141 Times People Spotted Signs That Were Too Good (Or Bad) Not To Share On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

Funny signs are all around us. They’re lurking in the streets, at restaurants, on the subway, and pretty much everywhere else, waiting to surprise us with a giggle or two. We just have to keep our eyes open.

But in case you want to know the places where they appear the most, let’s take a look at the Facebook group ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage,’ or ‘UUU Signage’ for short.

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Whether they’re intentional or accidental, the signs shared within the online community take many forms, from clever wordplay to unexpected interaction with their surroundings, so you just never know what’s coming.

Continue scrolling to check them out and if you want more, fire up our first publication on ‘UUU Signage!’

#1 Useless But Very Popular With Me. I Love Steve

Image credits: Katelyn Reed Valentine

#2 * Trespasser

Image credits: Michael Switek

#3 *** Finally Found This *** My Friends Family In High School Had This Posted In Their Bathroom

Image credits: Zoe Alanis


Image credits: Yu-Hsing Chen

#5 At My Dentist Office. Can’t Have These Toothbrushes Commingling It’s An Abomination

Image credits: Tory Matsumura

#6 I Waved My Hands In Front Of This “Touchless Faucet”for Longer Than I’d Care To Admit. Good Thing Nobody Else Was Around To Witness My Folly

Image credits: Andrew Scott

#7 Visited A Beautiful Historical Garden In Western Poland And The Chairs At The Orangerie Had A Truly Deep And Moving Message

Image credits: Lucía Morán


Image credits: Mike Minnillo

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Image credits: Ron Woolley

#10 I Was Going To Put This On A Shirt!

Image credits: Cheryl L. Aoudou

#11 Trying To Leave A Local High School…

Image credits: Michael L. Keener

#12 Say Something Nice

Image credits: Craig Storey

#13 Orlando Airport Lol

Image credits: Laurrie R Bauer-Novotny

#14 Yes, It’s At A Church

Image credits: Rob Clair

#15 Visited New York This Weekend. If Only There Was An Easier Way To Share That You Can Never Park Here

Image credits: Ariana Tyler

#16 Sounds Vaguely Threatening But Also Alluring. Advertising Masterclass

Image credits: Dom Sidoti

#17 The Lost And Found In My Office

Image credits: Jennifer Nelson

#18 We Won’t Be Going Back. Some Things Aren’t Worth Getting Used To

Image credits: Hillary Monroe

#19 To Think We Almost Tossed This Without Reading It!

Image credits: Susan Nash

#20 Apparently The Tiny Poem Wasn’t Enough

Image credits: Shawnah Zelmer

#21 “Mom 20% Off” This Can Be Taken In So Many Ways. I Spotted This At A Local Antique Mall In Allentown, Pa

Image credits: Cassie Rogers

#22 “Won’t Cost You A Cent!” $6.99 Found In Sanity In Tasmania, Australia

Image credits: Quintin Kait Dunn

#23 And Then

Image credits: Si Norton

#24 Well That’s A New Name For Beverages . .

Image credits: Kellie Beckwith Smart

#25 Don’t You Dare Try To Buy 10 For $10

Image credits: Stepherknee Horn

#26 At A Gas Station. If You Insist!

Image credits: Mark Ronsman

#27 Yes I Know They Have To Label The Department, And What The Room Is, But This One Cracks Me Up Every Day

Image credits: Andrea Calhoun

#28 Well, Maybe One Would Be Ok

Image credits: Holly Kent Baker

#29 Not Even Sure What To Say. In A Mall Bathroom

Image credits: Adam Loucks

#30 But What Time Is Openings And Close

Image credits: Jacob West

#31 Why?

Image credits: Em Bee


Image credits: Andrew Flannery

#33 So There’s No Road Into The Lake?

Image credits: Amanda Nicole

#34 Australian Black Licorice! Straight From … Europe?!

Image credits: Sam Planas

#35 Hmmmm, Is It Though?

Image credits: Jessica Johnston

#36 Great Advice:

Image credits: Grace Peterson

#37 Popular With Me, Because This Popcorn Bag Understands Me

Image credits: Sam Rosenplot

#38 There Goes My Social Circle

Image credits: John M Young

#39 The Hostel I’m Staying At Is Very Good At Translation…

Image credits: Ash Solomon Mills

#40 Eastpoint Shopping From Holidays Happy

Image credits: Matt Wallace

#41 Oh No

Image credits: Hilary Pope

#42 Unsuccessful Because I Didn’t Go With The Funny Clown

Image credits: Leah Love

#43 It’s September 2022

Image credits: David Wheeler

#44 In The Comic Book Store, My Kid Says “Burn The Orphanage.” I’m Like, Oh, How Long Have You Been A Psychopath? I Turn Around, And I’m Relieved To Notice This

Image credits: Susan Niz

#45 Love Me Some Potates. (Fun Fact, All Of My Contributions To This Group Have Been From The Same Store)

Image credits: Autumn Tolmacs

#46 At The Airport

Image credits: Carl Frodge

#47 Seen On A Local Restaurant. I Think They’re Trying To Send A Message

Image credits: Katherine Heasley

#48 This Is A Sign In My Shrink’s Office. I Literally Have No Idea What It’s Trying To Say

Image credits: Aseem Nevrekar

#49 Quick! Before It Sells Out!

Image credits: Aspen Luke

#50 Thought I Was Having A Stronk Trying To Read That

Image credits: Paige Madison

#51 Taken In Taipei A Decade Ago

Image credits: Aldrin Edward Perez

#52 Taken At Our Local Mexican Restaurant. I Love It

Image credits: Jennifer Rhinehimer

#53 Taken At Local Courthouse… I Have Questions

Image credits: Adrian Federico

#54 Saw The Free Dinos, I Raise You Free Rocks

Image credits: Teagan Deery


Image credits: Moo Custic

#56 Feels A Little Random

Image credits: Courtney Richmond

#57 Disappointing

Image credits: Deniz Martinez

#58 I Was So Confused When I Saw Pre-Packaged Salad In The Soap Aisle. Had To Get A Little Closer So I Could Read The Fine Print

Image credits: Amanda Shay Permenter

#59 My Hotel Making Some Big Assumptions Here

Image credits: Jamie Viebach

#60 Me As A Sign

Image credits: Lav Ender

#61 I Never Knew That Wi-Fi Needed A Physical Place To Sit

Image credits: Mark Biery


Image credits: Hannah Rivers


Image credits: Donna Cummins

#64 That Tomato Doesn’t Look Sorry At All

Image credits: Gisselle Scrubjay

#65 Taken In 2017 At Mcphaul Bridge In Yuma, Az. Unpopular Because I Didn’t Stay Clear, But Useless Because I Saw No Bees

Image credits: Dana Bowden

#66 Workplace Health And Safety At Its Best

Image credits: Amy Woods-Ryan

#67 Took This Years Ago In Carlsbad, Nm

Image credits: Mo Town

#68 I’m Screaming This From The Rooftops! If It Wasn’t $35, I’d Have Hung It Up In My Bathroom, For Sure

Image credits: Geri Lynn Myers

#69 The Power Of Rebranding

Image credits: Vladimir Peretolchin

#70 This Is Up At The Cafeteria At My Work. Have Read It Multiple Times Trying To Figure It Out. Then One Day While Waiting In Line I Asked Someone Behind Me “What The Heck Is This And Who Wrote This Thing, It Doenst Make Any Sense!!!” They Were Standing Right In Front Of Me And Let Me Know They Wrote It

Image credits: Patrick Matte


Image credits: Melanie Ray Parten


Image credits: William August

#73 Found On A T Shirt In Amsterdam

Image credits: Abb Till

#74 Unsuccessful Because I Still Have Absolutely No Clue What A French Taco Is, But I’m Desperate To Find Out

Image credits: Eirnin Mahoney

#75 Elevator To… Store. Thank You

Image credits: Adrienne Marshall

#76 They Just Built A Del Taco Few Doors Up

Image credits: Arthur Dent

#77 Walked By My Daughters Bathroom Door… Unpopular With Me Because She Had To Use Marker And Draw It As If It Were Taped Up Paper. I Entered Cautiously And I May Need To Call A Plumber

Image credits: Raychell Martin

#78 [in A Nasally Voice]: “Hey, You Can’t Park That Hot Dog Over There!”

Image credits: Michael Manges

#79 There Are No Ducks Here At All

Image credits: Erin Harris

#80 Found In China Town, Honolulu And Offered With No Comment

Image credits: Tim Crowley

#81 Yum, My Favourite

Image credits: Jenny Bates


Image credits: Clea Fowler

#83 A Wall Decor Piece In Home Sense A Couple Years Ago “Orginal” Still Sold For The Same Price

Image credits: Ella Crosbie

#84 Seen Today In Edinburgh, New Town Neighborhood ??

Image credits: Paula Chambers

#85 My Pharmacy Has A Sense Of Humor O.o

Image credits: Pigeon Cerise

#86 Popular With At Least

Image credits: Monica Schierbaum

#87 A Friend Of Mine Took This While On A Trip To Niagara And Now I Can’t Stop Singing. Word To Your Mother

Image credits: Jo-Anne Liburd

#88 Dang Lindt, At Least Take Me Out To Dinner First

Image credits: Summer Rain

#89 At First I Thought It Said “I Hate Love” But This Is Even Worse

Image credits: Shelby Lindquist

#90 Went To My Local Tim Hortons On My Break Because They Have Candy Cane Hot Chocolate. They Drew A Candy Cane On It. My Coworkers And I And A Few Customers Had A Good Laugh Over This

Image credits: Chrissy Louise

#91 Big Text: “Order Here!” Little Text: “Jk, Out Of Order!”

Image credits: Mike Kowalczyk

#92 Get Randomly Licked At Wally World!

Image credits: Chris Langdon

#93 The Weirdest Campaign I’ve Ever Seen. I Spared You The Rest Of The Poster

Image credits: Sam Moore

#94 Well Then, Sign Me Up!

Image credits: Adrienne Murray

#95 Nice When Your Clothes Love You Back

Image credits: Sarah Lynn Sibila

#96 A Foreboding Message Almost Made Me Turn Back Around While I Was On My Way To The Farmers Market

Image credits: Lynda Balloni

#97 Me Forcing Myself To Watch A Docuseries About Heinous Crimes:

Image credits: Emily Kate Hessler

#98 So Which Is It?

Image credits: David Clemons


Image credits: Anna Chketa

#100 I Couldn’t Find Any Dead Or Dying Ducks

Image credits: Ash Szary

#101 Foll Is Right Around The Corner!

Image credits: Tom Snodgrass

#102 Unpopular Because The Students Aren’t Supposed To Deface The Bathroom Stalls, But Popular With Me Because It Made Me Laugh, And They Aren’t Wrong!

Image credits: Lynette Rae Schultz

#103 The Signs Have Been On Rotation For Months. Holy-Molly Indeed (Far Left Sign)

Image credits: Courtney Foxworthy

#104 24.3p Per 100 What Sorry?

Image credits: Claire Goldenberg

#105 Unsure If Lane 1 Is Open Or Not?

Image credits: Jordyn Laravie-Blanchette

#106 Spotted In The Middle Of August In Denver

Image credits: Paul Strauss

#107 This Is From Aug 2017. I Have No Idea If It’s Been Fixed, We Haven’t Been Back Since Then – I’m Not The Outdoor Waterpark Type. Look At The Numbers On The Ruler. I Stared At This For A Very Long Time Wondering If I Have Been In The Sun For Too Long

Image credits: Jodi Poniewaz

#108 My Husband Bought These For A Project. He’s Wondering How Big The Woodpecker Was

Image credits: Sarah August Day

#109 5 Laps = What?!?!

Image credits: Kelley Williams

#110 This Is On The Back Of An Art Print I Have

Image credits: Veronica Turowski Hayden

#111 My Partner Kept Asking If I Wanted A Jar Of Nachos From The Work Kitchen

Image credits: Victoria Bell

#112 … That’s No Excuse

Image credits: Becky Cole

#113 May Your Past Be Ever Warmer

Image credits: Jen Nicol

#114 Unpopular In Oklahoma

Image credits: Jay J. Pitts

#115 At A Counseling Agency

Image credits: Barbara Morris

#116 Must Be On A Real Budget If We’re Letting Rats Stay Here

Image credits: Kaylyn Fox

#117 Uhm…

Image credits: Becca Kwiek

#118 No

Image credits: T.R. Brooks

#119 I Don’t Know How This Bin Came Into My Possession, And I Don’t Know The Story Behind It, But I Love It

Image credits: G Tony Jacobs

#120 Please!!!!!

Image credits: Lexi Moore

#121 Someone Very Enthusiastic About Teacups Has Been Posting These Flyers. Phone Number Blurred Out

Image credits: Simon Fern

#122 I Think This Is A Shelter/Veterinary Practice. Wonder If I Can Take A Hamster Here …

Image credits: Mike Petrucelli

#123 Had No Idea You Could Make Your Purchase With Alcohol Instead Of Money

Image credits: Jon Yungkans

#124 Unpopular With Me And My Crappy Flirting Skills

Image credits: Alex Meed

#125 A Local Bookstore Cafe Closed Down And Now Every Day I Pass Goo Roth

Image credits: Peter James

#126 Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Arc… Are… ??? Thou?

Image credits: Mona K Hopes

#127 Thank You For The Advice And The Very Non-Crypto Lottery Numbers, Fortune Cookie

Image credits: Alex Zárate

#128 My Favorite John Lennon Song

Image credits: Ethan Howard

#129 I’m Not Even Sure How To Pronounce “Smøking”

Image credits: Jacob Coughlan

#130 If You Say So, Babe

Image credits: Meg Ward

#131 I Guess Trespassing Is Ok!

Image credits: Jye Zehring

#132 Ok

Image credits: Ryland Bennett

#133 Well Now We Know!

Image credits: Michael Scriber

#134 Not Trying To Sign Splain, But It’s Wednesday In August

Image credits: Kirk Jones

#135 This Photo Was On My Study Abroad Wall At School.. Needless To Say I Was In Tears Laughing

Image credits: August Hagedorn

#136 Nice I Was So Focused On Edging To 17 That I Didn’t Even Realize The Best Part Happened

Image credits: Duncan Brown

#137 In A Community Centre Toilet Cubicle (Bathroom Stall). Took Me A Minute. (I Think/Hope The Brown Stuff Is Rust)

Image credits: Sophie Baker

#138 I Know What It’s Meant To Say But Still

Image credits: Angelica Wouters

#139 Long-Time Lurker, First-Time Poster. It’s A Big Uno From Me

Image credits: Greg Barker

#140 I Hope This Is Popular With Hotel Staff (And Admins)

Image credits: Jacob Stebleton

#141 Ive Been Collecting Signage At Walmart And Goodwill

Image credits: Addison Pajellies

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