15 Most American Vehicles, Ranked

What car can you buy that will have the most significant positive impact on the American economy? Cars.com answered that question, publishing the results on a ranking of cars based on the percentage of their components that are American-made: 

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1. Jeep Cherokee

2. Honda Odyssey

3. Honda Ridgeline

4. Honda Passport

5. Chevrolet Corvette

6. Acura MDX

7. Honda Pilot

8. Chevrolet Colorado

9. GMC Canyon

10. Acura RDX

11. Chevrolet Camaro

12. Toyota Avalon

13. Ford F-150

14. Honda Accord

15. Toyota Tundra

(via cnet.com)

image credit: Guillaume Vachey via wikimedia commons

Source: neatorama

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