143 Times People Had Such A Terrible Day At Work, They Posted Pics Online To Give Everyone A Laugh (New Pics)

Having a terrible day at work can be frustrating, overwhelming, and even demoralizing. Whether it’s a challenging project, an annoying colleague, or just a series of misfortunes, sadly, there are plenty of reasons you might feel like you’re a failure.

But as Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon sang, “It’s just a bad day / Not a bad life.” And one of the ways to recover is by venting online. So we at Bored Panda decided to remind ourselves that the universe hasn’t conspired against any of us. From time to time, everyone runs into some (undeserved) adversity.

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Continue scrolling to see all the messed-up nonsense people have had to deal with on the job! And when you’re done, see more fails previously posted here.

#1 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone’s Homework

Image credits: paulathekoala95

#2 I Work As A Valet And Make $3.85/Hour And I Received This As A Tip

Image credits: AyeBenji

Getting dealt a bad hand at work isn’t the end of the world. Especially for content employees. According to Annie McKee, Ph.D., who is a best-selling business book author and advisor to top global leaders, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to government officials, those who are engaged with their jobs and colleagues work harder — and smarter. But that’s quite rare.

“Far too many couldn’t care less about what’s happening around them,” McKee wrote in Harvard Business Review. “For them, Wednesday is ‘hump day’ and they’re just working to get to Friday. And then there’s the other end of the bell curve — that nearly one out of five employees is actively disengaged. These people are sabotaging projects, backstabbing colleagues, and generally wreaking havoc in their workplaces.”

#3 Two Teams Of Builders Was Building A Bike Lane “On The Right-Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Image credits: anthonybsd

#4 I Work In Mosquito Control. Everyday I Go Into Vacant Lots, Holding Ponds Swamps, Low Areas, Woodlands And Onto Residence Properties. This Is Typical Of What I Find

I’ve lost my faith in humanity. What we do defines us and this is what we do. We are not stewards of the land or caretakers. We are a blight. We are just vultures picking at the carcass of a dying world.

Image credits: ObadiahRain

#5 If You’re A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

Image credits: dillonconnerty

“Disengaged, unhappy people aren’t any fun to work with, don’t add much value, and impact our organizations (and our economy) in profoundly negative ways,” McKee explained.

“It’s even worse when leaders are disengaged because they infect others with their attitude. Their emotions and mindset impact others’ moods and performance tremendously. After all, how we feel is linked to what and how we think. In other words, thought influences emotion, and emotion influences thinking.”

#6 Absolutely Shattered

Image credits: skeetac

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#7 Two Domino’s Workers After Their Shift In San Antonio, Texas Today. All Food Gone In 4 Hours


#8 New Guy Tried To Empty The Fryer Grease Into A Plastic Bucket

Image credits: walskov

#9 Colleague Definitely Drew The Short Straw On Email Naming Conventions

Image credits: JonnyHF

McKee thinks it’s time to finally blow up the myth that feelings don’t matter at work.

“Science is on our side: there are clear neurological links between feelings, thoughts, and actions. When we are in the grip of strong negative emotions, it’s like having blinders on,” she said. “We focus mostly — sometimes only — on the source of the pain. We don’t process information as well, think creatively, or make good decisions. Frustration, anger, and stress cause an important part of us to shut down —the thinking, engaged part. Disengagement is a natural neurological and psychological response to pervasive negative emotions.”

#10 2 Hours Into A 10-Hour Shift When A Passenger Asks If I Know About The Stowaway On My Bus

Image credits: El_Dief

#11 Stayed At Work For The Storm. This Is The Road I Take Home

Image credits: BoneReject

#12 At The End Of Shifts, We Split The Tips Evenly. We Had More Than 50$ Of Tips And My Coworker Had To Leave About 10 Minutes Early She Ended Up Taking All But 2.50$

Image credits: TMOJBAR

#13 As A Practical Joke, Some Coworkers Wrapped My Office In Foil. In The Process, My 30″ LCD Monitor Was Accidentally Turned On, And It Boiled Itself

Here’s what it looked like when I unwrapped it.

Image credits: daroon

However, it’s not just negative emotions we need to watch out for. “Extremely strong positive emotions have the same effect,” McKee said.

“Some studies show that too much happiness can make you less creative and prone to engage in riskier behaviors (think about how we act like fools when we fall in love!). On the work front: I’ve seen groups of people worked up into a frenzy at sales conferences and corporate pep rallies. Little learning or innovation comes out of these meetings. Throw in a lot of alcohol and you’ve got a whole host of other problems.”

So it sounds like having your suspenders stuck in your chair every once in a while can be actually quite beneficial.

#14 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image credits: itkeekz

#15 Sgt. Vanderheiden Got His Suspenders Stuck In A Chair Yesterday, But Some Helpful Friends Came To The Rescue

Image credits: AppletonPD_WI

#16 Got Fired For “Telling The Boss How To Do His Job” When All I Did Was Say “We Can’t Obstruct A Fire Escape”

Image credits: Sudden_Chard8860

#17 I’m A Night Custodian At A High School. This Is What The First Day Of School Looks Like

Image credits: unwanted-tomatoes

Since nobody can prepare for the unexpected (just the way they can react to it), it isn’t surprising that workers worry about other things.

“One could argue that today’s employees are as equally stressed as their predecessors, but for different reasons,” said Jodi Chavez, president of Atlanta-based Randstad Professionals, a segment of Randstad US, which provides finance, accounting, HR, sales, marketing, legal staffing and recruitment services. “They fear having their jobs outsourced to another country, have anxiety about how best to work alongside new technologies such as automation and robotics, have increased financial pressures with rising student loan debt and late retirement, and feel pressure to be ‘on’ and answering e-mails 24/7.”

#18 Consequences Of Working In A -10°C Lab Where I Have To Wash My Hands 40 Times A Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Coworker Found A Surprise At The Bottom Of Their Cup This Morning

Image credits: MedicMac89

#20 Over 2,000 Pounds Of Fresh Pork Being Rejected By The Walmart Distribution Center Because The Sell By Dates Occur When Their Stores Are Closed For Thanksgiving

This product will still be safe to eat for the next 15 days but they won’t even attempt to sell it. This will end up in a dumpster today.

Image credits: OTTER__VOMIT

#21 Something Went Wrong With The Line Painting

Image credits: vickiintn

In difficult times, you need to find an internal reserve of energy and hope to help you make your way through. In other words, you need to tap into your resilience.

“Like so many other human traits, resilience can be woven into the fabric of one’s being (nature) and/or it can be learned (nurture),” career and business coach Marjie Terry said.

“One’s natural disposition may lead them to always look on the bright side or to look for the silver lining. For others, with an accumulation of life experience, they develop a resilience perspective and realize that, as the old saying goes, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. They develop an ability to recognize that it’s important to keep going even when life hands you challenge after challenge—they develop perspective.”

Sometimes, there really isn’t much else we can do but endure. And laugh!

#22 Guy At Work Dropped So Much Oil We Got Invaded By The US Government

Image credits: BroThisJose

#23 They Can’t Pay A Living Wage But I’ll Waste Hundreds On Food Waste

Image credits: sirpentious

#24 5 Minutes Into My Maintenance Shift I Get Called Up To The Public Bathroom, This Is What I Found

Image credits: KDN1692

#25 First Day On The Job As A Pool Attendant And Some Lady Thought It Was A Good Idea To Dump An Entire Chocolate Fountain Into The Sink

Image credits: fjt123

#26 Last Night Someone Tried To Steal A Car From The Dealership I Work At

Image credits: Shambhala87

#27 Can’t Get Into Work This Morning Because The Closer Didn’t Realize They Took Home The Core To The Door Lock

Image credits: redcobra762

#28 When You Have A Long, Active Day Surrounded By People, Then Get Home, Take Off Your Work Pants, And Just Stare At The 6″ Tear Straight Down Your Back End

Image credits: Katiari

#29 I Live In A Tiny Town (Less Than 10,000) And There’s Only One Road In And Out. Whenever There’s An Accident, Traffic Gets Jammed. It’s My First Day At My New Job

Image credits: Tinystalker

#30 Testing Out Our New Printer. Left The Room For 5 Minutes And Came Back To This

Image credits: thenewkelly

#31 Colleague Stepping On A Wet Concrete

Image credits: Jakolcz

#32 Got Laid Off Today With Zero Notice, Found All My Stuff Already In A Box When I Got To Work

Image credits: Shrek1onDVD

#33 OMG I Won I Won I Won

Image credits: broadwayguru

#34 Paint Truck Breaks Long-Standing Speed Record – Hits 88 MpH

Image credits: Puggleky

#35 I Work In A Mall With An Indigo Book Store And Found This Yesterday, It Really Pissed Me Off

Image credits: xlliminalityx

#36 Bought Myself A Little Chair For When I Have To Program Robots For Long Hours At A Time At Work. Someone Over Capacity Borrowed It On The Off Shift

Image credits: hatturner

#37 Key Broke Off Inside The Lock To A Very Important Work Door. Wonder How Much Trouble I Am In

Image credits: Twaynesty

#38 This Is The “Black” Coffee I Just Ordered From The Vending Machine At My Work. Good Morning To Me

Image credits: Gnarly_Sarley

#39 A Colleague Tipped Over 7 Crates Full Of Wine Bottles

Image credits: Djuztinn

#40 When You’ve Had A Bad Day At Work, Just Remember Someone Else’s Work Day Is Probably Much Worse

Image credits: realJeff60Days

#41 Spilled Half A Pot Of Hollandaise On The Floor At Work. The Majority Of It Went Underneath The Cooler

Image credits: VampireDanny

#42 Cleaned My Glasses Too Hard. I Am At Work, Don’t Have A Spare Pair

Image credits: broccoliboi989

#43 I Finished Rolling My Silverware After An Eleven-Hour Shift, Only To Have The Drawer I Loaded It In The Break And Fall To The Floor. I’m So Done With Today

Image credits: Bad_Ju_Jew

#44 On My First Day As A Janitor Assigned To This Area Of My School, The Rain Flooded Everything

Image credits: OJILOBOS

#45 Starbucks Is Over An Hour Late On The First Red Cup Day. These Are All Abandoned Drinks

Image credits: Muffinfeds

#46 Coworker Drove A Forklift Over A Can Of Oil

Image credits: FinestShang

#47 When The Boss Thinks He’s A Comedian

Image credits: orangebob999

#48 Fresh Refurb At The Pub I Work At And Someone Decided To Write A Review Of The Paint Job

“You didn’t sand or undercoat these doors!”

Image credits: Sister_Ceres

#49 My First Day As A Delivery Guy At Domino’s

Image credits: Ononas

#50 This Happened On My First Day On The Job

Image credits: Stupid_gamer16

#51 Finding This First Thing In The Morning As A Start To Your Work Day

Image credits: Jalantepenlope

#52 Dropped My Ravioli Taking It Out The Microwave At Work

Image credits: vachon11

#53 Girlfriend Works At A Local Target And Had A Family Stroll In And Do All This

Image credits: Sylron

#54 My Car Exploded On My Way To Work

Image credits: Imrealcheese

#55 I Collect Carts At Walmart. Please Stop Being Lazy And Return Your Cart To Where It Belongs

Image credits: Connect-Salamander88

#56 Amazon Employees Who Worked Over 10 Hours On Easter Sunday Were ‘Lucky Enough’ To Potentially Win A $2 Snack Pack

“Thank you all for coming in on Easter Sunday! We are going to run a contest for P2. Anyone picking over a 310 rate will be entered in a raffle for a snack pack (water/soda and a candy or bag of chips of your choice). Good Luck everyone and THANK YOU!!!”

Image credits: thepkmncenter

#57 My Coworker Put Straight Printer Ink In One Of My Gloves At Work. This Will Take A Week Or Two Minimum To Come Off

Image credits: xamlax

#58 I Literally Just Got Home From My First Day Of Work

Image credits: Ducksoap74

#59 So I Was Heading To A Job Interview And Accidentally Spilled Coffee All Over Me Just Before Interview. Not The Best First Impression I Suppose

Image credits: Mikrobeast

#60 Coworker Came Out Of Work Yesterday To Find This On His Car

Image credits: cdkinney21

#61 5th Day Into My New Work At Home Job, And My Chair Breaks Like This

Image credits: JustBrowsingWithMyBF

#62 Shoelace Got Caught On Something At Work

Image credits: Responsible-Chard515

#63 Well This Happened At Work Last Night

Image credits: lucifertheboomer

#64 Coworker Accidentally Breaks 40+ Plates

Image credits: nooyork

#65 Coworker Opened Pressurized Milk Line, Blew His Hat And Hairnet Off

Image credits: the_creamery_kid

#66 The Button Of My Trousers Fell In Toilet, While At Work

Image credits: NudesExchange

#67 I Came Into Work Today To Find One Of Our Office Shelves Collapsed

Image credits: samonellllla

#68 I’m A Videographer And Today I’m Working At A Women’s Conference. As There Are Only Women Here They Converted The Men’s Bathroom Into A Second Women’s Bathroom

The only problem is that there is one guy here. Me. And I really need to pee.

Image credits: JephriB

#69 Paint Disaster At Home Depot

Image credits: NockCoge

#70 Dumped 17 Buckets Of Drywall Screws (25 Lbs Buckets) From About Fifteen Feet In The Air. I Was Told By My Coworkers It Looked Like Black Hail When It Fell

Image credits: Flamingseaturtle

#71 The Bathroom Ceiling At My Work That Nobody Can Fix Till Tuesday

Image credits: No_Lingonberry3694

#72 Had A Wardrobe Malfunction While At Work (Retail), Had To Improvise A Solution

Image credits: DM_ME_UR_CUTE_DOGGOS

#73 My Work Doesn’t Allow You To Use A Toilet As A Toilet

Image credits: heichousbleach

#74 Hell Of A Way To Start Off My Graveyard Shift Last Night

Image credits: RCDrift

#75 My Work Only Has Small Gloves

Image credits: Orion-Fowl

#76 I Just Walked In As A Taco Bell Cleaning Captain. Apparently, An Employee Brought In Her Kids On The Night Shift And Made A Mess

Image credits: Greenmatrix35

#77 My Friend Went To Get Into His Work Truck This Morning And Found That Someone Drilled A Hole In The Gas Tank And Stole All Of His Gas

Image credits: Specialist-Highway56

#78 Was Washing A (Very Sharp) Greasy Piping Tip At Work. Slipped Right Onto My Finger Before I Could Stop It

Image credits: abby_petty

#79 Last Year Our Work Holiday Party Was Pushed Back Until The Last Day Of January On Zoom. Guess Who Was The Only One To Dress Up For The Costume Contest?

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 At Work Wondering Why I Felt A Draft Down There. My Favorite Jeans Have Given Up The Ghost

Image credits: Mental_Passion4945

#81 I’m Never Pooping At My Job Ever Again

Image credits: -Vink-

#82 Got This Wonderful Error 10 Minutes Before Starting My New Remote Job

Image credits: thedrunknerd

#83 This Happened When I Tried To Leave My Office

Image credits: Dgreene120

#84 Getting Dressed In The Dark Only To Look Down Upon Getting To Work

Image credits: MarineDawg1775

#85 Amazon Driver Left This Big Tote With Our Packages In It On Our Porch

Image credits: stwaldo

#86 We Were Supposed To Get Our Annual Raise But This Is What They Gave Us Instead – PB&J Day

Image credits: TomCruisintheUSA

#87 2-Hour-Old Brand New Off The Shelf Red Wing Boots Disintegrated. Cost My Friend A Day Of Work

Image credits: Goof-Off-Corpse

#88 Came Into Work To Find That Someone Had Broken Into The Pizza Hut I Work At Last Night

Image credits: walkerkiwi

#89 I’ve Been At Work For About 10 Hours And I Haven’t Eaten Anything Since I Got There, I Finally Got A Chance To Order Some Fries From A Nearby BBQ Shop… And I Dropped It

Image credits: Katsuno_69

#90 Complaining About A Place That Makes Donuts Smell Like Donuts. Has To Be The Work Of A Karen

Image credits: Synthee

#91 Drove To Work Only To Discover My Suit Was Dead. Drove Back To Change

Image credits: 12-7DN

#92 When You Take The Wrong Leftovers Container To Work And All You Have For Lunch Is Baked Beans

Image credits: KentuckyTurtlehead

#93 School Has A Serious Leaking Problem, My Teacher Lives In The Fear That The Plastic Will Break And Spill On Her

Image credits: xdarkstarr

#94 60-Liter Oil Canister Exploded, At The Right Is A Freshly Painted Truck

Image credits: JTT280503

#95 Broke My Finger At Work, Got Fired After The Drug Test. All At The End Of A 12-Hour Night Shift

Image credits: Thesmallthedude

#96 Up Late Working. My Cat Jumped Up On My Desk, Vomited On The Calculator I Need To Use, Then Jumped Back Down

Image credits: Drinkingwithchickens

#97 Stop Putting These Stupid Stickers On My Pumps! I Don’t Get Paid Enough To Remove Them

Image credits: UpVoteCountryBoy

#98 A Conveyor Belt Failed

Image credits: moiz2610

#99 Coworker Left A Couple Shop Rags In The Engine Valley When Doing Intake Gaskets. Now He Gets To Replace The Engine

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#100 Coworker Was Driving Pizza Sauce To Another Store And Someone Cut Him Off

Image credits: spidma

#101 The Sink At My Work Randomly Exploded And Almost Killed One Of My Coworkers

Image credits: Midnite_St0rm

#102 My Coworker Came Out Of The Back Room Saying “Hey I Made A Dumb Mistake”

Image credits: FermentingSkeleton

#103 Made An Enemy On My First Day Of Work

Image credits: MagicalKhaos

#104 A New Vet Clinic Opened In My Town And Today His Parrot Escaped And He Tried To Bribe Her Down For 40+ Minutes

Image credits: NotKreative

#105 Coworkers Make Each Other Valentine’s Day Cards And I’m The Only One In My 12-Person Office That Didn’t Have One Made For Them. Some People Even Have Multiple… Awkward

Image credits: bradygoeskel

#106 My Coworker Dropped A Pallet Of Eggs, And I Got Assigned To Go Trough Every Single Egg Box And Inspect Every Single Egg To Ensure They’re Not Broken

Image credits: niclaswwe

#107 My Boss Screwed The Only Window At Our Office Shut, So Now It’s Impossible To Get Fresh Air. I’m Boiling At Work

Image credits: SloBearZ

#108 My Work Giving Us Now 2-Day-Old Hotdogs Instead Of Bonus Pay For Working 4th Of July And 4th Of July Weekend

Image credits: Joe_Papermaker

#109 My Boss’s Dog, Which Doesn’t Belong At Work To Begin With, Tore Up My Mango Plant, That I Grew From A Mango I Had Eaten

Boss wasn’t present for this, so I texted him to let him know, and all he had to say was “How much do I owe you?”

Image credits: olive-bernie

#110 Trying To Finish Up A Last Minute Job. Don’t Forget To Latch Your Screw Boxes People

Image credits: DylanFTW_

#111 Someone Ate My Food At Work So I Put It In The Middle Of The Lunch Room Table And Wrote In 3 Languages To Send My Message

Image credits: OkOutlandishness634

#112 Had A Pen In My Pocket At Work, Looked Down To This

Image credits: NoSexAppealNeil

#113 Today At Work, A Coworker Crashed A Trolley Full Of Plates Needed For A Function

Image credits: saibugs

#114 Someone Had A Bad Day At Work

Image credits: MrJeromeParker

#115 Someone Incorrectly Assembled The Shelves At The Store I Work In, And Now I’m Lost In The Sauce

Image credits: gaydes69

#116 My Tooth Crown Fell Out While I Was Taking A Call At Work

Image credits: TresLechesPancakes

#117 I Baked A Cake For My Work Colleagues For My Birthday, And Nobody Took Any

Image credits: Marco3712

#118 What Happened On Your Worst Day In Trucking?

Image credits: frankenbeansssss

#119 On Today’s Episode Of Why I Wanna Quit My Job

Image credits: ProjectJosiee

#120 Started My Birthday Out By Spilling Two Gallons Of Unblended Soup Inside A Refrigerator Ten Minutes Into My Shift

Image credits: theghostboots

#121 This Just Happened

Image credits: mtrash

#122 Day 3 Of Starting My New Job, I Managed To Slice My Hand Open With A Box Cutter Somehow

Image credits: scottybeegood

#123 It Was My Girlfriend’s Limited Edition “Starlight” Flavor Coke

Image credits: MadMasterMad

#124 Dropped My Pocket Knife At Work And The Grate Is Welded And Bolted Down

Image credits: le_savage77

#125 My Wife’s Coworker’s Phone Caught On Fire While Teaching

Image credits: _The_dude_abides185

#126 Someone Tried On All These Shoes And Left Them On The Floor

Image credits: Elsekiro

#127 My Coworker Waited Weeks For A Used Transmission For A Hybrid Tahoe. It Finally Showed Up And He Tipped It Up And Water Ran Out Of It For A Solid 60 Seconds

Image credits: N_dixon

#128 I Work At A School. On My Lunch, A Parent Told Me That A Pine Cone Had Fallen From A Tree And Shattered Someone’s Windshield. That Someone Is Me

Image credits: the_portree_kid

#129 The Office Provided My Favorite Expensive Mexican Food For Lunch. I Dumped It All Over Myself

Image credits: lapistola

#130 My Bike Got Stolen While I Was At Work

Image credits: benhenry02

#131 My Manager Made This Mess And Made Me Pick It Up. Meanwhile, She Was Sitting On A Counter Facetiming Someone And Blasting Music

Image credits: ItalianDenero666

#132 The Order My Manager Made Me Make After I Clocked Out. I Missed My Bus

Image credits: triggerhappytg

#133 Rats Ate Their Way Into Our Work Fridge Over The Weekend

Image credits: Juniper_Thebann

#134 My Shirts For Work Finally Came In… Spelled Wrong. My Name Is Carter

Image credits: fonepacecar

#135 Manager Glued The Volume Button On The Phone So We Can’t Change It

Image credits: roses_sunflowers

#136 Some Jerks Threw An Entire Jar Of Queso On The Menu Board At My Work And I Had To Scrape It Off With A Chisel

Image credits: i_otakuchick

#137 When A Coworker Forgets To Deal With Pizza Dough He Made

Image credits: QueenFrostyFrost

#138 Here’s My Night Shift Dinner For Work At 2 AM. I Was Hungry, But I Guess The Floor Was Hungrier. 5 Second Rule?

Image credits: Inochimaru

#139 My Lunch For 12-Hour Shift

Image credits: Slav_boi21

#140 How I Found My Bike When Leaving Work Today (I Only Have One U-Lock)

Image credits: Mario_mEz

#141 That Person Must Be Having A Very Bad Day

Image credits: mojoback_ohbehave

#142 My Coworker’s Breakfast Today

Image credits: tfnyelice

#143 I Got My Box Filled With Ketchup At Work Today

Image credits: S3ERFRY333

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