142 Of The Most Interesting Signs From Around The World

Do you believe in signs? They’re everywhere! Keep your eyes and your mind wide open, and I promise, you will find some incredible, perhaps even life-changing, signs.

No, I’m not talking about signs from the universe. I’m talking about literal signs. From street signs to emergency exit signs to signs that will teach you about sign language, we’ve gathered some of the most brilliant, hilarious and wholesome signs from around the world down below. 

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Be sure to upvote all of your favorite signs, and let us know in the comments what the most significant sign you’ve ever seen was. Then, if you’re interested in checking out even more signs that might teach you something new, you can find Bored Panda’s last list celebrating signs right here. It’s a good sign that you clicked on this article, I can just feel it!

#1 Sign At The Local Veterinary Hospital

Image credits: maltaa

#2 I’m Convinced To Learn Fencing

Image credits: hotsteamingpho

#3 This Sign Outside A Local Shelter

Image credits: THE_BARCODE_GUY

#4 This Brewery Has A Sign In The Bathroom That Offers A Backup Plan In Case Your Date Isn’t Going So Well

Image credits: daffydubs

#5 I Adopted 2 Miles Of The Pacific Coast Highway Last Year. I’ve Gone Out Almost Every Day And I’ve Picked Up Over 100 Bags Worth Of Trash

Today my adoption signs were finally installed

Image credits: trash_traveler

#6 Sign Outside A Dallas Comic Book Shop This Morning

Image credits: Ryno3639

#7 Sign At Local Burger Restaurant

Image credits: deliciousredrum

#8 My Favorite Bookstore Has A Cat. They Now Have A Sign For The Cat

Image credits: Jaadis7

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#9 This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

Image credits: ChiefdaPhaser

#10 Road Signs In Vilnius, Lithuania

Image credits: remigijussimasius

#11 A Sign I Stumbled Upon

Image credits: benwin2

#12 This Emergency Exit Sign

Image credits: thebayallday

#13 In My Hometown, There Is A Skate Shop Next To A Butcher, They Made A Single Sign. Steak On One Side, Skate On The Other (Nantes, France)

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 The Local Blood Bank Have These Signs To Show How Much Blood They Have

Image credits: awritemate

#15 This New Zealand Remembrance Plaque In Flanders

Image credits: coendelange

#16 Local Starbucks Does ‘Sign Of The Week’ For Sign Language

Image credits: Junaiper

#17 All We Need Is Love

Image credits: willi7676

#18 At Oakland Zoo They Have Signs So Their Wolves Wouldn’t Get Scared

Image credits: Gotta_Sweep42

#19 This Sign Was Written For Deer

Image credits: Natty_Guard

#20 Today I Stopped In Woodville, New Zealand. They Have A Sign Pointing To All The Other Woodville’s And Their Distance

Image credits: blodger42

#21 Anti-Pollution Sign By A Lake In Evergreen, Colorado

Image credits: lalala850

#22 A Buffet Restaurant’s Sign

Image credits: saraboulos

#23 This Sign In A Cafe Educating Us On The Nuances Of Pastries And Politicians

Image credits: JerseyPDX

#24 Autism Sign At The History Of Miami Museum

Image credits: bus214

#25 The Bathroom At My Doctor’s Office Has A Discreet Way For Victims Of Abuse, Violence, Or Human Trafficking To Get Help

Image credits: theryanfight

#26 This Interplanetary Street Sign

Image credits: KKBlitz11

#27 Police In Chester Vermont Have A Special Speed Limit Sign For Christmas. Legend Has It If You Go 69 MpH It Says Both ‘Naughty’ And ‘Nice’

Image credits: ThePurpleDuckling

#28 UV Index Sign

Image credits: Chap82

#29 I Got A Warning For Leaving My Laptop Unattended In The Library

Image credits: DealingwithDisorder

#30 This Sign At A Local Nature Preserve Has The Words Inverted So You Can Read It In The Water

Image credits: benjam33

#31 The Sign At My Son’s Little League Field

Image credits: Trayf

#32 In What Might Be The Oldest Known “Beware Of Dog” Sign

This is an amazingly preserved tile mosaic from Pompeii which features an image of a dog and the words “cave canem” which loosely translates to “caveat” (beware) and “canine” (dog).

Image credits: Mitch Barrie

#33 A Sign With A Map Of Houses Numbers And Streets

Image credits: mrwhitedynamite

#34 This Plaque At The Dog Park Commemorating A Park Record

Image credits: TheDangerStranger

#35 This Sign Explains Why Feeding Ducks Bread Isn’t A Good Idea

Image credits: Myneedtoshare

#36 This Sign At The Mirror Lakes, NZ, Is Actually Mirrored The Right Way Up In The Lake

Image credits: Fgtkilla69

#37 This Sign At My University With The Number For The Library Police

Image credits: Flattermedal

#38 Moss Growing On A Sign, But Only The Parts That Illuminate

Image credits: evilmanic

#39 Michael Pederson Installs Miniature Signs In Unassuming Locations, The Recent One Tracks The Lifespan Of A Solitary Weed Poking Through A Sidewalk Crack

A tiny wooden ladder leans against a sign that marks the number of days the plant has been growing.

Image credits: miguelmarquezoutside

#40 This Sign Is Outside My Local Church, Think It’s A Good Day To Share It

Image credits: woodceilingfan

#41 My Bathroom Sign. It Has Been In My Family Since The 40’s

Image credits: startrekmama

#42 This Historic Sign In My Hotel Explains How To Use Electricity In Case You Had Never Used It Before

Image credits: jcepiano

#43 This Sign At My Local Pharmacy Teaches How To Do A Basic Waltz

Image credits: BrGsaW

#44 Sign I Found In Bali, Downstairs For Fire, Up For Tsunami

Image credits: Bs170699

#45 This Library Hung A Dewey Decimal Reference Sign For “Everything You Want To Know, But Don’t Really Want To Ask”

Image credits: mattjh

#46 The Way The Sun Has Weathered This Sign So It Looks Like It’s Heavy Metal Style

Image credits: dave_wigwam

#47 My City Has Public Defibrillation Stations And The Sign For It Looks Like A Video Game Health Bar

Image credits: Phyierpickle

#48 A Black Stop Sign

Image credits: nerdonmeds

#49 All My Old Casting Spots Have No Trespassing Signs, So This Was A Breath Of Fresh Air

Image credits: Rugger420

#50 The Signs In These Botanical Gardens Have Springs So The Signs Move With The Growth Of The Tree

Image credits: Jakewb

#51 This Sign In My Local Grocery Store Warning That Lemonade Stands Are Illegal In Minnesota

Image credits: bschn100

#52 This Sign At My Park Teaching ASL Signs For The Playground

Image credits: mandybri

#53 College Has These Signs On The Cafeteria Tables, It Flips To Red If You Don’t Want Strangers Sitting At Your Table

Image credits: alghost9

#54 This Sign Of Hobo Symbols At Railroad Museum

Image credits: Liapocalypse1

#55 This Sign About Mental Health

Image credits: 911jumpstarts

#56 My Uber Driver Offered A Conversation “Menu” For His Ride

Image credits: That1Girrl

#57 Movie Theater Tells You If There’s A Scene Near The End Of The Movie

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 This General Store Sign Showing That There Is Actually A Difference Between Jelly And Jam

Image credits: bakeryfresh

#59 This Store Sign

Image credits: rowdt

#60 A Push/Pull Sign On The Door Of A Glasses Shop

Image credits: Geschinta

#61 This Sign I Found In Michigan

Image credits: god_of_fear

#62 Sign At A Local Train Station

Image credits: iklegemma

#63 I’ve Always Wondered How These Signs Get Painted. It Turns Out It’s Just Talented Freehand

Image credits: halps32

#64 These Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs

Image credits: co1063

#65 I Saw This Social Distancing Sign Today In Sydney

Image credits: Davethxcore

#66 This Taxi Has A No Durian Sign

Image credits: redditcommeirl

#67 This “Get Fit” Parking Lot Sign

Image credits: girthygirl

#68 A Wet Floor Warning Sign

Image credits: Showta0608

#69 This Restaurant Uses Shadows To Show Men And Women Restrooms

Image credits: Rook_Mozga

#70 What Does This Sign Even Mean?

Image credits: Nat20SneakAttack

#71 This New Sign In A Nearby Town

Image credits: BetleyIsland36

#72 The Sign Paint Near My House Is Starting To Peel Which Has Resulted In The Town Names Looking Like They’re In A Cool Font

Image credits: JustTom1

#73 Some Roads In Australia Are So Long And Boring They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

Image credits: eppinizer

#74 Sign In The New Orleans Airport Bathroom

Image credits: silentonc

#75 Sign At The Biggest Shopping Mall In Russia, Showing All The Stores That Have Left The Country In Recent Months

Image credits: melancious

#76 This Gas Station Sign Has The Price Of Coffee

Image credits: JoeyRobot

#77 This Sign Is Translated For Dogs

Image credits: Gettafa

#78 This Lowercase Stop Sign

Image credits: Snowblind05

#79 A City In Arizona Made The Local McDonald’s Change Their Sign To Turquoise So As To Better Fit In With The Aesthetics Of The Town

Image credits: Palana

#80 How Every Parking Sign Should Be

Image credits: LemmonSmith

#81 Video Game Store Sign Shaped Like NES Controller

Image credits: KatzDeli

#82 This Sign Is A Self-Referential Recursive Advertisement

Image credits: TMarkos

#83 The Fire Danger Rating Signs We Have All Around Australia

Image credits: GadsdenSnag

#84 The Underground Station Signs Near PlayStation Headquarters In Oxford Circus Have Been Changed For The Launch Of The PS5

Image credits: DanceEats

#85 This Pro-Bike Sign

Image credits: henr_u

#86 The Way This Sign Gradually Floats Up On My Espresso Machine When The Drip Tray Fills

Image credits: bonanzaisnotmyname

#87 Norwegian Road Sign Saying “Over The Speed Limit?”

Image credits: schlong425

#88 This Sign In Front Of The Busiest Subway On My University’s Campus

Image credits: xkalibur13

#89 No Smoking Sign Now Include Vape And Marijuana

Image credits: mikek505

#90 A Street Sign Telling You To Ignore GPS

Image credits: cmattei

#91 Coffee Shop Sign Representing The Owner

Image credits: ScuzzyAyanami

#92 “Beware Of Qigong” Sign

Image credits: zoeyang

#93 This Pet Store Won’t Sell Bunnies Until After Easter

Image credits: poochyena

#94 This Is The Classiest, Most Luxurious Wet Floor Sign I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Dad_illusion

#95 This Cemetery Has A Very Targeted Sign

Image credits: mrwhiskers123

#96 The Snowflakes On The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Sign Are Made Out Of Airplanes

Image credits: CJ-TheGolden

#97 At Sinai Hospital In Baltimore, On Saturday, The Elevator Automatically Stops On All Floors

Image credits: U-GO-GURL-

#98 This Sign Has An Accurate Picture Of Water Refraction

Image credits: jaybram24

#99 This Shop Has Mirrored Its Sign To Take Advantage Of The Popular Christmas Window Display In The Shop Opposite

Image credits: FriedGold32

#100 This Library Sign Is Metal Made To Look Like Open Books

Image credits: PickleMcBananaHammoc

#101 We Would Be No Longer At The Top Of The Food Chain

Image credits: Suberiou

#102 This Sign At An Illinois Rest Stop Encouraging People Not To Bully Someone For Wearing A Mask

Image credits: YoungRestless21

#103 Cannabis Has Been Legalized In Canada Last Week, No Smoking Signs Have Been Replaced

Image credits: MartensCedric

#104 This Sign Has Been Up For Over 10 Years In My Minneapolis Neighborhood, Still Relevant

Image credits: GopherFawkes

#105 Someone Spotted This Sign In The Bathroom At Alan Turing Institute

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#106 A Bench I Pass Sometimes But Have Only Noticed The Sign Today. As No One Was Sitting There

Image credits: lindyloo1982

#107 Encountered A 68.99 Sign

Image credits: joshsutton0129

#108 “We I.D.” Sign Y2Ks 20 Years After The New Millennium

Image credits: Will-In-Cincy

#109 Sign Marking The Location Of The First Car Fatality In The US

Image credits: Seespotfly

#110 This Sign Was Posted In January 2020 At A Local Church. And Then 2020 Happened

Image credits: nathanpizazz

#111 Brewtorium In Austin’s Bathroom Signs Are Great

Image credits: vjkhokie

#112 Thought This Yoga Sign Was Pretty Clever

Image credits: Flanj

#113 Sign That Only Works With Its Shadow

Image credits: JaccaChan

#114 This Weird Road Sign

Image credits: Lamprey22

#115 This “Animal Tracks” Wall Sign In My Airbnb

Image credits: Tubbytbot

#116 Free Coffee In Exchange For Some Rubbish

Image credits: awkwardlondoner

#117 I Saw This Sign On A Dog Walk Today

Image credits: wrenpod

#118 The Sign Stands For Blind Tiger But Both Letters “I” Are Missing Because The Tiger Has No Eyes

Image credits: Palifaith

#119 They Got Release Dates For Stop Signs Out Here In Akron, Ohio

Image credits: ajfoucault

#120 Interesting Sign At My Local Asian Market

Image credits: FunSpongeLLC

#121 My Favorite Coffee House Is Kawa Coffee In Colorado Springs. I’ve Seen This Sign A Thousand Times But Never Noticed From The Inside It Spells Awake

Image credits: Markk31

#122 Sign At My Local Burger Joint

Image credits: cotxscott

#123 Our Neighbor Bought This Giant Sign Instead Of Turning The Light Off

Image credits: nicbra86

#124 This Sign Feels Like The Start Of A Video Game

Image credits: instaterence

#125 This Zipper Check Sign On The Backside Of The Door Of A Hotel’s Lobby Bathroom

Image credits: Gingivitis22

#126 Film Studio Sign Made By Compressing Metal Bars

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#127 Sign For A Restaurant

Image credits: woberto

#128 Do I Trust The Sign Or The Sensor?

Image credits: SharkFinn24

#129 This Sign

Image credits: DarthGamer76

#130 I Found A Blue Stop Sign. That Is All

Image credits: Ayman877

#131 Street Sign Near Me

Image credits: nameless-manager

#132 Interesting Sign

Image credits: pauldesmondslowey

#133 This Oddly Specific Speed Limit Sign

Image credits: themanforthejob2

#134 The Grocery Store I Go To Lists Pringles As Meaningfully Distinct From Salty Snacks And Chips In Their Aisle Signs

Image credits: SeedOfFlesh

#135 I Saw The 12mph Speed Limit Sign, But Never The 9 1/2mph Sign

Image credits: CecilWeasle

#136 A Little Chuckle For You

Image credits: violethowe

#137 Train Station’s Sign In The Welsh Town Of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Has Phonetic Spelling To Assist Travelers With Pronunciation

Image credits: Le_Rat_Mort

#138 The Local Sandwich Shop Sign Was Returned After It Was Stolen 20-Years-Ago

Image credits: plutonicbunny

#139 This Sign Includes All The Different Regional Spanish Words For “Straw”

Image credits: plum-plucker

#140 This Jamaica Sign

Image credits: cmoraski

#141 This Sign For My Local Watch Your Car Program

Image credits: Mom_Forgot_To_Knock

#142 This Ad Looks Like A Stop Sign. Translates To: Let’s Stop The Virus By Staying At Home

Image credits: VodooAlchemist

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