148 Times People Missed The Joke So Bad, They Embarrassed Themselves (New Pics)

Hang on, Pandas, did you hear that? I sounded like ‘woooosh’ (yes, with 4 o’s), the sound the jokes make when they go over our heads as Captain Obvious flies away! Luckily for us, that’s good news because that means it’s time for another part of our article series about the wonderfully weird r/woooosh subreddit, a community of nearly a million people.

Created back in 2016, the ‘Woooosh’ community is all about (not so) gently poking fun at those people who embarrassed themselves publicly when they didn’t get obvious jokes. Now, now, let’s be honest, we’ve all been in situations where we totally don’t get some bizarre quip or other. But these cases are so extreme, they’re hilarious in their own right. ‘Woooosh’ indeed!

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Check out some of the best new ‘woooosh’ posts below, upvote your faves, and remember to share them with your pals if you think they’re in need of a humorous pick-me-up. If you’re curious, you can check out our earlier posts about r/woooosh here, here, here, and here. Meanwhile, scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview about humor and jokes we don’t get with British comedy writer, musical comedian, and talented polymath Ariane Sherine.

#1 You Didn’t Solve It

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#2 The Bad Doctor

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#3 Bruh Moment

Image credits: BhargavFTW

Comedy writer Ariane, who’s recently launched the first episode of her new podcast and has a brand new book coming out later this week, told Bored Panda that we can’t expect everyone to get jokes because not everyone’s looking for them. “I think some people just aren’t used to looking for the humor in situations,” she said.

“Many people take life very seriously (like my mum, who can vaguely identify a joke but always laughs in the wrong place!). Alternatively, it could be the fault of the person telling the joke—the humor might be too subtle and not signposted enough,” she added that the responsibility for getting the joke falls on both the comedian and the listener.

#4 It’s Clearly A Magic Eight Ball

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#5 Some People Think They Are So Smart

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#6 This Is So Sad Guys

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However, if you find yourself constantly unable to get other people’s jokes, there’s really no other solution other than to politely ask for an explanation. It might kill the humor, but it’s also the only way to get to grips with what’s funny and why. If you’re feeling shy, consider asking for an explanation when there won’t be too many people around so you don’t embarrass yourself.

“There’s no other way but to ask people what the joke is. Or you might want to keep it to yourself that you have an under-developed sense of humor,” the comedy expert quipped that we can always pretend that we got the joke. Though living with such a huge secret might be harder than it sounds.

#7 The Manager Will Listen To Me… This May Not End Well

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#8 We Are All Dumb

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#9 Some People Are Just Dumb

Image credits: thom_69_420

I was also interested to get Ariane’s take on what people who take life far, far too seriously can do to lighten up and open themselves up to humor more. She said that meditation and [ahem] physical self-love “are two great ways to relax,” however, they might not necessarily help them “tune into the lighter side of life.”

These activities aren’t without their merits, however, and might help you if you’re constantly stressed out and overly serious. “They’ll make you happier though, which is probably just as good.”

#10 Prince Phillip

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#11 Looks Like New York To Me

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#12 The Comment Got 9 Likes

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#13 I Wonder How That Would Work

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#14 Onioned Lol

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#15 It’s Just All Around Easier

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#16 Congratulations! You Have Solved The Mystery!

Image credits: sethandthecrew

#17 Nah They’re Just Proud Of Their Pro-Gamer Son !

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#18 Wdym 2021 Won’t Make Covid Go Poof?

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#19 I Think The Punchline Was

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#20 Oh Thank God She Corrected Him I Was Worried!

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#21 I Thought He Would Have Got It

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#22 This Was Me Almost A Year Ago. I Have Returned To See If Anyone Remembers Me. Or If My Legacy Died With Me

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#23 No Texas Really Is Massive

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#24 Insert *wow*

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#25 Why Is Everyone On Instagram So Stupid

Image credits: young_Mz

#26 Wait He Dead?

Image credits: Ryfi2006

#27 Gravity. It Works In Amazing Way- Oh

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 My Friend Is Way Too Dumb

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#29 I Thought It Was Real

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#30 The Irony

Image credits: Turnip_Official

#31 No Waaaay

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#32 Poor Ol’ Dave

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#33 Some People Just Refuse To Admit Cardi B Stole Wap From Medieval Revolutionaries

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#34 Nuhh Uhh!

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#35 Saw This Just Now

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#36 This Is Two Stupid

Image credits: CammyBlais

#37 It’s Fake Caus Marlboro Doesn’t Have A “Tweeter” Account

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#38 You Know What Time It Is

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#39 This Guy Is Right, Today Is December 32, Can’t Believe This Guy Got The Calendar Wrong

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#40 The World Goes On

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#41 It’s Under Water

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#42 It’s The Time Of The Year Again For February 30 Jokes

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#43 My Friend On Discord

Image credits: MapleSyrupAddict2006

#44 It Was Just Too Deep.. He Didn’t Understand

Image credits: peril33

#45 Bulbs Were Invented After Newton As Well

Image credits: meliodas_137

#46 I Have Been Holding On To This One For A While

Image credits: Kiwi_Bird8

#47 I Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Image credits: ninjamonkey0418

#48 What Do You Mean? I Went To His Concert!

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#49 Why? Just Why

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#50 Twitter Moment

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#51 Fun At Parties

Image credits: im_simply_vibin_m8

#52 That’s Leonardo Dicaprio

Image credits: Kingy_79

#53 How Did He Notice That?!

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#54 But This Is Europe Not Europa

Image credits: ResponsibilityNo2097

#55 Not To Get Too Mathematical But 100kg Of Feathers Is A Whole Truck

Image credits: TrUsKaWuS

#56 My Little Smart Boi Have Found The Truth

Image credits: Lupinoh_

#57 Thanks For Being Smart Mr Obvious

Image credits: wainpot437

#58 No, Thats Not What They Were Implying

Image credits: fieryfoots

#59 What Man Is He Talking About???

Image credits: apinaslayer

#60 We’ve Got Some Einsteins Here

Image credits: Clean_Win_8482

#61 Ah Yes, The Height Of Luxury, A Floor

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#62 Was Going Through Instagram For Once, I’m Not Really Surprised

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#63 Now I Can Cut My Pasta Cooking Time In Half!

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#64 The Funny Thing Is He’s Wrong

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#65 Best Anime

Image credits: JessiCoons

#66 I Knew I Would Find That Comment

Image credits: roggyman

#67 Camera Man Got Them Steady Hands

Image credits: RoBiN_2005

#68 His Page Is Full Of Stuff Like This

Image credits: KeeleyWhitley

#69 On A Facebook Italian Cooking Page

Image credits: Mactial

#70 I Love Ig

Image credits: ecotiver

#71 Nah They’re Just Twins Separated At Birth

Image credits: Ezrafire87

#72 Nikola Tesla Was Friends With Eminem

Image credits: Asif366

#73 Instagram Is Great

Image credits: VedoXD

#74 An Accurate Representation Of A Gamer’s Cheap Keyboard Tho

Image credits: LJ_Dude

#75 I Am So Smort

Image credits: Epic_Hoola

#76 This Guy Must Be Fun At Parties

Image credits: tankfullofblocks

#77 Oh Geez Thank You Instagrammer For Clearing This Up I Was So Worried

Image credits: LouisGuenther

#78 That’s Fake!

Image credits: StarChaser420

#79 Hey That’s Not A Bulletproof Vest. That’s A Nokia 3310! Ugh, Do Your Research

Image credits: YumLegendaryPotato

#80 Sherlock Holmes Has Entered The Chat

Image credits: qrczaker5686

#81 What Do You Mean? It Happened To Me

Image credits: msloafghgfhfg

#82 Definitely Left

Image credits: ScottieBoiJoe

#83 Til Tatooine Isn’t A Real Place

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 Could Be ‘Fornicating’ I Suppose!

Image credits: reddit.com

#85 Thats Not How Time Works

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 She Didn’t Get That One

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Get Your Outbreaks Right Ie

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#88 Someone’s Smart

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 Naw Dude, It’s An Owl

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 Martial Mathers The Police

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Mrbeast? Never Heard Of Him

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 No That’s A Cat

Image credits: reddit.com

#93 Ohhhh Wow Didn’t Know That

Image credits: rue2408

#94 No It’s Caprisun!

Image credits: atestert

#95 That’s A Yikes From Me Dawg

Image credits: Fit-Stand5901

#96 It’s A Leaf, Everyone Knows That, You Idot

Image credits: reddit.com

#97 It Didn’t Take Long

Image credits: reddit.com

#98 Oh No

Image credits: reddit.com

#99 Really I Thought It Was Real?!?!?!

Image credits: reddit.com

#100 A Normal Discord Afternoon

Image credits: reddit.com

#101 I Think Mrbeast Stole Their Thumbnails

Image credits: reddit.com

#102 Yes Belgium

Image credits: reddit.com

#103 Not Sure They Have A Sense Of Humour

Image credits: reddit.com

#104 Attention! Mario Is Now Available As A Character In Super Smash Bros

Image credits: kevsterbooy

#105 Idk About You Guys But I Kinda Believe Him

Image credits: Frickety_Frackety

#106 Microsoft Is So Dumb

Image credits: retromanRslash

#107 Basicly Yes

Image credits: OctavianAugustusII

#108 F In The Chat For The People In The Old Days

Image credits: adwiwon

#109 No Way, It Is?!

Image credits: Pepopp

#110 I Went To 5th Grade Lol

Image credits: sniper-get-sniped

#111 Of Course It Is Fake Xd

Image credits: bepis_king

#112 This Guy’s Fun At Parties

Image credits: Kirimoso

#113 Come On

Image credits: internetguy1607

#114 He Spittin Facts

Image credits: itsmeriyaz

#115 Ah Yes, Im An Idiot

Image credits: BreadBanditOfTheEast

#116 I Cannot Tell If They Were Being Real Or Just Plain Stupid

Image credits: brandonharding819

#117 I Don’t Believe You

Image credits: Alibium

#118 Is It Already Out???

Image credits: reddit.com

#119 Prison Isn’t So Bad

Image credits: reddit.com

#120 Haha Lok Hat Dis Tipo

Image credits: reddit.com

#121 I Never Wouldve Guessed

Image credits: reddit.com

#122 Getting Defensive For No Reason At All

Image credits: reddit.com

#123 This Guy’s Clever, He Should Be A Detective

Image credits: reddit.com

#124 These People Always Misunderstand Everything

Image credits: reddit.com

#125 Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Image credits: reddit.com

#126 Meanwhile, In The Comment Section Of Daughters’ Satan In The Wait

Image credits: reddit.com

#127 “Its Spelled Monkey”

Image credits: reddit.com

#128 Wow, You’re So Smart!!

Image credits: YEEHAWYEEYEEE

#129 Convo At 2pm After Night Out

Image credits: Ilikecheezballs

#130 Bruh Moment

Image credits: Thanos2s

#131 The Amount Of Dumb**ses In This World Scares Me

Image credits: _Chako

#132 I Wish I Had Such Good Ideas

Image credits: mrreggiego

#133 But Did He Survive Tho?

Image credits: MajorYard

#134 Its Literally Posted By A Page Called “Sarcasm”

Image credits: chopinsbach

#135 On A Meme Sub Too

Image credits: Justin_applehead

#136 This Dude Will Ruin Your Day

Image credits: Bloddking_TikTok

#137 Meme Culture Go ?

Image credits: __FlyEaglesFly__

#138 Thanks Cameraman

Image credits: TheRealParlemen

#139 What? He Didn‘T See A Single Movie Before He Acted In One??

Image credits: Brightlight1805

#140 You Guys Ever Heard Of This “Animated” Stuff He’s Talking About?

Image credits: AnderaWinchenbach

#141 Insanepeoplefacebook Once Again Falls For Obvious Satire

Image credits: IUseNewReddit

#142 What? There’s No Way It’s Animated

Image credits: YumLegendaryPotato

#143 Right Over There Head

Image credits: PizzaLord213

#144 I Can‘T See Someone Else?!?

Image credits: reddit.com

#145 The Force Isn’t With This One

Image credits: reddit.com

#146 Yeah Dumba**

Image credits: USSR_Communism

#147 They’ve Got To Be Joking

Image credits: Thegreathazeen

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