136 Creative Gardening Ideas To Try At Home

No matter your personal tastes and lifestyle, there is usually a way to enjoy gardening at home. Whether you and your family have a house in the suburbs or you’re living alone in an apartment, everyone can make it work.

So to give you some inspiration, we at Bored Panda put together a list of creative gardening ideas for Spring. We included building a pallet planter box for cascading flowers. Setting up a bucket for growing tomatoes indoors. You name it! Just continue scrolling and check them out.

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#1 Our Local Farmers Have Established So-Called “Flora Belts” For The Bees In Their Fields (Funen, Denmark)

Image credits: NulloK

#2 My Dad’s Japanese Garden On The First Sunny Day Of 2019

Image credits: fluffycatbelly1

#3 My Dad’s Creation To Support The Single Orange I Managed To Grow

Image credits: kuynhxchi

#4 My Grandpa Built A Teepee For His Bean Plant And Planted Wildflowers On The Sides

Image credits: cookieoutpost

#5 After Clearing Out A Wheelchair, Three Mismatched Shoes, A Deflated Ball And A Buried Chunk Of Brick Wall, I Finally Have My Very First Garden

Image credits: Vogelina

#6 Pallet Planter Box For Cascading Flowers

Cut pieces of pallet slat to 40″ and attach to the legs for the front and 16″ for the sides. I originally used a brad nailer, but some of the wood started to warp when wet and I went back and used 1 1/4″ screws. Spacing the holes about every 6″ or so. Now the fun part, planting the flowers. These flowers are Wave petunias that I got at Costco, you can also rotate the flowers between regular, cascade and wave petunias. You need good potting mix and you need to add Soil Moist to help retain water. I put a layer of weed guard down on the bottom, because I had a few holes. You may have a little dirt wash out for the first little while, but once the plants start growing this will stop. Add the first row of flowers, then cover with soil. I realized that the box is kind of large and is going to use a lot of dirt (2 bags). I remember reading somewhere that you can use packing peanuts as filler, hope I remember that right. I put them in the far back where the flowers wouldn’t be planted. Then cover with more dirt. Add the third row of flowers, fill with dirt and plant flowers on top. You need to water the flowers everyday, the holes let the dirt get dry. I usually water until the water leaks from the lower holes. I also fertilize 1/week.

Image credits: hertoolbelt

#7 My Grandma Is Very Proud To Show You Her Garden

Image credits: allyschup

#8 My Melons Needed Some Support

Image credits: Dr-Dendro

#9 A Little Garden Lighting Project

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Image credits: Where_Lions_Roam

#10 The Easiest Way To Water Your Garden

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#11 Grow A Sunflower House For The Kids To Play In

Image credits: matzoballsandchoppedliver

#12 Incorporating Rain Into Your Garden

Image credits: BeeSilver9

#13 Last Spring I Converted Our Front Lawn To A Vegetable Garden. Today We Opened A Little Community Seed Library To Encourage Neighbors To Get Growing Too

Image credits: Mumster

#14 First Vertical Garden. What Do You Think?

Image credits: kiel2155

#15 Everyone Said I Was Out Of My Mind 3 Years Ago When I Started Growing A Pineapple From One I Bought At The Grocery Store. Well Who’s Laughing Now

Image credits: iis4isaac

#16 A Beautifully Coloured Glass Greenhouse At The North Brooklyn Farm’s Community Garden

Image credits: tomfruin

#17 Dragon Fruits On My Rooftop Garden

Image credits: momtazali

#18 I Made Little Hammocks For My Melons

Image credits: sugamonkey

#19 How To Regrow Romaine Lettuce From The Stem

1. Eat your purchased lettuce, cutting the leaves at about 1 inch from the bottom.
2. Place remaining stem in a shallow dish of water (about 1/2 inch).
3. Place on a window sill or under grow lights.
4. Change water in bowl every 1 to 2 days.
5. Watch your lettuce grow. It is truly remarkable how quickly the new shoots start. You may also notice that roots will start to grow on the bottom.
5. After 10-12 days, your lettuce is going to be as big as it will likely ever get. It’s not going to be a full head of lettuce, it’ll just be enough to top a sandwich or make a small salad. But how cool is that!
6. If you leave your lettuce beyond this point, it will become spindly and bitter as it attempts to produce seed. It won’t be pleasant to eat at this point. You’ll know it has reached this point when the leaves start turning a blue green color and/or the main stalk shoots up and leaves become less dense. Trust me, eat it when it’s like the photo below.

Image credits: gettystewart

#20 My Garage Wall When I Bought My House In 2016 To Now. Still A Work In Progress, But It’s Coming Together

Image credits: donorum88

#21 I’m Growing My Cantaloupe Vertically And They Needed A Little Support So I Crocheted Some Tiny Little Hammocks

Image credits: Anna_Banananana

#22 Hubs Deployed And Said I Could Build A Garden To Keep Me Busy. Never Built Anything Before, Did My Best And Can’t Wait To Show Him

Image credits: Effulgence_

#23 This Was Just A Pile Of Dirt When We Moved Here 2 Years Ago

Image credits: kearneycation

#24 The Signs In These Botanical Gardens Have Springs So The Signs Move With The Growth Of The Tree

Image credits: Jakewb

#25 I Hired 9 Goats To Eat Our English Ivy Covered Backyard, 10 Days Later, Couldn’t Be Happier

Image credits: WildVelociraptor

#26 A Couple Of Years Ago I Threw A Pineapple Top In The Dirt To Compost. Today I’m Harvesting These Two Beauties

Image credits: Johnny_Carcinogenic

#27 Downspout With A Vertical Garden In Seattle

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#28 Indoor Bucket Gardening

Image credits: ekrof

#29 A Year After We Got Rid Of The Drought Tolerant Weeds And Planted Drought Tolerant Flowers, Yard Is In Full Effect

Image credits: TryMyBalut

#30 Researched A Lot About Growing Potatoes In Hessian Sacks, All Signs Pointed To Yes

Image credits: Bigciyslams69

#31 My Dad Used These Vegetable Markers For Years When He Planted His Garden

Image credits: fraggle_captain

#32 Watering Your Plants While On Vacation

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#33 I Scarred A Pumpkin

Image credits: RigaMortizTortoise

#34 I Convinced My Friend To Not Throw Away His Old Fencing And Let Me Build Him Garden Boxes

Image credits: kingpig2017

#35 Re-Purposed Bird Cages To Keep The Critters Out Of My Starts. Plus, I Can Cover Them At Night If It Gets Too Chilly

Image credits: Understanding-Seeker

#36 The Poison Garden Established In 2005 By The Duchess Of Northumberland. The Garden Contains Over 100 Deadly And Hallucinogenic Plants

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#37 DIY Mini Greenhouse

These umbrella greenhouses work great for me, but there are a ton of different mini greenhouse options out there to choose from. Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying mini-greenhouses:

It doesn’t matter if it has a vent or not, generally, you won’t use it.
Buy one with plastic or rust-resistant parts—the ones that look the most like umbrellas have the same metal latching mechanism that an umbrella does and it will undoubtedly rust and become unusable in no time.
Greenhouses with a center stake are best (over the ones with pegs to hold down the edges). You will lift the umbrella regularly to water, check the plants, and give them some air. This will be frustrating if you have to find and reinsert the pegs each time.
The best greenhouses fold up for storage when not in use.

Image credits: gardentherapy

#38 I Ate An Avocado 2,5 Years Ago, And Kept The Seed. This Is My Avocado Seed Today

Image credits: MorningredTimetravel

#39 My Fiancé Doesn’t Have Enough Yard For A Proper Garden But She’s Made Do With Pots! She’s Real Proud Of All The Veggies And Succulents She Has Going

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Gourd Tunnel Progress

Image credits: Cosmos_908

#41 Use A Ladder When Hauling Tall Plants

Image credits: txjed

#42 Never Buy Green Onion Again. Just Put In Water And It Grows Back

Image credits: syncroblackz

#43 First Major Gardening Project – Hexagonal Garden Beds

Image credits: sexy_guid_generator

#44 Small DIY Backyard Update

The final outcome comparison shot. Still needs some plants which I’m hunting down now. Besides the fence and some clearing, this was done over about 4 days. My body felt like it was hit by a car afterwards.

Image credits: PushupBrah

#45 Just Made A Garden With My Mom, She Think It Looks Terrible But I Like It

Image credits: Creepercraft110

#46 We Made An Herb Ladder From Scratch

Image credits: Danitay

#47 For Other People With Small Balconies: Salad Is Doing Great In Planter Boxes

Image credits: Luzi1

#48 DIY Hydroponic System

Started with getting a good outdoor stain. Just have to make the dutch bucket systems next, I’ll post the builds for those if there is any interest.

Image credits: terranesaurus

#49 We’ve Converted Our Pool Into An 80,000l Underground Rainwater Tank With Raised Vegetable Garden Beds On Top

The pool was in disrepair when we bought our property. It hadn’t been used for ~10 years, the fence wasn’t built to current standards, the tiles needed replacing, the pumps didn’t work etc etc. We don’t live in a great climate for a pool either – it’s too cool most of the year and the size made it impractical to heat with solar (the previous owner used solar + a gas heater). Rather than spend money repairing and maintaining a pool we’d rarely use we decided to explore other options. We’d always wanted a large veggie garden, and the pool area looked like the perfect sunny spot for one. We originally considered just filling it in, but there’s no access for machinery and doing it by hand would have been impractical.

We came up with the slightly crazy idea of putting a lid on it and using the space underneath as rainwater storage. I sketched up some ideas, we approached an engineer and before long we had a workable design.

Cleaning was lot of work. There was about a foot of accumulated sludge in the bottom.

After many hours of pressure cleaning it was starting to look better. It’s a huge pool, about 10m long and 2.2m at the deep end. We thought about sealing it with a paint on sealer at this point, but we can always do this later if leaks are a problem.

The solution we used for the lid is called “Speedfloor”. It uses steel joists spaced ~1m apart to suspend a concrete slab. It’s commonly used in multi-story carparks in Australia.

You can also see the submersible pump feeding into the pool from what was originally the overflow point. The pump provides mains pressure and is plumbed to the house (via 2 filters).

I have two of these 500L tanks catching water from both sides of the house. Both downpipes have first flush systems and the tanks act as settling tanks to improve the water quality in the main tank. They both gravity feed into the pool via underground pipes.

At this point we had 80,000L of clean water storage and were running the whole house from rainwater. It had taken ~1 year to get to this point – about 6 months of effort getting the plans approved by our local council and another 6 months of preparing the tank and organising builders for the slab (and changing builder part way through when the first went bust!). We had a slab party and a well deserved break.

Back to work assembling the raised garden beds. We fit 9 total, each about 2.2m long and 1.2m wide. They each have a liner to stop soil washing out and gravel base to aid drainage and keep water off the slab as best we can (even though it shouldn’t matter with the grade of concrete used).

We tried out wicking beds made from IBCs but were concerned about the extra weight the water reservoir would add.

We’ve grown almost everything you can think of – permanent beds grow raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb and asparagus. Other things we’ve tried include tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, squash, turnips, beetroot, broad beans, string beans, snow peas, various chilies, artichokes, spring onions, garlic, capsicum, kale, lettuce, spinach, loads of herbs etc etc etc!

Image credits: plxxlq

#50 I Want My Lawn To Feed Me Not Vice Versa

Image credits: saltynurs3

#51 A Bit Late To The Party, But Here’s My Lockdown Garden Transformation

Image credits: -LargeHardOnCollider

#52 Vertical Strawberry Garden With Up-Cycled Milk Jugs

Image credits: 38and45

#53 A Citrus Peel Starter Pot For Seedlings

Just poke a hole in the bottom of the peel for drainage, fill with potting soil, then add two seeds and some water. After thinning to one seedling per peel, I’m going to transplant the whole ding dang thing into the garden. The peels will compost directly into the soil to nourish the plants as they grow. Since oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are springtime fruit in Southern California, I’m guaranteed an endless supply of seedling pots.

Image credits: myromanapartment

#54 I Made A Hinged Hoop House For My Humble Raised Bed

Image credits: Kllrchef

#55 Outdoor Table With Integrated Herb Garden

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#56 Using An Angled Fence To Grow Pumpkins – Great Gardening Hack As You Can Really See The Produce Quite Well

Image credits: Bendsc

#57 Herb Garden Is Back In Business

Image credits: BrazenLisa

#58 Working On A New Kind Of Vertical Garden

Image credits: fitzkits

#59 I Had A Window Garden Starving For Sun So I Hinged It And Backed It With A Mirror. Worked Like A Champ

Image credits: warrenwoodworks

#60 I Built 2 Vertical Gardens Recycling Plastic Bottles In My Urban Garden In London

I also made a few different projects recycling materials found in the street to create a community garden to provide free vegetables for the neighbours.

Image credits: spicymoustache

#61 Drill A Bunch Of Holes In A 5 Gal Bucket And Use That To Collect Your Fruits/Vegetables And Wash Them All At Once

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#62 My New Tree Is Growing Incredibly Fast. I’m Using A Root Training Method I Found Online That Waters It From Below And Sets Up An Ideal Situation For It With The Soil

Image credits: beetsmaker

#63 What A Difference A Few Years Can Make. Idea 2017 vs. Established Garden 2020

Image credits: Phraxes

#64 My 7 Year Old Said “Dad I Want To Walk Through Rows Of Sunflowers”. The Sunflowers Will Be Glorious

She helped me dig, through clay, all these holes and import the soil.

Image credits: fatmaneats1

#65 Recycled Items To Use As Seed Starters

#66 The Quarantine Garden I Built For My Wife

Image credits: jhenning04101

#67 My Solution To Being Broke And Needing My Plants Out Of The Dog’s Reach

Image credits: SurfPearlJk

#68 How I Smother Weeds With Newspaper

First, water the bed deeply. Then lay paper directly atop the weeds, and in-between the ornamental plants. Spray the newspaper with water. Otherwise, a strong wind will blow, and send your papers flying. Wet paper won’t budge. And finally, top the paper with mulch. I mulched my bed with three inches of shredded leaves. Shredded wood chips make a fine mulch, too. My ornamental plants are delighted with their new, weed-free environment. And I’m happy, too. For I won’t have to deal with weeds in this bed for at least one season. Another bed I mulched with newspaper remained weed-free for two years in a row. And here’s another great benefit to newspaper mulching. As the paper decomposes, it (and also the shredded mulch) will provide abundant food for beneficial soil organisms. In fact, if you are cursed with crappy, inert soil, try the newspaper routine as described above. Within one year your earth will be teeming with worms and other soil-building friends. I suspect some of you are wondering if you can use cardboard in place of newspaper. Yes, you can. I like newspaper because it can easily be manipulated to fit around plants. You might also wonder if I’m afraid of the chemicals used in newspaper ink. No, I’m not. From most accounts I’ve read, today’s newspapers are printed with soy-based ink. Even the glossy pages are coated with a non-toxic material. I have no doubt that the air we breathe contains far worse chemicals than those found in newsprint and cardboard.

Image credits: agardenforthehouse

#69 Used Some Old Pipe For A Fun Sunday Activity

Image credits: kssuperMemeBandit

#70 What A Difference One Year Makes

Image credits: HembraunAirginator

#71 Re-Use An Old Golf Bag For Gardening Tools

Image credits: liquor_for_breakfast

#72 Milk Jug Watering Can

Image credits: thefrugalgirls

#73 Have You Tried Starting Seeds In Eggshells?

I can say with absolute certainty that it works, it’s ridiculously easy, and yes, it’s even practical. It’s also a fun way to save money and repurpose kitchen scraps before they go in the compost heap.

Image credits: gardenbetty

#74 My Life Hack: Plastic Pail Through The Belt So Both Hands Are Free To Pick The Raspberries

Image credits: practically-purple

#75 Tried To Organize My Patio Cactus/Succulent Garden

Image credits: biborno

#76 Last Year’s Garden Experiment. We Used Recycled And Reclaimed Materials And Got The Kids To Help Out

Image credits: spiraloutkeepgoing42

#77 Cool Ideas For Drip Irrigation

Image credits: dacha_idei_

#78 Bean Pyramid Complete, Beans Saved From Last Year’s Crop

Image credits: theriverbankwitch

#79 Small Greenhouse Idea

Image credits: gr8fulvegan

#80 Tired Of Your Neighbor’s Cat Destroying Your Favorite Herb? Just Put Some Forks In The Pot And They’ll Make Sure The Cat Is Not Visiting Them Again

#81 Planted These Tulips After A Bad Day (In The Cold) And I Told Myself As I Dug That Spring Would Come And They’d Bloom And Things Would Be Better. I Was Right! Thanks Former Self

Image credits: HomeFin

#82 The Life Cycle Of My Avocado Thus Far

This is AVAcado and shes about a year old. Just wait another year or 14 to find out if she fruits!

Image credits: Plutothinksyourmumistoosmall

#83 Hanging Tomatoes

I have slowly gotten into gardening. I had some great tomato plants last year that were all killed this past winter. I decided to try hanging plants this time, I read that you can get more this way, we’ll see. Left to right: Lemon Boy, Black Krim, Juliet, Purple (something), and brandywine or something like that.

I know all the blogs say to use 5 gallon buckets but I am short on funds this season so I used 2 gallon from the dollar store. I repurposed an old tree that died and secured it to the fence. Drilled holes along the bottom for brass screws. Each bucket has 2 screws, 1 facing north, 1 facing south, my logic was that it should hold better against wind or heavy rain. I was able to reuse the dirt from my old tomatoes and got lucky that the dirt had plenty of worms in it still.

Image credits: ArmsLikeALunchLady

#84 I Made My Own Self Watering Pots

Bought this plant stand and made my own low-budget self watering pots for my plant babies. Here’s how I did it: I bought these containers at the local “plastic” shop. I kept the lid on the smaller container at the bottom to support the weight of the soil and plant. I made holes in the bottom of the large container and the lid of the small container using a hot metal skewer. This is what it looked like after I knotted and inserted the cotton twine. The idea is that the cotton twine will wick water to the plant. I poked some more holes into the small container (flipped upside down here) to allow water to flow into it when it sits in the bottom of the pot. The plastic containers are slightly smaller than the pot, so I can easily refill it with my watering can. I poked a little drainage hole in the pot to ensure that excess water drains out and away from the top container.

Image credits: lostintherightdirection

#85 Backyard Vertical Garden

These 55 gallon poly drums feature 48 pockets on the sides for plants. Down the middle are worm/compost tubes. There are holes for the worms to crawl in, and out. No pinochle. When entirely populated, this barrel will have 52 strawberry plants. Water catcher so I can reuse the drainage. The compost tube sticks out the bottom and has a test plug to remove in order to access worm castings.

Image credits: calis

#86 I’ve Created The Death Bed! Started As A Joke But Decided To Make It Happen. Carolina Reaper And Habanero Peppers

Image credits: Senior-Baldo

#87 You Guys Like Driveways? This Was My DIY Covid-19 Project

Image credits: jugglefire

#88 We Put Down Some Wildflower Seeds On Our Parking Strip Last Fall. Can’t Wait To See What It Looks Like Next Year

Image credits: Green_sopha

#89 Soak Your Seeds In Warm Water Before Sowing

Image credits: seachele08

#90 My Son Grows These, And I’m Proud Of Him. The Pink Oysters Are Grown In Haystacks These Days

Image credits: TripUpStairs

#91 Feed Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 Water The Garden After A Hard Day

Image credits: kkbis

#93 The Grandparents Garden Is Looking Amazing

Image credits: bigwezz

#94 Four Years Of Hard Work Later

Image credits: pijinglish

#95 Our Raised And Fully Enclosed DIY Vegetable Garden Built By My Incredibly Talented Husband

Image credits: huskychicken1

#96 Long Live Old Tires! We Had So Much Fun Making These Pretty Cool Dinosaur Gardens This Weekend. So Excited With The Result

Image credits: muuriemeisjeh

#97 Filling The Raised Beds

Image credits: All_Heart_Homestead

#98 Built A Planter Box Bench This Past Weekend. What Do You Think?

Image credits: ssprings7

#99 My Little Rooftop Garden

Image credits: solotravelblogger

#100 I Have A Townhouse And Outdoor Space Is Limited. This Is What My Wife And I Built. Really Excited To Grow More Than A Few Vegetables

Image credits: AlarmingPawn

#101 Thanks To The Person Who Suggested Nitrogen Fertilizer! My Garlic Looks Much Happier Now

Image credits: TeaOrchid

#102 1st Time Gardening. Mostly Peppers And Green Beans

Image credits: TunedSkyline

#103 Strawberry/Spinach Tower

Image credits: streman76

#104 Mini Greenhouse

Image credits: GreenishGrass

#105 Year 1 Of Square Foot Gardening Prepped And Ready

Image credits: SoDakZak

#106 The Tulips In This Garden Are Arranged In The Shape Of Tulips

Image credits: b98765

#107 I Booked An Air Bnb Owned By A Musician And The Garden Is Shaped Like A Guitar

Image credits: GeorgiePorgiePuddin

#108 My Dad Turned My Grandma’s Jacuzzi Into A Small Garden

Image credits: joshdyson

#109 Space-Saving Garden

Condo living is tough for those that love to garden, this is a solution to that issue. The space-saving lettuce wall.

Image credits: Irmgrd14

#110 My Winter Garden Is Ready! I Planted Many Different Things For The Upcoming Season And Almost All The Seasonal Veggies Has Been Harvested In My Urban Garden In London, UK

Image credits: spicymoustache

#111 Whiskey Barrel Bulb Explosion

Image credits: PleasantJules

#112 My Mother-In-Law Just Started Gardening Last Year. She Also Got My Fil To Build Her A Greenhouse Completely Out Of Secondhand Materials. I Think She’s Doing An Amazing Job

Image credits: LemmingDisaster

#113 Luffa (Loofah) Sprout In Newspaper Pot

Image credits: PlotHolesandSPErrors

#114 Life Hack

Image credits: Zoo_Snooze

#115 Make A Motel Of Ill Repute For Little Red Wigglers By Recycling A Container The ‘Right Size,’ ‘Drilling Holes,’ And ‘Burying It.’ Your Plants And Vegetables Will Literally ‘Explode’ In Your Garden

Image credits: expertonblackholes

#116 I Made A Coffin Planter For My Ghost Peppers

Image credits: My_name_isnt_Dakota

#117 A Hack For Growing Veggies In The Kitchen

Image credits: lvmika

#118 Used The 3D Printer And Some Textured Spray Paint For A More Fitting Pot

Image credits: runthedonkeys

#119 My Most Recent Painting

Image credits: PlayswithFirePoi

#120 I Got Sick Of The Birds Eating My Seeds And Paper Bags Were Just Getting Wet So I Found Out They Hate Light-Reflecting Surfaces

1 week later the tin foil has not caused any damage to the plants and no birds in sight.

Image credits: piglet_jr

#121 Did You Know That You Just Need Undercooked Rice To Collect Microbes And Microorganisms For Your Garden And Improve The Web Of Soil Bacteria To Have Better And Stronger Plants?

Image credits: spicymoustache

#122 First Round Of Greens In The Ground Under Our New Mini Greenhouse

Image credits: angelicasinensis

#123 My Three Sisters Garden. Sweet Corn, Green Beans And Squash

I used pallets to plan it out and to give me footing to get in between plants for harvesting. This is my first attempt and I’m learning as we go.

Image credits: GypsysRevenge

#124 We Turned An Uninspiring Large Garden Into A Good Looking Food Producing Area. 4 Raised Beds, A Pea Tent And Pumpkin Patch

Image credits: T3VSS223

#125 Our Raised And Fully Enclosed DIY Vegetable Garden Built By My Incredibly Talented Husband

Image credits: huskychickens

#126 My Greenhouse! Excited To Get My Greenhouse Going This Year

Image credits: aarudd

#127 Can I Get Some Love For My Roofgarden?

Image credits: vonnewasserkante

#128 Grow Scallions In Mason Jars Just With Water

Image credits: lifeskillsbits

#129 Our Garden Transformation

Image credits: DougIWeaver

#130 Hello, I’m Alessandro And This Is My Urban Garden In London, UK. I’m Also Passionate About Beekeeping And I Do Everything 100% Organic

Image credits: spicymoustache

#131 My Mini Trailer Lot Garden. And We’re Only Partially Through The Season

Image credits: upwithtreesXD

#132 Small Before And After Garden Project! Used To Be Just Rocks And Weeds. Now, Tiny Gardenias And Red Fountain Grass

Image credits: qcfs

#133 How It Started vs. How It’s Going. 1 Year Of Work

Image credits: frankenbike

#134 I Built An Upcycled Trampoline Polytunnel. Bring On The Veggies

Image credits: MrBozzie

#135 The $2 Greenhouse

Image credits: AlwaysTheVillian

#136 Fortress Of Hollyhocks?

Image credits: PineappleGreen8154

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