136 Of The Best Halloween Pet Costumes (New Pics)

With just a bit more than a week left until the 31st of October, now is the time to decide on the costume that best suits your pet’s personality, be it Pinhead Chihuahua or Batcat.

However, coming up with a look for your companion can be tough. After all, it needs to suit their personality as well. So we at Bored Panda put together a list of ideas that should definitely help.

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Continue scrolling to check out the adorably spooky celebrants and if you want more, fire up our other collections of the best Halloween pet costumes here and here.

#1 My Pirate Dog Was A Pirate Dog For Halloween

Image credits: Erin Mary

#2 And This Year’s Winner Of Halloween

#3 “We All Bork Down Here, Georgie”

Image credits: roscoe_blaze

#4 Spoopy

Image credits: beergeek

#5 This Year’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: Felicia Norman

#6 No Thoughts, Just A Pinhead Chihuahua

Image credits: steve_foxe

#7 Cute Ghosts

Image credits: Kevin_mar144

#8 My Friend From Work And His Dog Dressed As E.T. And Elliot

Image credits: Jarodactyl

#9 The Halloween Cat Has Appeared

Image credits: Freyu

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#10 Happy Halloween From This Golden Girl

Image credits: Pleasant-Pause-7991

#11 Happy Halloween From Taco Thor

Image credits: Jessiexzx

#12 My Best Friend’s Halloween Costume. He’s A Little Embarrassed By It

Image credits: zoxcat

#13 Celebrating The Day Of The Dead

Image credits: itswac

#14 Happy Halloween From The Sweetest Group Of Guinea Pigs

Image credits: marysa-xo

#15 Thor Is Going To Cast A Spell On You This Halloween

Image credits: Jessiexzx

#16 This Dog’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: theironfanatic

#17 Corgi + Cerberus = Corberius. He’s Ready For Halloween

Image credits: avramce

#18 Happy Halloween From The Puppy Who Lived

Image credits: tonywu88

#19 Rosie Has A Digestive Disorder That Forces Her To Eat All Her Meals In A Special Chair. So My Step-Mom Turned Her Into Ruth Bader Ginsburg For Halloween

Image credits: PacmanIsSleeping

#20 K-9 Karen. Happy Halloween

Image credits: behrkon

#21 You Severely Underestimate My Apathy

Image credits: lady_flufferton

#22 My Lil Bee

Image credits: The_0ccurrence

#23 Feeling A Little Exotic This Halloween

Image credits: Kelly Turner

#24 My Nephew As Tigger, And His Trusty Sidekick Eeyore For Halloween

Image credits: sethamphetameme

#25 Party On, Wayne! Party On, Garth

Image credits: cashsummit

#26 I Adopted A One-Eyed Dog, Everyone Said He Must Be A Pirate For Halloween

Image credits: Outside_Cod667

#27 Pray For Me. I Decided To Dress My Cat Up For Halloween

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Mango Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: malenysflock

#29 Our Dog Won Best Costume At His Daycare And Thought You All May Appreciate It

Image credits: ayeitschelsay

#30 The Perfect Halloween Costume

Image credits: TheDirectorsCut

#31 Yes Or No?

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 The Cutest Bat Ever

Image credits: SSTralala

#33 Happy Halloween

Image credits: ndudleybruce

#34 Demogorgon. I Am A Stranger Thing

Image credits: billiejoekitty

#35 Happy Halloween From Vampire Puppy

Image credits: Starrante11

#36 Happy Halloween

Image credits: Ladybug-2021

#37 I Ate Rubber Band. Went To Surgery. Won Pet Costume As Handmaid

Image credits: niaerll

#38 The Two Most Mischievous Loki Variants You’ll Ever See

Image credits: Degan747

#39 Judd Was A Bat For Halloween

Image credits: rmcc8

#40 Happy Halloween From The Gardener + Her Flower Children

Image credits: rheannecooke

#41 Appa And Momo Pet Costumes

Image credits: knots-and-bolts

#42 I Now Present My Ferret Kasey In Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: SgtBrown5252

#43 Dragon Costume For Fibs

Image credits: slhance

#44 Costume Contest Winner? I Think So. Soon As I Tried To Take A Pic The Mop Decided To Do A Flip Out Of The Bucket

Image credits: Haley Russell

#45 Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: deargdue_

#46 Happy Halloween

Image credits: GreenWitchOfTheWestt

#47 Happy Halloween From The Spookiest Dog

Image credits: muckymotor

#48 My Little Leopard Is Going As A Tiger This Halloween

Image credits: Oh_Kerms

#49 My 2 Pups Playing Their Part For Their Halloween Costume. Herbie Looks Super Happy That He Caught A Criminal And Marley Just Looks Guilty And Sad

Image credits: cath3190

#50 My 15-Year-Old Chihuahua (Munch) Got Her Halloween Costume Yesterday

Image credits: xbrianxfuryx

#51 Meet My Quirky Furbabies. Prince And Kyra. First Time Dressing Up For Halloween. Prince The Pirate And Marie Antoinette I Can’t With The Cuteness Had To Share

Image credits: West-Alternative9782

#52 Happy Halloween From My Favorite Bat

Image credits: sinkholes666

#53 Ambrose, My Old Blind Kitty, Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: KeyserSozeWearsPrada

#54 Halloween’s Most Handsome Devil

Image credits: LadyInterstellar

#55 My Daughter Wants To Go As El From Stranger Things For Halloween, So Of Course, We Need To Send Yoshi As Her Demogorgon

Image credits: Kitchen_Pollution_76

#56 Happy Halloween From Rembo

Image credits: lehawkman

#57 Bob’s Boo-Gers

Image credits: Izzy Greer

#58 Reptar’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: Nik6ixx

#59 Bandito’s First Halloween Costume

Image credits: moosboosh

#60 My Bunny Was Green Mario For Halloween

Image credits: lu-lua

#61 Took My 11-Year-Old Corgi For Her First Halloween Since Adopting Her In February Of 2020. Safe To Say She Loved It

Image credits: jradkennedy

#62 The Adopted Child’s First Halloween

Image credits: karebear9340

#63 The Costume He Was Born To Wear

Image credits: fourfingersdry

#64 Happy Halloween From Winnie The “Everything Beagle”. She Won 1st Prize In The Pet Costume Category At My Company’s (Virtual) Halloween Party Yesterday

Image credits: aleky8

#65 Guess Who Won Best Pet Costume Competition At Work? The Theme Was 2020 Hero

Image credits: mauuuf

#66 He Was Such A Good Robin For Halloween Last Year

Image credits: bison90

#67 Happy Halloween From Scarlett, The Fierce Bucking Bull. Yeehaw

Image credits: bluevelvetzombie

#68 Getting In The Halloween Spirit Already

Image credits: Hannah Thomaselli

#69 My Doggos Waffles And Muffin Are Trying On Their Scary Costumes For Halloween

Image credits: ransay3277

#70 My Sister-In-Law Entered Her Dog Into A Halloween Costume Contest. This Was Her Daisy Duke Entry

Image credits: FatLionGuy

#71 Happy Fall/Halloween From My Little Pumpkin Farmer

Image credits: porcelainlane

#72 Halloween Costume! I Dressed Up As Hopper, GF Was Joyce, And Freddie Was A Demodog

Image credits: b4ndw4g0n2k16

#73 Happy Halloween

Image credits: shmabby5

#74 Happy Halloween

Image credits: mrscaramelle

#75 Luke’s 31 Days Of Halloween, Day 22 – French Artist

Image credits: feffie1213

#76 I Took My Pup To A Halloween Dog Party This Weekend. She Was Terrified Of The Mascot. The Expression On These Two Was My Favorite

Image credits: Pink131980

#77 My Girl Slytherin Says Happy Halloween

Image credits: MDaughertyNH

#78 Better View Of The Bunny Costumes

Image credits: damiana8

#79 Happy Halloween! Waffles Is A Tissue Box This Year

Image credits: RedSeven4

#80 Here Is Sir Edgar The Kreeft’s Glider In His Halloween Costume

Image credits: madasthe

#81 My Squad On Halloween

Image credits: Twintrovert

#82 I Ordered A Halloween Costume For My Brother’s Dog

Image credits: esgibtnurbrot

#83 Happy Halloween

Image credits: Irishsunshinelover

#84 Bat Cat

Image credits: snoopandwiz420

#85 So, I Finished Up One Of The Pup’s Costumes For This Year, And Obviously We Had To Do A Test Run

Image credits: oldnorthrepublic

#86 Happy Early Halloween From The Scariest Little Spider I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: beautifulmadness13

#87 Jurassic Bark

Image credits: wolfkitty114

#88 It’s Chicken Noodle! She’s So Done With My Nonsense

Image credits: ceejayy16

#89 My Friend’s Three Guinea Pigs Are All Ready For Halloween

Image credits: Tinawebmom

#90 My Poodle Went As A Dalmatian For Halloween (The Paint Is Pet-Friendly If Case You’re Wondering)

Image credits: midwestemily

#91 Duke Says Happy Halloween Week

Image credits: Covidbride2021

#92 My Cat Would Like To Know If Her Halloween Costume Looks Good

Image credits: Viridescentic

#93 Who’s Ready For Halloween?

Image credits: NeverAteTheDust

#94 Beebo Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: goldeo

#95 Little George Hopes You Had A Lovely Halloween

Image credits: squirreldamage

#96 Does Everyone Have Their Pet’s Halloween Costumes Ready? Rex Wants To See Them

Image credits: badotter618

#97 Halloween Is Around The Corner! Pepper Is A Cotton Candy

Image credits: itsellemu

#98 Happy Halloween

Image credits: monarchvviceroy

#99 Happy Halloween From Hong Kong

Image credits: very_mediogre

#100 Wanna Play A Game?

Image credits: IfIWin_Again-321

#101 It’s Our Favorite Time Of Year, Pupper Halloween Costume Time

Image credits: jpphx

#102 Willow’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: Ashley_1010

#103 My Sister Got A Spider Costume For Her Hairless Cat

Image credits: crumbbelly

#104 Mocha Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: dinos-and-coffee

#105 Made A Loki Costume For My Alligator Lizard

Image credits: mylizardispewdiepie

#106 Happy Halloween

Image credits: boujee

#107 Luna Loves Halloween

Image credits: xokaytuhlin

#108 Little Vampires

Image credits: ogoldensiimba

#109 It’s A Me, Meow-Rio

Image credits: cat_cosplay

#110 Happy Halloween

Image credits: mmk.dogsquad

#111 Happy Halloween From My Coke Dog

Image credits: dlmgmario

#112 Good Girl’s Halloween Costume. 13 And No Quit In Her

Image credits: digitaldixon

#113 Happy Halloween Everyone From Ms. Ellie

Image credits: zikezoos

#114 Happy Halloween From The Labsters

Image credits: Gelu6713

#115 This Is Snuffles Wearing An Astronaut Head From Halloween

Image credits: russellg2293

#116 My Doggy On Halloween. She’s Dressed As A Dragon

Image credits: mad_cherry

#117 Guess What I Am For Halloween

Image credits: AlyoshKaramazov

#118 Mama And Baby Shark Ready To Paint The Town Red For Halloween

Image credits: rainbowbubble94

#119 Parks And Rec Fans: My Pups Dressed Up As Burt Macklin And Janet Snakehole

Image credits: MotherOfBlackLabs

#120 Last Year’s Halloween Ghost Costume Didn’t Come Out As Planned

Image credits: franks_760

#121 Hakuna Matata

Image credits: Megatron1809

#122 We Added A Balloon To Her Raincoat And Poof She’s Ready For Halloween

Image credits: the-crow17

#123 Happy Halloween From A Spooky Goa(S)t

Image credits: awesomenessity

#124 Trying To Be Spooky But Too Cute For Halloween

Image credits: pavy95

#125 Ready For Halloween Already

Image credits: Other-Ad-1037

#126 Her Halloween Date

Image credits: Erinnia

#127 Leo’s Halloween Costume Arrived

Image credits: tshortt1300

#128 We Were Poultry Today

Image credits: DarthTron007

#129 My Mom Bought The Dog A Halloween Costume

Image credits: KanaiMomoe

#130 My Sister’s Kitten, Ellie, All Dressed Up For Halloween

Image credits: Davidmoose

#131 Aloy Says “Eat Mor Chikin”. Everyone Loved Her Halloween Costume – The Chick-Fil-A Cow

Image credits: kmoore1230

#132 My Dog Went As A Hipster For Halloween

Image credits: altonbrownfan

#133 My University’s Pre-Vet Club Is Holding A Halloween-Themed Cutest Pet Contest, Here’s Arlo’s Submission

Image credits: bThrn1067

#134 Look At That Cute Sheep

Image credits: gingysrevengy

#135 Woody And Buzz Won A Halloween Costume Contest At An Animal Hospital A Few Years Ago

Image credits: Mymaryangel

#136 Happy Halloween From Ricky, The Baddest Snake Around

Image credits: jewkramer

Source: boredpanda.com

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