136 Kids Who Took Their Halloween Costumes Very Seriously And Came Up With Incredible Results

If it were up to kids, every day would be Halloween. Just think about it: they are encouraged to go from door to door and ask for candy, they are allowed to eat buckets of it (and even if not, they can still hide their stash), they can dress up as the craziest things and be applauded for it.

Speaking of the latter, if you want to see real Halloween action, you gotta look at kids making their costumes, because oh em gee, these little daredevils are competitive (just like their parents!).

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So just in time for the spooky night of 2022, Bored Panda wrapped up some of the most entertaining, creative and hands-down jaw-dropping kids’ Halloween costumes below. Scroll down, upvote your favorite ones and let the inspiration in!

#1 Couldn’t Resist Dressing Up Our Two-Year-Old Triplets As Hobbits For Halloween (Girl, Boy, Boy)

Image credits: Wolfie305

#2 She Wanted To Become Her Meemaw For Halloween

Image credits: Nightwitcherxox

#3 My Son Decided To Rick Roll The School For Halloween

Image credits: Doom____Slayer

#4 My Son’s Halloween Costume, He Worked Hard, Show Him Some Love

Image credits: Apprehensive-Mood-69

#5 Me And My Kid Dressed Up For Starfleet Command

Image credits: DinoIgnacio

#6 6 Cans Of Spray Paint Later And My Son Looks Just Like A Plastic Green Army Man

Image credits: keely_bee

#7 My Daughter Feeding Mac N’ Cheese To Her Cousin On Halloween

Image credits: lbnlaxer

#8 My Son’s Doc Ock Costume For Halloween

Image credits: graffiti600

#9 My Son Is Ready For Halloween

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Odlavso

#10 My Wife Did An Awesome Job With My Little Dude’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: hockeyguy73822

#11 My 8-Year-Old Asked To Be An Anglerfish For Halloween But Only If I Could Make It Light Up

Image credits: holymolym

#12 My Daughter Wanted To Be A Hornet For Halloween. Here’s The Costume We Made For Her

Image credits: davefp

#13 First Halloween. Wife Made The Costumes

Image credits: DjModus

#14 Halloween Costume 2021

Image credits: golden_girl98

#15 My Daughter When She Said She Wanted To Be A Transformer For Halloween

Image credits: brandoj23

#16 My And My Kids’ Halloween Costumes 10 Years Ago

Image credits: quantumryan

#17 Worked On My Stepson’s Scorpion Costume For A Month. Happy Halloween

Image credits: TheJessicka

#18 3D Printed For My Daughter

Image credits: joeklavo

#19 Me And My Kid, Halloween 2021

Image credits: mstrgntlmn

#20 My Wife And Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Image credits: InfidelCB

#21 As Long As They Are Under My Roof, I Will Continue To Hand Make My Kids’ Costumes

Image credits: MeganMakinMoney

#22 I Made Both The Cute Little Human And The Sandy Cheeks Costume

Image credits: @estradapaolaa

#23 Sticky Bandits

Image credits: dannyboydonnel1

#24 Son Wanted To Be Aang For Halloween. Nailed It

Image credits: bigwilliestylez

#25 Baby Dressed Up As A Sandwich For Halloween

Image credits: DiamondFireYT

#26 Not Sure If It Was A Wednesday Or A Friday But My Kids Seriously Rocked These Costumes

Image credits: UptonDide

#27 It’s-A Me, And It’s My First Halloween

Image credits: Kyleforshort

#28 My Husband Made Our Son His First Halloween Costume

Image credits: Mskitte

#29 Daughter’s Halloween Costume: Plague Doctor

Image credits: Beamus76

#30 My Daughter’s Halloween Costume This Year. Her Fascination With Post Apocalypse/Dystopian Future Never Ceases To Amaze Me

Image credits: No-Construction5687

#31 My 4-Year-Old Chose Her Costume. I Broke Out The Sewing Machine. That’s My Girl

Image credits: Realistic_Run_2586

#32 My Kids Love Pokemon Go, So I Made Them Halloween Costumes

Image credits: TerpBE

#33 My 3-Year-Old Couldn’t Decide On A Costume. She Went With “Flying Bunny Bear”

Image credits: AverageJimmy8

#34 Family Costumes Are The Best

Image credits: Duanecia

#35 Favorite Costumes

Image credits: ZombieCreep

#36 My Daughter Said She Wanted To Be A Sandwich For Halloween So My Husband Made This Costume For Her

Image credits: montessorusrex

#37 My 6-Year-Old Is So Stoked About Halloween. His Uncle Finally Found His Favorite Character Costume, We’ve Been Searching For Awhile

Image credits: BastardGardenGnome

#38 My Grandson’s Halloween Costume From Last Year

Image credits: lordsofaking

#39 He’s “Sushi Good Boy” – Our Newborn Celebrating His First Halloween

Image credits: Citizenchimp

#40 Bob Ross Zombie Hunter

Image credits: Prothtate

#41 My 7-Year-Old Werewolf Son All DIY

Image credits: Comprehensive-Log530

#42 This Costume

Image credits: laurifroggy

#43 My Son As Billy Last Year And Pennywise This Year, Both Costumes And Makeup Were All Done By My Wife

Image credits: seannytee17

#44 Incredible Homemade Eagle Costume

Image credits: onablanketwithmybaby

#45 For Parents Of Kids Who Want To Be Hobbits For The Halloween. Men’s Socks Over Crocs, Then Paint. If You Want To Get Fancy, You Can Glue A Sole On

Image credits: tomfowlerbug

#46 Everything About This Is Just Awesome. Best Halloween Costumes

Image credits: vanillaiceofficial

#47 Still Love That I Dressed Up As A Gonk Droid For Halloween In Second Grade

Image credits: Neugy5

#48 Our Halloween Tradition Of Dad/Daughter Costumes

Image credits: LazyLondoner

#49 My Daughter’s First Halloween Costume

Image credits: hates-his-job

#50 It’s The Hard Knock Life For This Toddler. Happy Halloween From My Daughter

Image credits: lampicklerick

#51 Our Daughter Invented Sweeneywise For Her Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: HisNameIsRobrtBelchr

#52 Happy Halloween – My 6-Year-Old Designed His Own Costume This Year

Image credits: Temporary_End6007

#53 My Dog, Cousin It, And My Daughter, Wednesday Addams

Image credits: missbreton

#54 My Son’s Halloween Costume. Thought Maybe Some Of You All Would Like It

Image credits: diqfilet_

#55 I Normally Don’t Post Much Personal Stuff On Here, But I Had To Show Off The Helmets I Made For My Boys’ Halloween This Year. Printed On My Trusty Ender 3s

Image credits: eric3dee

#56 I Sewed The Costume And A Friend Made The Mask. Skull Kid From Majora’s Mask

Image credits: alee0224

#57 My Son’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: MrsRoseyCrotch

#58 I Can’t Ignore The Fact That My Children Are Born Into The World Where They Feel They Need To Dress Up For Every Season Or Holiday

Image credits: meetthesut

#59 Neighbour’s Kid Totally Ran Halloween This Year

Image credits: thickener

#60 My Son And His Cousin In Their Homemade Mario And Luigi Outfits For Halloween

Image credits: bajungadustin

#61 My Wife, Son And I Made Homemade “Up” Costumes This Year

Image credits: drewthebaker

#62 My Homemade UFO Alien Abduction Costume Tutorial

Image credits: motherofgrom

#63 Just Finished My Daughter’s Costume! Not The Best Picture But I’m Too Excited Not To Share

Image credits: tinybanana2

#64 Halloween Costume Goals

Image credits: joyousjoyness

#65 My Sister And I Went As Zuko And Azula For Halloween. Costumes Homemade By Our Mother

Image credits: TonyPops10

#66 My 2021 Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costume I Made

Image credits: Harmonica_kid

#67 My Daughter Emily Was An Astronaut For Halloween This Year

Image credits: SirsGoodGirl07

#68 What Better Costume To Fit My Nephew’s Natural Coloring

Image credits: Cautious-Damage7575

#69 Marilyn Monday. Everyone’s A Star And Deserves The Right To Twinkle

Image credits: mikayfaith

#70 Happy Halloween From This Milk-Drunk Grandma

Image credits: sammi_lisenba

#71 My Pretty Girlies

Image credits: margo_elsie_and_me

#72 My Daughters Both Wanted To Be Wednesday Adams For Halloween

Image credits: kirksy_jenkins45

#73 I Made My Daughter’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: SepNovJul

#74 My Son And I For Halloween. The Banana Gets Revenge

Image credits: Googlewhacking

#75 My Son Grew His Hair All Year To Get Dressed Up & Stay Home On Halloween Because He Got Covid

Image credits: gunner_gunner

#76 Halloween Homage To A Great Luc Beson Film. Leon, The Professional. Special Thanks To My Niece Popi

Image credits: huhwhattaxes

#77 I Spotted This Family Today, It’s My Favorite Costume So Far

Image credits: DonjiDonji

#78 Happy With How Our Cardboard Robot Costumes Worked Out, My Daughter And I

Image credits: BallsOutKrunked

#79 Progress On My Son’s Costume, He’s Going As The Janitor From Little Nightmares

Image credits: Halloween-Mama

#80 Can’t Stop Laughing At My Nephew’s Costume – The Mask Makes Him Look Like A Sad Michael Myers

Image credits: MealsonWheels555

#81 My Nephew As Tigger, And His Trusty Sidekick Eeyore For Halloween

Image credits: sethaeme

#82 My 2 And 3-Year-Old Daughters For Halloween

Image credits: Wholesomedadtv

#83 My Daughter’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: EasyCaterpillar2050

#84 I Made My Kid’s Hummingbird Costume For The Halloween

Image credits: raydeecakes

#85 Son’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: PiledriverPress

#86 My Daughter Wanted To Be Samus For Halloween, So My Wife Spent Two Months Making These For Her

Image credits: LeCrushinator

#87 My Kid’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: solar-fish

#88 Just A Spooky Mom With Her Pinocchio And Slappy Having A Blast At The Boo Bash

Image credits: tiffanymamone

#89 The Doc Is In

Image credits: AKManns

#90 My Son Wanted To Be A WW1 Doughboy For Halloween. He Put Together This Costume By Himself

Image credits: D-B-Zzz

#91 My Daughter Mia For Her First Halloween As Mia Wallace

Image credits: ixxneoxxi

#92 Halloween – Daughter As Six From Little Nightmares

Image credits: Pillynap

#93 My Twin Nephews Are Walking Around The Neighborhood Saying “We All Float Down Here”

Image credits: busstees

#94 This Homemade 1980s Gizmo Costume

Image credits: amberbynature

#95 Family Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: LordByrum

#96 My Son In His “Sweet Tooth” Costume I Made

Image credits: Ladymedussa

#97 This Costume Probably Isn’t Gonna Work Out

Image credits: Macromemes

#98 My Daughter’s Purge Costume

Image credits: wildd666

#99 My Wife Bought This Costume Before My Daughter Was Born. It’s Perfect

Image credits: noiamnotyourfriend

#100 Dr. Olivia Octavius, Aka Doc Ock

Image credits: DoctaVaughn

#101 Made My Son An Enderman Costume With A Creeper Candy Box

Image credits: Cocolipzz

#102 My Son’s First Trick-Or-Treating Costume. I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image credits: dave_maple

#103 My Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Image credits: AgSkuld

#104 My Favorite Halloween Costume I’ve Made

Image credits: autumncoco

#105 My Kid’s Halloween Costume, No One Knew Who They Were

Image credits: JoyIsADaisy

#106 Nobody Really Recognized Them, But I Think My Kids Really Nailed Their Costumes

Image credits: deaconbooze

#107 My 11-Year-Old Terrorized The Neighborhood Like This On Halloween

Image credits: emilyactual

#108 Good Table Manners Watcher

Image credits: BrianneLeischow

#109 Here Is Michael And Chucky Planning Their Strategy On Halloween Morning

Image credits: newRNny

#110 My Kid’s Halloween Costume Delighted Our Elderly Neighbors

Image credits: cardamomme

#111 When Your Daughter Knows What She Wants To Be For Halloween, It’s Time To Get Crafty

Image credits: ChaseRahl

#112 My Son And His Friend In Their Home-Made Costumes A Few Years Back

Image credits: mks113

#113 My Daughter’s First Scary Costume. I, Dad, Did The Hair/Makeup/Nails

Image credits: TheProphetDave

#114 My Son’s Costume Of A Character In The Video Game Bloodborne. It Turned Out Great

Image credits: D-B-Zzz

#115 Our First Family Halloween Costume

Image credits: thatmattkid58

#116 We Hope Our Tremors Costume Graboids Your Attention

Image credits: Johannasburg

#117 It’s Not A Fancy Costume That Like Transforms Into Something Else, So I Don’t Know If I Should Even Post It. But It Is My Baby Girl’s First Halloween

She is old enough to really get into it.

Image credits: Resident_Persimmon_1

#118 My Son’s Homemade Pennywise Costume

Image credits: Chalmation_Nation

#119 My Oldest Son, It’s Not Finished Yet But I’m Getting Too Excited. We Can’t Wait

Image credits: Halloween-Mama

#120 It Took Forever To Make By Hand But My Girl Got To Be A “Boobot” For Halloween

Image credits: Necessary_Advice_363

#121 So My Little Cousin Was Asked, What Do You Want To Be For Halloween. This Was Her Answer And Seeing This Made Me So Happy To Talk About Fearless Individuality

She’s my favorite person.

Image credits: DisciplineScary

#122 My Kid Asked Me A Week Ago If He Could Be A Mech For Halloween. I Didn’t Have Much Time Or A Budget, But Here’s What We Came Up With

Image credits: The_Fat_Buddha

#123 My Family’s “The Lord Of The Rings” Halloween Costumes

Image credits: jhingman

#124 My 5-Year-Old Wanted To Dress As A Closet. I Added The Entendre

Image credits: inwolvescloth

#125 Made My Kid’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: slimjimkim

#126 That Is Not My Belly. That’s The Costume For The Halloween Party 2022

Image credits: m0E_tv

#127 How My Daughter And I Dressed For The Halloweentown Parade In St. Helens, Oregon This Evening

Image credits: ingallswx

#128 Made My Son A Clone Trooper (Captain Rex) Costume For Halloween

Image credits: Agto79

#129 My Son As Mini-Me Bob Ross For Halloween

Image credits: ansyhrrian

#130 My 8-Year-Old Niece And Nephew’s Halloween Outfits. She Really Knows How To Go For The Jugular

Image credits: ThisGrlFs

#131 The Halloween Bunny Costume Is Complete

Image credits: skye919

#132 Carrie. My 10-Year-Old Daughter Prefers Scary Over Princess Costumes

Image credits: emsuanar

#133 Special Delivery

Image credits: amerierosee

#134 An Early Halloween Pic

Image credits: thainfamouzjay

#135 My 5-Years-Old In Cosplay As Rod, The Ice Cream Man. Yes, It’s His Halloween Costume

Image credits: P0sterAnonynous

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