134 Times People Did Stupid Things And Got Caught By The Internet (New Pics)

No matter how successful, cool or elegant we are, we all have our days or brief moments when our common sense and dignity bid their farewell to us. Blame it on your brain having a fart, on Mercury in retrograde, on waking up on the wrong foot, it doesn’t change anything.

Sometimes we are all clueless, hilariously naive, and shamelessly embarrassing. So if you just did or said something stupid, we want to give you a big pat on the shoulder and tell you that you are not alone.

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Below we wrapped up the list of images featuring people lost in the cloud of their brain farts, so scroll down. Also, be sure to check out more clueless people caught in action in Bored Panda’s previous features here and here.

#1 When You Don’t Even Know What You’re Fighting For

Image credits: IrateDomination

#2 That’s 668 People Who Lack Critical Thinking

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#3 Scientific Name = Poison

Image credits: Bonelesszeeebra

#4 Who Doesn’t Love Irony?

Image credits: HfUfH

#5 Do You Consider This A Human Being?

Image credits: ckgjfxfcgb

#6 Parenting Can Be Tough At Times

Image credits: omotomilola

#7 The Husband Will Have To Explain A Lot

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#8 Treat Your Kids Well, Then They’ll Start To Love You

Image credits: TenselyTrusty

#9 My Body, My Choice

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Image credits: 787v

#10 German Climate Activists Glue Themselves To The Conductor’s Stand At A Concert. The Stand Is Removable So They Were Taken Offstage

The concert continued after a 30-second interruption.

Image credits: purple-circle

#11 Over A Year Ago I Bought A Kettle That Had A Short Plug Lead, Today I Found This

Image credits: TheWeirdDude-247

#12 He Isn’t Very Good At Hints

Image credits: TheRookieGetsACookie

#13 Yeah, Sure

Image credits: twitter.com

#14 It’s The Principle Though

Image credits: beemovie-bestmovie

#15 She Really Can’t Be That Stupid. She’s A Liar… Err, Lawyer

Image credits: jor3lofkrypton

#16 I Bet Her Father Knew

Image credits: lizbeth_ellen

#17 At Least He’s Cleaning It

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#18 Does This Count As A Facepalm?

Image credits: ycgrom

#19 I Mean, How Stupid Can People Be?

Image credits: Ill_Earth8585

#20 “It’s The West”

Image credits: Fadedthepro

#21 Cancel Culture

Image credits: Mr__O__

#22 How Is This Even Possible

Image credits: floweychloe

#23 There’s A Thin Line Between Confidence And Stupidity And This Guy’s Way Over That Line

Image credits: riggsbarstool

#24 A Congressional GOP Candidate For FL-24

Image credits: twitter.com

#25 Lemme Ask You This

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Bee_571

#26 So I Came Out Of The House At 5 This Morning And I Saw This Bloke Leaning On A Wall With A Walking Stick I Thought He Must Be Out Of Breath

Just went back out and he was still there I shouted mate you alright? No reply, so I walked over to check on him and it was a trampoline net hanging over the wall.

Image credits: No-Glove1428

#27 Please Write In English

Image credits: GGezpzMuppy

#28 I Never Thought Of That

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 They Painted The Shadow

Image credits: nikazmil

#30 Now Your Own Decisions Belong To A Man You Haven’t Met

Image credits: WillfullyOnerous55

#31 I’m Learning A Lot About Rice Today

Image credits: Gofterdom

#32 Is Not Healthy To Society That People Can Earn Enough To Survive

Image credits: lucynyu13

#33 What’s The Problem?

Image credits: StrokeRN18

#34 The Mystery Of The Exploding Cheese

Image credits: ivanvanrio

#35 Wait Until They Learn How British People Spell The Word “Color”

Image credits: PirateJohn75

#36 Complimentary Biscuits 0/10

Image credits: hotelluxband

#37 Clueless Karen

I do want to specify that the employee knew English. He was trying his best to get his message across. It’s just that he spoke in broken English, which the woman couldn’t understand. But everyone else in the vicinity, including myself, could.

Image credits: Surinaamer

#38 Ah Yes, “Time-Zones”

Image credits: Dream

#39 My Dad Flamin People On Facebook

Image credits: ThePiper1967

#40 Told The Customer To Pack The Laptops With Care. This Is How That Worked Out

Image credits: xjsred3000

#41 This Guy

Image credits: xxFren

#42 Does She Not Know How WiFi Works

Image credits: DangerousOpossum

#43 Only One Way To Identify The Snake

Image credits: jtrebach

#44 When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

Image credits: pcjcusaa1636

#45 A Girl At Work Drew What She Thinks The Map Of The USA Looks Like. She’s Almost 30 With 2 Kids. The NC Public School System Has Really Failed Her

Image credits: Katewalsh83

#46 Another Victim Of Simple Mathematics

Image credits: Thaplayer1209

#47 Talk About Missing The Point

Image credits: TheGreatWhiteN9

#48 I Desperately Want The Backstory Behind This

Image credits: okwildlifedept

#49 Math Is A Myth

Image credits: _-ZORO-_

#50 Round Of Applause Everyone

Image credits: lib_crusher

#51 My Package Was Delivered To The Post Office, I Got Out Of Bed, Put Some Shoes On And I Went To Get It, Got Home And Noticed My Shorts Had Been Inside Out

Image credits: lavloves

#52 America Gonna Need Credit For Something People From Other Countries Did

Image credits: Politikal

#53 The US Education System Failed One Of Them, But I Don’t Think It Was Their Friend

Image credits: menderslan

#54 We Are Doomed

Image credits: MysteriousMilkk

#55 This Is What Worry Looks Like

Image credits: BrightTomatillo

#56 Surprise Surprise

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#57 Yahoo Answers Might Be Gone, But We Still Have Quora

Image credits: tacolordY

#58 Guy Thinks Pounds Aren’t Currency

Image credits: Willytay85

#59 Wife: Your So-Called 2-In-1 Universal Cable Doesn’t Work. My Phone Wasn’t Charged Last Night

Image credits: sleepyalex

#60 My Very Tech-Challenged Father-In-Law Sent The Entire Family A Picture Of His Breakfast This Morning. It Had A Watermark Which I Can’t Explain

Image credits: trustysidekick

#61 Orthodontist Challenges You To A Battle

Image credits: SirCubsalot

#62 Mum Keeps Buying New Knives Every Other Week And Complains They Never Keep Their Edge. She Finally Showed Me Her “Sharpener”

Image credits: dance1211

#63 Using Water Instead Of Oil In Your Engine

Image credits: Micheiba

#64 Condoms Are Eco-Friendly, While Papers Are Not

Image credits: masuniverse

#65 The Straights Are Clueless

Image credits: CattusGirlius

#66 Couples Tee

Image credits: Evodius

#67 Indian Billionaires

Image credits: Final-Description625

#68 Came To Visit The Right-Wing In-Laws For Thanksgiving And Got To Stay In The “American Room”

Image credits: sleazycookies

#69 A Roving Eye Has No Morals

Image credits: michellezhaang

#70 Covid Is Aids

Image credits: ChaoticVegasMan

#71 English Is A Universal Language

Image credits: Anal_Torpedo_88

#72 Exhibit A

Image credits: Left-Manufacturer979

#73 “Not If You Use Miles Instead Of Kilometers But Point Taken”

Image credits: Degree_Former

#74 Ridiculous They’re Making Zelda A Girl

Image credits: heyzeus92

#75 My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas And Said, “What? It’s Not Like Anyone Else Is Going To See Your Sheets”. I’m 24 And Live On My Own

Image credits: JohnnyCenter

#76 This Girl At The Airport Waits Until The Queue Moves All The Way Forward To Move. People Confronted Her And She Said “It’s The Same If I Move Now Or Later”

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Virtue Signaling

Image credits: Aki008035

#78 And That’s How You Avoid Paying Child Support

Image credits: 9sameen

#79 Imagine Being This Stupid

Image credits: Em4gdn3m

#80 It’s Almost Sad. Almost

Image credits: CapnAdorable

#81 Bros Bangin

Image credits: Srajo101

#82 I Made A Mistake. Parmesan Cheese With Sugar

Image credits: LaurenSomm

#83 He Realized It Too Late

Image credits: itkeekz

#84 Well, That’s Not How It Works

Image credits: ycsm1n

#85 He Was Taking A Bath

Image credits: Mditty129

#86 I Think She Was Confused

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#87 Two Teams Of Builders Building A Bike Lane “On The Right-Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Image credits: anthonybsd

#88 Pats Box… That’s Not Going Anywhere

Image credits: Venezuelakro

#89 God Forbid We Let Our Children Learn About Things That Actually Exist

Image credits: turnerpike20

#90 Thank You For Your Profound Observation

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

#91 Why Is The Unvaccinated Child Getting Sick?

Image credits: Neolithique

#92 This Is What Happens When Gender Studies Intersects With Actual Biology

Image credits: stillgray

#93 Why Would Anyone Attempt To Correct Someone In A Language They Don’t Know?

Image credits: royal_rose_

#94 My Friend’s Girlfriend Was Completely Oblivious That She Was At Her Own Engagement

Image credits: DuckySaysQuack

#95 Meanwhile In Ireland

Image credits: seagalogist

#96 Pan Flip

Image credits: Elizabeth6133

#97 A Private Company No Longer Wanting To Do Business With Another Private Company Has Nothing To Do With The First Amendment

Image credits: Mr__O__

#98 What Could Go Wrong Driving Through A Tunnel

Image credits: PxN13

#99 Sally Manilla

Image credits: jonytano

#100 As It Turns Out Arizona Is A Part Of Mexico

Image credits: Dhyan_95

#101 New Year’s Revolution

Image credits: OnyxTemplar

#102 Fascinating Calculation

Image credits: tdmoney26

#103 Purified Blood

Image credits: ParchedWatchdog

#104 Yeah, Just Like The Egyptians Modeled Their Tombs After The Bass Pro Shops In Memphis

Image credits: Angelix

#105 Who Says No To A Pizza?

Image credits: twotimetony

#106 That’s An Appropriate Answer

Image credits: IgnantTweetz

#107 I Don’t Think My Mum Paid Attention To The Jumper She Got Me For Christmas

Image credits: CallMeCurious

#108 He’s A Little Confused, But He’s Got The Spirit

Image credits: drewlego

#109 Found This In The Ceiling At Work. Great Job Chris

Image credits: texacer

#110 My Neighbor Is Either Oblivious Or A Genius

Image credits: HawkeyeNation

#111 What Could Go Wrong Trying To Drive On Frozen Pond

Image credits: Ratamis

#112 I Told A Customer It Wouldn’t Work, But She Insisted. When She Saw It, She Said Nothing And Left

Image credits: NOCHNOY_

#113 Need I Explain More?

Image credits: MISTER_JUAN

#114 Contractor Got Angry And Left The Job When We Asked Him To Use The Spacers We Bought For The Backsplash

Image credits: susanbmoney

#115 Oh Musk

Image credits: elonmusk

#116 My Goodness What An Idea! Why Didn’t Anyone Else Think Of This

Image credits: wnd_wong

#117 Apparently, You’re Not Actually Fasting Unless You Haven’t Eaten In Two Days

Image credits: itsthecringefactory

#118 The Person Who Gave Me The Booster Shot Put The Bandage In The Wrong Spot

Image credits: plackatack

#119 My Mother Bought My Son A Souvenir On Her European Vacation. My Son Likes Green, And My Mother Thought This Pen Had A Pretty Green Design, Oblivious To What It Actually Was

Image credits: zinovievsk

#120 Trying To Cancel Someone For “Cultural Appropriation”, All While That Person Is Actually From The Culture In Question. Pokimane Is Half Moroccan

Image credits: twitter.com

#121 Always Bring Poop Purée On Vacation

Image credits: Jerbear0122

#122 Claire Buoyant

Image credits: celestial-doe

#123 I Know It’s My Own Fault For Going On Facebook But This Really Makes Me Worry For The Human Race

Image credits: PeculiarPete

#124 Customer Demands Refund Because They Don’t Know How To Measure A TV Screen

Image credits: Cosmicbanana1230

#125 Local Idiot Mistakes Dental Dye Tablets For Fentanyl

Image credits: knuds1b

#126 My Friend Was At The Airport, And This Old French Woman Just Didn’t Care

Image credits: djTrip9

#127 15 Push-Ups?

Image credits: reddit.com

#128 Throwback To The Time Some Guy Sent Me This

Image credits: Automatic_Computer20

#129 Silly Me. Why Would I Think Outdoor Candle Would Keep Mosquitoes Away

Image credits: Unoriginal_0G

#130 My Mum Just Bought This Pretty Necklace

Image credits: flamingToe

#131 Confusing Volume For Weight, And Even Then, Forgetting That A Can Adds Weight

Image credits: steel-monkey

#132 Still Don’t Get How People Can Be This Oblivious

Image credits: zephyrosity

#133 Well I’m 2 Hours Into My Shift And Noticed I Put On Two Different Shoes This Morning

Image credits: LtColShinySides

#134 My Wife Asked, “What’s The Difference Between C4 And C8 Batteries?” She Didn’t Know, So She Bought Both Of Them

Image credits: MarquetteWho

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