148 Times Car Mechanics Took Pics Of What They Were Dealing With So Others Would Believe Them (New Pics)

Owning a car is both a blessing and a curse. When it’s in good condition, your ride can truly be a wonder to behold. Extremely convenient when you want to visit your loved ones, need to run some errands and, heck, it can also be extremely fun to drive.

Having said that, when you start hearing strange noises or get blinded by blinking warning lights, you know your car is begging for repair. And that’s where it gets amusing. Enter the Just Rolled Into The Shop subreddit, full of the most surprising and mysterious things auto mechanics encounter on the job.

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If you think that empty soda cans in the back seat of your car are pretty bad, just take a look at some of the most bizarre pictures we have collected from this online group. And if you’re hungry for some more crazy things mechanics find under the hoods of cars, make sure to check out our previous posts right here, here and here.

#1 Near 600k 17 Accord Hybrid Came In Today… That’s A New Record In Our Shop. Very Custom.. One Of A Kind

Image credits: SlickNick_2599

#2 Be A Mechanic They Said

Image credits: ahe_243

#3 Towed With The E-Brake On

Image credits: tablepancakeschair

#4 This Jeep Just Ran Out Of Luck. A Penny Came Out Of The Transmission Drain Hole

Image credits: ThatDarnEngineer

#5 Customer Is Emailing/Calling To Find Out Why Their Windows & Doors Are Open…. While The Car Is In Service At A Mercedes Dealer

Image credits: ItsAlecito

#6 What Car Dose This Bring To Mind?

Image credits: hilly20003

#7 Customer States Ac Isn’t Blowing As Hard As It Does In Their Husband’s Car

Image credits: NightFin

#8 My Brother Is An Advisor At A Honda Dealer. Just Texted Me This…

Image credits: Responsible-Algae-16

#9 Just Rolled Out Of The Shop, And Paid 900 Of Their 1400 Dollar Bill In Ones. There’s Another Row Of Stacks Beneath This One In That Bag. Not The Same Customer As Last Time Either

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Image credits: Saint_Farewell

#10 Came In For An Oil Change And Brake Inspection

Image credits: JS636

#11 Waited On This Trim Piece For Over A Week, Only To Find That They Snapped It Into 3 Separate Pieces To Fit It Into This Box…

Image credits: sand_mann08

#12 Lady Came In For An Oil Change…. 47k Miles On The Car

Image credits: debossest

#13 Knives I Have Found Under The Back Seats Of Used Cars

Image credits: deathbike600

#14 So Apparently The Insurance Company Doesn’t Think This Is Totalled

Image credits: 600-shot-of-autism

#15 Car Was In A Flood And Customer Asked If It Was Okay, The Dash Answered For Me

Image credits: Mrfrunzi1

#16 Well, On The Plus Side, Your Alignment Is Bang On!

Image credits: spyrye

#17 And Then Immediately Rolled Right Out. Nope

Image credits: KFizzleKyle

#18 When All Else Fails

Image credits: Skiurus

#19 I Present You This Jetta With Their Second Annual Oil Change At 340 Miles

Image credits: Gucci98

#20 A Chrysler Engineer Would Climb Over 72 Virgins To [Screw] A Tech

Image credits: 808inGlenwoodSprings

#21 “Do Not Worry About The Airbag Recall, No One Is Allowed To Sit In The Passenger Seat Anyhow.” This Is What The Customer Said. Here For Just A Coolant Leak

Image credits: the_fun_couplebi

#22 “Hey Man Do You Have An Extra Drain Plug?” “Nah, But I Got A Spark Plug…” We Had To Refuse Service On This Vehicle For Mysterious Reasons

Image credits: oddjaqx

#23 We Got A Lot Of Rain This Weekend Which Made For A Lot Of Puddles

Image credits: blakeschluchter

#24 This List Of Demands For Minor Body Repair

Image credits: ditchlily

#25 Dropping Off The Wife’s Vehicle For Winter Tires. Thanks To This Sub For Making Me A Better Customer

Image credits: currentlyRedacted

#26 Qashqai, 3 Baby Seats And Didn’t Want The Tyre Replacing Yet

Image credits: Leolloel

#27 Welcome To The Future Boys. New Mercedes Eqs

Image credits: DatSilverback

#28 I Was The Only Toyota Tech In The Dealership This Week Due To A Tech Family Emergency, And Another On Vacation. 111 Hrs Booked In A 40 Hr Week. I’m Exhausted

Image credits: Low_Teq

#29 I Definitely Can’t See This Causing An Issue A Few Years Down The Line

Image credits: wauna_b5

#30 Found My Late Dad’s Car Full Of Mold After An Year, Mum Wanted To Take It To A Garage Like That, I Thought About You People And Spend The Day Cleaning It

Image credits: emuboy85

#31 The Amount Of Fasteners You Have To Remove To Change The Oil On A 2021 Nissan Sentra

Image credits: TheBravePaladin

#32 Customer Came In Expecting To Pass Inspection With A Blocked License Plate And The Darkest Tint That I’ve Ever Seen On Windows And Windshield!

Image credits: fidgetspinnerz

#33 Rolled In Because It Wouldn’t Start. C/S Car Has Been Sitting Up For “A Little While,” Has A Newspaper From The Cold War In The Trunk…

Image credits: gutterslyme

#34 New Ford Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch Rolled Into The Showroom With Mismatched Seats…

Image credits: EtenalGreen

#35 “Pure Michigan”

Image credits: trashlordcommander

#36 C/S Smells Like Burning Rubber When Driving

Image credits: Psychological_King81

#37 Not Even 8 O Clock In The Morning And We’ve Reached Peak Stupid

Image credits: smoothxj40

#38 Cost Of An M6 Motor Replacement Under Warranty

Image credits: AdSecret219

#39 I See Your Rental And Raise Our Loaner. “Hit A Deer”

Image credits: shortystacos

#40 My Buddy’s Brass Balls

Image credits: Monkeybolo4231

#41 Cs “Mystery Rumbling Noise For The Last Hour Then The Wheel Came Off”. Customer Is Me, Never Letting Someone Else Do Up My Wheel Bolts Again

Image credits: m3ntallyillmoron

#42 Just Rolled Into The Shop, Without Looking…

Image credits: Leonidus76

#43 The Crazy Part Is That They Both Worked…

Image credits: BonelessHotdogs

#44 “Made In The U.s.a.”

Image credits: TheCourier-VI

#45 Today My Car Just Rolled Into The Shop And We All Decided To Be Mature Adults About It

Image credits: Tremendo_hierro

#46 C/S “But I Just Replaced The Battery”

Image credits: itdood

#47 2020 Subaru Outback That Hasn’t Stopped Rolling Since It Was Purchased

Image credits: picklrick96

#48 The Customer Says That $900 For A New Turbo Is Way Too Much, So He Got One From A Buddy That Is “Still Good” Off An Old Car Of His

Image credits: Bananahamm0ckbandit

#49 Another Tech Lifted The Hood, Went ‘Oh F**k No’ And Drove The Car Back Out Of The Shop. I’ve Become The Shop Animal Wrangler

Image credits: ArmaSwiss

#50 Insurance Wanted An Estimate

Image credits: boperator666

#51 Dear Mini, F**k You. Sincerely, Every Mechanic

Image credits: haringtiti

#52 Friend In My Math Class Asks Me Yesterday If I Can Help Change His Oil Filter Bc It’s Been Stuck And Nobody Has Been Able To Get It Off. Turns Out It’s Been Stuck On There Since 1999 (‘90 Corolla)

Image credits: dasdakotaman

#53 The “New” Driveshaft We’ve Been Waiting For Almost A Month For Finally Showed Up And My Manager Is Piiiised

Image credits: locust42069

#54 Customer Called, Rip S**t Pissed, Complaining That We Installed The Wrong Motor In His Kia Because The Oil Filter Said Hyundai On It. Pic Is An Example Of Our Filters

Image credits: Rampant_Reptile

#55 Customer Bought Wheels And Tires Online, After Advising Multiple Times That The Tires Are Too Small For His Suv He Insisted For Us To Put Them On. Tiresize: 225/45/17

Image credits: EstrangedEncounters

#56 Dude Claims We Planted An Attack Rat In His Truck. Leaves A 1 Star Review Years After The Fact. Can’t Make This S**t Up.

Image credits: uncle_bumblef**k_

#57 My Shop Has Had To Start Parking The Vehicles Like This To Protect The Trucks From Catalytic Converter Theft Over Night

Image credits: ryno7926

#58 One Of Our Rental Cars Just Returned…

Image credits: Admiral_Solstice

#59 Customer Wants To Keep His 04 Pt Cruiser. Authorized Up To $7,000 For A Complete Motor Rebuild, Clutch, Turbo, And Timing Belt

Image credits: Pornandkarma

#60 Just Rolled Out Of The Shop To Find They Didn’t Tighten The Lug Nuts All The Way. I Think I Almost Died Tbh

Image credits: unicornpoacher666

#61 Customer Came In Asking To Get This Badge Removed. They Didn’t Realize The Rivets Until It Was Already Off. Who Rivets Badges Into The Car?

Image credits: SpeakeasySlumber

#62 My First Time Seeing A Cat Cage. Just Happy I’m Not Doing Exhaust Work Today

Image credits: sarcasticfishsticks

#63 Spent Three Hours Looking For This Today

Image credits: BollywoodBulkBogan

#64 Just Completed My First Engine Swap How’d I Do

Image credits: 600-shot-of-autism

#65 Buddy Sent His GF In Because He “Thinks It Might Need Brakes.”

Image credits: Ok-Ask-8418

#66 Customer Overfilled His Oil By 15 Qts. 5.0l Ford F350 Takes 7.75 Qts, And I Drained 23. Oil Was So Overfilled It’s Dripping From The Exhaust

Image credits: Dakooder

#67 Wife’s Van. Convinced Her To Drive 10 Miles Out And Back To Make Sure We Didn’t Miss It

Image credits: jwats777

#68 Someone Stole This Old Lady’s Gasoline

Image credits: xhollec

#69 You Have To Take Off A Tire To Remove The Bulb On A Tesla…

Image credits: elishalewisusaf

#70 This Is How My Coworker Disconnected Electrical During A Machine Rebuild…

Image credits: Ok_Pace_5325

#71 That’s… Pretty Darn Specific

Image credits: Shidulon

#72 Mercedes, Ladies And Gents

Image credits: YodelingBadger

#73 Client States Vehicle Has Trouble Starting And There Is An Abnormal Noise When Trying To Start…

Image credits: the-sizzle

#74 Customer States That There Car Has Been “Well Maintained”

Image credits: guyinthecomments

#75 28 Clips And 2 Screws To Do An Oil Change On A 2021 Nissan Sentra. F**k You Nissan

Image credits: RobzillaMyNilla

#76 2nd Time In 6 Months

Image credits: jeeps13

#77 My Sister Went In For An Oil Change Before Taking Off On A Roadtrip Tomorrow…

Image credits: JeepMan831

#78 Brand New Car. Came Off The Truck Yesterday, Sold Yesterday, Sales Person Was Going To Put Gas In

Image credits: ALombardi

#79 Insurance Loves Spending A Penny To Save A Dollar. Won’t Total. We Have To Clean This Up And Install In A Jeep

Image credits: notdownwithsickness

#80 Look What I Found

Image credits: Tanyeen

#81 Customer States He Punched The Screen And It Broke

Image credits: emogenocide

#82 Semi Truck Just Rolled In, Driver Said He Drove 700 Miles And Only Had 3rd, 6th, 7th, And 9th Gear. He Thinks It’s The Transmission

Image credits: ZealousidealLeg3692

#83 Customer Said He’s Been Hearing A Strange Noise From Engine Last Few Days…

Image credits: Dantez000

#84 Iq 1000 Driver Dropped His Trailer Right In Front Of The Shop To Swap Trucks, Blocking Three Bays, And Just Kinda Wandered Off. Genius

Image credits: mrsoulseller

#85 Must Be Monday…

Image credits: bacxd

#86 The New Bronco Everyone, Clearly An Engineering Marvel!

Image credits: Ascarpino96

#87 Rolling The Shop Out To This One

Image credits: togame

#88 Man I Hate Ford

Image credits: maexr_

#89 Dropping My Car Off For Service And Remembered My Days Of Being A Tech

Image credits: oursaviorjoe

#90 Rolling Into A Shop Near You: Any Car That Gets This Used Mystery Coolant From The Junk Yard!

Image credits: greengiantj

#91 Nothing Like Hot Coolant In The Face At The End Of The Day

Image credits: LargeMarge1986

#92 Ever Just Have Straight Liquid Poo And Then Have That One Solid Piece Shoot Out?

Image credits: JohnDeere714

#93 Anti Communism Just Rolled In

Image credits: Johnzor8

#94 Just Casually Rolled Into The Shop

Image credits: Cristhekid

#95 “My Maintenance Minder Came On So I Added More Oil.”

Image credits: harrysplendor

#96 Well, There’s Your Noise. 2012 Ram 4.7, 130k

Image credits: VV935

#97 Customer Said They Noticed The Speed Bump Too Late. Felt Like Handling A Grenade

Image credits: Slow_LT1

#98 No Comment

Image credits: real-mr-elecricidad

#99 My Cursed Engine

Image credits: Lordmechanicus

#100 Arcy Sparky

Image credits: CBAtech

#101 My 2001 Jetta Tdi Alh Survived 312,000 Miles Just To Be Killed By My Incompetent Mechanic. This Is The View With The Oil Pan Off Looking Into Cylinder 1. He Drilled The Small Timing Belt Roller Stud So Deep It Went Into The Cylinder. Now I’m Without A Car And School Starts In 2 Days

Image credits: ppcarman

#102 When You Just Need The Wheel Lock Key…

Image credits: icantspellstonks

#103 Customer States: Tire Losing Air

Image credits: VATNOTHING

#104 Rolled In With An Ar-15

Image credits: fidgetspinnerz

#105 Rental Company Brought This Vehicle In Complaining Of Warning Lights On The Dash. I’m About 95% Sure We’re Going To Total It

Image credits: sHoRtBuSseR

#106 Some Mechanics Are Unbearably Stupid. Someone Labeled The “Egg Zaust” Clamps

Image credits: broseph_stalin09764

#107 High Schoolers Kustom V6 Race Car

Image credits: Sappling-Gang

#108 Gotta Love Old Lifts With Arms That Bend

Image credits: the_fun_couplebi

#109 Just A Friendly Reminder To Everyone In The Industry Always Check A Lift You Didn’t Set Yourself Before Getting Under The Vehicle

Image credits: huf72

#110 Take Notes Ford ?️whoever Did This Is A Legend

Image credits: O19snake95

#111 C/S They Are “Very Unhappy” With The Date Code Of The Battery We Just Sold Them…

Image credits: mlk18436572

#112 I Think That One Might Have A Shorted Cell

Image credits: 4x4Welder

#113 76 Thunderbird, Gotta Love The “Retard” Button

Image credits: themaninthemooner

#114 The New And Improved Self Locking Accelerator Pedal

Image credits: picklrick96

#115 Found Inside One Of The Rear Duals Of One Of Our Fleets Trucks, That’s About 60 Pounds Of Mud Turned Into Rocks, They Wore Out The Valve From The Inside

Image credits: WolfinCorgnito

#116 2019 Dodge Promaster – First Oil Change

Image credits: idumpcum

#117 Customer Really Wanted Us To Change His Brake Pads And We Kept Declining

Image credits: IhtzEnerMax

#118 I Literally Can’t Anymore…

Image credits: Genera1_patton

#119 Unsolicited D**k Clip

Image credits: Arabgumbo

#120 How’s Your Morning Going

Image credits: TeruhashiKokomiDesu

#121 Meth Proofed Catalytic Converter!

Image credits: NTRCPTR

#122 This Bit Holder My Daughter Bought Me

Image credits: DoodleTM

#123 2014 Chevy Malibu. Engine Failure @ 60k

Image credits: Common_Suit8709

#124 Sold Base 4×4 Tacoma With Over 100% Markup… This Is Getting Insane

Image credits: perzbenz

#125 Cs They Were Driving And The Vehicle Just Stopped Moving…

Image credits: brian111786

#126 Broke My 17mm Bit, I Think Some Idiot Put Red Loctite On The Oil Drain Plug

Image credits: DialecticalDilemma

#127 Everybody Told Me My School Bus Brakes Squealing Was Normal. I Narrowly Avoided A Cam Over By Insisting Maintenance Take A Look For My “Girly Peace Of Mind”. The Rivets Wore A Groove In The Drum And I Wish I Had Insisted Sooner. I Already Had Another Bus Cam Over And Total A Car Two Weeks Ago

Image credits: Liz4984

#128 Mondays Are Not Supposed To Start Like This….i Need More Coffee!

Image credits: jcat47

#129 C/S They Just Put A Battery In It And Don’t Know What Happened

Image credits: 502gas

#130 My Neighbor Brings Over His Dodge Caravan For Me To Look At . He’s Complaining That There’s No Power And Sounds Awful

Image credits: sandernote809

#131 No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Convince Old Folk That They Don’t Need An Oil Change

Image credits: aFinapple

#132 Customer Claims His Wheel Broke All By Itself, Wants It Covered By Warranty

Image credits: jack3474

#133 Brand New Exaust, From Ford, Shows Up Like This

Image credits: RocketPod63

#134 Customer Came In Asking Us To Change The Tire Because It Was Flat. She Literally Came Off The Interstate At 60+mph In This Condition. She Said She Thought She Could Drive On It Because It Was A Runflat Tire….we Looked At It The Next Day And It Did So Much Suspension Damage It Totaled The Car.

Image credits: Stingray_47

#135 Terrified Kitten Rolled Into The Shop And Then Into My House

Image credits: NightFin

#136 Needs Tooth Extracted From Vehicle.

Image credits: ljg13r

#137 Went From 6th To 1st On The 405

Image credits: Niceto433

#138 “Some Kids Threw A Landscaping Boulder At It”

Image credits: nate_villarreal

#139 Happy Hump Day!

Image credits: Philgo1980

#140 Last Oil Change Was 200 Miles Ago. 1.5 Accord

Image credits: GunsforTeachers

#141 *sad Trombone Noises*

Image credits: ExpressionOfShock

#142 Serviced A Lady’s Car Only To Have Her Come Back 1/2 Hour Later With Stability Control Warning On And Running Like A Bag Of S**t. Few Minutes Of Head Scratching Before The Culprit Was Found. Thats A Bee’s Ass Stuck In The Air Flow Meter

Image credits: Amockeryofthecistern

#143 2021 Ford Platinum Less Than 1000 Miles Oil Pan. Wife’s New Car Had A Catastrophic Engine Failure, This Is The Image They Send Us 3 Weeks Later

Image credits: BlackMagicTurtle

#144 Going For An Oil Change… Shop Drops My Truck Into Their Bay. Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: glissonrva

#145 Hi Everyone How’s Your Day!

Image credits: 82yukonXL

#146 A Big F**k You To Whoever Designed The Dodge Journey

Image credits: xbostons

#147 C/S She Needs A Quick Vacuum

Image credits: 1994DallasCowboysFan

#148 Wait. I Thought I Ordered The 6cm Piston Rod, Not The 6m. Damn Metric System.

Image credits: sage5979

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