148 Of The Most Unfortunate Fails People Experienced On Christmas (New Pics)

Whether we like it or not, sometimes Christmas day celebrations take a different turn. Even if we buy our gifts weeks ahead and carefully plan everything to the smallest detail, things don’t always go the way we want them to.

Whether your present is shattered into pieces or the Christmas tree is slowly going up in flames—there’s plenty of room for error. However, it’s all about finding the humor when disaster strikes.

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In honor of the holiday season, Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the most hilarious holiday fails that will definitely lift your spirits up. So scroll down, upvote your favorite ones and after you’re done, make sure to check out our previous posts about the little fiascos here and here.

#1 I Got A New Coat For Christmas And My Toddler Got Some New Markers

Image credits: Idcaster

#2 Christmas Tree On Fire In Kaunas, Lithuania

#3 When Your Christmas Tree Just Can’t Make It Until Christmas

Image credits: Nipgen05

#4 I Grabbed A Bottle Of Spray That Deters Cats From Chewing On Things, Sprayed It All Over My Christmas Tree. It Was A Catnip Spray Bottle

All over. 50 squirts at least. Then I went to put the spray back on the shelf and realized I grabbed the wrong bottle. Now I can’t get them away from it.


This is the most chaotic thing that’s ever happened. They’ve knocked down a branch, the star, and all of the ornaments that were on the lower half. Omg.

Image credits: ChuckZombie

#5 This Is The Second Time I’ve Had To Quit My Job In Order To See My Family For Christmas, Who I See Once A Year

Image credits: TallManTimbo

#6 Ordered My Daughter A MacBook Air For Christmas And This Is What FedEx Delivered

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 For Christmas 2019, My Boss Gifted Us With 1 Work From Home Day In 2020

Image credits: -edna__mode-

#8 Our Shameless Guiltless Adorable Cat After She Bit Through A Christmas Lights Cable And Stopped The Electricity In The Whole Apartment

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Image credits: ellie1398

#9 My Wife Received A Corporate Gift From One Of Her Partners For Christmas. It Has Been In The Fridge Since. When I Went To Open The Bottle, I Found Out It Was A Candle

It came with candy, champagne flutes, and a small bottle of bubbly.

Image credits: 42Navigator

#10 Who’s Ready For Christmas Morning Waffles?

Image credits: proscriptus

#11 When Your Secret Santa Gift Arrives Broken

Image credits: unacceptablelemonguard4

#12 Spotted A Xmas Tree Full Of 2021 Wishes And This Was The First I Saw. That Wasn’t Very Christmassy

Image credits: i_dream_in_code

#13 Elf Socks I Got My Dad For Christmas, When Wearing Pants Just Shows Will Ferrell Crotch

Image credits: Laundry-Champagne

#14 Moments After Santa Got Kicked In The Balls. Santa Had A Vasectomy Last Week. I’m Santa

Image credits: Jimothy_Riggins

#15 To Put Christmas Decor In The Attic. I Fell All The Way Through

Image credits: Bourbonandbucks

#16 $80 Christmas Gift Applied Directly To My Driveway

Image credits: AbbiAndIlana

#17 The Gift My Brother (HI) Sent Me (AZ) Disappeared From The Postal Tracking System For 26 Days. It Popped Up Today In Chuuk, FSM

Image credits: tuwale

#18 Blursed Christmas Tree

Image credits: nypost

#19 My Mom Bought Me This Christmas Sweater Thinking It Was Unisex. Narrator: It Wasn’t

Image credits: diggtrucks1025

#20 Stole One Of These Candies From My Kid’s Christmas Stash, Learned The Hard Way They’re Actually Individually Wrapped Soaps

Image credits: MichelleS2323

#21 Man Tying A Christmas Tree To The Roof, Tied Doors Too

Image credits: taypa4227

#22 This Is What Happens When You Try To Burn A Christmas Tree In A Home Fireplace

Image credits: McKinney Fire Department

#23 Woman Spent £85 On A “Grinch Visit”. He Did His Job Perfectly

Image credits: cafucatfood

#24 My Wife And I Bought My Father A Personalized Gift For Christmas. The Wording That Came With It Was Not What We Submitted

Image credits: at9218

#25 I Ordered This 6 Weeks Ago So I Could Wear It For Christmas. It Just Came Today On Jan 9 And I Think It’s Mocking Me

Image credits: TacoBellSauceAnswers

#26 It’s Christmas Eve, Another Person Just Left The Office Feeling Sick, I Am The Last Engineer Without Covid-19

Image credits: Ultimate88t

#27 Meat Thermometer Exploded And Shattered Oven Door – Merry Christmas

Image credits: mcha2493

#28 When Your Dreams Of A White Christmas Don’t Go As Planned

Exhibit A, Kenzie emptying an ENTIRE BAG OF FLOUR everywhere as we were getting ready to decorate cookies last Christmas.

They looked to me and when my reaction decided to embrace the chaos vs anger and stress, we made the best Christmas memories.

Image credits: yolotravelsolo

#29 My Christmas Contribution

Image credits: ColdFireplace411

#30 My Expensive “Surprise” Gift For My Husband Being Left On The Porch Like This

Image credits: badabingerrr

#31 My Family (Who Don’t Have Much Money) Paid For Priority Shipping Weeks Ago To Get Here Before Christmas. My Gift Was My Baby Ornaments. I Got It Today Like This

Image credits: TigerLily1014

#32 Instead Of My Christmas Gift, Amazon Delivered Me An Industrial Supply Of Single-Ply Toilet Paper

Image credits: Rare_Chicken

#33 Since Christmas I Have Been Wearing These Noticing How The Right Ear Sounds Lower Than The Left One But Just Brushing It Off

Image credits: itsmemario97

#34 My Sister’s Boyfriend Thought A Rock, From His Backyard, Was A Good Christmas Gift For Her

Image credits: WmXVI

#35 Had Literally 2 People Over For The Roommate’s Birthday Party. They Started Wrestling And Broke My Plant, Christmas Tree, And Blinds

Image credits: ButtMunchSupreme420

#36 Nashville Explosion On Christmas

Image credits: Eagle7924

#37 Not The Best Idea To Write A Blog About Christmas Decorations

Image credits: mycottondrawer

#38 Christmas Eve Feast When You’re Working Second Shift In A Korean Academy

Image credits: littlebit87

#39 My Brother Got Me This For Christmas, And I Don’t Even Fish

Image credits: epic-drew16

#40 I Hope No One Really Wanted Christmas Ham

Image credits: TacomaBlue

#41 Bought Our 7-Year-Old A Wii For Christmas Along With Wii Sports. Guess What Just Went Flying Off His Wrist

Image credits: samjaneG

#42 Some Grinch At FedEx Stole My Son’s iPhone 13 Pro Max That I Was Going To Surprise Him On Christmas With

Image credits: BADDINOROX99

#43 This Is My Neighbor’s Christmas Tree. He Said It Was The Last One On The Lot

Image credits: duck5067

#44 Today, United 328, A Boeing 777-200 Dropped Engine Parts Out Of The Sky

Image credits: aker29

#45 Can You All Confirm For My Wife I’m Not Dumb And It Could Have Happened To Anyone?

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#46 Disinvited To Christmas Because I’m Getting The Booster Shot (I’m Also A Nurse Lol)

Image credits: soymilk666

#47 I Guess The Mailman Who Delivers To My Apartment Complex Decided Christmas Should Start Early

Image credits: vanillasnovv

#48 When You Climb Into The Attic And End Up In The Wall On Christmas Eve And We Gotta Get You Out

Image credits: Honeysenpaiharuchan

#49 My Sister Attempted To Make A Red Velvet Christmas Tree Cake

Image credits: CoproliteSandwich

#50 My Girlfriend’s Boss Handed This To Her In Her Office Saying, “These Are Being Handed Out From The Company.” I’m Not Sure If This Is A Christmas Gift

Image credits: Forex4x

#51 What Was Advertised vs. What I Got For My Niece’s Christmas From Walmart

Image credits: xspike_spiegelc

#52 Duplicate Gifts = Perfect Marriage

Image credits:

#53 He Pretended He Wrote: “Twas The Night Before Christmas” Poem

Image credits: ItzThatJosh55

#54 This Was My Dad’s Only Christmas Bonus From The Company He’s Worked At For Over 20 Years: A $20 Off Coupon For A Frozen Turkey

My mom got a Christmas ornament.

Image credits: AdiosTinyToast

#55 When Christmas Goes Wrong

Image credits: Act_True

#56 Well, There Goes My Christmas

Image credits: IllustriousRhubarb

#57 My Company’s “Christmas Bonus”

Image credits: Muttandcheese

#58 Parked My Car In The Airport’s Garage During Christmas Break Without Checking The Price

Image credits: snkrbjorn

#59 Merry Christmas, From Netflix

Image credits: lolmegapeepee

#60 My Neighbor’s Christmas Decorations Today

Image credits: JJolene710

#61 I Made A (Fitting) Christmas Ornament And Dropped It Immediately After

Image credits: Jeeveskin

#62 I Lost One Of My Christmas Gifts This Year

Image credits: ss847859

#63 Krispy Kreme Christmas Donuts

Image credits: kirsty1441

#64 Dog Ate 50 Christmas Cookies

Image credits: amandeezie

#65 This Is My Crown. Not Sure What’s Worse, That I Don’t Have A Dentist Anymore Due To Covid Or That I Probably Won’t Be Able To Find A New One In This Holiday Zone

Image credits: SBNMG

#66 Truck Got Stolen Just Before Christmas. Thief Was Living In It For 3 Days Before He Got Busted

Image credits: bentupcarfixr

#67 This Wristband I Got At My Work Christmas Party

Image credits: cliffeverett

#68 I Found Loads Of This All Over The Christmas Tree

Image credits: Stick_juice

#69 My Sister’s Stolen Christmas Gifts

Image credits: jul1992

#70 How Do You Spell Christmas?

Image credits: dullmomma

#71 I Was Gifted This Expensive Candle But It Doesn’t Have A Wick

Image credits: slipperyslope89

#72 My GF Just Sent Me This Saying “Safe To Say My Secret Santa Doesn’t Like Me”

Image credits: DoubleOScarn

#73 Christmas In 2020. Spent The Night Trying To Make Friends

Image credits: wayhighupcanada

#74 Just Got A New Job. They Said To Wear “Christmas Clothes” The Other Day. They All Came In Dressed Up. I Apparently Didn’t Understand The Same Thing

Image credits: lali002

#75 Guess The Christmas Decor Box Got A Little Warm

Image credits: disneycm_matt

#76 Went To Open My Chocolates I Got For Christmas

Image credits: Notechis_Scutatus

#77 My Mom Asked Me To Check Why The Christmas Lights Weren’t Working. Looks Like We Have A Grinch In The Neighborhood

Image credits: brenden519

#78 Spent The Whole Day Preparing The Bird For Dinner On Christmas Eve. My Dad Watched It While I Walked The Dog. Came Back To This

Image credits: philsusernameonredit

#79 “Santa” Aka My Sister, Got My 6-Year-Old Niece The Wrong Stickers For Christmas

Image credits: mustardyellow123

#80 Ginger Cookie Christmas Fail

Image credits: Neil_Newman

#81 Ordered An Apple Watch For My Sister For Christmas

Somewhere between being shipped and being delivered to her someone opened the package, took the watch and strap, then sealed the whole thing back up.

Image credits: ravens_revenge

#82 The Christmas Chocolates Finally Arrived

Image credits: CopernicusSnail

#83 The New Owners Decided That We Don’t Get Christmas Eve Off After It’s Been Promised For Weeks

Image credits: chino_casino

#84 Santa Claus Is Not Coming To Town

Image credits: reddit.com

#85 Christmas Cat Wanted A Broken Leg From Santa

Image credits: venkman62

#86 My Aunt Forgot I Existed (Yet Remembered My Brother-In-Law Who Has Only Been In The Family For A Year), So I Had To Add My Own Name To The Christmas Card

Image credits: TurtlesCantDrive

#87 My Lovely Back Windshield That Shattered On Christmas Day

Image credits: master0fshuppets

#88 There Was An Attempt To Take A Cute Christmas Photo

Image credits: dogmum214

#89 Nailed My Christmas Donuts

Image credits: Sof_y

#90 Looks Like I’ll Be Giving Firewood To Everyone For Christmas

Image credits: twocatskissing

#91 My Best Friend’s Company Gave Him Disappointment For Christmas

Image credits: pawned79

#92 Gift Came Embedded Inside A Bucket Of Concrete

Image credits: mikaylanicole3

#93 Ordered $300 Worth Of Christmas Gifts On Amazon (My Partner’s Family Makes Amazon Lists For Christmas) And I Got Rubber Bands And Shipping Tape Instead

Image credits: lowercase_poet

#94 My Friend’s Kid Was Not A Fan Of Santa This Year. This Was As Close As She Got

Image credits: gante742

#95 Tried To Make Baby Yoda Cookies Last Christmas

Image credits: mythical_witch

#96 Expectation vs. Reality, Merry Christmas

Image credits: kitty-kat-lady

#97 Christmas Tree Got Into The Eggnog

Image credits: poolbum1

#98 I Tried To Surprise My 7-Year-Old With A Trampoline For Christmas. Missing One Part

Image credits: BuckleUpBuckar0

#99 My MIL Got My Wife A Kate Spade Purse For Christmas And Then Accidentally Backed Over It After It Was Delivered

Image credits: liamemsa

#100 Family Tradition That We Only Get Donuts On July 4th And On Christmas Eve-Eve. Here’s The Chocolate “Filled” Donut I Waited Almost 6 Months To Enjoy

Image credits: notjewel

#101 Found This Guy On The Last Round Of A Batch Of Pancakes I Made For Christmas Brunch

Image credits: attemptednotknown

#102 Wife Left Me Right Before Xmas, Then Today My TV Took A Dump

Image credits: JoshC-137

#103 This Wrapping Paper I Bought After Going Shopping Without My Glasses I Thought It Said Merry Christmas

Image credits: davethecat3

#104 Shoutout To FedEx For Apparently Drop Kicking My Family Christmas Gift

Image credits: ThomasThuhTrain

#105 Lost The Crown Off My Front Right Teeth, On A Sunday, On Christmas Week, In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Image credits: reddit.com

#106 My Fake Christmas Tree Is Like The Real Thing. It Sheds A Lot Of Needles

Image credits: tomytronics

#107 It’s Not Write

Image credits: Myneckmyguac

#108 My Husband Asks Me To Wrap My Own Christmas Gifts Every Year

Image credits: Scrollingnews

#109 Went To Go See Family On Christmas And Our Car Got Rear-Ended

Image credits: C1nderFang

#110 Got Brand New Sheets For Christmas And Put Them On For The First Time Yesterday. Was Doing Homework And Dropped A Bright Pink Pen Right In The Middle Of It

Image credits: suspiciouslypurple

#111 Whole Family Got Covid So We Can’t Go Out To Do Grocery, So I Order This Online Almost The Same Size As My Fist

Oh well, on the bright side still have ham for Christmas!

Image credits: johndrake666

#112 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: TheSovietTurt

#113 Decided To Go To My Town’s Festive Christmas Market Today

Image credits: fourfuxake

#114 Ordered New Kicks For The Teen For Xmas. The Box Arrived With One Shoe In It And They’re Sold Out Now

Image credits: mamilita

#115 This Mall Is All But Completely Shuttered. I Guess Someone Forgot To Cancel Santa

Image credits: jb69029

#116 Got My Christmas Tree Out Of Storage And The Lid Was Popped Open. No Big Deal, Probably Fine. Found This Lady Under The Tub

Image credits: Youdontknowmedawg

#117 Was Really Excited To Use My New Mortar And Pestle. Merry Christmas

Image credits: randysucia

#118 This Is How The Office Christmas Tree Was Plugged In

Image credits: jcommisso

#119 A Tree Came Through The Roof At 11 Pm Last Night During A Steady Rain With Massive Wind Gusts

Naturally, this happened just as we started getting ready for the kids’ Christmas morning. ‘Twas a very late night.

Image credits: above_all_be_kind

#120 Nothing Like Getting Something You Can’t Eat For Christmas. I Have Braces

Image credits: Zephyr_Stryke

#121 Supposed To Say “We Wish You A Meowy Christmas” And “My True Love Has Four Paws”

Image credits: smaj27

#122 A Christmas Gift. But I Am Not Ready For That Kind Of Commitment

Image credits: –Shamus–

#123 My Mum Ordered Me The Legend Of Zelda 30th Anniversary Game And Watch For Christmas But She Got This Instead

Image credits: FluffyCalligrapher60

#124 Dear Santa, Can I Please Have “My Favorite Mug” For Xmas? Thanks

Image credits: slm1992

#125 After Learning That I’m Not Being Paid In Time For Christmas, I Lost Concentration And Smash Both My Lens And Camera. My Only Source Of Income

Image credits: DannyMThompson

#126 A Christmas Morning Avalanche Left Four Foot Of Snow Inside Of The Belleayre Mountain Ski Lodge In NY

Image credits: belleayremountain

#127 The One Christmas Present I Got This Year Turned Out To Be A Misprint Of Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat. Half The Pages In The Book Are Just Repeating

Image credits: taskum

#128 Got My Daughter Her First Xmas Tree. Might Have Forgotten To Measure

Image credits: 505munkee

#129 Capacitor Short-Circuited And Burned Up, Ruining My Graphics Card On The First Day Of Christmas Break. Good-Bye, Holliday Gaming Plans

Image credits: T_r0d

#130 My Parents’ Foster Dog Got To My Stocking That I’ve Had For 27 Years. Happy Holidays To Me

Image credits: Axximilli

#131 This Christmas Calendar My Parents Purchased For My Kids

Image credits: NCbrewer91

#132 The Guy At IKEA Who I Bought The Christmas Tree From Told Me It Didn’t Shed

Image credits: matej86

#133 I Tried Redeeming One Of The Gift Cards My Best Friend Got Me For Christmas And It Seems Like The Cashier Didn’t Realize It Wasn’t Activated

Image credits: CrookFumDaBrook

#134 I Ordered Pants For Christmas From Nordstrom This Is How They Come In

Image credits: big_pp_thanos69

#135 These Christmas Kit Kats. The Design Doesn’t Let You Break Them, I Had To Eat Them Like A Neanderthal

Image credits: Brokenlite099

#136 Christmas Cookies “Baked For Christmas”. Expires In October

Image credits: reddit.com

#137 Ruining Christmas

Image credits: Inorganicnerd

#138 Spent 30$ On Matching Christmas PJs And This Is What I Got

Image credits: HaveaA1Day

#139 This Is What I Get For Leaving Christmas Cards To The Last Minute

Image credits: carrotflowerqueen

#140 Christmas Decorations

Image credits: jmonta2

#141 Got Home To Find My Downstairs Neighbor Put Up Some Great Festive Lights Today. I Was On Board Until I Saw What They Looked Like Through My Bedroom Window

Image credits: TheIndulgery

#142 Sister In Laws Car Was Stolen Christmas Day Found Totaled With A Stolen Gun In Vehicle

Image credits: snwbrdrmidget15

#143 My Municipality’s Attempt On Designing A Christmas Tree

Image credits: psikomanjak

#144 Festive

Image credits: kzfrb3

#145 Merry Christmas Eve To Me

Image credits: jvvg12

#146 The $70, 7ft Cat Post You Bought Him For Christmas vs. The Box His Food Comes In

Image credits: anjerz

#147 I Bought My Kid A Gunship For Christmas, But I Just Broke A Critical Piece Right In Front

Image credits: heffalumpish

#148 Well There Goes My Christmas

Image credits: Background-Ad-1226

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