136 Things That Look Like Other Things (New Pics)

They say there is always more than meets the eye. So today, we are going to take you on an illusory roller coaster where things are not what they seem, or rather they seem to be not what they are… Unless you look twice, and thrice, and then everything seems fine.

Bored Panda has compiled a list full of mind-bending camouflages we encounter every day and don’t give much thought to. From a sizzling paella bowl that resembles a pool full of tiny humans to a piece of toothpaste that came out just like someone’s taken their nose off, these are some of the most amusing optical illusions.

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Be prepared for your mind to play tricks on you, and don’t forget to check out our previous posts with incredible optical illusions here and here.

#1 My Toothpaste Came Out Looking Like A Nose

Image credits: shefearsoblivion

#2 This Paella Looks Like A Bunch Of People In A Dirty Pool

Image credits: poison_2222

#3 I Took A Picture Of A Window With Rain On It And It Looks Like A Planet Surrounded By Millions Of Stars

Image credits: norfo

#4 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

⁣⁣From afar you may wonder, “Is that an asteroid ring around the moon?”. Well, the disguise of this waning moon is actually a thin cirrostratus cloud. The way the cloud interacts with the moon creates a unique display of beauty that steals protagonism from the surrounding stars. Below the moon? The dimly lit silhouette of volcano Pacaya and the Guatemalan highlands can be appreciated.⁣⁣

⁣⁣ Captured at dawn December 24, 2019⁣

Image credits: francisco_sojuel

#5 This Baby Bird Looks Like A Pinecone

Image credits: thebigleobowski

#6 The Light Coming From The Bathroom Window Makes My Cat Look Like She Just Had A Great Idea

Image credits: lucyvlt

#7 The Moss Growing In This Bus Stop Gutter Looks Like A Tiny Ancient Ruin On Top Of A Hill

Image credits: teksponge

#8 The Wings Of The Atlas Moth Look Like Snakes

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Image credits: Sandra

#9 The Inside Of These Acoustic Guitars Look Like Luxury Apartments

Image credits: pokemasterlol

#10 The Window Of This House I Rented Looks Like A Painting

Image credits: _newphonewhodis

#11 My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow

Image credits: JoshuaForLong

#12 My Car Wash Foam Looks Like A Sparkling Sunset

Image credits: Rosalie-Crutchley

#13 My New Petunia Looks Like A Galaxy

Image credits: shady_robot

#14 My Burnt Match Looks Like A Stage Microphone

Image credits: usernameconundrum

#15 The Snow On My Husband’s Car Looks Like Cloth

Image credits: DaturaMuril

#16 How The Ice Looks Like Scotch Tape On The Roof Of This Barn

Image credits: Tterrajsiwel

#17 This Is A Puddle

Image credits: Your_Future_Attorney

#18 These Mushrooms Look Like Cigarettes

Image credits: 1337DPS

#19 This Window That Looks Like A Painting

Image credits: this_is_a_good_sign

#20 The Way My Company’s Cooling System Becomes Giant LEGO Bricks In The Snow

Image credits: Thetrg

#21 Encountered A Hairless Guinea Pig That Looks Like A Baby Hippo

Image credits: Unentertained

#22 I Thought There Was A Severed Finger In My Fruit Bowl. It Was Just Some Ginger

Image credits: Seawench41

#23 My Reflection On The Mirror Looks As If It Was A Regular Picture On The Wall

Image credits: drakanz

#24 These Sunset Clouds Look Like Lava

Image credits: nprovince101

#25 These Trees With Christmas Lights Under The Snow Look Like Rocket Launch

Image credits: alexandrosdimo

#26 Fixing My Parent’s Computer This Morning. Turns Out The P Is For Potato Salad. Not What I First Thought

Image credits: salty8888

#27 My Crescent Rolls Came Out Looking Like Walruses That Just Can’t Anymore

Image credits: chiquitamichi

#28 The Shadow Of My Bookshelf Looks Like A City Skyline

Image credits: AppropriateForm

#29 The Pebbles On This Beach Look A Lot Like Eggs

Image credits: giannistsou.1

#30 Brother-In-Law Made These. I Took A Bite Expecting A Hotdog. They’re Doughnuts

Image credits: Kataclysm

#31 This Dead Plant Looks Like A Broomstick

Image credits: Bcnlvr1125

#32 Removed An Old Desk Drawer And It Looks Like An Abandoned Store

Image credits: trevor-boy

#33 My View Of This Ladder Kinda Looks Like An Escher Drawing

Image credits: Brentusfirmus

#34 An Iron Chain So Rusted By Sea Salt It Looks Like It’s Made Of Wood

Image credits: Lord_Cornwallis_III

#35 My Lush Bath Bomb Just Makes It Look Like A Tub Filled With Pee

Image credits: anxiousbearofpolar

#36 This Picture Of My Cat In A Box Looks Like A Polaroid Picture

Image credits: Ser_Jamilton

#37 Tootsie Roll

Image credits: FreakishlyWhiteWoman

#38 The Way The Water Reflects The Red Ceiling In The Hospital Parking Garage And Look Like Blood

Image credits: heymantha_

#39 My Grandmother’s Immigration Forms From The 1950s Look Just Like Cards Against Humanity

Image credits: goldenwarthog_

#40 This Rusty Lock Gate Looking Like A Painting

Image credits: rOlFmaIeR

#41 This Rust That Look Like Treebark On A Bus Stop Sign

Image credits: KrispinKush

#42 I Thought This Weed Flower Looked Like The Covid Renderings

Image credits: Grumpus1

#43 After A Little Snowfall, My Tree Looks Like A Cotton Plant

Image credits: mikeg1985

#44 The Way This Tree Root Is Growing Makes It Look Like Toxic Sludge

Image credits: AdoringPrism

#45 This Tablecloth Looks Like A Giant Beer Bottle Cap

Image credits: veganbooster

#46 My Towel Fell Off Its Hook And It Looks Like Soft Serve Ice Cream

Image credits: dani4688

#47 I Ate Coconut And Mango Ice Cream That Looks Like A Half-Eaten Poached Egg On A Waffle Cone

Image credits: NicolasCGN

#48 Great Pyramids Of Florida

Image credits: SloppieMcFloppy

#49 Frozen Spider Web Looks Like A Knitting

Image credits: Jose Zarate

#50 Bottom Of My Teacup Looks Like An Eyeball

Image credits: TiberiusSchmoods

#51 The Wrinkled Eye Of An Ancient Priest

Image credits: MotherProfessor

#52 A Shot Of Burning Man That Looks Like A Solar System

Image credits: jacob

#53 These Rice Fields Look Like Stained Glass From Above

Image credits: airpixels

#54 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image credits: Brick_in_the_dbol

#55 Who Else Thinks My Wife’s New Can Opener (Hehe) Looks Like A Strange Sex Toy?

Image credits: stubbornmoose

#56 My French Fry At McDonald’s Looks Exactly Like A Banana

Image credits: Oddishboy

#57 This Small Red Potato Looks Like An Anatomical Heart

Image credits: Jztak7

#58 I Found This Leaf That Looks Like A Weather Radar

Image credits: omgyoucunt

#59 This Smudge On My Glasses Looks Like A Mountain

Image credits: BringDat_Camelbak

#60 This Oven Kinda Looks Like An Easter Island Head

Image credits: hjeldepetter6

#61 Eggplants That Actually Look Like Eggs

Image credits: -BunuB-

#62 My Cucumber Plant Grew A Vine That Looks Like A Treble Clef

Image credits: FulmarusGlacialis

#63 Is Pringles Ready For A Human Mascot? Call Me

Image credits: HunkStache

#64 Watercolor Sank To The Bottom Looks Like An Eyeball

Image credits: ineedmoresleepz

#65 The Holes In This Swiss Cheese Make It Look Like The Cow Has Eyes

Image credits: haveawaffleday

#66 These Roof Vents Look Like Mandalorian Helmets

Image credits: kurtisbr

#67 My Purple Potatoes Look Like Gemstones

Image credits: 2pam

#68 This Pumpkin In Our Garden Split And It Looks Like It Has Teeth

Image credits: lokigivesmeloves

#69 We Grew An Eggplant That Looks Like The Poop Emoji

Image credits: SadOni0n

#70 Sharp Teeth Boy

Image credits: maraa5

#71 I Found A Pattern On Some Rocks In Sweden That Looks A Bit Like Starry Night By Van Gogh

Image credits: Nikoolisphotography

#72 Morro Rock Looks Like A Pile Of Gold During Sunrise

Image credits: Cnoordz

#73 This Moth In My Bathroom Looks Like The End Of A Joint

Image credits: fuqers

#74 Foam On My Pasta Water Looks Like A Fish Fillets

Image credits: nguyenkerry

#75 My Dog Likes To Fetch Hair Ties And Hold Them In His Mouth, Making Him Look Like He’s Wearing Grills

Image credits: C0LT0GRAPHY

#76 This Turtle’s Shell Looks Like A Sombrero

Image credits: morgiibee

#77 The Hole In This Table Looks Like Earth Seen From Space

Image credits: baoooooo

#78 This Is Jubilee. She Just Happens To Look Like Bad Taxidermy

Image credits: critterwalk

#79 My Friend Told Me That I Look Like A Popsicle Stick

Image credits: genuinlyinterested

#80 This Giant Beet From My Garden Looks Like A Heart

Image credits: kashikat

#81 Small Apples That Look Like Cherries

Image credits: peprio

#82 This Is The Top Of A Fence Post

Image credits: PorkfatWilly

#83 This Subway Station Looks Like A Space Station

Image credits: SuperCub

#84 A Snake That Looks Like Cookies And Cream

Image credits: SonoriousRBLX

#85 My Cactus Just Bloomed, And Its Flower Looks Like A Demogorgon

Image credits: Aniskube92

#86 The Armadillo Lizard Looks Like A Baby Dragon

Image credits: __messy__

#87 Every Year, My Next Door Neighbors House Looks Like A Can Of Arizona Green Tea

Image credits: dreph

#88 Bubbles In My Hand Sanitizer Look Like A Mini Solar System

Image credits: fluffyomletes

#89 The Sunrise Makes The Steam Look Like A Flame

Image credits: adamrg81

#90 Pattern On This Tree Stump Looks Kinda Like The ‘Starry Night’ Painting

Image credits: grumpytogepi

#91 My Friend Dropped A Paint Lid. The Result Looks Like A Brain Scan

Image credits: wild202

#92 I Refilled My Soap Dispensers With New And Different Brands. The Density Caused The Old Soap On Bottom To Rise, Making It Look Like Fungi

Image credits: amynoacid

#93 This Building Looks Like A Single Wall Of Windows

Image credits: JelaniKazu

#94 This Puffball Mushroom Looking Like Epcot For Ants

Image credits: AkaSillyGirl

#95 Was So Excited To See A Baby Deer On My Hike

Image credits: sagee127

#96 Thought This Was A Desktop Background But It’s Just A Reflection Of Our Couch

Image credits: Goose248

#97 This Dough Ball Looks Like A Huge Storm Seen From The Space

Image credits: Lexta222

#98 These Clouds By My House Look Like A UFO Invasion

Image credits: YoyoColo

#99 My Keycard Is Like A Cute Baby Next To The Cutting Board

Image credits: monteimpala

#100 The Ice On My Friend’s Car Froze In The Shape Of Mountains And A Tree

Image credits: madiihale

#101 Looking Out Of A Ruin In Outback Australia. Kind Of Looks Like A Picture Frame On A Wall

Image credits: 931838413378598

#102 Doggo Looking Like A Bear After The Bath

Image credits: bertiebertthepom

#103 This Is Moss Agate From Indonesia, The ”moss” Is Actually Iron And Other Mineral Inclusions In The Stone That Make It Look Like It Contains A Secret Forest

Image credits: leakytoquito

#104 My Daughter’s Curtains Look Like Dentures

Image credits: dapperelephant

#105 This Spider Hanging Out Near My Front Gate Latch Has An Abdomen That Looks Like A Map Of The World

Image credits: yugi_motou

#106 Tiny Weeds In My Garden Look Like A Desert Oasis

Image credits: HiddenDongo

#107 This Bush Looks Like I Just Won Solitaire

Image credits: HoundDogAwhoo

#108 These Shells Look Like Little Butterflies

Image credits: pablokris

#109 My Mom Sent Me A Picture Of Her Dinner. I Didn’t Understand Why It Wasn’t Playing

Image credits: baconguacamoletacos

#110 Water From Faucet Looks Like A Wine Glass

Image credits: IronSheep5318

#111 These Cactus Fruits Look Like Tiny Pineapples

Image credits: PabloFontaine

#112 This Building In NYC Looks Like A Massive Jenga Game

Image credits: JamesMakesFilms

#113 The Wick Of My Candle Looks Like A Mushroom(-Tree?)

Image credits: philcsn

#114 This Tire Mark Was That Looks Like A Double Cheeseburger

Image credits: SaGlamBear

#115 The Tomato We Grew Looks Like Sauron’s Eye

Image credits: coffeeandpuppers

#116 The Kettle Looks Like A Butt

Image credits: guerrero2

#117 This Non-Smoking Post Looks Like A Cigarette

Image credits: handy_dandy_andy

#118 My Cat’s Facial Colouring Looks Like A Hand Flipping You Off

Image credits: isingiswim

#119 This Circular Piece Of Confetti Which Looks Like A Hole In The Hardwood

Image credits: neco61

#120 Due To The Light Fixtures’ Reflections And The Window’s Frame, This Photo I Took In Iceland Looks Like A Painting Of Another Planet

Image credits: lhbruen

#121 My Coworker’s Coffee Looks Like An African Acacia Tree

Image credits: Zurat121

#122 This Burnt Cheese Looks Like A Penguin

Image credits: FalconerGuitars

#123 My Boyfriend’s Knee Makes It Look Like A Tiny Old Man Is Sitting On My Bed

Image credits: babygrape47

#124 This Moth I Found On My Front Door Is Camouflaged To Look Like A Bird Poop

Image credits: ratinthehat800

#125 My Abstract Piece Looks Like A Melting Mirror

Image credits: americanxtrash

#126 A Caterpillar That Looks Like It’s Wearing A Penguin Sweater

Image credits: imgur.com

#127 Black Jellyfish Looks Like Lava On Sand

Image credits: facetothedawn

#128 This Cat Looks Exactly Like A Bowl Of Flour

Image credits: lhubbard0

#129 This Egg Looks Like My Skin

Image credits: Enoriellu

#130 This Tibetan Cherry Tree At My Local Park Looks Like Copper

Image credits: connor_clark07

#131 This Picture Of A Landscaping Supply Place Looks Like Water Color Palette

Image credits: Paul0416

#132 A Deformed Piece Of Candy Corn Came Out Looking Like A Traffic Cone

Image credits: SmirkyTrick

#133 This Clay On My Hand Makes It Look Like I Have Grayscale

Image credits: averagequalitystuff

#134 My Cactus’ Bud Opened And I Think It Looks Like An Alien Or Maybe Audrey II

Image credits: DinosaurKati

#135 This Sanitizing Sprayer At Work That Looks Like It’s From Overwatch

Image credits: WisdomWaster

#136 These Cactuses Look Like Fireworks

Image credits: Orgullo Wixarika

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