136 People Who Took Ceramics To Another Level And Shared The Results In This Online Group

Ceramics are probably the most common of all art forms to have emerged from human history and are one of the oldest inventions. The first evidence of human-made ceramics dates back to at least 24,000 years BC! While the technology and applications have steadily increased, the use of this form of art stayed pretty much the same. Just like before, we make use of ceramics as containers for water and food, art objects, tiles and bricks and so on.

In this article, however, we want to share the most unusual and unique ceramic things that people created, as posted on this subreddit, r/Ceramics. From impressive arm sculptures to exclusive cups, we believe you’ll find some really interesting and beautiful pieces in here.

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#1 First Time Experimenting With Black Clay, Love The Contrast!

Image credits: __jesschen__

#2 How About Some Frogs?

Image credits: Em_Art

#3 Made This Ceramic Manta Ray Brooch To Celebrate This Ocean Creature. Each Piece Is Uniquely Glazed

Image credits: thepomelolady

#4 Extreme Glaze (Porcelain, Cone 6)

Image credits: RestEqualsRust

#5 Check Out These Shrines Made By My Girlfriend. She Is Always Way Too Insecure About Her Ceramics

Image credits: Stoneway933R

#6 Follow Up On The Rakoon, To Seal The Deal. The Whiskers Are Nylon

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#7 My Ceramic Hand Vase V2

Image credits: ITGenji

#8 My Teapot Is Going To State!

Image credits: cheesecake_o

#9 Kitchen Backsplash – My Biggest Ceramic Project

Image credits: Antony_PC

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#10 Angry Bull Incense Burner

Image credits: Iron-Chen09

#11 Kutani-Yaki

Image credits: bibothebarbarian

#12 Leave Me Alone

Image credits: bibothebarbarian

#13 Carving A Flamingo In Colored Clay! Sorry For The Awkward Camera Angles, Still Experimenting With Recording My Process

Image credits: cryptidcat

#14 Give My Ceramic Whales Warm Welcome

Image credits: alexaverg

#15 Rakooon

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#16 Thrilled With The Way The Glaze Came Out On This Spoon-Rest I Made For A Friend

Image credits: CorvidWatcher

#17 Made Some Little Blobfish Desk Buddies / Paperweights

Image credits: astraelly

#18 My Husband Is Modest But I Think His Latest Work Is Worth Sharing… Pieces Are Designed With Islamic Geometry

Image credits: backseatromance

#19 Hippo, Hand Sculpted And Raku Fired Ceramic

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#20 Made A Plate To Propose To My Now Fiancé

Image credits: dougierubes

#21 First Teapot!

Image credits: inblueviolet

#22 Here’s A Pottery Piece I Found On Facebook (Source In Comments)

Image credits: Vandinite

#23 My Pangolin Jar Survived The Kiln!

Image credits: cryptidcat

#24 Collection Of Ceramic Works I Have Created During The Winter

Image credits: bubbelplast39

#25 A Stemmed Cup I Made Fresh Out Of The Kiln

Image credits: inblueviolet

#26 Got This Finished Beauty From The Kiln! I’m Also Accepted To Art School To Study Ceramics On A 75% Scholarship – It Doesn’t Feel Real. Today’s A Good Day

Image credits: soulramics

#27 Made Custom Bowls For My Cats

Image credits: gabsdoesclay

#28 Handmade Donutware

Image credits: RestEqualsRust

#29 I Like Making Ridiculously Sized Things In My Ceramics Class. This Is My Ridiculously Sized Pencil From My Last Semester

Image credits: selfinflictedhickey

#30 Autumn-Themed Cat Commission

Image credits: BattleScarLion

#31 Art Teacher Made This Vase Out Of Smaller Vases, Each One Was Made Individually On The Wheel, Took Him Roughly 40 Hours To Complete

Image credits: BinaryPeach

#32 Y’all Liked My Levitating Bowl. Here’s More Ploop

Image credits: RestEqualsRust

#33 It’s So Hard To Get A Good Photo Of Iridescence But I Also Can’t Stop Making These Planters!

Image credits: lanadelclay

#34 Hand Carved, Colored Porcelain Designs. Fresh Out Of The Kiln

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#35 Extremely Happy With My Improvement In Just One Year

Image credits: beingOnlyMe

#36 My Moms Ceramic Teapot

Image credits: planckIQ

#37 Cone 8, Colored Porcelain

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#38 Silly Small Vase I Made. It’s About The Size Of An Orange

Image credits: PerryChan_02

#39 Hand Built Stoneware Giraffe Bust. Dipped In Clear And Sprayed With Green Glaze. I’ve Named Him Stuart

Image credits: TheJerkbeard

#40 My Mug On A Mug

Image credits: violet1551

#41 Translucent Porcelain Spray Paint Lamp

Image credits: Ordinary_Ad5978

#42 My Wheel Thrown Pot With Some Hand Built Mushrooms !

Image credits: limsclay

#43 I Painted Three Black Clay Trays And Ready To Bisque Them!

Image credits: mothandravenstudio

#44 This Is One Of My Moms More Recent Works. What Do You Think?

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#45 Slowly Getting Better

Image credits: efflorett

#46 Started Making Mushroom Ceramics And Needless To Say I’m Obsessed!!

Image credits: WoodlandMuse

#47 Skunk!

Image credits: roachthatwontdie

#48 Stormy Mugs

Image credits: inblueviolet

#49 A Ceramic Church I’ve Been Working On For The Last 4 Months

Image credits: smiling_warrior

#50 Apologies For The Not So Great Picture, But This Is My First Teapot! I’m Pretty Happy With The Result

Image credits: y-hearse

#51 Fruity Mugs

Image credits: kiwipoca

#52 Rahel Ungwanaka From @hermannsburgpotters, Central Australia

Image credits: noticingceramics

#53 My Swiss Roll Butter Dish Back From The Kiln!

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#54 It Survived!!! I Was So Worried It Would Break. No Glaze, Cone 10 Salt Fired, Greune Butter Clay

Image credits: NotYourMutha

#55 Cone 8, Double Walled Insulated Mug, Colored Porcelain

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#56 A Pair Of Axolotls Enjoying The Outdoors!

Image credits: happyclaypot

#57 I Made A Table!!!! Gahhhhhh

Image credits: amblp_3922

#58 Color/Size Transformation

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#59 Working Hard To Grow My New Pottery Business In 2020, But At Least I Make Pretty Things And That Brings Me Joy

Image credits: goodsteinceramics

#60 A Face Planter I Made Some Time Ago. I Really Like The Spotted Clay. What Do You Think?

Image credits: sim1-ceramics

#61 I Made This Jellyfish Wind Chimes. What Do You Think?

Image credits: Hopelessceramic

#62 Stoneware Cabinet Of Curiosities I Made! It Hasn’t Been Fired Yet, I Hope It Survives Without Cracks

Image credits: Bright-Butterfly

#63 This Is Our Cup Wall! My Husband And I Collect Handmade Mugs/Cups. Some Are Novice Artists And Some Are Professional. When People Come Over They Choose Their Favorite Cup To Drink Out Of!

Image credits: Lady-of-Letters

#64 Inspired By Andre Borderie, I Made This Bedside Lamp. Really Wanted To Go For A Switch On The Lamp Itself, Instead Of Reaching For The Chord In The Dark

Image credits: Tomsippie

#65 Trying To Beat The Heat With Some Arctic Animal Sgraffito!

Image credits: cryptidcat

#66 Recently Had A Bad Experience With Another, Larger Ceramicist That Put Me Off From Posting My Pieces On Instagram. After Unloading My Newest Work Though— I’m Ready To Share Again!!!

Image credits: foodiefrankie

#67 My First Time Sharing My Work, I’m Really Proud Of This Piece

Image credits: Essarai_Ceramics

#68 My Ceramic Burger Am Absolutely In Love With The Colors

Image credits: jitterycheese324

#69 I Made A Mug. It Is A Fish. It Contains Chocolate That Is Hot

Image credits: vagabondfenn

#70 Just Painted These Babies

Image credits: Few-Echo-8683

#71 Pretty Proud Of This Lil Lizard Pot!

Image credits: P8Nvvv

#72 The Beauty And Hardships Of Ceramics. Credit To : Sunkooyuhceramics On Ig

Image credits: indicasky

#73 It’s Great To See My Progress Over The Past Year And A Half. I Never Thought I’d Get To Where I Am Now, But So Happy That I Did!

Image credits: everyonelse

#74 First Time Posting On Reddit

Image credits: Timely-Bridge-3513

#75 Gas Kiln Goodies!

Image credits: caseybinler

#76 I Just Really Love How This Glaze Turned Out

Image credits: Surelyitisid

#77 A Few Of The Tiles I’ve Designed This Year

Image credits: mothandravenstudio

#78 My Two Donut Vases Survived Every Firing!

Image credits: deandraface

#79 This Lil Guy Brings Me So Much Joy For No Particular Reason Lol

Image credits: soulramics

#80 I Store All My Tiny Houses On A Cute Little Shelf

Image credits: zolychka

#81 Cone 8 Colored Porcelain Teacups Fresh Out Of The Kiln

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#82 My Little Speedo Case Came Out Really Cute !

Image credits: Ameisein

#83 Grinning Stoneware Pots, Thrown Then Altered. There’s Slight Spaces Between The Teeth So They Drool When Watered

Image credits: Dahli_mama

#84 Cat Skull Mug Process

Image credits: mad-ruckus

#85 Finally Discovered The Underglaze Room At The Studio And I’m So Excited

Image credits: stephanroo

#86 I Made A Little Ceramic Mummy Pumpkin For Halloween!

Image credits: colorfulcraftsdiy

#87 Pretty Happy With How This Little Guy Is Painted Up, Can’t Wait To Fire Him Then Glaze Him! I Mostly Do Mugs So Nice To Have A Bigger Space For More Detail!

Image credits: Final_Armadillo1385

#88 Little Hummingbird Friend

Image credits: Em_Art

#89 I Made A Bull Sculpture And Glazed It With A Crystalline Glaze. It Dunted But It Doesn’t Bother Me Too Much. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: Thursdaysisthemore

#90 First Successful Carved Piece

Image credits: coolkidsam

#91 My Partner Makes (Imo) The Coolest Mugs Ever!

Image credits: PlayfulJuggernaut282

#92 Tree Frog Mug, Greenwear. Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things. Hope You Enjoy This Little Guy!

Image credits: cutiebutt11

#93 I’ve Got A Pop Up Exhibition This Weekend In Norwich. Here Is My Set Up

Image credits: SOMEONE3NO3MOZ

#94 Frog!

Image credits: roachthatwontdie

#95 Hi! My Wife Is A Ceramacist And Sculptor And I Wanted To Show Her Latest Artwork On Here Because I Think It’s Amazing. She Doesn’t Use Reddit. All Of Her Cermaic Work Are Handbuilt And Then Colour Treated With Underglaze, Glazed And Fired To 1220c. This Piece Is About 120cmx120cm

Image credits: imminentmisanthrope

#96 I Made A Book Cover For My Friends Tattoo Flash Book

Image credits: Cletus-the-fetus

#97 Collaboration Pieces With My Husband

Image credits: mothandravenstudio

#98 The Crown Jewel Of My High School Ap Ceramics Portfolio. I Was So Lucky To Have Access To A Wood Kiln

Image credits: spaghettibonanza

#99 I Rarely Make Mugs Because I Think They’re Boring But I Love How This One Turned Out

Image credits: existentialentropy

#100 Come 8, Layered And Carved Porcelain

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#101 Slab, Coil, And Wheel Thrown Planter!

Image credits: P8Nvvv

#102 Gandalf

Image credits: illotemporeart

#103 After Much Procrastination, My ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Bookends Have Been Glazed

Image credits: tryanother_please

#104 Raku

Image credits: ctrl_alt_dtl_001

#105 I’m So Happy With This Piece. Its Part Of An Ongoing Series And I Can’t Wait To Make More!

Image credits: SOMEONE3NO3MOZ

#106 Made A Groovy 60’s Inspired Psychedelic Vase!

Image credits: Feral_Hare

#107 Terracotta Pot I Made For My Big Jade Plant

Image credits: jpmuldoon

#108 Slab Built Piggy Bank I’m Very Proud Of This Project

Image credits: manbot20

#109 My Baby Came Out Of Bisque Firing. Proud Parent Rn

Image credits: SOMEONE3NO3MOZ

#110 Thrilled With How This Piece Came Out Of The Luster Firing Today

Image credits: soulramics

#111 #wateringbellwednesday

Image credits: designsbyjuls

#112 My Little Blueberries

Image credits: CrankBuzzard

#113 Made A Set Of Ramen Bowls

Image credits: dougierubes

#114 Luster Firing Has Finally Cooled Down! Here’s One Of My Personal Faves

Image credits: SuperSonicMegaSpud

#115 Cow!

Image credits: roachthatwontdie

#116 Ceramic Buddies

Image credits: kenzakoya

#117 A Handful Of Colourful Ceramic Animals I Made!

Image credits: rollingdesigns

#118 A Small Koala Pinch Pot I Made In Ceramics Class !! So Happy With How It Turned Out, So I Thought I’d Share

Image credits: merelyamelia

#119 I Made Pokeball Ornaments!

Image credits: mad-ruckus

#120 My Alligator Rolling Tray Painted With Velvet Under Glaze Ready For The Kiln

Image credits: Ummmmmmm_ok13

#121 Clay Oranguthan Meditating, I Loved The Process Of Making This

Image credits: Creaturista

#122 A Friend From Work Wanted Me To Make Him A Mew From Pokemon

Image credits: redpandaflying93

#123 Halloween Plates I Made On English Porcelain!

Image credits: StudioToulouse

#124 My Wife Finished Her First Entertaining Set. I Think She’s Got Amazing Talent!

Image credits: bombas239

#125 My First Post Here – Ceramic Ghosts

Image credits: JoannasWatercolor

#126 Coneflowers Three Ways On Slab-Built Mugs

Image credits: KSavageCeramics

#127 Look What I Dug Up! (Squeakoid)

Image credits: happyclaypot

#128 The Finished Jar

Image credits: ITGenji

#129 I Shared The Blue Mug Last Night And Ya’ll Wanted To See More. Here They Are!

Image credits: theglazedchipmunk

#130 A Pair Of Lidded Jars I Finished!

Image credits: heatsensitive

#131 Hand Built Witch’s Table

Image credits: BattleScarLion

#132 Red And Raw

Image credits: nws_ceramics

#133 A Handful Of Ceramic Duckies I Made!

Image credits: rollingdesigns

#134 I Made Some Hare Plates, I Love Them! Excited To Show Them Off At A Market Tomorrow

Image credits: Final_Armadillo1385

#135 I Think My First Teapot Is Worthy Of My First Post Here!

Image credits: TheGreatSeaCucumber

#136 Ngl, I’m Pretty Proud Of The New Octopus Mug I Made

Image credits: WalterWylderCeramics

Source: boredpanda.com

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