138 Times Hotels Surprised Everyone With Their Creativity (New Pics)

#1 A Buddy Of Mine Travels A Lot For Work, Asked For A Fort…

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#2 My Hotel Wants You To Take The Nice Soap Home!

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#3 This Kids Menu At The Hotel I’m Staying At

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Courtesy of Hospitality School, here are several ‘Golden Rules’ that each and every hotelier worth their salt should follow. That is, if they want to be proud of what they do, want their business to boom, and their guests to grace their doorstep once again.

Looking like a professional goes a long way in the hospitality business. That means dressing nicely, taking care of your hygiene and smiling brightly. It’s also vital that the way you talk to your customers be sincere — they can spot it if you’re being fake in an instant. What’s more, keeping your guests’ private life private is of utmost importance, as is helping them with everything and anything they might need. Finally, never, ever ignore complaints. Not even small ones.

#4 My Hotel In China Has A Card To Give To A Taxi Driver So You Can Find Your Way Back

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#5 Hotel Staff Found Fifty Shades Of Grey Book On Guest’s Side Table…

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#6 In The Europa Park Hotel In Germany There Is A Tiny Children Bathroom In The Bathroom

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However, the rules of hospitality are slowly changing over time, as Marcel Thoma, the General Manager of The Upper House hotel in Hong Kong told Euronews: “Twenty years ago, there were scripts and standards. And it was the same every day. These days, we expect the wait staff to be psychiatrists. Now, some guests want to be left alone; maybe you don’t refill their coffee because they’re in a meeting and concentrating hard. We like to see ourselves as hosts, not service providers. For that, you must give your staff the freedom to be spontaneous.”

#7 Saw This In The Hotel Grounds Where I Was Working

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#8 The Shower In My Hotel Has A Little Cutout So You Can Turn It On Before Getting In

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#9 When The Hotel Staff Has Your Back

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Thoma also explained how staff members can help in unexpected ways. “For example, we once had a guest come downstairs and say, I want to go hiking but I’m alone and don’t know how to go hiking in Hong Kong. We had a staff who loves hiking and said, ‘Madame, I know a beautiful trail. Why don’t we go hiking together tomorrow, if you’d like me to come along with you?’ So, they went hiking together. In a traditional hotel, they would say, ‘We’re not paying you to go hiking! You’re paid to check in and check out guests.’”

#10 Instead Of Bibles, My Hotel Has Copies Of 1984

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#11 My Hotel Room Had A White Noise Machine Installed In The Wall

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#12 My Hotel In Switzerland Has Different Plug Sockets For Guests From Different Parts Of The World

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#13 The Hotel I Am Staying At Has The Fire Evacuation Plans At Ground Level So You Can See Them If Smoke Has Filled The Hallways

Image credits: cawclot

#14 My Hotel In Odessa (Ukraine) Tells You Which Day It Is By Changing The Elevator Carpet Every Day

Image credits: SpartanKing76

#15 The Toiletries At My Hotel In Switzerland Included A Rubber Ducky

Image credits: Shark-Farts

#16 This Bag Of Old/Stained Face Towels Have Been Re-Used As “Rags” At This Hotel

Image credits: SlipperyPockets

#17 I Didn’t Think This Sort Of Thing Really Happens

I asked the hotel to hide a picture of Robert Downey Jr in my room. I forgot all about it and when I went to take a hot bath to wash off a shitty day, I caught sight of this.

Image credits: habitsofwaste

#18 The Design Of The Curtains In My Hotel Room To Ensure That There Is No Annoying Light Gap In The Middle

Image credits: taharoto

#19 Weather Station At A Hotel

Image credits: petilon

#20 Hotel Maid Clearly Found My Sunglasses

Image credits: rolaskating

#21 This Hotel Has An Elevator Button In The Hallway So There Is An Elevator Waiting For You By Time You Get There

Image credits: belleri7

#22 As A Guy Who Takes His Family To A Hotel Every Winter While I Work On My Writing, I Approve This Bathroom

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#23 This Hostel In Germany Is An Indoor Vintage Rv Park

Image credits: Proteon

#24 A Hotel’s Reminder On How To Climb Stairs

Image credits: ProtectorOfGoals

#25 Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface

Image credits: Majoranese

#26 This Robot Delivered Water To My Room

Image credits: yoshgood

#27 Hotel Has Zombie Apocalypse In Safety Plan

Image credits: Bang0Skank0

#28 My Hotel Room Comes With A Complimentary Android Phone With Free Data And Calls

Image credits: the_irrelevant_fox

#29 This Historic Sign In My Hotel Explains How To Use Electricity In Case You Had Never Used It Before

Image credits: jcepiano

#30 This Hotel’s Carpet And Lighting Combo Produce A Really Trippy Effect

Image credits: TwineTime

#31 The Hotel My Parents Are Staying At In NC To Watch The Eclipse Stocked All Of The Rooms With These

Image credits: RedRacerX

#32 More Hotels Should Do This

Image credits: mjomark

#33 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A “Lending Locker”

Image credits: queefpro

#34 This Hotel That I Stayed At Has A Bank Vault In The Basement

Image credits: nuclearpig127

#35 East Miami Hotel’s Elevator Wall Has Tiny Lights And A Mirror Effect To Appear As A View Of Stars In Outer Space

Image credits: MattNoName

#36 This Hotel Is Held Up By A Giant Hand

Image credits: Johnny0monteiro

#37 The Hotel I Was Staying In Had A Tree In The Middle Of The Room

Image credits: TastyBoye

#38 The Hotel I Stayed At Last Weekend Has A ‘Shower Beer’ Fridge By The Shower

Image credits: CerebralSlurry

#39 This Hotel Actually Makes It Easy To Connect Your Laptop To The TV

Image credits: 4kVHS

#40 Requested A Photo Of James Earl Jones For My Hotel Room. 5 Star Customer Service

Image credits: Analytical_Chemist

#41 This Hotel Is An Old Prison

Image credits: pistrel

#42 Hotel Maid Left A Towel Monkey

Image credits: NotaWonderWoman

#43 This Hotel Shampoo Assumes Your Theft

Image credits: NoStelthMod

#44 A Letter From Hotel Management About Ladybug Love

Image credits: WhatsAMisanthrope

#45 Hotel Reception Desk

#46 The Hostel I’m At Dispenses Soap Like Parmesan

Image credits: sleddirleveret

#47 Instead Of A Bible, My Hotel Room In Philadelphia Has The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

Image credits: lives4summits

#48 This Hotel Lets You Borrow A Plant To Take To Your Room So You Have A Friend To Talk To

Image credits: McPebbster

#49 A Black Towel In My Hotel Room For Make-Up So The White Ones Don’t Get Stained

Image credits: Jackinmybox

#50 I Left My Jacket At A Hotel And They Mailed It To Me With A Complementary Pillow

Image credits: MLGCatMilker

#51 This Hotel In Central London Keeps Beehives On Their Roof!

Image credits: tommeetucker

#52 Our Hotel Balcony Has A Working Bathtub

Image credits: megfaithash

#53 My Hostel Has Preserved The Last Mcdonalds Cheeseburger Sold In Iceland

Image credits: shaanxiprovince

#54 The Staff At Our Hotel Made A Cool Crocodile Out Of Our Towels

Image credits: LuisSweden

#55 Honest Instructions On This Pen From A Hotel

Image credits: sagarkaniche

#56 This Hotel In Singapore Is Very Green

Image credits: 0biwanCannoli

#57 The Hotel I Stayed At Uses Lemon Grass Instead Of A Plastic Straw

Image credits: i-drank-too-much

#58 These Bike Seats/Handles Acting As Skulls In My Hotel

Image credits: DinoDongo

#59 These Chairs At My Hotel In Munich Spell Out “Hello”

Image credits: TheBootlegTims

#60 Sometimes The Hotel Holding Your Wedding Also Has A Llama Convention Booked

Image credits: klugstarr

#61 This Hotel Puts Guitars In It’s Rooms For Guests To Play

Image credits: wwbenton79

#62 Japanese Hotel Apologies For One Minute Internet Stoppage At 4am

Image credits: amesco

#63 Hard Rock Hotel’s Mirror Has Heights Of Some Famous Musicians

Image credits: astrocreeping

#64 My Hotel In Tx Has A Tx Shaped Lazy River

Image credits: callacat2

#65 The Toiletries At This Hotel Are Shaped Like The Hotel

#66 Hotel I Stayed At Was Formerly A Train Station And Had An Actual Train Inside It, With Rooms Inside Each Car

Image credits: spongecandybandit

#67 My Hotel Has An Emergency Polka Button

Image credits: Seeking_Starlight

#68 The Carpet In This Hotel Looks Like There’s Rose Petals Scattered On The Floor

Image credits: Goodnight_Gromit

#69 My Hotel Has A Check-In Area Specifically For Kids

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#70 Was Staying At Disney Hotel, Says: With Price Like This They Better Serve Water Like Champagne. The Next Day…

Image credits: gembelzilla

#71 The Toilet In My Hotel In Filled With Seawater

Image credits: snakemollten

#72 Elevator In My Hotel Has Karaoke

Image credits: djhager

#73 This Portrait Of Steve Jobs Made Out Of Parts Of Apple Products In My Hotel Lobby

Image credits: LittleBastard

#74 Floor Of My Hotel Dining Room In Lausanne Is A Working Train Model

Image credits: Nier_Tomato

#75 This Hostel In Kyrgyzstan Has Tents Instead Of Beds

Image credits: mylesk22

#76 The Faucet In My Hotel Room Is In The Ceiling

Image credits: MaximilianNN

#77 When Your Hotel Delivers

#78 Requested A Pillow Fort, Hotel Delivers

Image credits: Auggernaut88

#79 My Hotel Has Physical Keys, That Are Reprogramable

Image credits: lovemycar

#80 These Do Not Disturb Options At My Hotel

Image credits: tarhawk

#81 The Door Handle In My Hotel Bathroom Has A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser In The Handle

Image credits: ntdo1889

#82 The Hotel I Stayed At Had Fresh Remotes

Image credits: MrTallest

#83 This Hotel’s Breakfast Lounge Is Inside An Old Bank Vault

Image credits: Matt_T024

#84 Hotel In Europe Offers A Rent A Pet Fish For Single Travellers

Image credits: notforlabels

#85 My Hotel Room Has A Rope That Turns On/Off All The Lights In The Room

Image credits: PizzaOrTacos

#86 My Hotel Room Has A Sauna

Image credits: ninjaPixel

#87 This Hotels Mirror Tells The Weather

Image credits: mynamesafad

#88 This Hotel In Luxembourg Had A Hot Nutella Dispenser

Image credits: airborneANDrowdy

#89 The Toilet Bowl In This Hotel Lights Up To Guide You At Night

Image credits: melkoncharch

#90 Spotted This In The Breakfast Room At My Hotel This Morning

Image credits: Strangepowers

#91 The Hotel I Am Staying At Has A Vending Machine Strictly For Champagne

Image credits: BBBxWest

#92 Austin, TX Hotel Making It Easier For Handicapped Guests To Enjoy The Pool

Image credits: RandallStephens

#93 My Hotel Has The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Next To The Bed Instead Of A Bible

Image credits: amysplat

#94 This Swiss Hotel Hangs Up Newspaper Articles At The Urinals For Users

Image credits: Piefaceyay

#95 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Pet Menu For Room Service

Image credits: alebanari

#96 This Hotel In Batumis Has A Tiny Ferris Wheel In It

Image credits: ShaggittyShag

#97 The Lamps In This Hotel Are Vodka Bottles

Image credits: nesfor

#98 Housekeeping Tucked My Laptop In When They Made The Bed

Image credits: UncleGael

#99 The Hotel I’m Staying At Gives You A Free Drink At The Hotel Bar Of You Forego A Room Cleaning

Image credits: ilovemyking

#100 The Stairs In A Swedish Hotel

Image credits: Hu-Ha

#101 My Hotel In Spain Has The United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights By The Bed Instead Of A Bible

Image credits: jrhodespianist

#102 The Hotel I’m Staying At In Brazil Has A Remote That Comes With An Immediate Soccer-Watching Button

Image credits: Usernametakenha

#103 My Hotel Bathroom Mirror Had A Build In Bluetooth Speaker…

Image credits: Limerific

#104 My Hotel Recreated The Subject Of This Still Life In Front Of The Painting

Image credits: cookies_make_movies

#105 This Hotel I’m Staying At, The “Do Not Disturb” Is A Button That Shuts Off The Card Reader From Housekeeping Getting In

Image credits: MickTard69

#106 This Paper Cutout In My Hotel In Madrid That Changes Color If You Smoke In Your Room

Image credits: RestlessFA

#107 This Hotel Uses Papaya Stalks As Straws

Image credits: tallislandboi

#108 Received Chocolate From Hotel For Inconvenience Caused By Construction

Image credits: icemagician93

#109 This Hotel We’re Staying At In Aruba Has A TV In The Mirror

Image credits: Jorogasm

#110 This Flat Painting In My Hotel Room

Image credits: shallowandpedantik

#111 This Hotel Building In Chicago Looks Like It Has Vertical Puddles

Image credits: NKevros

#112 In A Hotel In Prague

Image credits: WuShanShui

#113 This Hotel Reception Is On A Converted Double Decker Bus

Image credits: sofyflo

#114 This Door In My Hotel Bathroom Can Close Off Either Of 2 Doorways

Image credits: Jave85

#115 Instead Of A Bible, My Hotel Room Has This Book Of Quotes

Image credits: tiredapplestar

#116 I Requested A Fort For My Hotel Room, The Staff Delivered

Image credits: floranfaunaa

#117 My Hotel Is Doing Construction So They Put A Chocolate Hammer On The Bed

Image credits: Casperboy68

#118 They Had A Cosmetic Towel At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image credits: oliviablunt

#119 These Board Games At My Hotel Are Stylized Like Books To Blend In

Image credits: SirBenOfAsgard

#120 The Galt House Hotel Bar In Louisville, Ky Has An Aquarium Bar Top

Image credits: kehulk

#121 This Hotel Allows Dogs And You Can Alert The Cleaners That You Left Your Dog In The Room While You Ski (Translation: Attention, I Am Sleeping Here!)

Image credits: tunafriendlydolphin

#122 Found This Instead Of A Bible In My Hotel Room Today

Image credits: Greeze

#123 I Stayed At A Hotel In Copenhagen Recently, And This Was Their “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Image credits: rubber1duckie

#124 So This Was In The Restroom At The Hotel We Were Staying At

Image credits: TheFlapperNapper

#125 This Hotel Bathroom “Tile” Wall Is Actually Just Numerous Pictures Of Denim-Clad Asses

Image credits: ChristieIsBored

#126 The Door To My Hotel Room Has A Painting Of The Painting In My Hotel Room

Image credits: CamelQuad

#127 The Crab The Cleaners Left In Or Hotel Room Made From Towels

Image credits: SpannerLad

#128 This Is What Happens If You Tip Egyptian Hotel Service Generously

Image credits: mnext

#129 The Shangri-La Hotel In London Has Charging Cables For Your Devices In Their Guest Toilets

Image credits: Naspbeats

#130 Honorary Manager Of Crescent Hotel In Eureka Springs Is Cat, And This Is His Door

Image credits: Earlspooperscooper

#131 People Who Smoke In This Hotel Room Are Funding Schools In Developing Countries

Image credits: Canofmeat

#132 After Making A Transatlantic Flight, This Hotel In The Netherlands Gives You A Shot Of Caffeine To Stay Awake

Image credits: prophetredditor

#133 Bookshelf Whose Shelves Spell “Take A Book Leave A Book”, Seen At A Hotel

Image credits: sesame3246

#134 This Hotel Has A Mirror In Front Of The Urinal That Makes You Look Like Someone From The 1800s

Image credits: defintelynotyou

#135 Unique Art In The Hotel I Work At

Image credits: galnoy

#136 The Lobby’s Ceiling At My Hotel

Image credits: usedpoolnoodle

#137 My Hotel Room Has A Copy Of The Constitution Instead Of A Bible

Image credits: thissaysotherwise

#138 A Hotel Restaurant In Germany Kept The Chair In A Little Room On Which President Obama Was Sitting During A Conference There. Even The Name Tag Is Still Pinned To The Chair…

Image credits: weluED

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