135 Times People Didn’t Have To Go Dress Shopping Because They Could Make These Amazing Pieces Themselves

Handmade dresses are an excellent way to express your individual style and creativity through fashion. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into making each piece is impossible to find in mass-produced clothing. The devastating impact of fast fashion and its effects on workers also contribute to the renaissance of handmade fashion.

So in order to get your inspiration up and flowing, Bored Panda wrapped up this list of pictures featuring people’s most beautiful, one-of-a-kind dresses that would make all the princesses jealous in no time.

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From never-before-seen designs to unique materials and creative construction techniques, let’s all give a big round of applause for these dressmakers.

#1 I Am Half Scottish And Half Japanese- I Hand-Sewed This Kimono From Men’s Dress Shirts And Boxer Shorts

Image credits: mayalcaulfield

#2 I Made And Painted My Own Gown For My Graduation Ball! I Painted Over 80 Flowers, Sewed + Stoned My Dress With My Mama And Designed The Whole Thing Myself

Image credits: ciaragan

#3 My Mom Made This Entire Wedding Dress, She Added Lots Of Jewels By Hand. Every Day She Spent Her Time Working On It. My Mom Is So Talented And I Want Every One To Know

Image credits: najerakathia

#4 My Handmade Gown. Please Rate My Work

Image credits: EVALIZA

#5 I Made My Wedding Dress

Image credits: penniee95

#6 Made An Infinity Dress With The Leftover Satin I Had At Home, Self-Drafted Pattern. Had Fun Playing With This

Image credits: munkus_

#7 Finally Finished – Formal Dress For A Wedding I’m Attending

Image credits: clrodrig06

#8 I Created A 3-In-1 Wedding Dress For My Best Friend

Image credits: asherwani

#9 Made My Prom Dress Using A Vintage 1960s Pattern

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: remushus

#10 I Made Sophie Hatter’s Dress From Howl’s Moving Castle

Image credits: Time_Traveling_Nerd

#11 This Is My Cousin. She Made This Mesmerizing Dress Using 36 Recycled Clothes. She Has Made Hundreds Of Dresses As Cool As This One, Always From Recycled Clothes

Image credits: Segundaleydenewtonnn

#12 My Handmade Dresses For Mom And Daughters. Do You Like It?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#13 Friends, What Do You Think Of This Dress I Made?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#14 Tried To Recreate A 60’s-Inspired Dress From The Queen’s Gambit

Image credits: Paurovas

#15 Hello, I Made This Dress Out Of Two Table Cloths (One Fabric, One Lace)

Image credits: ktkn0423

#16 Dress Made From Over 2000 Pennies

Image credits: crescentshay

#17 I Made My Dream Dress For St Patrick’s Day And I’m So Proud Of How It Turned Out

Image credits: CarbonChic

#18 I Made Myself A Dress For My PhD Graduation

Image credits: Annuszka

#19 17th Century-Inspired Gown. The Dress That Almost Killed My Remaining Brain Cells

Image credits: Cacarosa

#20 Made Myself A Strawberry Dress Of My Dreams, Along With A Matching Shirt For My Husband

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#21 A Girl Spent Four Years And Used 10,000 Starburst Wrappers To Make This Amazing Dress

Image credits: Emily Seilhamer Art

#22 Hi, I Made My Prom Dress By Hand. It Took Me So Long And I’m So Proud Of It

Image credits: juliboo22

#23 I Made A Wool Dress Completely From Scratch. Started With The Raw Sheep Fleece

Image credits: wootwootkabloof

#24 I Made This Dress. What Do You Think Of The Bodice?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#25 I Made My Own Wedding Dress And Veil

Image credits: No-Efficiency68

#26 My Heart Was Heavy The Past Few Weeks And Naturally That Pours Out Into My Work. So I Made This Dress. I Hope Everyone Is Hanging In There Mentally, Change Will Come

Image credits: munkus_

#27 Engagement Photo Dress I Designed And Constructed. This Is My First Post, Hopefully You Guys Like It

Image credits: RavennaBlack

#28 I Made The Dressing Gown That Bilbo Wears In The First Hobbit Movie

Image credits: sewing_magic

#29 I’ve Made My Christmas Party Dress The Last Three Years In A Row. Here They Are

Image credits: ChristineHMcConnell

#30 This Is What Happens When Your Fancy Event Gets Canceled. Chores In An Evening Gown

M7683. Made it for a black tie wedding but sadly the bride and groom caught Omicronbie&Fitch leaving me with nowhere to wear it. So instead I got all dressed up and did Sunday Chores.

Image credits: carpecupcake

#31 Belle-Inspired Ballgown For An 8th Grade Project (First Sewing Project Ever)

Image credits: CharacterMight1485

#32 Sewist On Low Budget Recreating Expensive Dresses. I Was Inspired By This Teuta Matoshi Dress

Image credits: Paurovas

#33 Finally Finished This Dress

Image credits: JodieFosterchild

#34 Gave Myself Early Onset Arthritis By Making This Dress

Image credits: Glaney070

#35 I Made My Own Wedding Dress. I Feel Just Okay About It, But I Thought I’d Share Anyway

Image credits: sd1272

#36 This Is A Prom Dress My Aunt From Nigeria Made For Me Back In 2019. We Designed It Based On Two Different Dresses. The Pattern Of The Fabric Is My Favorite Part

Image credits: haveaSmiletoday

#37 I Made My Own Wedding Dress

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#38 I Sew For A Hobby, This Is My Princess Belle Ball Gown I Made. She’s My Favorite Disney Princess And I Finally Got Up The Gumption To Attempt Her

Image credits: ginniesue

#39 I Made A Dress For My Eldest Daughter Evangeline

Image credits: EVALIZA

#40 I Made My And My Friend’s Prom Dresses

Image credits: ramenbroodle

#41 Couldn’t Afford A Vivienne Westwood Cocotte Dress, So I Made One

Image credits: 12thHousePatterns

#42 Always Been A Fan Of Alice In Wonderland. Designed And Sewn This Dress For My Alice Cosplay

Image credits: DaryaBerger

#43 She Drew A Picture Of Her Dream Dress, And Her Grandma Made It For Her

Image credits: ritomynamewontfi

#44 I Made My Friend’s Wedding Gown And Finally Got Pictures Back

Image credits: busbikesandknitting

#45 I Made My First Gown. I Completed This A Few Months Ago And Finally Had Time To Take Pictures

Image credits: valorsociety_

#46 My Handmade Dress. Do You Like This Golden Dress Bodice?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#47 My Handmade Dresses For Flower Girls

Image credits: EVALIZA

#48 I Made This Dress And Crown For A Potato Festival Sewing Competition. I Came Runner-Up

Image credits: rachaisme

#49 Made A Non-Conventional Wedding Dress

Image credits: Shanglorice

#50 My Self-Drafted Princess Dress That 5-Year-Old Me Dreamed Of

Image credits: FeistySlide

#51 Just Finished My 1890s Outfit After About A Year Of Work – All Of The Layers Are Hand Knit Or Sewn

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 I Designed LED Wearable Dress

Image credits: BornAChampion

#53 Upcycled Dad’s Old Suit Into A Dress

Image credits: LianaCeeHardy

#54 It Was A Long Job For Me, But I’m Very Happy With The Result. And It’s Also Made Of Cashmere Yarn, Which Makes The Dress Light, Soft, And Warm

Image credits: leolotte

#55 My Favorite Sewing Project To Date

Image credits: cosplaycyanide

#56 The First Time I Sewed. I Made The Dresses From Season 2 Of TV Show “Bridgerton”

Image credits: Anjukk

#57 Made A Dress For The ‘Gilded Glamour’ Met Gala Theme

Image credits: asherwani

#58 I Made A 1670s Court Gown In Three Parts

Image credits: Magdalena_Regina

#59 I Made A Halloween “Dripping Blood”-Inspired Dress Entirely Out Of Hot Glue

Image credits: Beccasycamore

#60 Made This Dress During A Lockdown In South Africa To Keep Being Busy

Image credits: munkus_

#61 I Made My Cousin’s Wedding Dress

Image credits: savannahriz98

#62 I Have Finished Sewing This Dress. What Do You Think Of The Color And Pattern?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#63 I Made These Two Dresses This Week. The Fabric Is Thrifted And The Long All Blue Dress Used To Be A Curtain

Image credits: ktkn0423

#64 I Made A Patchwork Dress From Old Jeans. I Used 6 Pairs Of Jeans And 120 Patches

Image credits: fromTRAShtoFASHION

#65 My Mom Has Been Working On My Sister’s Dress For 2 Months, She’s Almost Done

Image credits: Bobby_phat

#66 I Designed, Drafted, And Sewed This Dress As A School Project. It’s Inspired By The Ruins Of Pompeii

Image credits: threefromthetrack

#67 Before And After Altering A Dress I Found On Amazon

Image credits: ceciliaeffa

#68 Made This Ruched Summer Dress Out Of Stretch Bull Denim This Week

Image credits: munkus_

#69 I Made My Prom Dress

Image credits: edglordmcgee

#70 I Started Sewing 3 Months Ago. These Are My Favorite Designs So Far. I Don’t Sell Anything Because I’m Far Too New. All My Fabric Is Thrifted As Well

Image credits: ktkn0423

#71 I Usually Do More Streetwear But Here’s A Dress I Made For Ball

Image credits: ribsandonionrings

#72 I Made A Replica Of The Famous Strawberry Dress By Lirika Matoshi. Very Late To The Party

Image credits: scarlet30chan

#73 Made A Little White Dress For Dinner With Friends

Image credits: nosebearnosebear

#74 R2D2 Dress My Wife Made

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 Finished My Velvet Christmas Dress

Image credits: TeenyMom

#76 Dress With A Lot Of Color And Flowers. Handmade By My Girlfriend

Image credits: hotstealer

#77 My Friend And I Made This Upcycled Aqua Lace Faerie Dress

Image credits: ragavondesigns

#78 Finished My Galaxy Dress Just In Time For A Star Wars Concert

Image credits: StitchWitch95

#79 I Sewed Lavender Crepe Back Satin Gown For My Little Sister

Image credits: podderton

#80 I Made This Crochet Dress. First Dress I’ve Crocheted

Image credits: Positive-Ad-7184

#81 I Copied Nancy’s Purple Dress From Stranger Things 3

Image credits: shilynsews

#82 One Of My Favorite Dresses I’ve Made. From Scratch, Home-Made Pattern

Image credits: thewitchnextdoorOF

#83 I Made Comic Book Dress

Image credits: katza479

#84 I Made A Dress Out Of A Famous Windows XP Error

Image credits: Pixelskaya

#85 A Dress I Made For My Friend’s Wedding Last Year

Image credits: c_side_art

#86 My Graduation Dress For My Master’s Degree

Image credits: toriroka

#87 I Made My Wedding Dress And Got Married Yesterday

Image credits: Steezymckitty

#88 I Recreated The Marchesa Gown From The Movie “Crazy Rich Asians” For A Costume Party A While Ago. Too Much Money Spent On Tulle, But Here We Are

Image credits: mysassywonderland

#89 Made A Dress Out Of Other Old Dresses Saved From The Bins. Only Thread Is New. Recycling Is Fun

Image credits: LoathinglyYours

#90 Made This Beautiful Vintage Dress For My Engagement Photos And Just A Mini Shoot! Aiming To Make My Entire Wardrobe To Be Vintage

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#91 Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Dress

Image credits: fel0ra

#92 A Halloween Costume That I Designed And Have Sewn

Image credits: UCanArtifUWant2

#93 I Made A Floor-Length Dress Out Of Shiny Curtains

Image credits: getoutofmypoolhouse

#94 Dress Made For Christmas

Image credits: FreeSoulEver4

#95 Finished Isabela Madrigal Dress From Encanto

Image credits: scarlet30chan

#96 Thrift Flipped This Embroidered Sailboat Dress And I Love It

Image credits: SpiritualAd8692

#97 I Made My Daughter’s Grad/ Prom Dress

Image credits: Goobles75

#98 Self Drafted New Year’s Eve Dress. And I’m Only A Month Late

Image credits: sewing_magic

#99 I Recreated Regina King’s Emmys Dress Out Of A Thrifted Graduation Gown

Image credits: wifeysfavoritedj

#100 I Made A Dress I’m Super Proud Of

Image credits: Rebeccaartwork

#101 Made My Own Homecoming Dress

Image credits: Yasqueena

#102 Sewed A Dress For My Neighbors’ Wedding With Fabric She Gave Me

Image credits: Engineermom

#103 Left: Teuta Cobalt Starry Dress, Right: Me

Image credits: Paurovas

#104 Dress I Made For Prom

Image credits: chelsea2-0

#105 My Star Wars Puff Dress

Image credits: Kfurt13

#106 I Made My Daughter And Myself A New Mommy And Me Set And It Has Me Feeling Like We’re Dancing In An Old Movie Together

Image credits: Sew_Underrated

#107 I Made A Goosebumps Skirt And Shirt Set From Some Bed Sheets

Image credits: ajaknna

#108 Gave My Nana’s Dress A New Life

Image credits: leahelizabethj-

#109 I Crocheted A Dress From A Self-Drafted Pattern

Image credits: missdecibelle

#110 I Made My Prom Dress

Image credits: imnotprocrasinating

#111 I Haven’t Sewn In 35 Years But I Made A Dress! Pattern Is In A Twist Fun Sew So Easy

Image credits: Renocat

#112 This Year I Hosted My First Christmas In A Dress I Finished Right On Time

Image credits: CarbonChic

#113 My Long-Overdue Project, But Finally, I Finished It. I Made A Black Lace Mermaid Dress For A Family Wedding

Image credits: nosebearnosebear

#114 I Made The Perfect Gown For My Engagement Photo Shoot

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#115 Made A Nerdy Dress On Cotton Shirting That Looked Like Graph Paper. Channeling Major Prairie Math Teacher Vibes. Embroidered Some Little Charts On Too

Image credits: Treeleafplant

#116 After Over 2+ Years Of Work, My Dream Blue Wedding Dress Made It Down The Aisle

Image credits: bexyrex

#117 I Recently Got A Bunch Of Old Dress Shirts From My Dad, And I Turned Four Of Them Into This Dress

Image credits: ZopiloteAndroid

#118 My Amazing Girlfriend Sewed This Queen Of Hearts Costume

Image credits: baloneycologne

#119 My Birthday Dress. Inspired By Carolina Herrera

Image credits: Pogpurple

#120 Just Finished This Custom-Made Alpaca Wool Crochet Dress Yesterday (A Knee-Length Version In The Second Pic)

Image credits: maanacrafts

#121 Found This Cute Fruity Fabric And Decided To Make A Cute Summer Milkmaid Dress

Image credits: munkus_

#122 My Prom Dress For Next Year

Image credits: panickingpeony

#123 Sewed This Cute Summer Dress From 2 Very Different Fabrics

Image credits: fancy_cat_pants

#124 My First Dress! Made From An Old Bedsheet

Image credits: Kfurt13

#125 Not My First Dress. I Made It For My Birthday In 3 Days

Image credits: Paurovas

#126 I Made A Gown Inspired By The Dior 1949/1950 Collection. Full Skirts, Simple Bodices, And Petal-Like Skirts Were All Featured In This Collection

Image credits: sewing_magic

#127 Another Teuta Matoshi-Inspired Dress

Image credits: Reasonable_Apple

#128 My First Silk Gown I Made For A Gala Dinner Next Week

Image credits: gbsicotte

#129 A Girl In My Class Sewed This Whole Renaissance Dress From Scratch

Image credits: Purple_death

#130 I Found This Beautiful Fabric And Made A Dress Set For My Birthday

Image credits: goshdarnitanna

#131 The Dress I Created For The New Year Roaring 20s Theme Party With Friends. It Was My First Time Doing An Entire Dress With No Pattern, Just Simple Draping On The Form

Image credits: lyddiacalmes

#132 My Mom Made This Lindor Chocolate Wrapper Dress For My Senior Prom (Which Got Canceled)

Image credits: amoleby

#133 I Made This Dress Some Time Ago But I’m Still Very Proud And Wanted To Share It

Image credits: inesgoodchild

#134 The Coolest Dress I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: fullyloaded_AP

#135 I Finally Got Around To Getting In A Dress With One Of My Artwork Designs On “SpaceMushroom”. I Hope You All Like it

Image credits: ConcertOld657

#136 I Made This Dress Out Of An Xl Old Men’s Shirt That I Paid $1.50 At Goodwill!

Source: boredpanda.com

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