136 People Who Were Confidently Wrong About Something And Were Ridiculed For It Online (New Pics)

There’s nothing wrong with trusting yourself. On the contrary, self-confidence is linked to almost every element involved in a happy and fulfilling life. It provides greater motivation and more resilience, improves relationships, and strengthens your sense of authenticity.

But take it too far and you become impossible to put up with, behaving as if you are more important than other people — arrogant — and might even end up featured on the subreddit ‘Confidently Incorrect.’

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As we’ve already shown you in our previous publications here, here, and here, this online community is dedicated to taking down people who proudly make false statements. It’s the ultimate online purgatory for liars. Continue scrolling to check out its latest “visitors.”

#1 Still My Most Favorite One Yet

Image credits: lilbrojoey

#2 This Online Review And 3 People That Saw It As Helpful

Image credits: rjroa21

#3 “You Should Speak English”

Image credits: eicaker

#4 But We’ve Been To The Moon

Image credits: resonanttop

#5 Oh, Lavern

Image credits: AdmiralDragonXC

#6 Wireless PC’s Don’t Exist

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#7 Nope

Image credits: RBL2020

#8 Dumba*s

Image credits: SplitpushADC

#9 …

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: wakaflockasleftnut

#10 Antifa Helped N*zis Into Power

Image credits: FenHarellan

#11 Deleted Within Minutes

Image credits: horshack_test

#12 My God

Image credits: KayJayAllDay

#13 Milk

Image credits: Logical-Steak4716

#14 Uh, No

Image credits: brutalproduct

#15 First Boycotts, Now Socialism: Hercules Needs To Get A Dictionary

Image credits: Dark-All-Day

#16 So Explain These 10 Billionaires

Image credits: Ehansaja

#17 They Thought It Was A Transphobic Comment When It Actually Was Affirming

Image credits: Halfling_bard-mom

#18 Trying To Figure Out What Percentage Of The Us Population Has Died Because Of Covid

Image credits: Bansaiii

#19 Not How Bras (Or Boobs) Work

Image credits: Imaginary-Witness883

#20 Prnouns Are Hard

Image credits: _Foy

#21 I’m Not A Physicist, But I’m Sure This Is Wrong

Image credits: Savalis986

#22 “New York Has The Best Pizza In The World”

Image credits: Alessio3002

#23 Two Local Diversity Advocates In Arizona Are Taking Heat After Calling A School District Racist For Hiring A Dj To Perform In Blackface — But It Turns Out The Dj Was Black

Image credits: Effective-Wonder-45

#24 The Last Sentence Is Really The Cherry On Top

Image credits: leileitime

#25 I Got Nothin’

Image credits: PirateJohn75

#26 Obama’s Birth Place

Image credits: shocking-science

#27 When You Don’t Know How Bullets Or Sound Works

Image credits: trancemechanic

#28 Fyi – Potus Doesn’t Create Laws, People

Image credits: eburner31

#29 They Can’t Be Serious!

Image credits: PhysicalProgrammer

#30 Idiot

Image credits: OrionsGhost79

#31 Full-Throated Incorrectness About Us Knife Crime vs. UK Knife Crime

Image credits: Rixmadore

#32 When Americans Think English Is The Only Language :

Image credits: Practical_Shock6362

#33 Man Completely Misses The Point Of Rage Against The Machine

Image credits: Skye_hai_bai

#34 Psa To Americans: Puerto Ricans Are Us Citizens

Image credits: weekend-zombie

#35 The Golden Rule: Never Disagree With The Grammar Bot

Image credits: classyrain

#36 No One Can Be Spanish ! Spanish Is Only A Lenguage

Image credits: egdelwonk4216

#37 How Stupid Can You Be?

Image credits: LizardsRYourBoss

#38 Is 3 Out Of 4 Good Enough?

Image credits: JasonSCampbell

#39 As Someone Who Lives In A Country Where Assault Weapons Are Banned, I Can Confirm We All Eat Our Dogs

Image credits: Jayfin_

#40 Not Now Varg

Image credits: Entr3_Nou5

#41 Patriotism Isn’t Propaganda, Ok?

Image credits: skully_kiddo

#42 I Saw This On Facebook And Instantly Thought Of This Sub

Image credits: TardisPup

#43 Just Use Your Brain

Image credits: LEC1224

#44 Elon Musk Is A Glorified Car Salesman

Image credits: Tayo826

#45 Redditor Thinks Children Wouldn’t Be Interested In Reading Harry Potter

Image credits: TheWingedArm

#46 Man Thinks Australians Were Oppressed During The Pandemic To Justify The 2nd Amendment

Image credits: ethan17w

#47 Hmm Moon

Image credits: ButterflyPikachu

#48 Something Only The Alphas Would Know

Image credits: shades0fcool

#49 Comparing The “1%” To The Average Teen

Image credits: EJIONIX

#50 *foodchain Left The Chat*

Image credits: DotDotDot695

#51 Sometimes, I Wish Democrats Were As Cool As Republicans Think They Are

Image credits: professorearl

#52 Basic Maths Y’all

Image credits: ionenbindung

#53 He Really Tanked This Prediction

Image credits: ten_tons_of_light

#54 So Much To Unpack Here

Image credits: Cre8AccountJust4This

#55 “Cars Only Use Gas When They Are Moving. That’s Why It’s Measured In Miles Per Gallon And Not Gallons Per Minute.” From The State Of Hawaii’s Fb Account In Response To Complaints Of Hpd Issuing Nearly 500 Tickets To Drivers That Were In ‘Park’ On The Freeway Exits During A Traffic Jam

Image credits: imhereredditing

#56 Things We Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence

Image credits: mythoryk

#57 I Hope He’s Not Serious

Image credits: Blackout5x5

#58 Were*

Image credits: QueerEyeForTinderGuy

#59 Just Wow

Image credits: mjthriller35

#60 21st Century Math

Image credits: WolfOfDoorStreet

#61 Uhhh Wrong

Image credits: squirrel102710

#62 When You Do Meth Instead Of Math

Image credits: Kevinvl123

#63 They Know Their States

Image credits: tektekboi

#64 On Being Stuck In Tunnels

Image credits: CoryVictorious

#65 9+1+1=12

Image credits: dhoae

#66 My Cousin Insists That Wwii Was Entirely The Fault Of The USA. Even If She Has To Bend Time To Make It So

Image credits: donut_clouds

#67 This Person Doesn’t Even Know What Juneteenth Is Celebrating

Image credits: camfire64

#68 Grow Up

Image credits: BlueDragon1504

#69 Connecting Via Internet Is A Different Science Then Bombing People

Image credits: immellocker

#70 You Love To See It

Image credits: 000000909

#71 She’s Sure She Knows More Than Scientists…

Image credits: LevelLoud8063

#72 Answering A Question I Didn’t Even Ask And Still Getting It Wrong

Image credits: olorin2786

#73 I Guess Viruses Are Smaller Than O2 Molecules. It’s Been Nearly 3 Years And They Still Believe This Dumb Nonsense

Image credits: dhoae

#74 War Booty

Image credits: Wish_Dizzy

#75 Intelligence Is Not A Social Construct

Image credits: scrotimus-maximus

#76 Saw This While Scrolling Through My Tiktok Home Feed

Image credits: Anonymous_User39485

#77 And They Said I Need To Go Read

Image credits: dmc-going-digital

#78 Redditor Thinks Atheists Are The Obnoxious Ones

Image credits: imll99

#79 There, Fixed It For You

Image credits: Nick_Aten

#80 More Lavern Spicer Since Y’all Liked The Last One

Image credits: Lexaprofessional1998

#81 “Poor Life Choices”

Image credits: Jetcoin77122

#82 Just Turn It Off

Image credits: zruxr

#83 Had This Fun Little Chat With My Dad About A Meme He Sent Me Relating To Gun Violence

Image credits: levi22ez

#84 Reminder That This Guy With The Political Understanding Of A 6 Year Old, Believes He Can Turn Twitter Less Politically Biased

Image credits: Sul_Haren

#85 Tell Me You Don’t Know Anything About Asian Customs Without Telling Me

Image credits: ethan17w

#86 I Want You To Think Long And Hard About Who Was President In February 2020

Image credits: Atebitllamas

#87 Hurricane Ida Would Like To Tell You Otherwise

Image credits: PhilJones4

#88 Ah Yes, Math Is The Proof Of God, And Matter Is Math, Not Science

Image credits: Redspeakable

#89 Religious Propaganda Flyer

Image credits: suckontits

#90 Please, Dumb It Down For Us

Image credits: RandyLongsocksMcgee

#91 Math Is Hard Guys

Image credits: RadiantZote

#92 Definitely No Longer A Prime

Image credits: krxzy_wxrlxck

#93 2700 People Agreeing

Image credits: pepsipepispep

#94 Imagine All The People…living Like Billionaires

Image credits: crashlog

#95 Literally Every Number Is Wrong

Image credits: jm9160

#96 Any Sarcasm I Come Up With Would Be Less Incorrect With This So Just Take It As Is

Image credits: dhoae

#97 The Republic Of Canada?

Image credits: jimdoodles

#98 This Meme Is Confidently Floating Around Facebook With Incorrect Math

Image credits: mrs-smurf

#99 Part Time Minimum Wage Painters Can Make Six Figures

Image credits: greenlakejohnny

#100 Ukraine Is Definitely Not In Europe, Lol

Image credits: devilsivytrail

#101 Incorrect About Basic Grammar

Image credits: Maximum-Frame-1765

#102 My Mom Found This Anti-Marijuana Book From The 1980s. Apparently All Animals Have Fewer Chromosomes Than Humans

Image credits: clearemollient

#103 Source: Bro Trust Me

Image credits: IronicSexOffender

#104 Oh Yes. Demonic Possession

Image credits: LeoMcShizzzle

#105 Just Cracked Your Spine – Now Your Heart’s Fine

Image credits: spinstartshere

#106 That’s Not How This Works; That’s Not How Any Of This Works

Image credits: NonZealot

#107 Diabetes Isn’t Real, Apparently

Image credits: DeadForDecember

#108 Sounds Like A Bargain To Me

Image credits: goodgriefchris

#109 “It’s Quite Easy To Perform As Well As A Doctor Without Going To Medical School Through Trial And Error” And “Medicine Isn’t Intellectually Stimulating”

Image credits: kaioone

#110 Confidently Incorrect About Gas

Image credits: j_reinegade

#111 Rape Is Never Okay

Image credits: AbbyHutio

#112 The Game Development Understander Has Logged On

Image credits: niphette

#113 It’s What They Came Out Of

Image credits: CoffeeCicada

#114 Weight Weighs Different Apparently

Image credits: mpmwrites

#115 ‘your’ And ‘You’re’ Debate

Image credits: reddit.com

#116 This Guy Speaks For 100% Of Everyone To Ever Get An Abortion, I Guess

Image credits: Trepplze

#117 You’re Actually 4.5x More Likely To Be Shot And 4.2x More Likely To Be Killed While Carrying A Firearm

Image credits: ChillenDylan3530

#118 “Humans Are Mammals Not Animals. Please Revisit Elementary School”

Image credits: 54R45VV471

#119 “Is That What Google Translate Told You?”

Image credits: myrmexxx

#120 Explaining How Hiroshima Didn’t Cause The End Of Ww2

Image credits: FlatMarzipan

#121 Misread The Room

Image credits: S_Z

#122 Everything Fake?!

Image credits: Substantial_System21

#123 Hmmmm

Image credits: singaporeNFT

#124 Convicted That 38 Weeks Pregnant Is Two Weeks Overdue

Image credits: qaws9876

#125 “Colourblindness Doesn’t Work Like That”

Image credits: TenthTen

#126 British Person Here – Nope, I Can Confirm That We Have Not Had Any Days Off Announced (For Me Anyway)

Image credits: fnaffie

#127 Should We Tell Him?

Image credits: PotatoePotatoe42

#128 Rare Sight! Two Confidentlyincorrect Creatures Arguing

Image credits: Craztnine

#129 Confederate

Image credits: Swish1892

#130 “The Sun Revolves Around The Earth”

Image credits: I-Like-Brutality

#131 I’m Not Confident In Our Future

Image credits: IfIKnewThen

#132 Apparently, You Need Sources To Desprove Facts, Not To Prove Them

Image credits: Iupogrigio

#133 Healthcare = Gun

Image credits: Complete-Zucchini-85

#134 Thinking The Pledge Of Allegiance Is From The Constitution

Image credits: primo808

#135 I Can’t Even Make This Up

Image credits: olddangly

#136 Spotted In The Wild On Bird App

Image credits: merinis

Source: boredpanda.com

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