146 Most Wholesome Couple Posts That Made People Believe In Relationships Again

Love can be such a sad and weary game to play. We struggle between an uncontrollable desire to make things work and nudging our egos up to the point we burn out.

Paradoxically, it’s never been so easy to feel this lonely in the age of dating apps when your love interest is available a swipe away. So we all need a gentle reminder not only for a dentist’s visit, but also so that we know that true love exists and that we all deserve it.

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And for this reason, Bored Panda has compiled some of the most beautiful and heartwarming couple posts to lift up our spirits. Most importantly, it’s little things that seem to keep the flame burning, like a plastic cockroach you’ve put into each other’s shoe for the past 20 years or playing Mario Kart over a cup of tea since 2001.

#1 They Were Surfing On An Ironing Board In A Rain – Now I Understand The Importance Of Finding Someone To Grow Old With

Image credits: Forrison_Hard

#2 The Couple On The Woodstock Album Cover, Still Together 50 Years Later

Image credits: jmlevinemd.com

#3 This Couple And Their Cockroach

Image credits: scribereamo

#4 Every Day My Parents Play Mario Kart 64 To See Who Will Make A Cuppa Tea. They’ve Done This Religiously Since 2001

Image credits: bork1138

#5 1967-2018 Same Bike, Same Couple

Image credits: ZhangZheSheng

#6 An Old Man Taking Pictures Of His Wife Without Her Realizing

Image credits: justanordinarydad

#7 My Mom Fast Asleep And Holding My Dad’s Arm About 30 Minutes Before He Passed Away. I’ve Never Shared This Photo Before, But Thought It Was A Great Picture Of True Love

Image credits: Tazmerican

#8 Today I Married My Best Friend

Image credits: Joshyboy28

#9 Relationship Goals

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: SydneyWidenhou1

#10 This Is Who I Married

I was painting my nails and made a comment that I forget I don’t have to paint my pinky nail on my left hand. I simply forget that I lost my pinky, but it is always kind of a bummer when I am reminded. Matt said “I will be your surrogate pinky. You can paint my pinky to match your nails for the rest of our lives”
And so we did…
I cannot imagine a sweeter, kinder man. No words adequately describe our love.

Image credits: reddit

#11 We Were In A Long Line At The Grocery. This Man Said He Had To Go Use The Restroom, But Instead He Secretly Bought Flowers For His Wife And Hid Them Behind His Back

Image credits: iteachonmars

#12 This Is True Love

Image credits: TLBurkhalter

#13 91 Year Old Vivian Boyack Marrying Her Girlfriend Alice Dubes After 72 Years Of Relationship

Image credits: Corbis Images

#14 This Canadian Couple Got Married Twice

After nine months of their marriage, a huge pole dropped on the lady’s head, causing her a head injury which further resulted in a memory loss. She had no idea who he was and fell in love with him again. Two years later, they got married again.

Image credits: laura.v.hart

#15 Japanese Married Couple Wears Coordinated Outfits Everyday

Image credits: bonpon511

#16 Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Scented Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell And Get Her Out Of Depression

Image credits: soranews24.com

#17 I Married My Best Friend This Weekend

Image credits: letouxftw

#18 I Have Covid And My Fiancee Leaves Food For Me And Then Sits In The Hallway So We Can Eat Together. Tonight I Got Surprise Hot Cocoa

Image credits: alittleredportleft

#19 Hiking

Image credits: samanthabhassan

#20 Husband And Wife Getting Wholesomely Weird When No One Is Watching

Image credits: f__h

#21 60 Years On And My Grandad Still Looks At My Granny With So Much Love

Image credits: lucyvlt

#22 He Was Dirt Poor, She Was Rich. Her Family Threatened To Disown Her If She Married Him

She decided she loved him more than any inheritance and went on to marry him and have two kids. He loved her so much he died holding her hand. Ladies and gentlemen, my grandparents.

Image credits: mrsboucher-

#23 If This Isn’t Goals Idk What Is

Image credits: keenertaylor

#24 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later

Image credits: PBS Distribution

#25 The Things My Dad Sends My Mom

Image credits: brigittemontes

#26 Found This From My Husband In My Car On The Way To A Big Interview Yesterday

Image credits: Kittywhimsy

#27 My Dad Was Admitted To The Hospital Right Before Christmas. We Didn’t Know If He Would Make It Home At All And Especially Not For Christmas

This is my parents slow dancing to “I’ll be home for Christmas” on Christmas Day.

Image credits: king12807

#28 Surprise

Image credits: SalmaSaade

#29 I Think About That A Lot

Image credits: tiffany_tran7

#30 Goals

Image credits: no__WEY

#31 Beautiful Couple

Image credits: AD_GD

#32 Elderly Man Learns To Do Wife’s Makeup Before She Turns Blind

“Why I love my job so much! Meet Jean and Brian two of our very loyal customers, Brian was in for another makeup lesson today as he does his wife’s makeup every day as she is going blind, such a wonderful couple who live their life to the full!”

Image credits: itsscottsummers

#33 This Vietnamese Couple Has Been Married For 70 Years

Image credits: corgems

#34 Marie’s Family Abandoned Her After She Married Jake, Her True Love In 1948. They’re Still Happily Married For Over 70 Years Through The Power Of Love

Her dad told her, “If you marry that man you will never set foot in this house again.” Mary soon learned that most people felt the same way. The first years of their marriage living in Birmingham were hell – no one would speak to them, they couldn’t find anywhere to live because no one would rent to a black man, and they had no money. But they didn’t give up.


Gradually life became easier. Mary got teaching jobs, ending up as a deputy headteacher. Jake worked in a factory and then got a job at the Post Office. Slowly they made friends, but it was difficult. Mary used to tell people, “Before I invite you to my home… My husband is black.” Some would never talk to her again.


Last year they celebrated their 70th anniversary and they are still very much in love, and never regretted what they did.

Image credits: Keith Anderson

#35 A Cute Amazon Review I Revisit Just For A Smile. An 88 Year Old Woman And Her 92 Year Old Husband Attend A Halloween Party. They Liked The Bee Costume

Image credits: lilplantlady

#36 When I First Told My Wife I Loved Her, She Replied With “That’s Dangerous”. When We Married A Year Ago She Snuck This Inscription Into My Ring

Image credits: frad_darsh

#37 This Nice Couple Stopped In Our Vape Shop. The Gentlemen Asked To Hear How The Bluetooth Speakers Sound. Once I Turned On His Requested Song, This Is What Ensued

Image credits: brandonas1987

#38 Awesome

Image credits: uhhhell

#39 Today My Wife Is Officially Under 200 Lbs And I Was Finally Able To Do A Chin Up For The First Time In My Life

Image credits: 3995346

#40 At Sonic This Man Sits Outside Of His Car In The 98 Degree Heat And Feeds His 80 Year Old Wife Ice Cream. That’s So Sweet

Image credits: dp8949416360

#41 My Wife Before And After Saying “I Love You”

Image credits: 1thepapa

#42 Quarantine Doesn’t Stop Husband From Supporting His Wife During Her Chemo Treatments

“No visitors allowed for Chemo due to the virus but that didn’t stop Albert L. Conner! Thank you for all your continued love and support.”

Image credits: Kelly Harrell Conner

#43 The Coolest Couple I Know 1972 / 2019

“He was in law school, so he needed a reader (the university provides them, for the visually impaired). She was his reader. They became friends, and then…”

Image credits: Detroitaa

#44 This Is What True Love Looks Like. My Mom Taking A Picture Of My Dad Acting Like He’s Stuck In The Dryer

Image credits: sassafras711

#45 My Mom Made My Dad Dress Up And Presented Him With The “Best Husband” Oscar. I Want To Be This Extra As A Wife

Image credits: Reggae_Beauty

#46 This Is Why I Want To Marry Him. It’s The Little Things That Count

Image credits: chickencatqueen14

#47 Relationship Goals

Image credits: RdCoati

#48 My Parents Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary Today. Some Things Never Change. Then And Now

Image credits: magic976

#49 Howard Foster And Myra Clark Reconnected And Married More Than 45 Years Later After Racism Forced Them Apart. They Now Hold Hands While They Fall Asleep Every Night

Image credits: Myra Clark

#50 Love Is Love

Image credits: EWOKinLA

#51 2020 Ain’t All Bad. I Asked This Handsome Fellow On The Right To Marry Me And He Said Yes

Image credits: andmancan

#52 40 Years, Folks. 40 Years

Image credits: Chris Porsz

#53 The Davids

Image credits: KAreports

#54 98-Year-Old Couple Recreate Their Wedding Day After 70 Years

Image credits: Cao Pangpei

#55 Elderly Couple Dressed As Link And Zelda

Image credits: berzerkerbarry

#56 A Couple In My Town

Image credits: drewbilly251

#57 This Sweet Old Couple Goes On Walks, Holding Hands, Every Morning With Their Little Dog. Warms The Heart

Image credits: Belllls93

#58 83 & 84-Year-Old Couple Model Clothes Forgotten At Their Laundry Shop In Taiwan

Image credits: wantshowasyoung

#59 Relationship Goals

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#60 Smart

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#61 Couple Recreates Wedding Photos After 50 Years Of Being Married

Image credits: Two Hoyles Photography

#62 Why Being Married To Your Best Friend Is Lit

Image credits: sulibreaks

#63 Game Shotgun

Image credits: CherryBarbarian

#64 My Wife’s Conservative Religious High-School Wouldn’t Let Me Take Her To Prom Ten Years Ago Because We’re Both Women, So I Threw Her One In Our Home For Our 5th Anniversary

Image credits: canadasnumber1queer

#65 Love Is

Image credits: Parkerlawyer

#66 In Sync

Image credits: jake_tackett

#67 Couple Proposed To Each Other By Accident During A Photoshoot

Image credits: mirandandersonphoto

#68 Candid Shots Show A Victorian Couple From The 1890s Who Cannot Help But Laugh When Getting Their Picture Taken

Image credits: imgur

#69 Husband And I Have Complete Opposite Work/School Schedules And Haven’t Seen Each Other For A Few Days

Found this when I went to make breakfast for our daughter and me this morning.

Image credits: callmelate4supper

#70 My Wife And I During A Dance In Sixth Grade And Then On Our Wedding Day

Image credits: reddit

#71 To Scare Your Boyfriend

Image credits: i-shot-the-sheriff

#72 This Adorable Arab Couple

Image credits: reddit

#73 He Stayed With Her The Whole Time

Image credits: eternityinspace

#74 Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image credits: wroetoshaw

#75 Proud Dads

Image credits: terrell.and.jarius

#76 Future Wife’s Painting

Image credits: bitchyswiftie

#77 Goals

Image credits: DocAtCDI

#78 Scientific Paper

Image credits: marcwvg

#79 Put On My Dad Uniform Today And Began The Journey Of Fatherhood! I Had To Use My Dad’s Actual Shoes Cause My Wife Wouldn’t Let Me Buy Dad Shoes

Image credits: Quentin_the_Quaint

#80 Losing It After Seeing My Wife For The First Time At Our Wedding Last Saturday

Image credits: TRoberts309

#81 92-Year-Old Man Colours His Wife’s Hair At Home As She Can’t Go To The Salon Because Of Coronavirus Lockdown

Image credits: Yael Shapira Avraham

#82 Today, I Got To Hold The Hand Of My Wife As She Recovered From Anesthesia. This Simple Moment Made Me Smile

Surgery to repair what 4 pregnancies did to her abdominals went really well and she slowly regained consciousness as she reached for my hand… 

Image credits: Oldmate81

#83 Wife Takes Job At A Nursing Home To See Her Husband During The Covid-19 Pandemic

“After 114 days I got to hug my husband today. I also washed a lot of dishes. Proof where there’s a will there’s a way! I love you, Steve Daniel.”

Image credits: Mary Shannon Daniel

#84 My Parents In 1975 And Again In 2020. They’ve Been Married And Playing Music Together For Over 45 Years Now

Image credits: rxhunnel

#85 Came Across This Gem – I Took A Picture Of My Parents Napping Together. They’ve Been Together For About 35 Years Now. Cuties

Image credits: michdilop

#86 Old Married Couple Spend Their Retirement Cosplaying Together

Image credits: CosplayParents

#87 This Is True Love

The story behind this picture of my grandparents: They have been married for over 60 years. My grandmother is suffering from dementia and has recently had a stroke. But as soon as he walked in she said “that’s my boyfriend Willis” and he laid there with her.

Image credits: intellectualimagery

#88 I Went To A Renaissance Faire Yesterday And Saw This Elderly Couple Dressed Up As Gnomes And Holding Hands

Image credits: pyskoternator

#89 Wholesome

Image credits: dankjerms

#90 My Mom And Dad On The Eve Of Their 73rd Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: OccamsBeard

#91 After 100 Days, Dad Is Back. This Is The Longest Mom’s Gone Without Seeing Dad Since Second Grade

Image credits: Columbusquill1977

#92 Next Week I Am Marrying My Best Friend Of 15 Years

Image credits: escape_photo

#93 My Mother And Father. Photos Taken 51 Years Apart

Image credits: shaka_sulu

#94 I Almost Died In March, Graduated In May, Then Later In May Got Married, And Then Went To Thailand. She’s Been There With Me Through It All. I Love My Wife

Image credits: mantisdubstep

#95 My Uncle Got Married To His Partner Of 37 Years Today

Image credits: Whovian17

#96 Caught My Parents Dancing On The Back Porch To Their Favorite Song. They Have Been Married 25 Years

Image credits: agreathouse2

#97 My Grandparents, Despite Both Battling Dementia, Are Still In Love Today As Much As They Were When They Married In 1955

Image credits: mrspetie

#98 “She’s Been My Honey For 80 Years” – My 95-Year-Old Grandpa Talking About My Very Sick Grandma In ICU

Man, I am so blessed to have these two to show me what real love looks like.

Image credits: youbetchamom

#99 My Grandparents, 98 And 94. Been Together Most Of Their Lives, And Still In Love

Image credits: plantingthevine

#100 My Grandparents Celebrated Their Diamond Anniversary A Couple Of Weeks Ago. They Partied So Hard, They Fell Asleep In A Sunbeam

Image credits: Squishy_3000

#101 Cutest Couple Ever At The Park Today! You Could Just Tell How In Love They Still Were

Image credits: imcleanasawhistle

#102 I Also Choose This Guy’s Wife

Image credits: SkrooImperator

#103 Building A Lifelong Relationship Over The Klingon Language

Image credits: BiOnicFury

#104 Relationship Goals

Image credits: Rogue_Professor

#105 I Grew My Hair Out For Over A Year To Be Bob Ross For Halloween. My Wife Was A Happy Little Tree

Image credits: WoodenPayload

#106 This Couple

Image credits: _Rip_Van_Winkle_

#107 My Grandparents. Then And Now

Image credits: maxxhock

#108 They’re 86 And 91 And My Grandparents Still Hold Hands While Sleeping

Image credits: Squeenis

#109 Wholesome Elderly Couple Playing Stardew Valley

Image credits: TahmagicKenchShell

#110 Older Couple Includes Selfie In Review Of Angel Hair Pasta

Image credits: polaroidanemia

#111 Went To Walmart And As I Exited, This Older Couple Was Holding Hands

I told them I took their photo and loved how they were still holding hands, the husband said, “it’s a habit I’ve had for 63 years and we’re hoping to make it 70”

Image credits: LordCinko

#112 Couple On My Flight This Morning

Image credits: CRAZYhunteeerr

#113 A Stray Dog Crashes A Wedding And The Couple Gave Him A Forever Home

Image credits: stella.m.muir

#114 Three Couples, Three Years, Four Little Surprises

Image credits: bluntbutnottoo

#115 The Moment My Dog And Husband Realized I Was In The Car Beside Him

Image credits: chiquitamichi

#116 When I Was 13 My Mother Purposely Burnt A Blue Teddy Bear I Had To Teach Me A Lesson. For The Past 10 Years It Haunted Me

My girlfriend surprised me with this bear as a pure gesture of kindness. Now I am a 23 year old male with a Teddy Bear and have no shame! I am so grateful for my girlfriend!

Image credits: MATEeA

#117 My Wife And I When We Were In Active Addiction, vs. Us In April 2017

We now both have over five years clean from drugs and alcohol and we have a 3 year old girl. Life has been challenging but compared to our old lives, we are quite literally living a dream!

Image credits: skee_bott

#118 Me And My Wife Were Never Able To Have Kids. We Just Got The Opportunity To Adopt! Meet Joshua

Image credits: CatsDontLikeFancy

#119 My Wife And Cat Fell Asleep On Me

Image credits: meckelangelo

#120 I Proposed To My Wife Today After 5 Years Of Marriage. We Wed So I Could Adopt Her Daughter And I Never Had A Chance To Propose. This Has Been Something She Always Wanted

Image credits: stephenkostos

#121 One Of My Favorite Photos Ever. My Aunt And Her Wife In Their Dream Gowns, Married For 27 Years. They Were Before Their Time, But A Symbol Of Hope Nonetheless

Image credits: aroweeee

#122 I Recently Took A Job That Requires Me To Get Up At 1AM And Drive An Hour From My House So My Wife Can Stay At Home With Our Infant Son. Today I Found This

Image credits: the_stoned_ranger

#123 I’m Laid Up From A Major Knee Surgery A Week Ago. So Today, My Wife Hiked Up Mt. Rainier By Herself And Video Called Me So I Could See A Beautiful View

She’ll always be my favorite part of any picture though.

Image credits: kee-rara

#124 Two Of My Clients, A Couple Who Have Been Together For Over 40 Years, Found Out That I Like Ducks. So They Stopped By My Office For The Sole Purpose Of Bringing Me Every Duck They Owned

Image credits: cochrane0123

#125 This Couple Walk Around My Block Every Evening

Image credits: matthewguitar

#126 Just An Old Couple From Georgia

Image credits: nikaazma

#127 My Mom And Dad Recently Celebrated Their 25th Wedding Anniversary And Decided To Re-Create One Of Their Wedding Photos

Image credits: thepflanz

#128 My Grandparents In Front Of The Home They Built 58 Years Ago. They’ll Be Married 60 Years In August

Image credits: AshTONofFun

#129 My Grandparents Are Both 90 And Still Pretty Cool

Image credits: hollyhutch92

#130 Awdorable

Image credits: leenyk

#131 My Parents: Piano Partners In 1959, Expecting Their First In 1977

Image credits: thisisattest

#132 Due To Coronavirus, We Decided To Just Go To The Courthouse Today Instead Of Stressing About The Wedding We’ve Been Planning For Months

Couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in love with this woman since I was 4 years old.

Image credits: yuyu556448

#133 This One Time, At Band Camp, I Met The Love Of My Life. Today Is Our 20th Anniversary

Image credits: geekdetails

#134 Old And Still In Love

Image credits: reddit.com

#135 I Finally Got Married To The Love Of My Life. It Wasn’t Easy But I’m So Happy

Image credits: Varonsita10

#136 Old Korean Couple Hopped A Fence To Sit On The Edge Of A Cliff Eating Lunch Together And Fishing On Jeju Island. So Simple And So Sweet

Image credits: shocked3

#137 Couple Accidentally Proposed To Each Other At The Same Time

Image credits: actuallydavide

#138 My Girlfriend And I Turned Our Apartment Into A Blanket Fort (As Any Mature Couple In Their 20’s Should)

Image credits: CCtheRedditman

#139 This Is The Sweetest Thing

Image credits: wongjp

#140 My Parents Just Celebrated Their 35th Wedding Anniversary – Cheers And Smiles To Happy Couples During This Quarantine

Image credits: champselyse

#141 In 1978, An Indian Man Travelled From India To Sweden On A Bicycle To Reunite With A Woman He Met While She Was On Vacation In India

Travelling through 8 different countries, the journey took him a total of 4 months. 43 years on the couple are still happily married in Sweden.

Image credits: unbelievablefactsblog

#142 My Wife And I Welcomed Our Little Man Into This Crazy World A Couple Days Ago

With everything going on in the world today, it’s sometimes hard to find the light in the darkness. But mom and baby are healthy and happy, and that truly makes me smile.

Image credits: joshjoshfitzfitz

#143 This Photo Somebody Took At My Sister’s Wedding Of Me And My Wife. Is Seems Silly, But I Just Can’t Stop Looking At It Over And Over Again

Image credits: Rexinator-G

#144 I Go On My Daily Morning Walk And Discovered My Wife Surprised Me With An Incredible, Thoughtful Gift. She Drew It In The Dark

In case you were wondering, I’m 40. 10 would be a little young to have a spouse.

Image credits: mccarthybergeron

#145 A Sweet Couple Walking Through Target. Made My Heart Happy Seeing Him Holding Her Purse And Then Dressed Up For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: fidgetorbust

#146 I Get To Marry This Girl In A Couple Of Months

Image credits: Tschartz

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