144 Times People Mastered The Art Of Knitting And Shared Their Creations Online (New Pics)

Knitting is a form of magic. Or it sure seems that way to someone who’s never held knitting needles, let alone tried to use them for anything other than wizarding wands of wizardry. Whether it be a form of artistic expression or a means of creating some lovely mittens to combat the cold winds hitting them fingers, it’s a craft that holds a special place in many hearts.

Bored Panda is definitely a fan! Last year, we compiled a list of 50 incredibly talented people who’ve shared their masterpieces online. Guess what we’re doing today? Well, if you’ve read the title then you know very well that we’re doing that again! 

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The Reddit community named r/knitting has united over 426k knitting enthusiasts, with many sharing their lovely little creations. Whether total beginners, or long-standing (or should I say long-knitting?) masters, everyone is welcome to partake in the warmth that this community garners, and today we’ll be celebrating our favorites! 

We got in contact with Whitney Cant, known as Knitted by Whitney on Instagram and YouTube, who was kind enough to share her knitting journey with us, as well as giving some very useful tips for those looking to get into knitting. So make sure to stick around for that! 

Dearest Pandarandas, do enjoy this voyage into the nifty and creative, vote on your favorites along the way, and if you’re still craving more, here is an article—and look, here’s another one! Let’s dive into it! 

#1 Knitted My Greyhound A Suit For My Wedding Next Weekend

Image credits: Cheatman101sWife

I have a confession to make: I have never knitted before in my life. It’s one of those things that I’ve never been exposed to: my family members aren’t knitters, my friends aren’t knitters, and we weren’t forced to learn this at school. We learned how to sew a button in, though! Very useful! 

So, I will be falling upon experts of the craft or those who’ve been mesmerized by its simplistic complexity and the alchemy that turns a regular piece of string into an artistic expression of fashion. Or a warm cozy blanket at the very least… 

One of those experts is Whitney Cant, who’d been sharing her knitting creations with the world since 2015. As a plus size knitter, she’s been bringing attention to the importance of size-inclusivity in knitting patterns, and encouraging others to share their knits, regardless of their size, as well as promoting self-love and body positivity. 

She got into knitting thanks to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as she loved the vest the main character, Katniss, wore, yet couldn’t find one readily available. So what did she do—make one herself, of course! Ever since that first project, knitting has become a creative outlet and a means of crafting garments that fit her perfectly. 

#2 This Embroidery Piece Has My First Ever Knitting Sample Sewn Onto It. This Piece Is A Reminder For Us To Honour Those Who Weave Our Clothing, Even If We Never Meet Them

Image credits: -Bold-and-Brash-

#3 Eleven Months Later, I Finally Finished This ‘80s Space Jumper I Found On R/Knitting

Image credits: Somebody28

When asked what the knitting process is like, she laughed: “It can honestly feel like herding cats sometimes!” She proceeded to describe the different ways knitters take on projects. “I’m a monogamous knitter, which means I work on one pattern at a time and don’t start anything new until I finish it. However, I’m in the minority—most knitters have multiple projects going on at the same time, but that is too chaotic for me, so I prefer to keep things simple with just one pattern.” 

Although knitting may seem to be a purely physical process of moving about needles and pieces of yarn, it can also be a beautifully artistic and therapeutic practice. 

Robbin Derry, an associate professor at the University of Lethbridge, believes that “the act of knitting is an opportunity to create and express ideas visually rather than verbally, to learn from our senses, to engage in active loving even while at work, to inspire others by actions and beauty.” 

In other words, the world of knitting opens up doors for deeper insights and self-understanding than just what is beyond the yarn. The craft of knitting, thus, has a multitude of purposes: from the construction of warm and cozy garments to the construction of a more self-confident, more generous, and calmer self. 

#4 I Got Married On Saturday. I Made These Socks For My Wife To Wear When Getting Ready, So That She Didn’t Get Cold Feet!

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Image credits: lotanis

#5 Finally Off The Needles And Done. This Clogged Up My Knitting Mojo For Almost A Year

Image credits: judymilna

#6 Knitted This Dress For My Daughter. She’s So Proud, Saying “My Daddy Made This For Me”

Image credits: BrusingFawn996

Robbin argues that the process and products of knitting may become “the outward expression of attitudes, emotions, and aspirations, well before these are articulated in words.” In simpler terms, what we carry inside of us is easier to come face-to-face with when we’re working on a creative project, requiring us to work together with the one person we argue with the most—ourselves. 

“I have experienced and described knitting as performance art, as active loving, and as an expression of strongly held values,” states Robbin, portraying the craft as a means of making sense of the world. “Reflecting on my adventures with yarn and needles, it feels like I am knitting my life into one integrated fabric,” she continues. 

“When we knit, we create a row of loops and then build another row of loops on top of those and keep going until we have a finished garment. When we live, we loop the relationships, moments, activities of our lives together; pile them on top of each other, creating links, making abrupt turns occasionally. Starting anew, and then sewing it onto the section we already had, we continue through to the end.” 

For Whitney, it’s done wonders to her mental health. “I have minor anxiety that spikes when I’m in certain situations, and the physical act of knitting helps me alleviate that anxiety so much, either during the situations or immediately afterwards,” she said. “The creative side of knitting helps stimulate my mind and helps me just have fun in my spare time.”

“I wouldn’t have the self-confidence I have now without knitting, and I desperately want other plus-sized women to feel as confident as I do, and to normalize sharing bodies that look like mine because we are ALL beautiful,” she continued.

#7 I Was Convinced I’d Finish This Blanket In The Six Months Before I Graduated In 2018. I Moved House Four Times And Am Studying For My Second Masters Degree, But I’ve Finally Defeated It!

Image credits: pellegrinos

#8 Proud Of This One! Yarn Is All Made By Me

Image credits: sweetniks16

#9 Five Years Ago I Started Him, And Then Hid Him Away In A Box For Being Frustrating And Way Above My Skill Level

A few months ago I was inspired by a post on this sub to pick him back up and now, at long last, he’s done!!

Image credits: reptilian_warlock

Although it seems that knitters usually form an emotional connection to the craft, the fact remains that the traditions and techniques of knitting have been passed from generation to generation. What that means is that knitting is a deep-rooted part of our culture. 

Rebecca Elaine Schuiling argues that the artists who use knitting as a medium are “part of an ancient lineage of women around the globe who have transformed fibers into clothing to protect their families for tens of thousands of years.”

With the power to create comes a great responsibility. Does life imitate art far more than art imitates life? It’s a philosophical debate my straightforward brain cannot even begin to fathom. I understand the interconnection of both—one is not whole without the other—and the fact that soft colorful socks make me happy.  

Whitney has some thoughts on that debate, however. “I think knitting can be a form of artistic expression, but it’s really a craft with a purpose that has been passed down through generations of knitters, mostly women. Knitting is primarily about making something functional—yes it helps if it’s also beautiful, but it’s more important that it’s wearable and useful. I don’t think you can clearly say whether it’s art imitating life or life imitating art because it was never meant to be art in the first place. It’s capable of being art, but that’s not its true purpose.”  

#10 Tried My Hand At Knitting Some Chameleon Socks!!

Image credits: Tasty-Superior-Olive

#11 Just Finished A Pair Of Socks Inspired By The Very Hungry Caterpillar For An Arts Project

Image credits: hattaraprinsessa

#12 I Made Her For My Friend, Who Loves Knitting. I Hope This Mouse Will Make You Smile And Inspire You To Start A New Knitting Project Or Finish An Old One

Image credits: natalie_kuznetsova

Knitting is a living tradition, yet in modern times, it’s become more of a meditative act. “The notion of actively disengaging from the technologically saturated world is appealing to many artists,” Rebecca explains. “By engaging in a slow process of creation like knitting, artists feel connected to the medium through its therapeutic qualities.” 

The repetitive motions, much like a mantra, the feel of the yarn in the hand, and the sound of the clicking of the needles are soothing to the soul. Rebecca argues that we can take back control over our daily lives by engaging in a process that has a long production time, such as knitting. 

Many scholars believe that knitting as an art form surpasses the powers of paint and marble because of its association with everyday life. Peter Stallybrass states “Cloth … [is] powerfully associated with memory, or to put it more strongly, cloth is memory.” Knitted fabrics can be understood by many, bringing art to the regular day of regular human beings, doing their most regular things. 

#13 When You Can’t Pick 2 Colors Choose 8 Instead

Image credits: sheepboat

#14 I Am Part Of A Facebook Group Called “Knit For A Unique Fit” That Matches Knitters With Individuals With Hand Differences To Make Custom Gloves. I Just Finished My First Pair!

Image credits: caseymccully

#15 Mommy & Me Sweatah Weathah! Maja And Voff

Image credits: Background_Solid2733

Buying a bunch of yarn, then trying to read a knitting pattern can be pretty intimidating, yet one should remember that there are a lot of resources available to help guide you through. Whitney has 3 key pieces of advice: Use YouTube for tutorials (she recommends Very Pink Knits), find patterns on Ravelry, and keep trying! 

“I knitted my first sweater pattern after less than a year of knowing how to knit. It was a complete failure. So were the next three sweaters I knitted. I didn’t knit a successful sweater until the fifth one I made, and I still have that sweater and wear it all the time,” she said. Practice makes perfect, after all!  

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk on knitting! And a big thank you to Whitney for sharing all her insight with us! Hope it was helpful or, at the very least, interesting. I definitely had a blast diving deep into it! For now, please enjoy the rest of this colorful list and refer to the links all the way back in the introduction for more crafty goodness! I bid you a good day and happy scrolling! 

#16 Adding A Hidden Alien Face

Image credits: blushingcatlady

#17 Was Jealous Of Kiddos Sweater So Made One For Myself

Image credits: skadafugl

#18 Avena Sweater With Gradient Yarn!

Image credits: knit_knack

#19 Ha! Boom, Baby!

Image credits: ladyofthegreenwood

#20 My Sweater Accidentally Turned Into A Dress But I Couldn’t Be More Pleased! Should I Add A “No Signal” Bar To Make It More Obvious For People Who Won’t Get It?

Image credits: awkwardsity

#21 My Proudest Knit Yet!

Image credits: The_Origami_Man

#22 It’s Finals Week, So Of Course I’m Wearing My New Fo For Good Luck

Image credits: hot_soz

#23 Finished My First Jumper! Bit Lumpy But I Love It

Image credits: mossdotcom

#24 Finally Finished My Brain Hat! I Knitted It Through My Neurology And Behavioral Health Courses

Image credits: Jessa_Bluebelle

#25 I Have A New Contender For The Least Practical Item In My Wardrobe

Image credits: bibliographized

#26 Look, It Has Pockets!

Image credits: strickstrick

#27 Matching Sweaters With My Bubble Buddy

Image credits: sheepboat

#28 I’m Back With My Own Cable Sweater!

Image credits: fiberregan

#29 Mermaid Blankets Are Out, Giant Sock Blankets Are In

Image credits: peskypescatarian

#30 My Design Skyward Was Published In Pom Pom Magazine!

Image credits: pufido

#31 Good Afternoon. I’m From Ukraine. A War Has Been Going On In My Country For A Whole Month Now. Thank You All For Your Support. Only Now I Was Able To Put The Knitting Needles In My Hands

Image credits: Nataliia_Lavrenova

#32 Do I Get An Award For Actually Finishing A Halloween Sweater Before Halloween?!

Image credits: Kaksonen37

#33 Matching Hand-Knit Socks For Our Wedding Day

Image credits: thefallingofleaves

#34 I Spent All Day, Waiting For Someone To Tell Me

“Hey, nice sweater!” So, I could aggressively shout, “THANKS, I MADE IT!!!” Tomorrow, my strategy will be to aggressively ask strangers, “DO YOU LIKE MY SWEATER?!?”

Image credits: mamatroi

#35 I Used Gradient Yarn To Make A Hat Inspired By The Northern Lights

Image credits: Schoonen

#36 “Maybe This Town Is Big Enough…” Trans Pride Edition

Image credits: thefrontbottom

#37 Finally Got To Wear My Dress And Mittens Set Skating!!

Image credits: sushifan123

#38 All My Knits For My Baby Due This Week

Image credits: No_Nimbus

#39 My First Published Pattern Since My Stroke In 2020!

Image credits: morningknits

#40 I’m Pretty Proud Of My Totoro Sweater

Image credits: lasada

#41 Knit These Babies Taat Because I Knew I Wouldn’t Be Able To Stomach Doing It Twice!

Image credits: huffsterr

#42 Me 10 Years Ago: “Waste Yarn? Who Has Waste Yarn?” Me Today: Knits An Entire Sweater Out Of Sock Yarn Leftovers

Image credits: hobbular

#43 Handed Down To Me, A Blanket Made By My Great Grandmother In The 1970s/80s

Image credits: Noldz

#44 I Knitted My Wedding Dress. It Took A Year And A Half

Image credits: DreadPirateGryphon

#45 I Knit This Sweater… With My Bear Hands!

Image credits: bunnyhive

#46 We Survived The ‘Sweater Curse’ With The Hardest Pattern I’ve Attempted Yet!

Image credits: Suspicious-Brick

#47 Spent 500 Hours Making This For My Wife… But I’m Keeping It!

Image credits: MethIsntCool

#48 Map Sweater Finally Complete!

Image credits: Sesameseedss

#49 I Finished My Magnum Opus Of Knitting. May I Present My Terra Nova Sweater!

Image credits: MrsCoffeeMan

#50 Alaska Hats For My Gymnastics Team That I Coach

Image credits: ivyagogo

#51 My BF Asked Me To Make Him A Sweater “The Color Of Money With Dollar Signs On The Pockets” (He Works In Finance). He’s 40 Years Old. This Is Absurd, I Love It

Image credits: Zestyclose-Jacket498

#52 Made This For My Kid! Feel Like A Good Nerd Mom

Image credits: HarvestedHues

#53 Here She Is – Finished Halibut!

Image credits: NMMunson

#54 When The Yarn And The Pattern Come Together Perfectly

Image credits: Frostyarn

#55 Almost Done With This Sweater And My Little Ingrate Tells Me That She Doesn’t Like It Because She Wanted A Big Fox Face On The Front Not Little Ones

Image credits: TheMauveRoom

#56 Experimental Stuff: Digital Artist’s Glove! (Prevents The Hand From Sticking To The Monitor Lol) Usually They’re Plain Black And Ill-Fitting, So I Wanted To Make My Own

Image credits: nubifera

#57 I Tried Out Stranded Colorwork By Knitting A Sweater For My Cat. Cat Says “No Thank You”

Image credits: grasshopper-royalty

#58 Finally Finished My Knit Dress! I Don’t Know What Possessed Me To Do A Color Work Piece This Big But At Last The Ends Are Sewn In!

Image credits: TrondroKely

#59 Finally! Done! Marceline’s Sweater From The “Return To The Nightosphere” Episode Of Adventure Time!

Image credits: stanleysteamers

#60 Tom Daley Finished His Olympic Cardigan!

Image credits: Ok_Mathematician2609

#61 I Knitted A Dress Inspired By Alyosha Karamazov, A Character In My Favorite Book

Image credits: ke-no-sis

#62 My Friend Drew Me A Picture Of A Jumper He Wanted, So I Found A Pattern To Adapt And Got To Work!

Image credits: ottieman

#63 He’s Not Naked Anymore, But He’s Too Fat For His Jacket

Image credits: _an-account

#64 So Proud Of This Sweater, I Feel I’ve Grown So Much In Colourwork!

Image credits: insomniacamoeba

#65 I Finally Did It. Nearly 100,000 Stitches And 2½ Yards Of Sherpa Backing Later, I Have Finally Created The Coziest Blanket I Will Ever Own. So Proud, And The Kitties Love It Too

Image credits: Mood_Oof

#66 I Was A Bit Nervous About This Much Negative Ease, But It Turned Out Very Cute, Cute As Heck Even

Image credits: katevknits

#67 I Taught Myself To Knit Last Fall, With The Help Of Youtube And Lots Of Encouragement From My Best Friend. Today I Finished A Lace Shawl As A Surprise For Her Wedding

Image credits: whycats

#68 I Might Have Run Out Of Brown Yarn.. But I Love The Mismatch

Image credits: Lord__Goldemort

#69 I Got A Lot Of Love On Here The Last Time I Posted, So I Wrote A Knitting Pattern!!

Image credits: alcohollie

#70 Baby Blanket Finished A Week After My Due Date. Okay Buddy, It’s Time!

Image credits: zipperrealtor

#71 I Started A Relationship And Got Married In The Time This Took

Image credits: dannimcn

#72 That Is It; I’m Done. I’ve Climbed My Knitting Mount Everest, And I Doubt I’ll Ever Top It. I Guess I Gotta Take Up Welding Or Cross Country Running As A Hobby Now

Image credits: AnnaCovey

#73 Just Past The Half Way Point On My Monsters & Robots Baby Blanket

Image credits: texotexere

#74 Sweater My Wife Knitted For Me Last Winter. She’s The Best

Image credits: VinCubed

#75 My Final Sweater Of 2021, Joined By (Almost) All The Other Garments I Made This Year!

Image credits: killadendron

#76 Finished My I Am Dragon III Shawl

Image credits: Minici2

#77 I Made A Vest From A Sheep’s Fleece! I Washed It, Combed The Wool, Spun The Yarn, Dyed The Yarn And Knit A Vest!

Image credits: ablubberducky

#78 This Dress Is A 12/10 Swish Effect

Image credits: 10ccazz01

#79 Tested This Shawl Pattern Inspired By Origami & So Did Some Origami Too

Image credits: thereisafish

#80 I (Attempted To) Knit My Own Wedding Dress!

Image credits: bagumbuwan

#81 I’ve Been Playing Around With Horizontal Lines In Colorwork Designs

Image credits: ClevelandMinerals

#82 Just Finished This Vintage “Health Vest” And It’s The Perfect Pride Tank Top???

Image credits: Big-Experience9272

#83 Step 1: Knit A Sweater. Step 2: Wear It To A Wedding. Step 3: Annoy Everyone With The Information That You Made It Yourself

Image credits: theyre-all-bottoms

#84 Someone Broke Into My Car Last Night And Took My Birth Certificate And The Only Cable Knit Sweater I’ve Made. Just Wanted To Publicly Grieve This Loss

Image credits: notangrybirds

#85 I Knitted Matching Sweaters For Our Pregnancy Announcement

Image credits: nerdsnuggles

#86 Hate It When I Don’t Swatch And End Up With The Wrong Size

Image credits: ehnej

#87 I Finally Finished My First Project After 3 Weeks And A Million Mistakes

Image credits: Tatertot1503

#88 Many Hours And A Lot Of Effort, And So Worth It!

Image credits: insomniacamoeba

#89 If We Are Into Fruity Socks Now I Totally Want To Share My Watermelon Socks!

Image credits: CatWithAKnittedHat

#90 I Made A Shawl For My Best Friend For Her Wedding, And She Let Me Borrow It For Mine

Image credits: andhearts

#91 I Need It To Be Cool Enough To Wear This Now… I’m Over The Moon That I Finished My Alaska Sweater And It Fits!

Image credits: succubus1104

#92 Poseidon Adventure Is Finally Over!!

Image credits: auralayyy

#93 Please Enjoy My Cat Enjoying A Stack Of Finished Socks

Image credits: Sturdy_Towel

#94 I Couldn’t Find A Top I Liked For This Skirt So I Made One!

Image credits: ElatedSupreme

#95 Just Finished My Wedding Dress! Two Days Before Marriage. I’ll Definitely Share Day-Of Photos!

Image credits: Milktooths

#96 I Knitted About 10.000 Beads Into A Sweater To Feel Like Laerke Bagger

Image credits: bosloaf

#97 Idk If I’m Good Enough To Post This Online, But I’m So Proud Of This Sweater!

Image credits: shadybutton

#98 Knit Girl Summer Dress – My Birthday Outfit Is Sorted!

Image credits: ametre

#99 I Made A Fingering Weight Throw Blanket

Image credits: ClevelandMinerals

#100 Decided To Make This Last Tuesday, And Had To Finish This Yesterday. My Hands Hurt

Image credits: Tantekarlo

#101 First Colorwork Project Complete!

Image credits: Successful-Problem83

#102 Finally Finished The Mitered Square Blanket I Started Earlier This Year And Shipped It Off To My Sister As A Housewarming Gift. It Took 90 Mins. Per Square And There Are 224 Squares

Image credits: WonderWmn212

#103 This Sweater Took 98 Hours To Knit And Contains 110, 388 Stitches. It Is My Favorite Piece Of All And Fits Like A Dream

Image credits: peachstained

#104 After More Than 5 Years Of Periodic Knitting, It’s Finally Done! I Need People To See My Kelmscott Throw. This Double Knit Blanket Was A Marathon

Image credits: Nayshal

#105 First Time Posting. Finished My Sweater Just In Time For Fall. [fo]

Image credits: Snipes138

#106 Braided Cable Raglan Dress, That I Knitted Over The Summer

Image credits: Igelluder

#107 I Made Myself An Oversized Loop Scarf!

Image credits: hameedm

#108 The Sweater I Made For My Husband Is Too Small For Him, But Somehow Fits Me Perfectly. Weird

Image credits: HappyTrailHiker

#109 My First Knitted Sweater, The Grinalda Sweater By Rosa Pomar

Image credits: doozynoodle

#110 Are We Still Doing This? Please Tell Me We’re Still Doing This

Image credits: teja_tidbit

#111 Gave My Brother His Christmas Sweater Early, He Just Texted Me This

Image credits: maulorul

#112 Finished The Wedding Dress!

Image credits: killa-knits

#113 My Parents Gave Me A Bag Of Wool For Christmas. Not Colours I’d Typically Choose. Challenge Accepted! No Pattern, Just From My Head. Blocked And Ready To Wear

Image credits: Plastic-Image4894

#114 First Color Work .first Time With Intarsia

Image credits: Jealous_Tailor_4181

#115 And That’s A Wrap! Finally Finished This Beast Of A Project, Just In Time To Wear It To My Brother’s Wedding

Image credits: escbrown

#116 I Trusted The Math: Xl Front And M Back. Fits Like A Dream!

Image credits: passingglans

#117 Warm And Fuzzy Sweater For My So

Image credits: njsteph

#118 I Woke Up Yesterday Morning To Discover It Was My Dog Sweater Pattern Tom Daley Was Knitting Poolside At The Tokyo Olympics

Image credits: Plastic-Image4894

#119 First Time Knitting Brioche Stitch And Even After 6 Months I’m Still Completely Obsessed With It And This Pattern!

Image credits: Lottie_Cat

#120 Knitted My Ideal Ribbed Hat

Image credits: noerml

#121 I… Might Have Gone Slightly Overboard With The Baby Shower Gifts For My Brother And His Wife

Image credits: EgoFlyer

#122 Modified Flax For Maternity And Nursing!

Image credits: nean989

#123 I Knitted My First Dress!!

Image credits: raejohnston

#124 Knit This Entire Sweater In Just 8 Days Thanks To An Endless Schedule Of Work Virtual Meetings! So Proud Of It

Image credits: damalursols

#125 Finished My First Top Down Sweater!

Image credits: clc33123

#126 I Got To Wear My First Ever Handmade Sweater On Jeopardy Tonight!

Image credits: lyndenbroil

#127 So Obsessed With My Knitting Project. Finished It A Couple Of Weeks Ago And I Can’t Help But Wear It Each And Every Morning Just To Marvel At How Well It Fits And How Gorgeous It Looks

Image credits: Carmen_AndreaT

#128 My 82-Year-Old Grandma Knitted Me A Whole Blanket For College. It Took Her 3 Months Of Hard Work

Image credits: pittlover13

#129 I Crash Tested My New Knitting Pattern On My Cousins

Image credits: vapocraqueur

#130 Made A Pumpkin-Colored Tee For The Autumn Right Around The Corner

Image credits: katevknits

#131 My County Fair Submissions

Image credits: ClevelandMinerals

#132 I Knit My Husband Chris A Handsome Chris Pullover And It Only Took Me 7 Months!

Image credits: boopboopster

#133 I Made This Sweater Based On A Beautiful Piece Of Art By Tansy Hargan

Image credits: zolychka

#134 It May Not Be Much, But Finishing This Blanket After Taking A Break From Knitting Due To Depression Is A Big Win For Me!

Image credits: distantxlullabies

#135 So Much Brioche! I Did It!

Image credits: grasshopper-royalty

#136 Gifted Very Fancy Yarn For My Birthday And Let It Shine In The Burrow Cardigan

Image credits: katevknits

#137 Haha This Took ~forever~

Image credits: katevknits

#138 Finally Finished My Honeycomb Aran!! This Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Made And I’m Going To Be Absolutely Insufferable About It

Image credits: TheMadeline

#139 Two Finished Pillows And A Work In Progress – Blanket. I Learnt To Knit Just Because I Felt That Knitted Pillows Would Look Nice On My New Sofa

Image credits: Miniaturowa

#140 Knitting This Was A Blast – Huge Cables, 100% Contiguous Construction, Delightful Color

Image credits: katevknits

#141 So Obviously Finishing This Sweater Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Accomplished

Image credits: killrwasp

#142 Just Finished My Traditional Lace Socks

Image credits: Physical-Lime-176

#143 [fo] Finished My Top Just In Time To Wear To A Friend’s Bridgerton-Themed Baby Shower!

Image credits: vouloir

#144 When You Have No Idea How To Model But Your Friends Ask You To Send More Pictures Of You Wearing Your Latest Knitting Project

Image credits: onacleeeearday

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