139 Times People Found The Weirdest And Most Amazing Items In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales (New Pics)

The best part about shopping at thrift stores is that you never know what you are going to find. Most stores these days have a generic theme – you have a basic expectation of what they sell. But thrift stores offer objects from all walks of life. You could find things that have been stashed in someone’s attic for 50 years; old books, LPs, trophies, clothes, electronics… All have belonged to others and have their own unique story to tell. Exciting, isn’t it?

Sure, 95% of it is junk. But, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so there is always some value there if you look hard enough! This list finds value mainly in the weird and wonderful; there are some truly bizarre objects here. The Facebook group  ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’  is a goldmine of oddities and curios, and as a follow on to previous posts here here and here, we just had to share the latest finds.

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Scroll down below to check out the best of them for yourself, and head down to your local thrift store this weekend!

Image credits: Jonny N Emerick

Weird and unusual things at yard sales n yes it came home.

Image credits: Maryann Marciano Westerlund

Now I have my very own pair of…. these

Image credits: Natalie Baldassano

Found it in Canton Tx. Her name is Mrs. Bocephus Buck

Image credits: Lisa Allen Skates

I bought an antique (1910ish) glass eye at a vintage show, and had a local jeweller set it into a necklace! I love it!

Image credits: Alison Camilleri

Weird find that may be used to close a bottle?

Image credits: Matthew Reeder-Willson

I completely forgot about this find from around 3 years ago in Franklin, VA. He’s a pillowcase but I can’t deal with that so he’s on my wall

Image credits: Samantha Gizara

Woot woot

Image credits: Emily Moore Ratchford

Found at Savers St. Charles, MO and yes they came home with me

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Matthew VanMatre

In honor of the other bold and brash post, may I present my lucky goodwill finds of bold and brash and one very handsome squidward

Image credits: Mckenzie Morris

Hes 8 ft tall

Image credits: Kaya Fisher


Image credits: Joshua Natzel

Antique shopping in Delaware, Ohio

Image credits: Kevin Winters

Found this at the antique mall in Alvin, TX for $65.00. Did not buy

Image credits: Tabi Rose Woodall

Stuffed raccoons playing cards. I regret not buying this

Image credits: Kimberly Haynes

Found and purchased…framed and hung in our restaurant

Image credits: Billy Scrape


Image credits: Philip Schnepp

Good art makes you think

Image credits: Austin Nedwick

Found at a flea market in Dallas. Couldn’t resist at $15. She originally signed it to Bruce but I doubt many folks will notice the edit

Image credits: Michael Hogue

A friend gave this to me. A congratulation letter 1941, from a dentist to his patient, on the birth of her son. Since the baby was born with no teeth, the dentist sent a set to the new baby. Teeth attached at bottom of letter

Image credits: Dave Graham

Best yard sale find of the day, and it’s not even 7am yet!

Image credits: Cecelia Dean Ralston

For only $350, possibly the most powerful curse ever

Image credits: Kristian Steve Jensen

Cat butt purse for $3…I love the little feet, but I’m wondering if the balls and the x were really necessary

Image credits: Haylie Hammond

Never thought I’d have the privilege to post here until my husband found this at a local op shop. Such a happy bride in this painting

Image credits: Sheree Johnstone

Greetings from the Amsterdam design scene

Image credits: Ollé Gellért

New Goodwill mug

Image credits: Tanya Whittington Sisson

Found a beautiful, odd wall mirror. I love it

Image credits: Carissa Unacorn

Round2Resale Denison,Texas

Image credits: Kimberly Miller

She was judging me as I walked by. Let’s give her a name

Image credits: Elizabeth Castorina Wright


Image credits: Juli Tyzack

Dinner party anyone?

Image credits: Tammy Falcon

I can honestly say I’ve never thought of combining the two

Image credits: Adrianne Daggett

I found this tiny fridge taped shut in the toy section of the MyUnique Thrift Store in the Bronx and not only was it full of tiny produce but they are all office supplies!

Image credits: Jordan Mangual

Didn’t buy, might have to go back for!

Image credits: Elena Morningstar

Saw this in a secondhand store in TN in 2011. I’ll forever regret that I didn’t buy it. Could have been the best conversation piece ever

Image credits: Nancy Bennett

Why? And what does the rest of the set look like? And why?

Image credits: Laura OfMars


Image credits: Alex Foster

Found this at a yard sale last summer. The guy wanted it gone ASAP!! I scored it for only $10!!! It still turns!! I’m currently using it as a safe since I can get inside it!!

Image credits: James Bochman

in case you need a teepee for your wee-wee

Image credits: Ashton Heard

We found an actual pie. It’s been hardened somehow. It feels like stone. Smells just like how you’d imagine an old pie would smell

Image credits: Dominique Judd

After weeks and weeks of scrolling and being amazed at everyone’s awesome finds, I can finally contribute… introducing the Dwight Schrute swimsuit… yes I definitely brought this home for $4

Image credits: Shannon Tremblay

Weird find doppelgänger. No relation whatsoever.

Image credits: Jenn McKane Snyder

Savannah, Ga

Image credits: Tracy Ann Thomas

Sex Stone… I have questions… is this for good luck? Do you use it in the bed? What are it’s powers? But for a mere $5 you could have it.

Image credits: April Mai

Id really like to know the origin story of this one piece COVERED in stuffed animals. It was also found with a bubble one piece and a flower one piece, are they all related? Did not come home with me, $65

Image credits: Laura Vander Giessen

Groana Lisa

Image credits: Beverly Miller Gallerani

An unexpected needlepoint project…

Image credits: Lisa Alisio

Soooo…this creepy shrunken apple head doll…yes it came home with me

Image credits: Amanda Parsley

I need ideas for what I can make for my firefighter husband with this lovely bit of fabric I found at a small town thrift store

Image credits: Kendall Chmielewski

In that case, I’ll take two!

Image credits: Jennifer Chavers

First post here! I don’t know what in the actual heck this is! It was very heavy and the underside was a brown Terra-cotta type clay. I did not buy it… The tag was $60

Image credits: Grace Mirchandani

My mom found this on one of her thrift store adventures. I gave it to my husband for an emergency

Image credits: ‎Kat Rodriguez‎

Goodwill find, definitely went home with me

Image credits: Cassie Parsons

I bought my house in 2010

Image credits: Keiko Childs

When I moved in, my mom and I were putting things in the attic and I found this doll wearing this dress, a Christmas tree, and a pair of crutches. The doll was bald at the time, had a few broken fingers, and her face was cracked. I noticed a signature on the doll and found out that she would probably be worth about $50 if she wasn’t damaged. I was creeped out and knew I wouldn’t keep her so I tossed her down the attic access and she shattered on the ground. (Yes, that was kinda dumb.). I threw the pieces away in the dumpster.

One year later I opened my laundry room door and she is standing there, unbroken, and now with hair. You guys. My mom had gone behind me and picked her out of the trash, glued her back together, modified a costume wig to fit her (I’d estimate she is about two feet tall), and waited a YEAR to scare me. If you knew my mom, you would know how ridiculous this is. She is very quiet and doesn’t joke around a lot, but when she does she goes hard, haha! I kept the doll for a couple years as a Halloween decoration and gave her away to someone who actually liked her

Loving all the weird cross stitch pieces!. Here’s one which I thought would be good to contribute; this little beauty that was found at work today

Image credits: Lauren Stacey

The lonely life of a thrift store Matador”, starring: Adam Lambert

Image credits: Karen Christine

had heard tell of the legendary VOMIT CLOCK, yet never once had I beheld it with mine own eyes… but today the antiquing gods smiled down and blessed me with this absolute BEAUT

Image credits: Kelly M. Remo

Saw this coffee cup at a local flea market and was prepared to pay whatever it cost since it looks exactly like my husband. I put a cactus in his head cause he can be a real prick. Septum piercing added due to public outcry

Image credits: Kristina Hinesly

Psychedelic baby tie for only $6.99 anyone? Sadly it didn’t come home with us because my boyfriend was not hooked on the feeling

Image credits: Emma Truitt

Another strange find today. I mean, “They’ll never run away!”

Image credits: Joshua Clites

Our crazy find!! A Jeff Goldblum shower curtain!!! We had to buy it! Found it at a local goodwill

Image credits: Melanie Campbell Couch

Litterally just a rock with a cord, didn’t really do anything when I plugged it in lol

Image credits: Salma Garcia

The price tag is the best part.

Image credits: Savannah Rae Lowery

Don’t let the wheelchair distract you from the perfect coffee table for parents with toddlers

Image credits: Philip Schnepp

Y’all!! Call off the search!….I found him!! The placement of the eyes is the best!!

Image credits: Judy Ebert

My thrift store had $1 mystery boxes for stuff they can’t get rid of. I decided to buy one, and it ended up having 35 lorax plushes inside

Image credits: Jared Gomez

Donated to St. Vincent De Paul’s in Uniontown, PA. My religious mother-in-law with the best sense of humor volunteers there and snagged them for me

Image credits: Jamie Tait Pikulsky

Estate Sale Diary 1967

Image credits: Sarah Cooper

his was nestled amongst other older books in a lot donated to my online Shop. (I have no intention of selling it). Her name was Sarah W and she was btwn 10-12 when this was written. Filled with normal stuff like Girl Scouting, homework, go to church with your friends one day and try to

SUMMON SPIRITS with a Ouija Board the next

You know, normal stuff

they bought it

Image credits: Alli Nicole

Goes to goodwill on my lunch break.
Some boys are making a fuss about whether or not they should “just buy it”, “come on dude it’s cool”.
Boys come down the aisle with large frame.
Tries to catch a glimpse of the frame out of curiosity…

Is met with this.

$7 at a local thrift store (Indianapolis, IN). I’ve been holding onto this pic for about 5 years, waiting for the right group to share it with

Image credits: Kate McDaniel

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