop

#6 This Book Collection Sorted By Color

Image credits: no_ga

#7 Every $1 Bill I’ve Collected From Tips Over 2 Years (Roughly 1600)

Image credits: DrSuessMDphD

#8 My Collection Of Uranium Glass That Glows Under UV Light

Image credits: cumpletefraud

#9 One Cup Of Sand From Every Beach And Desert I Visited Over The Past 3 Years

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Image credits: bojack-squarepants

#10 I Have Been Keeping A Collection Of The Tiny Balls In Pen Ink Cartridges Since Middle School

Image credits: lily_hunts

#11 My Local Liquor Store Keeps A “Wall Of Shame” Of Fake Driver’s Licenses They’ve Accumulated Over The Years

Image credits: ubiquitousGOAT

#12 Bentley Likes To Hide His Toy Mice Under One Specific Sofa. Here He Is With The 13 I Pulled Out Today

Image credits: Torridger

#13 Started Collecting 1oz Bars Of Pure Metals: Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold

Image credits: one_is_enough

#14 My Sister Is Collecting Banana Stickers

Image credits: larosek

#15 I Kept All Of My Old Cell Phones Throughout The Years. Decided To Display Them For Some Reason

Image credits: PolymerPussies

#16 A Few Shark Teeth I Found While Diving In A River

Image credits: luciferlol_666

#17 All The Shark Teeth My Grandma Found When She Was Younger That I Now Own

Image credits: HopieJewell

#18 My Father’s Collection Of Concert Tickets

Image credits: Ibinobe

#19 My Dad Kept All Glasses He’s Ever Worn Since 1964

Image credits: Bombraker

#20 My Parents Have A Map Of Bills From Around The World

Image credits: twinhooks

#21 My Grandma Kept And Framed Her Valentine’s Cards She Got In Second Grade, Around 1924

Image credits: type-username_here

#22 My Hometown’s Museum Has A Collection Of Objects Doctors Have Removed From Patients’ Throats And Lungs

Image credits: ChooseyBeggar

#23 Hello There, Here’s My Collection. It’s Pretty Much Finished And I’m Super Proud Of It. Hope You Like It

Image credits: goran1620

#24 My Aunt’s Perfume Collection

Image credits: drk-chocolate

#25 Any Love Here For Retro Collections?

Image credits: DrGonzo84

#26 My Grandparents Had The Full Coke Bottle Collection From Different Years

Image credits: Tranracial

#27 7 Years Worth Of Bugs. Should Be Full By 2030. Will Update

Image credits: WhyIHateTheInternet

#28 Slowly Finding More Beatrix Potter 50p Coins. Found The Flopsy Bunny Coin Tonight

Image credits: vintagethrowaway19

#29 I Recently Helped My Father-In-Law Pick Out A New Telescope. Today, He Said Thanks By Gifting Me His Collection Of NASA Mission Patches He’s Been Collecting For Over 40 Years

Every manned mission from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. I’m speechless.

Image credits: StrandedonTatooine

#30 Everyone Who Leaves The Hospital I Was At, Leaves Their Covid Temp Check Sticker In The Same Spot

Image credits: Kazrine

#31 My Grandfather Next To His LEGO Collection He Did During The Pandemic

Image credits: G-Lord_73

#32 I Collect Antique Pencil Sharpeners So My Kids Will Have Something To Throw Away When I’m Gone

Image credits: drukqsx

#33 My Grandma’s Collection Of 544 Different Cookie Cutters That She Has Been Expanding For 50+ Years

Image credits: astonishedplant

#34 I’m A Hardcore Collector Of 70s Space Age Mod, And Pick Up Every Single Piece I Find Thrifting. Here Is My Upstairs Living Room With Some Of My Finds Over The Years

Image credits: Sappet102

#35 6 Years Worth Of Stray Whiskers I Have Collected From My Cat

Image credits: TroLLageK

#36 I Have Autism And Have Very Weird Interests. One Of My Favorite Hobbies Is Collecting Old Security Alarms

A couple of months ago a local company started saving the stuff they take out instead of throwing it away they then dropped it off for me to play with

Image credits: Imnotshankled

#37 Found This Vintage Powder Pigment Collection At A Thrift Store. Something About Tiny Glass Vials Are So Satisfying

Image credits: herakles_love

#38 My Father’s Collection Of History-Making Newspaper Stories

Image credits: ShadyBoots11

#39 I Have Saved Every Hotel Key From Each Room My Wife And I Have Ever Stayed In Together

Image credits: edwardaten

#40 My 20+ Year Collection Of Art Deco And Commemorative Cameras. Mostly Between 1930 And 1950

Image credits: MrRabinowitz

#41 My Typewriter Collection

Image credits: rixilef

#42 My Little Collection Of LEGO Flowers

Image credits: kkodev

#43 I’ve Been Thrifting Vintage Pyrex For The Last 10 Years. 95% Of My Collection Was $10 And Under

Image credits: LanguageOfLeaves

#44 My Completely Obsolete DVD Collection

Image credits: beastmodeChadF13

#45 My Pen Collection 2021

Image credits: macchiatoman

#46 Back In ‘99 I Told My Mom We Couldn’t Throw These Away. She Still Has Them 23 Years Later

Image credits: Larry-a-la-King

#47 My Dad’s Salt And Pepper Shaker Collection

Image credits: tobm2509

#48 My Fiancée Took Me To IKEA So I Would Have A Place To Display My Collection

Image credits: hermthewerm00

#49 I Collect Old Drinking Glasses And Came Across This Beautiful Cabinet Last Week At Salvation Army. It’s Perfect

Image credits: HeyGirlBye

#50 Everyone Is Posting Their Book Collections. Here Is My Daughter’s Harry Potter Small Book Collection

Image credits: nashuanuke

#51 I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color

Image credits: CameronClarkFilm

#52 This Dude On The Construction Team I Work With At The Airport Collects Zipper Pulls He Finds On The Ground. There Are 4 More Of These Cables Full

Image credits: SkintightBoots

#53 All Of The Pens I Used In The First Year Of My Ph.D Program

Image credits: alextoyalex

#54 The iPod Collection

Image credits: pokemon-collector

#55 Some Dice Appreciation After Reorganizing My Collection. I Only Want More

Image credits: hopelessnecromantic7

#56 Some Pics I Took Of My Horror Collection Room

Image credits: stillcore

#57 I Collect Different Bird Species’ Eggshells. Need To Collect Enough To Fill The Display. Built The Shelf By Hand And 3D Printed The Stands And Painted Myself

Image credits: jestevez13

#58 Nail Polish Collector Here. These Are My Still Usable 1951 Dura-Gloss Shell Pastels. Swatches Are Two Coats With No Top Coat

Image credits: okeydokeyop

#59 My Twin Sister And I Love To Collect Swedish Dala Horses When Thrifting. They Don’t Show Up Often, So It’s Always A Thrill To Find One

Image credits: damestillmen

#60 My Mostly Marvel Popcorn Tin Collection

Image credits: Bx93

#61 I Have Saved Every Card And Personal Letter I Have Received Since I Was A Child

Image credits: pambannedfromchilis

#62 This Big Jar Of Match Boxes From My Grandfather’s Travels Around Circa 1970s To 90s

Image credits: minghj

#63 I Made A Florida With All Of The Broken Shark Teeth I Found This Year. Quarter For Scale

Image credits: luciferlol_666

#64 My Used-Guitar-String-Ball

Image credits: GiantClaw

#65 My Collection Of Cool Stuff I’ve Acquired Since Covid Started

Image credits: luciferlol_666

#66 Tupperware Keychains

Image credits: 92355

#67 My Uncle Just Showed Me His Old School Star Wars Collection

Image credits: Wadawaski

#68 How To Survive A Nuclear War. My Collection Of Cold War Era Books And Pamphlets On Surviving An Atomic Attack And What You Can Do To Prepare

Image credits: camopdude

#69 My Dad’s Metallica Plectrum Collection That He Gave To Me

Image credits: Potterheadsurfer

#70 My Trumpet/Cornet Collection

Image credits: ZC_Trumpet

#71 My Vintage Halloween Collection Is On The Display All Year Long

Image credits: 1293Rubberband

#72 My 9-Year-Old’s Rock Collection

Image credits: Fourtires3rims

#73 Here Are All The Notes I Got From No-Contact Deliveries When I Delivered Pizza

Image credits: KingRobTyree

#74 17th & 18th C. Figure-Heads From British Ships

Image credits: brackfriday_bunduru

#75 I Found My Collection Of 1988 Cereal Box Prize USA License Plate Collection

Image credits: mortgageman

#76 My Mostly Completed Collection Of Losing Presidential Campaign Bumper Stickers

Image credits: heyitsmeforsure

#77 A Collection Of Keys I’ve Found While Metal Detecting

Image credits: filolif

#78 Here’s My Collection Of 15+ Years

Image credits: SithBones

#79 My Collection Of Old And Vintage Smoke Detectors. Originally Started Collecting Them To Overcome A Childhood Fear, But The Interest Grew And Now I Own Several

Image credits: jdemille1125

#80 My Collection Of World War 1 U.S. Military Uniforms

Image credits: Solid_Self9032

#81 Here Is My Guitar/Bass Collection

Image credits: HiiMyNameIsGreg

#82 My Parents Have The Evolution Of Cellphones In Their Kitchen Drawer

Image credits: MTLMack

#83 All The Balls Stuck On The Roof At My Kids’ School

Image credits: _Silvern_

#84 My Dad Volunteered At The Rio Olympics, And Collected These Pins From Athletes All Over The World

Image credits: barry922

#85 15 Years Of Saved Change

Image credits: Neffguy

#86 I’m A Korean Cuber. Let Me Show You My Collection

Image credits: Dynames_7667

#87 Some Of The 50,000-Ish Superballs I Have Pathologically Collected

Image credits: Affectionate-Bid7208

#88 Most Recent “Family Photos” Of My Lodge Minis Collection

Hammered minis, the majority from the 1930s to 1960s except for the 100-year anniversary and the two American Girl Doll minis (Pleasant Company, & J.B. Prince Co). Ashtrays and modern minis including the Japanese Snoopy set. Guitar minis, both race medallions, and a 1st pour coaster.

Image credits: castironsavannah

#89 My Collection Of Soundtracks To Forgettable ‘90s Movies. On Cassette

Image credits: mkristek

#90 My Partner Has 2138 DVDs

Image credits: potatomeatpies

#91 Just Finished My Collection Of America The Beautiful Quarters Released From 2010-21

Image credits: young_scop

#92 My Color-Coordinated Hot Wheels Collection

Image credits: hacibtbp

#93 My Collection Of Fake Bills Has Grown Quite A Bit This Year. Careful Out There Fellow Cashiers

Image credits: VegasGuy69

#94 My Collection Of Radioactive Material

Image credits: anonvxx

#95 I Recently Passed My Goal Of Having 800 Menus From Over 400 Restaurants In My Collection. Here Is A Photo Of Some Of The Menus I Collected This Summer

Image credits: LisaBerglund

#96 Finally Done With My 2002 Olympic Volunteer Jacket Collection

Image credits: newferrarisam

#97 My Toy Dinosaur Collection From The 80s And 90s

Image credits: reddit.com

#98 Is Anyone Else Obsessed With Vintage Pie Plates With Recipes On Them? This Is My Collection So Far, And I’m Always On The Lookout For More

Image credits: trekkie4life618

#99 Most Of My Plush Collection

Image credits: teaa104

#100 My Bic Collection

Image credits: Big__Dutch

#101 The Waiting Room Of This Doctor’s Office Has Some Magazines, Small Plants, And One Large Collection Of Coca-Cola Bottles And Cans From Around The World

Image credits: evanHH14

#102 Contents Of My Grandpa’s Old Tackle Box, Probably Not Used Since The 80’s

Image credits: diygardening

#103 Found An Old Fridge Full Of Soap On A Friend’s Property. They Said The Property Used To Belong To An Uncle And Have No Explanation For It

Image credits: GoneMTBing

#104 My Current Collection Of 416 Can Koozies

Image credits: Ckron247

#105 My Collection Of Gas Masks I Collected Throughout The Years

Image credits: Slavic_Anal_Beads

#106 A Complete Collection By My Uncle Of Every Natural Geography Month Magazine Printed Since 1972

Image credits: olive_oli__

#107 My Collection Of Weirdo Cats

Image credits: Styron1106

#108 My Sister’s Puzzle Collection

Image credits: Franticunravel

#109 My Vintage Glove Collection So Far

Image credits: TinfoilTaint

#110 Tamagotchi Collection

Image credits: liimitless

#111 5 Years Ago, I Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Collect All The LEGO Batman Minifigures. Today I Can Quite Confidently Say That It Wasn’t A Good Idea

Image credits: Let_Them_Fly

#112 My Vintage Deer Collection

Image credits: roswellnewtonvargas

#113 Partial Collection From 4 Years Of Thrifting Brass

Image credits: benedickarnoldpalmer

#114 Some Of My Handcuff Collection

1. American Handcuff Company A-550 ultralight hinged handcuffs

2. American Handcuff Company N-105 handcuffs

3. American Handcuff Company Speed King in nickel

4. Chicago 1591 “Bavarian Justice” legirons

5. ASP Identifier hinged handcuffs – yellow. Model 56112

6. Clejuso #12A in yellow, red, and orange

Image credits: barefootinmate80

#115 My Collection After A Decade. Can You Spot The Only Sennheiser Product I Own?

Image credits: Armand_Raynal

#116 Just Wanted To Display My Collection, Been Collecting For 20+ Years Now

Image credits: footcake

#117 My Collection Of 1936 Colorado License Plates From The 63 Counties. A Few Of These Had Fewer Than 100 Passenger Registrations That Year

Image credits: HinsdaleCounty

#118 My Friend Custom Made This Awesome Display Case For Her Husband’s Star Wars LEGO Figure Collection On His Birthday

Image credits: frick-you-fricker

#119 I Started Collecting Military Rations 2 Years Ago. Here’s What I Have So Far

Image credits: Radioactive_Bee

#120 My Leonardo Collection

Image credits: travischapmanart

#121 After Cleaning And Sorting Out My Collection. 4288 Manga

Image credits: Dragon0212

#122 My Retro Game Consoles/Controllers Collection As Of April 2022. Game Boy Wall, Physical Game Collection, And Lots More

Image credits: GravitySuitSamus

#123 Is Anyone Else Collecting Retro Gaming Shirts?

Image credits: tresanus

#124 Do You Have A Collection? I Collect Novelty Rubber Ducks, And I Have So Far Collected 58 Giant Ones And 3 Small Baby Ones

Image credits: AbigailQuinn18

#125 Saved All My Change For 2 Years In Case Of A Rainy Day. 2 Years Of Change Will Give You $175.75 In Quarters If You Don’t Count The Silver Ones

Image credits: OgOnetee

#126 Part Of My Four-Eyed Collection

Image credits: bigsandnig

#127 A 233 Playing Card Deck Collection

Image credits: Myamoxomis

#128 Here’s My Ornithological Osteology Collection

Image credits: DarlinStalin

#129 These Vintage Items I Found In A Mouse Nest In My Wall

Image credits: reddit.com

#130 Tom Brady Wearing His 7 Super Bowl Rings

Image credits: TomBrady

#131 I Collect Vintage Maps, Focusing On The East Of England

Image credits: GOSTA-BERLIN

#132 Here’s My First Decade Of Movies! Ticket Stubs From Ages 10 To 20. First And Last Films Are On The Same Date 10 Years Apart! Anyone Else Here Collect Stubs?

Image credits: ntomlinson23

#133 For Twenty Years I Saved Every Wine Cork. I’ve Made A Box To Hold The Next Twenty Years Of Corks. Many Good Memories. More To Come

Image credits: reddit.com

#134 My Sister’s Tick Collection

Image credits: sirsquid

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