148 Animals Looking Totally Adorable While Traveling

Everyone’s longing for traveling these days. I don’t know how much I’d give for that sweet moment of being seated on a plane, cramming my legs by the window, hoping there won’t be a screaming baby sitting right next to me. Oh, the joys of open borders from the pre-pandemic world!

And as we wait for the covid chaos to stop savaging the globe, and our beloved air, sea, and land transport to resume to normal, let’s take a look at some precious pics of pets traveling instead of us. From dogs bamboozling the plane cabin to pony-turned flight attendants, these are the support animals who make the joys of commuting even more pawsome.

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Hand-picked by Bored Panda, the compilation combines two of our favorite things, animals and travel, so make sure to hit the upvote button on your favorite animals on board sightings!

#1 This Is Athena. It’s Her First Train Trip And She’s A Little Scared, But Being Brave As Heck

Image credits: mayaxs

#2 My Wife Is A Flight Attendant And Uses Her Benefits To Help Transfer Animals To Shelters That Value Life A Bit More Than Others. Today’s Guest Was Pepper

Image credits: Tjwell

#3 A Girl And Her Raven On The Running Subway

#4 Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

Image credits: goldenretrievers

#5 So Apparently We Are Bringing Llamas On The Max Now. I Guess Alpaca Bit Of Extra Snacks With Me Next Time

Image credits: kickasserole

#6 Sat Next To This Happy Little Guy On A Plane

Image credits: neoinside

#7 Puppy On His First Flight

Image credits: _TheGermanGuy_

#8 This Guy Is Going To Make The Flight Much More Enjoyable! He’s So Happy To Fly

Image credits: captainrustic

#9 On The Train And Saw This Friendly Face

Image credits: DarkXXShadowXX

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#10 My Friend Saw This Guy On The Metro

Image credits: Morbanth

#11 This Little Kitty Had Its Own Seat On The Three Hour Train Ride I Was On In Spain! It Sat So Nicely For The Whole Time

Image credits: AgrippaAurelius

#12 You Saw Penguins On A Plane? My Papps Was Flying It

Image credits: -Loves2Spooge-

#13 On The Train To Manchester

Image credits: LaylaMil

#14 My Blind Stepdad’s Guide Dog Axel. They Went On A Week Long Pilgrimage And Are Now Returning Home. This Was Him On The Train Hugging My Stepdad’s Foot. Such A Good Boi

Image credits: ghost_snakk

#15 She Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

Image credits: GallowBoob

#16 I See Your Dog On A Plane And Raise You A Booped Dog On A Plane

Image credits: SucculentGravy

#17 Traveling Koalas

Image credits: Qantas

#18 I Made A New Friend On The Train

Image credits: odin99999

#19 On The Subway

Image credits: Bodegacats_

#20 Bentley Got To Meet The Captain After Our Flight Home Last Night

Image credits: iamkokonutz

#21 “I’m A Tax-Paying Citizen Taking Public Transport Now”

Image credits: Harryism

#22 Kitten Likes Traveling

Image credits: ozgurnevres

#23 This Girl Named Panda Smiled At Me Like This For Her Entire Plane Ride Shift (Service Dog)

Image credits: librolass

#24 I Was Lucky Enough To Sit Next To This Little One On My Plane Ride The Other Night

Image credits: thecrudegentleman

#25 This Dude On The Train Wouldn’t Stop Staring At Me

Image credits: ConBupintheclub

#26 Two Old Best Friends Having A Little Snooze On The Bus


#27 He Makes Her Hold His Hand On The Subway

Image credits: a-patientwolf

#28 I Asked To Be Seated Next To The Cutest Guy On The Plane

Image credits: bofstein

#29 “Is Airplane Mode A Joke To You Karen?”

Image credits: jimmy_bones_

#30 Pets Take Over Plane Cabin On Fort Mcmurray Fire Evacuee Flight

Image credits: spankr

#31 Just Got Onto A Train. Then This Little Guy Appears Under My Seat

Image credits: sliceofcakesan

#32 My Friend Just Sent Me This Live From Rome Subway

Image credits: st1nkf1st

#33 I’m A Flight Attendant And This Was My First Passenger This Morning. She Made My Day! Meet Zuri

Image credits: TheSagaOfCrystar

#34 This Dog Sitting At A Subway

Image credits: boredwatermelon

#35 This Is How Desmond Sleeps On A Plane

Image credits: Anniba

#36 This Guy And His Dog On My Flight Right Now. They Have Been Like This For Over 2 Hours

Image credits: willdogs

#37 Licked, Kicked And Sniffed On Plane Flight

Image credits: hoomankitteh

#38 I Was Just Entering The Train And Met This Curious Fellow

Image credits: RenanGreca

#39 Good Boy Air Doggo. Therapy Dog Seen On Flight, Pictures Verbally Approved By Owner. Was Later Moved To Bulk Head Seating On Floor

Image credits: Josh_Benson_Acct427

#40 This Guy Sitting Next To Me On The Flight Was All Business

Image credits: MaximusRaeke

#41 This Irish Setter Didn’t Win The Best In Its Group At Westminster, But It Won The Best In First Class On My Flight

Image credits: mepper

#42 Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say A Word. Found Them In A Train In London

Image credits: RealRider

#43 Rescue Dog Travelling To Forever Home Gets His Own Seat On Ferry

Image credits: Ssssgatk

#44 A Cute Little Stalker In The Plane

Image credits: borisdb

#45 Saw This Cute Doggo Just Enjoying His Commute

Image credits: zannyzannyxx

#46 Pup In Training A Transit Pro

My mum volunteers for a charity that trains assistance dogs. We had this good boy staying with us for a few weeks while his regular foster family were on vacation. I decided to take him out on the DART (Dublin metro) one day and after a while he hopped up on the seat beside me like a human. Tried to push him off but only managed to succeed with bribery. Pretty sure it was his first time on this type of transit as his family don’t live near the line but the guy is a total pro!

Image credits: UnaccommodatingYam

#47 Flight Attendant: Episode 7

Image credits: Goldendexter

#48 Just Got Home From A Flight With This Cutie In The 2nd Row

Image credits: StarryBlue7

#49 Future Search-And-Rescue Dog Echo Took A 13 Hour Trip Home With Me This Week, Including Three Flights. She’s A Trooper

Image credits: oddlylovely

#50 I Met A Really Pretty Girl On The Train Today

Image credits: afikomen1

#51 This Little Guy Just Flew Across Canada With Me. As You Can See In His Eyes, He Was Not Happy About It. Now Home Safe And Sound

Image credits: ThwartedRomantic

#52 Just A Lady With Her Pet Duck On The Metro

Image credits: K_SOUKY

#53 My Good Boi And Service Animal In Training, Nigel, Enjoying His First Practice Ride On The Metro

Image credits: unicodebee

#54 Met This Well Behaved Flyer On The Plane

Image credits: laranadiscoteca

#55 Cutest Puppy On My Flight

Image credits: mwfrankie

#56 This Handsome Fella In A Blinged Hoody, Seen On Metro In SF

Image credits: KoaliaBear

#57 Joey The Therapy Dog Was Spotted On A Plane Taking A Well-Deserved Nap (Pic Taken With Permission). He Visits Patients In Hospitals And Even Has His Own Business Card

Image credits: Kristin Petersdorf

#58 Look At This A***e Using Up Two Seats Like He Owns The Train Or Something

Image credits: unknown

#59 The Goodest Passenger On The Train

Image credits: rumblewayne

#60 His First Time On A Train

Image credits: Foz90

#61 My Dog Likes To Chill During Train Rides

Image credits: MrElektro

#62 Subway Lion

Image credits: 8ballofstoke

#63 This Woman Is Taking Her Rabbit For A Ride On The Subway

Image credits: wtf-is_happening

#64 This Police Trauma Dog On My Wife’s Flight Today

This was on a flight immediately after my wife’s first flight had to make an emergency landing due to engine trouble. I think she could tell my wife was having a ruff day.

Image credits: sixgunmaniac

#65 This Is Sig, He’s A Diabetic Alert Dog And Flew On A Plane For The First Time. 12/10 A Heckin’ Good Boy

Image credits: InsulinRage

#66 I Noticed I Was Being Watched During Today’s Flight

Image credits: Your_Mangina

#67 Only Good Boys On This Flight

Image credits: clolin

#68 Just Riding The Train In Japan

Image credits: carl2k1

#69 Little Floof On Subway In Sweden

Image credits: TimmieFloats

#70 Meet Alma. On The Way Back From The Doggie Shelter And Her First Time On The NY Metro

Image credits: ALGE_NATIONAL

#71 I Got To Sit Next To A Service Dog On The Plane

Image credits: Toucanicsam

#72 My Service Dog Lincoln And I Took Our First Flight This Week. He Did Great

Image credits: Yoyo2061

#73 Sure Jan

Image credits: WaddupMyGlipGlops

#74 This Little Dude On My Flight

Image credits: BeeOhCee

#75 My Service Dog Goofing Off During Our Flight

Image credits: thefruitsnackfiend

#76 Duke The Bush’s Baked Beans Dog Always Flies First Class

Image credits: crewsd

#77 These Guys Were On My Flight The Other Day

Image credits: Kiter12

#78 Ridiculously Massive Doggo Spotted On The Underground

Image credits: just_ge0rge

#79 Plane Cat In My Flight This Morning

Image credits: Riddel

#80 Here’s Another Of Me And My Travel Buddy Gizmo. This Was His Favorite Spot

Image credits: Hypertori

#81 Got To Spend My 5 Hour Flight Next To This Good Girl

Image credits: golden_bear_12

#82 I Work As A Flight Attendant And This Is The Cutest Passenger I’ve Ever Met

Image credits: sharkinspace

#83 I Met This Big Boi On A Ferry

Image credits: Chupalika

#84 Seeing Eye Dog Rests His Head On The Metro

Image credits: gafl

#85 Armenian Metro Be Like

Image credits: lilithavetisian

#86 Just A Cat Wearing A Sweater Riding The Subway

Image credits: monkeyronin

#87 This Guy On The Subway

Image credits: saladbolopi

#88 In NYC You Can Bring Your Dog On The Subway As Long As They Fit In A Bag

Image credits: lunarstar17

#89 This Very Good Doggo Riding On Some Dude’s Back On The Subway

Image credits: Galileo228

#90 This Cute Guy Takes The Same Train As Me Every Morning (He’s A Seeing Eye Dog)

Image credits: Nation0306

#91 Big Boy Tired On Subway After A Long Day Of Service

Image credits: mohmirza2ooo

#92 This Guide Dog Was On The Plane With His Owner And Was Allowed To Meet The Captain Before Take Off

Image credits: lucas1607

#93 Poking Her Head Out On The Plane

Image credits: PhillipJack

#94 There Was An Alaskan Husky On My Flight

Image credits: civilizer

#95 I Started To Sit In Open Seat On My Flight When The Attendant Said “Oh Sir! You Can Sit There But Please Be Aware That Those Seats Are Reserved For A Large Dog! Is That Ok?” Me: “I Would Pay Extra To Sit Next To A Dog On Every Flight!” Meet Hervin

Image credits: wowbobwow

#96 Rosie Wasn’t Too Pleased With The Wind On The Ferry In Maine

Image credits: blindmansleeps

#97 Sleepy Puppy On Boston Metro

Image credits: delawahoo

#98 Met This Little Dude On The Subway Yesterday

Image credits: kazakthespacepupper

#99 My Dog Loves Seeing Exactly Where He’s Going. Always Checking Everything Out On Car Journeys. Safe To Say, He Loved His First Time On A Steam Train

Image credits: gregofdeath

#100 A Big Dog Had Her Own Seat On My Plane Today

Image credits: nsajirah2

#101 Just A Big Sad Cat In Moscow Subway

Image credits: ryderr

#102 Sleepy Cats On Planes

Image credits: chotpsfo

#103 They Told Me Last Time She Can Only Travel With Me On My Ticket If She Is In A Bag And Her Feet Do Not Touch The Ground

Presenting to you her fashionable dog bag. She loves being carried around, my back not so much.

Image credits: mswerepug

#104 Passenger In Front Of Me On The Plane Kept Playing Footsie With Me. Finally Looked Down

Image credits: Roggin

#105 Tom Bombadil Loved All The Attention He Got On The Last Subway Train Saturday Night

Image credits: ducbo

#106 Today On The Subway, I Met A Catstronaut

Image credits: Oviraptor6

#107 Boston Dog Bundled Up On The Subway

Image credits: Harmony_w

#108 Saw This Sleepy Boy On The Subway

Image credits: Kick12541

#109 This Dog I Saw On The Train Today

Image credits: Ratm_Rule

#110 My Friend Found A Celebrity In First Class On His Plane At JFK

Image credits: rawrimkat1017

#111 The Passenger Next To Me On My Plane Kept Trying To Talk To Me

Image credits: Ravkav

#112 This Is Niko On His Private Plane. He’s Headed For A Better Life After Being Stuck In The Shelter For Years

Image credits: OgreAoH

#113 Duck. On A Plane. Flying

Image credits: mark_essig

#114 Saw A Cat Backpack Today In The Metro

Image credits: StonedYordle

#115 Why Do I Feel Like This Dog On The Bus Is Judging Me

Image credits: stirling1712

#116 Enjoying The Alaskan Summer Via Floatplane With This Guy

Image credits: oglach

#117 This Weird Looking Guy Staring At Me On The Plane

Image credits: scun1995

#118 My Heart Just Melted When I Saw That On The Subway

Image credits: EINETOTEKATZ

#119 When Pigs Fly? Ha! Hoggin’ The Possibilities

Image credits: hamlet_the_beach_hog

#120 The Best Boy Ever. He Flew 13 Hours On The Plane. No Problem. He Was So Calm That Flight Attendant Was Curious If He Was On Special Medication. We Said No – He Is Working

Image credits: vaidile

#121 Pepper Did Very Well On Her First Plane Ride. Got A Little Anxious On Takeoff And A Lot Anxious On Our Very Rough Landing, But Behaved Like A Little Lady. She Made Friends With The Woman Next To Me

Image credits: crlast86

#122 Guy Sitting Next To Me On A Recent Southwest Flight

Image credits: Drwhalefart

#123 My First Ferry Ride

Image credits: Mr-Moose-The-Lab

#124 I Found This Bear-Dog On The Metro In Barcelona

Image credits: juxstage

#125 Just A Big Dog Catching A Train

Image credits: mattym94

#126 Proud Of My Dog For Enduring The 14 Hour Travel Day And Braving Her First Flight Like A Champ

Image credits: x_alexithymia

#127 My Cat Is Astonished By Air Travel

Image credits: Godtickles12

#128 Good Girl On The Subway Leaned Right On My Knee. Owner Said I Could Give Her Scritches And Take A Picture. I Miss Having Pets

Image credits: 3IceShy

#129 Hecking Good Boy On The Subway

Image credits: Thaveen

#130 Met This Fine Gentleman On The Subway Today

Image credits: drcoolsex

#131 Our First Plane Trip With Wife’s Seizure Alert Dog, Khaleesi

Image credits: Neanderthalll

#132 This Guy On The Plane Won’t Stop Staring At Me

Image credits: Aurelus_Ancient

#133 Sat Next To This Guy On My Flight. Meet Sebastian

Image credits: Zebsnotdead

#134 That’s How She Gets Everyone On The Metro To Pet Her

Image credits: JSpaniolx

#135 Our Puppy Went On Her First Bus Ride Today

Image credits: redprophet

#136 This Puppy On My Plane Kept Checking Me Out

Image credits: HickieHippie

#137 Took My Dog On A Plane For The First Time. She Was Fine With It

Image credits: onlyjudycanjudgeme

#138 Taking My Dog On The Plane. He Slept The Whole Way

Image credits: Deadswede

#139 My Dog Sadie Went On Her First Plane Ride, I Think She Liked It

Image credits: RedFoxPaws

#140 Thought My Cat Would Be So Excited To Look Out The Plane Window. She Ended Up Staring Up Into The Air Vent The Whole Time

Image credits: Julesgab

#141 Saw This On The Subway Yesterday

Image credits: phirappl

#142 Met This Flammables-Sniffing Woofer On My Plane Flight

Image credits: econopotamus

#143 The Woman Next To Me On The Plane Has A Pupper, And Now I Have A Plane Friend

Image credits: mferris23

#144 Snowball Had Loads Of Fun On His First Plane Ride

Image credits: chinghiskhan

#145 Cat On A Plane. His Face Says It All – “What, We’re Flying?!”

Image credits: FallofftheMap

#146 My First Subway Ride

Image credits: loki_princeofcorgis

#147 Super Good Boy Having His First Train Ride

Image credits: Arb0k

#148 First Time Seeing A Cat On An Airplane

Image credits: dirtycopgangsta

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