142 Fluffy Reasons Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

Sing along with me now. Two cats are better than one, they’re twice the fun, ask anyone, a second cat can be second-to-none. Thank you, thank you. That was my lovingly done adaptation of ‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ hit song ‘Two Beavers Are Better Than One,’ slightly changed to better fit our mutual love of gorgeous felines and beautiful floofs.

And, truly, two cats really are better than one, and we’ve got the proof. Bored Panda has collected some of the most fun, wholesome, and hilarious photos of cat duos goofing and lazing about, all to heal and soothe your souls, dear Pandas. Maybe even to convince you to get a second catto if you’ve only got one at home. Just show your partner or family this list when you want to pitch them this awesome idea wink wink nudge nudge.

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Remember to upvote your fave cat pics as you scroll down. Just imagine that each upvote is like petting the pets. Oh, and there really are tons of benefits to having more cats. Not just for you—for the pets themselves.

#1 Psbattle: Two Cats Licking Glass Door

Image credits: v78

#2 Stray Friends

Image credits: YZJay

#3 The Vet Is So Scary!!

Image credits: drenniks

Fundamentally Feline writes that having two cats (or more if we’re honest—keep an eye out for an article titled “Three cats are better than two”) is great for the animals. That’s because this way, they can actually enjoy each other’s company and be social as a species.

#4 There Are Two Types Of People

Image credits: mdanger88

#5 My Two Lil Rascals, Siblings At Heart, They Love Each Other But Also Sometimes Hate Each Other, Just Like A True Brother And Sister Would

#6 Tried To Capture A Moment Of Friendship And Peace

Image credits: reddit.com

“They naturally live in small groups called colonies. Cats are solitary hunters, but not a solitary species,” writes cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson, explaining that some people may have some misunderstandings about felines and how social they are.

#7 Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting, These Cats Are Fast As Lightning

Image credits: hackerdaily

#8 My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow

Image credits: JoshuaForLong

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#9 Adopted A Kitten, It Seems He’s Fitting In Just Fine. Or Maybe A Little Too Well

Image credits: skypiehi26

According to the expert, cats that have playmates tend to be more socially well-adjusted, have fewer behavior problems, are less aggressive, and are not as shy, on the flip side. In short, socialization brings out the best in cats.

#10 Squirrel Watching Position

Image credits: meowzersparkles

#11 Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works

Image credits: ConceptionRuhland

#12 Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!

Image credits: lukas120

What’s more, if cats are poorly socialized during their early life, they may not know how to react when they eventually come into contact with an actual cat later on. Think about how Disney’s Tarzan reacted to seeing a human being for the first time as an adult.


Image credits: koalaG11

#14 She Brought A Friend The Next Day

Image credits: Sissinou

#15 I Screamed When I Found Them Like This. Happy Holidays From Pebble And Maxie!

Image credits: jaygeeizzle

Furthermore, pets that have other pets to play with are far more active. And active cats are healthier, happier, and tend to be slimmer. This is very important considering the various health issues that come with a catto being a chonker: they might look huggable but their quality of life suffers as a result.

#16 Perfect Fit

Image credits: FlaminKeane

#17 Spider-Man Kiss

Image credits: ParrotBruh

#18 I Need Some Space

Image credits: penguin_yuie

When cats have company, they also tend to be less destructive. That’s because they’re not as bored and so don’t need to try so hard to get their owner’s attention: they’ve already got someone to play with even if their hooman is busy.

#19 Couldn’t Find Them Anywhere. Checked The Bathroom Closet

Image credits: JJMayes00

#20 One More Episode Before Sleep

Image credits: anyagrapes

#21 Baby Don’t Leave Me!

Image credits: NSFW_PORN_ONLY

Having two cats also means that you don’t have to worry as much about your pet getting lonely if you ever go on a short trip or have to work long hours at the popcorn mines/corporate office. And, Fundamentally Feline argues, having a playmate will keep your floof of a feline young and energetic into its senior years.

#22 After A Long And Tiring Day

Image credits: yourfavouritemoo

#23 Relationship Goals

Image credits: DannyHallam

#24 Two Cats Cuddling Each Other In A Coast Of Istanbul

Image credits: reddit.com

So, dear Pandas, have we convinced you to get a second cat? Which photos did you love the most? Do any of you own multiple cats and want to share what it’s like at your home? Share your thoughts, feelings, and cat pics in the comment section.

#25 Today’s Cats

Image credits: Pirate_Redbeard

#26 My Parents Didn’t Want A Cat, This Stray And Her Baby Decided Otherwise. Obviously My Parents Now Have 2 Cats

Image credits: Pukkiepoentje

#27 Got A Second Cat To Keep The First One Company While We Were Gone. This Is The Result…

Image credits: Ayoostun

#28 I Bought My Cats Child Sized Camp Chairs

Image credits: mxs4235

#29 Siblings Right

Image credits: nirym

#30 The New Cat Taught The Old Cat To Eat Like This…

Image credits: ViVilma

#31 I Think They Are Starting To Get Along

Image credits: RoboticHam

#32 Two Cats, One Heart

Image credits: PerspectiveFriendly

#33 My Two Pumpkinheads Who Occasionally Merge Into One Big Pumpkin

#34 My Kittens Recently Found Their Favourite Spot Too Sleep

Image credits: somegaykidd___

#35 My Cats…before And After

Image credits: StevePaing

#36 Hugging

Image credits: sasaq

#37 I Just Found This Pic In My Gallery

Image credits: nitesh_aka_khufia

#38 Adopted My “End Of The World” Team Yesterday. Shelters Are Struggling And I Was Lonely Anyway

Image credits: sludgewizard666

#39 I Think This Is My Favourite Photo Of My Cats

Image credits: Ptheox

#40 Mama Pebbles And Her Child Primrose

Image credits: mhewitt03

#41 My Dog Is Afraid Of The Cats. They Have Learned That She Won’t Walk Near Them, And Enjoy Trapping Her. Earlier Today She Tried To Walk Up The Stairs…

Image credits: cas47

#42 We Adopted The Smaller Kitty 3 Days Ago. They’ve Bonded So Quickly

Image credits: lifeofacookie

#43 I Ground Out 50 Karma Just To Introduce Tango And Cash To Reddit!!! Say Hello!

Image credits: TheMielkeWay82

#44 Unconditional Love.!!!!

Image credits: hananour

#45 Hmmmm

Image credits: jasontaken

#46 Meowfie

Image credits: AjKaramba

#47 Ladybug In The Bathroom?! Hunting Mode Activated!

Image credits: n00se3003

#48 My Girls Made A Heart

Image credits: Urbiggestfan8

#49 My Snowball And My Void. Finally Got Them Looking At The Camera Together

Image credits: bbkat219

#50 My Beloved Cat Died On Sunday And I Wanted Someone New To Take Care Of. My Vet Called And Told Me That This Brother And Sister Duo Needed An Emergency Home Asap. It Was Fate. World, Meet Fitz And Georgie!

Image credits: JKWrites1018

#51 Just Adopted Both Of These Little Monsters

Image credits: DaxMan12

#52 My Entire Life, My Entire Life, I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment, I’ve Been Waiting To Adopt Cats

Image credits: mialovesmi0

#53 We Rescued These Boys One Year Ago. Love Them

Image credits: DStew713

#54 Probably Tmi. Apparently I’m Not Allowed To Pee Alone

Image credits: ramonacumcloser

#55 My Cats Take The Best Christmas Pictures

Image credits: HabitRage

#56 Alphabet

Image credits: Hamster536

#57 I Introduced My Fur Babies To My Newborn. Going To Be An Interesting Next Few Years

Image credits: ilaney

#58 I Wanted To Start Fresh With A Kitten But Couldn’t Stand The Idea Of Two Older Sisters Ever Getting Separated. Welcome Home Girls!

Image credits: Samjraym

#59 My Girlfriend Just Snapped This Beaut. Made My Workday Better. Paying It Forward!

Image credits: bonerjones69

#60 2 Months Ago A Neighbor Asked Me To Investigate Why Scratching Sounds Were Coming From Behind Her Fireplace Firewall. I Cut An Inspection Panel Into The Drywall And To My Surprise I Found These Two, Abandoned, Dirty, Dehydrated And Hungry. Picture Taken At Approximately Three Weeks Post Rescue

Image credits: ShadowDancer11

#61 Their Reaction When I Broke The News That I Start Working From Home This Week And Will Officially Be Their Stay-At-Home Cat Mom Lol

Image credits: 8eyeholes

#62 They Grow Up So Fast!

Image credits: EducationalEgg7

#63 After Trying To Kill Each Other For The Past Half Hour They’ve Decided It’s Now Cuddle Time

Image credits: VimtoBuzz

#64 Cats Looking For Forever Homes

Image credits: nathan274

#65 These Cats Love Their Ramen Beds

Image credits: sickmorty

#66 Planted A Tiny Wheatgrass Yard On My Balcony For My Boys

Image credits: SalivatingTiger

#67 Met These Two Identical Little Floofs At A Farm Today

Image credits: lalalazz

#68 Look Ma! I Fabulous!

Image credits: AwwCatsDotCom

#69 *sound Of A Can Opening*

Image credits: highchou

#70 Found These Two Cuties On My Way Home

Image credits: tefememe

#71 The Committee Against Vacuum Cleaners

Image credits: AwwCatsDotCom

#72 My New Kitten Closed My Older Cat In The China Cabinet. I Dono How They Got It Open But I Heard It Shut And Found This…

Image credits: Raceface53

#73 Chivalry Is Dead. My Boy (Dream) Climbs On Top Of His Sister (Delirium) In An Effort To Be As Far Away From The Vet As Possible

Image credits: callmepbk

#74 My Cat And Her Little One (No Name Yet)

Image credits: streamer85

#75 They’re Always Plotting

Image credits: kem7

#76 My Parents Adopted A 2 Year Old Cat And An Unrelated 12 Week Old Kitten, They’ve Become Fast Friends

Image credits: Bee-rexx

#77 Tuxie Twins Turn 1!

Image credits: applesandbananas456

#78 We Are Much Bigger Now, But We Are Still Your Little Cuties

Image credits: RimaPaulsen

#79 Trouble Makers

Image credits: freshlh

#80 Meet My Two Boys Obi And Niles. They Are Brothers And The Best Of Friends And They Follow Me Around All Day

Image credits: DaRippa25

#81 I Was Hiding Around The Corner, With A Selfie Stick. Managed To Scare Both Cats At The Same Time And Get A Picture Of It

Image credits: MadisonBiro

#82 So Much Floof

Image credits: Such-South-7072

#83 Please Enjoy This Picture Of Yuri And Valentina, Which Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Their Relationship

Image credits: FredAstaireInSequins

#84 My Monday’s Been Busy So Far. We’ve Been At A Women’s House Most Of The Morning Because Of Reports That She Was Hoarding And Had A Bunch Of Cats. These Are Some Of Of The Cats We Have Managed To Catch So Far

Image credits: MissCrazyLady

#85 My Lil Luna Always Watches After Her Brother Ichigo While He Sleep….

Image credits: mr_acc0rd

#86 There Can Only Be One

Image credits: JametAllDay

#87 One Enjoys Putting His Butt On Soft Things. The Other Is A Soft Thing

Image credits: nothingsghosts

#88 What?! There Was No Other Place To Sit

Image credits: Yogo406

#89 Left My Water On The Counter While I Ran Down To My Car And Walked Back In To Find This

Image credits: cruisegal224

#90 Himbs Doing A Sits

Image credits: Blanche-Deveraux1

#91 From The Group Of 130 Rescued Hoard Cats. Oreo And Coal. Oreo Is A Little Bit Shy But His Brother Is A Pretty Confident Kitty. All They Had Were Some Fleas

Image credits: MissCrazyLady

#92 You Werent Supposed To Be Home Till 5pm Karen

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#93 Wtf Are My Cats Doing ?

Image credits: hmfazevedo

#94 A Shop Owner Modified His Attic To Accommodate His Cats. Now He Is Under Constant Observation

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#95 This Is What Cat Engagement Photos Would Look Like

Image credits: boopyouonthenose

#96 We Got A New Kitten, But I Think Our Cat Got A New Kitten

Image credits: emilyrebekah

#97 Aww

Image credits: ComfortableWash430

#98 Two Cuties

Image credits: Cringerino5

#99 Will My Cats Ever Let Me Take A Nice Photo Of Both Of Them? I Doubt It. Bless Their Little Silly Hearts

Image credits: LittleBirdLittleCat

#100 The Girls Are Having The Worlds Laziest Fight

Image credits: chuffberry

#101 Meet Wasabi + Soba! They’ve Grown Up Together Since We Rescued Them At 6 Weeks Old

Image credits: amomsopinion

#102 Walk Away, Human. This Is A Family Matter

Image credits: TurdsforNipples

#103 It’s My Cake Day, Please Enjoy A Pic Of My Cat And Her New Little Sister

Image credits: bluewaveblanket

#104 My Cats Don’t Like That I Go To Work So Early In The Morning Now (Healthcare) So They Apparently Staged An Intervention

Image credits: MarreMER


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat


Image credits: ShouldHaveCat

#120 They Don’t Understand Why I’m In Their House 24/7

Image credits: abracadabz

#121 Super First Photo Of Me With Our Our Little (Long) Guy, Waffles…and Our New Kitten, Pumpkin.

Image credits: likelylikely

#122 I Posted In A Thread About Silly Cats In My Apartment’s Community Board That My Cat Won’t Stop Looking Into My Neighbor’s Apartment. She Replied With The Most Adorable Photo I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: lrube

#123 The Goobers Being Photogenic

Image credits: thedarklorddecending

#124 Ozzy And His Baby Niece Taking A Nap Together

Image credits: luana_0202

#125 May And Her Daughter Trixie

Image credits: MissCrazyLady

#126 Tell Me They’re Not Perfect

Image credits: goldtalon

#127 Father And Daughter

Image credits: okayjourdan

#128 After A Week Of Hissing And Growling, They Are Finally Friends!

Image credits: missandei86

#129 Adopted Two Cuties

Image credits: absorblol

#130 Mother And Daughter

Image credits: LateNightCoffeeShop

#131 I Planned On Adopting One- But When I Got There I Didn’t Have The Heart To Separate Him From His Sister. Now I Have Two

Image credits: jadevcoop

#132 Here Are Me And My Cats

Image credits: RosewithThornz

#133 This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Image credits: ChowMeiMain

#134 Stop

Image credits: true1011

#135 When Your Favorite Place To Sit Is Your Sister

Image credits: HailBlucifer

#136 One Of Them Is Peeing On The Carpet By The Door, I Have Visitors Tomorrow So I Am Scrubbing It Completely. They Came To Watch The Idiot At Work

Image credits: Poncemastergeneral

#137 My Kitten Has Recently Become Obsessed With Sitting On His Older Brother

Image credits: Bartallica

#138 They Had Food In Their Dish, They Just Wanted To Be Assholes

Image credits: Cat-fuzz

#139 Leo & Luna -Rescue Siblings

Image credits: nurse96

#140 My Mon Got These 2 Beautifull Cats In Her Backyard. They’re Also Best Friends!

Image credits: zippopwnage

#141 New Addition To The Family

Image credits: jokersmile27

#142 New Fosters Are Perfect Angels

Image credits: goldtalon

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