140 Adorable Dogs Before & After They Grew Up (New Pics)

From a small bork to a big woof, everyone who has owned a puppy knows how fast they become a dog. One day it’s just a carefree goofball, chasing its own tail and the next it’s already an adult who has to act all calm and collected when its owner takes it to the coffee shop. However, there’s one thing that remains the same no matter how old a dog gets—its cuteness. And Bored Panda collected an adorable list of photos to prove it. Labs, corgis, mutts, you name it, we included them all! Continue scrolling to check out the adorable before-and-after pictures of dogs growing up, and fire up our similar articles here, here, and here after you’re done!

#1 Same Elliot Dragon Plush And Same Elliott. One Four Weeks, The Other A Couple Months Shy Of 2 Years

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Image credits: hergiantlove

#2 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: TeisTom

#3 Fifteen Years Later, Still Best Friends

Image credits: BufordTeeJustice

#4 My Best Friend Has Survived Cancer Twice And Made It To 15 Years Old This Week

Image credits: EUSharpie

#5 6 Years Of Friendship

Image credits: DanielHillSKW

#6 8 Weeks To 8 Months

Image credits: gsdwarmachine

#7 Celebrating A Special Birthday Today, 10 Years Of Lending An Ear

Image credits: Braided_Purpose

#8 The Only Transformation Picture You Need To See

Image credits: imgur.com

#9 Even After 10 Years, Some Things Never Change

Image credits: chubbyfish03

#10 2 Months To 1 Year. Not Much Has Changed

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Image credits: kortneycooperdowell

#11 Small Floof To Big Floof In Just 9 Months

Image credits: Exotli8

#12 This Is A Year Apart. Last Year When I Found This Little Guy Walking The Streets And Today Getting Cuddles

Image credits: April_loves_James

#13 Same Boot, 3 Years Later

Image credits: fourNtwentyz

#14 My Boy Ferris Turned 3 Today. He Still Thinks He’s As Small As When He Was A Puppy

Image credits: ZarZarBinks22

#15 Two Years To The Day

Image credits: therealrico

#16 Growing Up With Your Best Friend, The Brick

Image credits: PHIL-yes-PLZ

#17 Woof IRL

Image credits: concept07

#18 1 Year Later

Image credits: Winter-Blueberry8170

#19 Wiggles And I 13+ Years Later

Image credits: LiftingNurse

#20 My Father And My Corgi: Before And After 1 Year

Image credits: thannyyy

#21 Same Dog, Just One Year Apart

Image credits: commonvanilla

#22 A Man And His Pup: A One Year Difference

Image credits: ijustcant86

#23 What A Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: FastgrannyC

#24 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: maximustherott

#25 9 Weeks To 13 Weeks To 21 Weeks To 49 Weeks

Image credits: thatdoodgus

#26 Still Looks Handsome In His Sweater 3 Years Later

Image credits: travisty518

#27 Enzo’s 9 Month Transformation

Image credits: tonynuaman

#28 Not Much Has Changed In 2 Years

Image credits: cozyfuton

#29 Handsome Boye Does A Grow

2 months vs 6 months.

Image credits: goldenlifeoffurgi

#30 Golden Boy Grows Up

Image credits: Jakunai

#31 Bear Cub Grows Up To Be A… Dog

Image credits: commonvanilla

#32 Cute Little Pup Grows Into A Stunning Good Boy

Image credits: ALLTHETEAM2

#33 Still Loves Being Held

Image credits: bromosexual34

#34 My 16-Year-Old Lady

Image credits: julinhalf

#35 From My 10th Birthday To My Grad Photos, Her Pose Hasn’t Changed

Image credits: widogasp

#36 Our 1st Christmas Together And Our 14th Christmas Together

Image credits: _psa115_

#37 8 Weeks To 6 Months

Image credits: Gunslinger_jr

#38 My Dog Gone From Tiny Potato To Big Potato (4 Months To 4 Years)

#39 My Grandma’s Pup, Bruce, Did A Heckin’ Grow

Image credits: kittyandmarley

#40 Some Things Never Change

Image credits: nguoiphanxu

#41 What A Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: Guardian_Kaiser

#42 My Best Friend And Me, 10 Years Later

Image credits: chris_courtland

#43 17 Years Later, Dodger Is On His Way To Outlive The Whole Family

Image credits: AlabamaIceMan

#44 Rhodesian Ridgeback One Year Progression

Image credits: Who-dee-knee

#45 Y’all Said To Come Back When Miss Ember Was A Dog

Image credits: princess-marvel

#46 8 Weeks To His First Birthday Today – Happy Birthday Happy

Image credits: AustieFrostie

#47 Puppy To Fluffy

Image credits: cshortround

#48 Found Him Alone In The Woods At About 10 Weeks Old, To Five Years. Meet Bentley

Image credits: clopmaster18

#49 30lbs In 6 Months

Image credits: EchoWhiteGsd

#50 He’s Too Big To Be Held Anymore! From 8weeks To 9 Months

Image credits: AJHackett

#51 The Difference One Year Makes

Image credits: Goal1

#52 From Three Months To Three Years

Image credits: murray_thegsd

#53 Brought Him Home Almost Exactly One Year Ago

Image credits: freakitikitiki

#54 Nuggets Salt And Pepper Puppy Beard

Image credits: kkrejci3

#55 My Sweet Stella From 8 Weeks To 12 Years Old

Image credits: arizonabatorechestra

#56 8 Weeks vs. 6 Months. Our Opie Is A Chonk

Image credits: wendingooo

#57 My Pretty Boy Elvis, At 1month Old – 11 Months Old. Love Him So Much

Image credits: anaknupp

#58 Five Months Later And Still The Same Smile

Image credits: Le7els

#59 What A Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: RedditBrowser12345

#60 My Great Dane Puppy One Year Difference

Image credits: nightmancometh0419

#61 6 Month Transformation. Still A Puppy At Heart

Image credits: porkchop_thegolden

#62 This Is Meera. 3 Months vs. 2 Years And Some Change

Image credits: bms311

#63 A Lot Can Change In A Year

Image credits: commonvanilla

#64 My Pup Growing Up Over The Course Of A Year With His Little Old Man Friend

Image credits: DaToeBeans

#65 Strider Poses Through The Years With His Baby

Image credits: strider.gsd

#66 Sad Potato To Happy Heeler. She’ll Be 1 In December

Image credits: unhappy_pappy

#67 12 Weeks To 12 Months

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 From 8 Weeks To 1 Year

Image credits: AgtSeaCow

#69 My Giant. From 15 Lbs To Over 65 In 8 Months

Image credits: kateslates

#70 Here Is My Girl Daisy At 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, And 1 Year On Her Birthday In February

Image credits: shouldve-gone-with-a

#71 10 Months Of Growth. The Baby Blues Have Turned A Rich Amber. He’s Gone From A Baby Bear To A Majestic Beast

Image credits: kittyandmarley

#72 6 Weeks To 6 Months. Notice I Had To Hold Him In Place This Time

Image credits: bootsnpantsnbootsn

#73 One Year Older, Same Young Spirit

Image credits: Dawngeon

#74 1 And A Half Year Makes A Lot Of Difference

Image credits: Adithya608

#75 Just Wanted To Share My Dog Pelly. Today Was His Gotcha Day. He Helped Me Get Through A Very Tough Year. Couldn’t Have Done It Without Him

Image credits: White_bubba

#76 First Picture Was Taken April 7, Second Pic Was Taken Today. Chewie Grew So Much In Just 2 Months (But He Looks More Like His Namesake Now)

Image credits: Kramilton

#77 Thought I’d Throw My Hat Into The “What A Difference A Year Makes” Ring

Image credits: leiahoff

#78 Some Things Never Change

Image credits: ArkadiusBear

#79 From Bean To Beast (10 Years Apart)

Image credits: DevanNC

#80 Once The Boss, Always The Boss

Image credits: 24april

#81 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: oreochoclab

#82 Lil Guy Wouldn’t Let Me Hold Him This Year, But Here’s Another Year Later

Image credits: lukeb285

#83 8 Weeks Old Puppy To 9 Month Old Derp

Image credits: CountDickeyDoo

#84 I Found Millie Next To A Dead Dog And A Smashed Dog Crate And Now Look At Her

Image credits: gggracie11

#85 From Day 1 To 8 Weeks To 1 Year Old. Happy Birthday Boomer

Image credits: raeraerae171

#86 From 2 Months To 2 Years

Image credits: sydnielovely

#87 Have You Met My Friend Daisy? 13 Weeks To 2.5 Years. Enjoy

Image credits: hurricanecassie

#88 From 3 Months To 2 Years, My Corgi Ned

Image credits: gradschoolgal93

#89 My Boy 12 Years Apart. His First Ever Photo At 7 Weeks And One Of The Newest As A Handsome Old Boy. I’ll Always Love My Dog, Mak

Image credits: jackamus-maximus

#90 Same Dog, 7 Years Apart And A World Away, Now Living Happily In Retirement With This Soldier And His Family

Image credits: downriverrowing

#91 When I First Adopted Him And 3 Years Later. He Looks Exactly The Same

Image credits: itsmesofia

#92 Same Soulful Eyes And Mustache

Image credits: Herwiththetwodogs

#93 The Difference 3 Months Makes. Corgi For Scale

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

#94 What A Difference A Year Can Make

Image credits: meowfricky

#95 Same Shot, Same Spot, 1 Year Apart. Been A Great Year Together Bennie

Image credits: kjp

#96 Our Puppy At 8 Weeks vs. 24 Weeks

Image credits: malpup

#97 “She Will Grow Into Them” They Said

Image credits: BlondeRed

#98 June (2 Months Old) To Yesterday (10 Months Old)

Image credits: thewifeaquatic1

#99 My Girlfriend And Her First Dog – 11 Years Apart

Image credits: Blitzy07

#100 Freshman Year vs. Graduation

Image credits: Mdonel95

#101 4.5lb Floof To 70lb Floof

Image credits: peachytennis92

#102 Meet Auggie Who’s Always Happy At The Vet (8 Weeks To 1 Year)

Image credits: j_maizy

#103 6 Weeks To 7 Months. My Baby Is A Grown Man Now

Image credits: Fuzzy_peach77

#104 15 Weeks To 7 Months

Image credits: Welly-boots

#105 My Little Ham

Image credits: Jonny_RockandFit

#106 This Is Walter And It’s His First Birthday Today (White Gsd). 15 Lbs To 110 In Only 10 Months

Image credits: nicwolford

#107 Not Much Has Changed From 3 Months Old To 4 Years Old. Full Of Love Of Fetch, Snow, And Sass

Image credits: murray_thegsd

#108 From Pupper To Fluffer

Image credits: Stoner_chic813

#109 My Runt’s Glow Up. 3 Months To 12 Months

Image credits: Mama-

#110 8 Weeks Old vs. 1 Year Old. The Love Of Our Lives

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 3 Months To A Year, Meet Huckleberry

Image credits: Yung_coconut

#112 My Girl Granger. Exactly 1 Year Apart. Same Cat Toy

Image credits: HHopwood

#113 The Difference 2 Years Makes

Image credits: dasbrutalz

#114 The Only Difference Is 60 Pounds When He Sits On Me Now. Still Worth It

Image credits: bajabajabs

#115 14 Months Difference

Image credits: Pidgeonsmash

#116 Do You Know Who This Little Furball On The Left Is? Yes, It’s Me. The Picture Is Exactly One Year Old And I’m Still Growing

Image credits: futurepup

#117 From 7 Weeks To 4.5 Months. They Grow So Fast

Image credits: zjl912003

#118 Same Boy, Same Dog, Same Couch. 16 Years Apart

Image credits: Superheated-Quasar

#119 Me And My Dog, 2002 And 2016

Image credits: elpatricio96

#120 From A Timid Puppy To An Adventurous Trail Dog. They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: intothewoods123

#121 This Is Rupert. He Is 13 Years Old

Image credits: bravebantam

#122 From Puppy To Bigger Puppy

Image credits: fancypants20

#123 2 Months To 12 Months. We Love Our Big Floofy Samoyed Boy

Image credits: Lodo11

#124 Louie’s 6 Year Transformation

Image credits: tubassjeff

#125 Little Baby Came A Long Way! 3 Weeks Old When We Got Her From People Who Were Trying To Get Rid Of Puppies As Fast As They Could To 1 Year

Image credits: Shanoobala

#126 When I First Got Her (Few Months Old) To Now (15 Years Old)

Image credits: stxmartin

#127 Tormund The Saint Bernard From 9 Weeks Old To 2 Years Old

Image credits: forever_cat_lady

#128 Taco, 8 Weeks To 2 Years

Image credits: cheesygordita-crunch

#129 The Difference Six Months Makes

Image credits: raxis12

#130 My Jester. From Fluffy To Sleek

Image credits: jessielea0121

#131 My Chunky Munkey From 8 Weeks To 1 Year

Image credits: Silkyraven

#132 Dutch From 9 Weeks To 1 Year

Image credits: IceIceRabies

#133 Marvin 1 Month To 1 Year

Image credits: palomeux

#134 Connor Mcdavid’s Bernadoodle. Not Sure Of Timeline But Worth A Post

Image credits: AzizMou

#135 13 Weeks To 7 Months! Mom Can’t Hold Him Like That Anymore

Image credits: p_ruthless

#136 1 Month To 4 Years . Plus Size Cocker

Image credits: Hawke45

#137 My Baby Girl Is All Grown Up Now. And Yes, They’re All The Same Dog

Image credits: Flashdolphin69

#138 Yes, It’s The Same Dog. Happy 1st Birthday Pasha. Rescuing You Was The Best Decision

Image credits: honggay

#139 10 Weeks To 10 Years

Image credits: violant-cremes

#140 Still Her Favorite Spot

Image credits: allonsylauren

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