146 Times People Had Awful Taste But Executed Their Ideas Flawlessly (New Pics)

Some ideas are better left as ideas. Whatever your mom, dear friend, or significant other says, that bag you saw the other day on Etsy that looks like you’re carrying a knife, is bad, a very bad idea.

There’s an online group called Awful Taste But Great Execution dedicated entirely to the gaudy, tacky, tasteless, overdone, plain trashy side of product design. But there’s one but. The execution may be, in fact, pretty alright. “For everything that displays quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible,” states the subreddit’s description. And 1.4 million members seem to be totally up for it.

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From painful-to-watch objects to questionable designs, these people should have put a break on their brainstorming, or put their efforts into something else. But hey, at least we have something to have a little cringe over! Psst! More daunting stuff awaits in part 1.

#1 Tree-Rex

Image credits: TheZapper2

#2 Did A Double Take When I Saw This Rock In My Friend’s Yard. She Said It Came From The Tenants Before Her, But I Think It Is The Tenant

Image credits: Lainbrainbutt

#3 My Friend Made 3D Printed Arms For His Chickens

Image credits: curvedpenis95

If coming up with good ideas was simple, we’d have so many great solutions to existing problems and incredible products. But producing something both efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing (often, it should tick even more boxes, e.g. be sustainable) is not a walk in the park.

Think of how many companies are investing their time, effort, and resources, yet coming up with generic, repetitive, and plain bad ideas. It makes you wonder whether it’s the limit of the human mind that isn’t capable of producing something ground-breaking that often, or whether there’s something else to blame?

Well, the tricky question becomes even trickier when we try to determine what we call a “good idea” and a “bad” one. At that point, any inventor is dealing with the great inventor’s dilemma, which is that when you’re doing something new, you can’t tell the good ideas from the bad ones beforehand.

#4 I Want This Now

Image credits: WingSuccessful2598

#5 Hamburger Bed From 1972

Image credits: BleuDePrusse

#6 Brasilian Ad For Condoms…

Image credits: droopydrip1007

In many cases, deciding on some ideas that initially seem great will make you miss truly good ones and opt for the very bad ones.

On the other hand, we know now that a good idea should have some distinct features before turning into a product. For example, it should solve a specific problem and work on a specific opportunity. Coming up with an idea for a reason is a good sign you’re on the right path, but you probably will need many more “ideas” before you can pick up the right ones to work on further.

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#7 Embroidery Toast

Image credits: skyrimfireshout

#8 This Texan Sink

Image credits: Grillos

#9 Chandelier Headlights

Image credits: lajosyext

#10 Why Buy Converses When You Can Just Paint Them On

Image credits: ariesgorl

#11 Clipart, Paperclips On Paper, 2020

Image credits: BestMathematician181

#12 Does This Mask Belong Here

Image credits: d3333p7

#13 Really Tall Christmas Tree In Our Neighborhood…

Image credits: Hello_Wisconsin

#14 A Bear Statue I Found In Denver Colorado, Yes It’s Looking Into The Building

Image credits: cocoa2512

#15 Bath/Toilet Design

Image credits: Beras11

#16 This Woodwork

Image credits: griffithdidnthwrong

#17 Drove Nearly 2 Hours Out Of The Way On Our Road Trip To Get This Pic. Worth It

Image credits: jng34c

#18 Batstache

Image credits: bogmire

#19 A Sacred Candlestand

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#20 Yes, This Is A Spoon

Image credits: veeksoo

#21 Softest Pant

Image credits: TeannaaLW

#22 This Lamp In My Hotel Room

Image credits: GadomanGado

#23 Adult Knit Onesie

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 It’s Stupid, But Kinda Sick Ngl

Image credits: Allridium

#25 My Best Mate Made A [crappy] Cake For My Birthday

Image credits: TaoTheCat

#26 This Beard/Haircut

Image credits: SomeNorwegianChick

#27 Bleeding Necklace

Image credits: njeshizzle87

#28 My Sister Made “Feet Loaf” For Halloween

Image credits: cashmunny

#29 These Coffee Mugs

Image credits: xKnightress

#30 Was Told To Post This Here

Image credits: Surely_Nawt

#31 Admiral Ackbunny

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 I Have A Real Pizza Epoxy Doorstop

Image credits: whathowyy

#33 20 Foot Tall Graffiti Mural Of Kanye Kissing Himself

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Apartment Hunting When, Pebble River

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Onesie

Image credits: cheesuscharlie

#36 The Leaning Tower Of Cheesa…

Image credits: ricecake231

#37 This Optical Illusion Haircut

Image credits: ChipChimney

#38 The Sub Name Says It All

Image credits: darkfire198

#39 Just A Cake Covered In White Chocolate Teeth

Image credits: awkward_zoo

#40 Additional Hair

Image credits: lajosyext

#41 Special Effect Artist Creates Mask Of Himself

Image credits: Currynrice9728

#42 Three-Legged Table That My Boss Found And Put In My Office

Image credits: MrMayonnaise76

#43 Unsure If Comically Great Or Horrendously Absurd, But They’re Mine Now

Image credits: WhoPutThatThere

#44 Ashtray

Image credits: Alekarre

#45 Razor Blade Advertisement

Image credits: lajosyext

#46 I Found A Statue Of A Dog Doing Yoga At A Mall

Image credits: SULIRIUS

#47 Finally, A Top To Cover Those Distracting Shoulders Of Girls

Image credits: knegro

#48 Looks Better Than A Mask, And It Keeps Your Ears Toasty Too!

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#49 How To Get Killed By Police 101

Image credits: dhruveishp

#50 If 13 Year Old Me Became An Interior Designer

Image credits: slickdaddyvick

#51 Blobfish Supra

Image credits: lajosyext

#52 Low Rider Batmobile

Image credits: Gargoman

#53 Anti-Bill Gates/Covid Vaccine In Australia. Pretty Good Artwork, Though!

Image credits: KyleRichXV

#54 Who Says Crown Molding Is Overdone?

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Ww2 Mickey Mouse Gas Mask Intended To Make The Mask Look Less Scary For Children

Image credits: NemoVivet

#56 Someone Was Selling Dead Beetles Dressed Up As Jurassic Park Characters On Etsy

Image credits: BirdoTheMan

#57 Teach A Man To Fish… Then Tattoo His Leg

Image credits: FreshlyCutGrass976

#58 Oh No Nicholas, What Is You Doing??

Image credits: originalbigdickmcgee

#59 More Airflow = More Fast

Image credits: jkon731

#60 This Curry Phonecase

Image credits: somuchwow123

#61 Since Yall Enjoyed My Flea Bag Here’s More Work By The Same Artist

Image credits: Sad_Walls

#62 This Bathroom Covered In Carpet

Image credits: ShitStainedBallSack

#63 I’m Curious As To How It Actually Tastes…

Image credits: PineapplePlanet

#64 A Skeleton Arm Tattoo With The Wrong Anatomy

Image credits: Kaneki_Yeager

#65 This Mural On The Side Of A Restaurant In Lithuania Depicting Donald Trump Kissing Vladimir Putin

Image credits: sarveshak99

#66 The Taste Is Not That Awful, But It Fits Here

Image credits: cucumberB0Y

#67 First Year In A New Neighborhood. We’ll See How This Goes

Image credits: Maude_Loves_Harold

#68 This Lenin Jesus And Mickey Statue

Image credits: Zeugirdork

#69 Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party For Stormi

Image credits: kumquatpear

#70 This Horrible Toilet-Seat…

Image credits: jige1337

#71 I Guess They’d Rather Mop Than Vacuum

Image credits: Flablessguy

#72 The Pattern Gave Him A Booty, So We Gave Him A Thong

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#73 Ice Cold Drip

Image credits: SirBallBag

#74 This Loooong Furby Someone At My Work Made. It Even Has A “Spine” In It So It Can Sit Up And Stare At You… Always Watching… Waiting…

Image credits: ira_finn

#75 My Wife Saw This And Said It Would Fit Perfectly Here

Image credits: opulentgoldengiraffe

#76 The Technical Skill Is There…

Image credits: nicemathmom

#77 It Wouldn’t Be Complete Without It

Image credits: southwoodhunter

#78 Never Get Caught In A Rainstorm Unprepared

Image credits: SpecificComedian

#79 It’s 2020, Why Not?

Image credits: heluhowyalldun

#80 Strawberry Skull

Image credits: boriswong

#81 Gamehair

Image credits: lajosyext

#82 Dr Phil’s Mansion

Image credits: titsi

#83 For All Those Times You Wanna Wear A Clog But Your Outfit Goes Better With Sandals

Image credits: LifeIsVenmo

#84 Yikes

Image credits: speedycat2014

#85 Nyet

Image credits: IronicMerman

#86 “Get Away From Her You B****!”

Image credits: Venarius

#87 Crocs Campsite Classic Clog, These Were Actually Made

Image credits: noisyturtle

#88 A Lot To Unpack Here

Image credits: nofxpunkguy

#89 I Wonder What This Would Look Like Without Maintenance

Image credits: C727494

#90 This Hair Design

Image credits: Layers_Of_The_Ogre

#91 This Is How Olivier Is Served In Fashionable Restaurants In The Capital Today

Image credits: DucanKir

#92 My Old Phone Disassembled And Framed

Image credits: SedlavPepper

#93 This Can Of Boxer Shorts I Found In My Local Gift Shop

Image credits: Djez_official

#94 Just Finished Up A Few Custom Wooden Rings Using Dyed Maple Skateboard Veneer

Image credits: JeffSho69

#95 Painting I Found In A Shop. Should Have Bought It

Image credits: kolfa

#96 When You’re A [crap] Body Mechanic But An Awesome Roofer

Image credits: Yurt_dweller

#97 New Kitchen Style

Image credits: DrFetusRN

#98 This Is Just Awful

Image credits: JakobJanoski

#99 Holy Ppe

Image credits: nothankypu

#100 Most Depressing Pinata Ever

Image credits: JHopeHoe

#101 This Is A Terrible Idea

Image credits: Simber112

#102 Mike Wazowski

Image credits: bugsypie1120

#103 Cat Butthole Cookie Cutter. Might Taste Good Though

Image credits: Zehn39

#104 This Face Mask Makes Me Extremely Anxious

Image credits: maxmess

#105 Doily Hubcaps

Image credits: Azerate333

#106 Does This Count?

Image credits: JMedT

#107 Got This In The Mail Today

Image credits: kevonicus

#108 Remember That One Episode Of Winne The Pooh Where He Gets Stuck In A Hole And Rabbit Turns His Butt Into A Decoration? Well

Image credits: iamnotawindmill

#109 So I Have These Two Doloreans…

Image credits: savvyfuck

#110 What A Riggity Riggity Wreck Son!

Image credits: Skidmarc39

#111 Pretty Crappy Design For A Slide

Image credits: JHopeHoe

#112 This Hyperrealistic, 36-Inch Mcnugget Body Pillow From The Travis Scott X Mcdonald’s Collaboration. Costs USD90

Image credits: wolf-bot

#113 Brick Car

Image credits: kumarshall

#114 Nice Paint Job On The Cabinets But Why Purple

Image credits: AstronomicalCat

#115 This Car That’s Actually A Boat..?

Image credits: splurgeoverthem

#116 Condom Corsage

Image credits: FimbrethilTheEntwife

#117 Doritos Crusted Mountain Dew Cheesecake With Mountain Dew Jello Topping

Image credits: StartingTrouble44

#118 Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp For Tuesday

Image credits: HalfAdult

#119 How To Spend Millions To Ruin The London Skyline

Image credits: Rbbbrttt

#120 Sick Underglow

Image credits: the-hogan-approves

#121 This Is Objectively The Best Tattoo

Image credits: sushidestroyer

#122 Connection Neck Hair To The Beard

Image credits: rosscosoletrain2

#123 Earrings Made From Raccoon Penis Bones…

Image credits: esteban42

#124 J E E E E P

Image credits: lajosyext

#125 But Why Though?

Image credits: smells-fishy

#126 Forget Roses…

Image credits: iamdavidrice

#127 Crocs With Socks Built Into Them

Image credits: eternalrefuge86

#128 Too Permanent For My Taste

Image credits: Gurkari

#129 Cheese Crocs

Image credits: AbhinavGudavalli

#130 Painting In The Art Commons Commemorating My College’s Bathroom

Image credits: wambamwombat

#131 These Shoes Make Me Sad

Image credits: reddit.com

#132 This Kraken Hairdo

Image credits: DemonWithATorch

#133 Apparently I Have Awful Taste Cause I Would Love To Own This

Image credits: legoalienx

#134 In The Dictionary Next To “Wasted Talent”

Image credits: kstrike155

#135 The Hearsche

Image credits: lajosyext

#136 This Tattoo Of Saweetie On A Fan’s Chest

Image credits: nine16s

#137 This Damn Cake!

Image credits: impala1966

#138 I Feel Like This Belongs Here

Image credits: BigMartin58

#139 Our Bus Stop

Image credits: lajosyext

#140 A Cat With A Headpiece Made From Its Own Shed Hair

Image credits: MyLifeAsBipolar

#141 Sometimes Awful Taste May Taste Great?

Image credits: erp3d

#142 Richard Nixon Fighting A Saber Tooth Tiger…

Image credits: jillison_flook

#143 Advertisement For Imodium

Image credits: ReturnOneWayTicket

#144 Surf Rock

Image credits: Revolver1998

#145 This Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#146 This Impala On Craigslist With A “One Of A Kind Perpetual Paint Job”

Image credits: reddit.com

Source: boredpanda.com

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