15 Pics From The Massive Protests In Hong Kong That Illustrate The Discipline And Respect Of The People

The semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong has been rocked by protests recently after a controversial extradition bill, allowing ‘suspects’ to be taken back to mainland China for questioning, reopened old wounds and grievances.
The former British colony, which was handed back to Chinese rule in 1997, has had an uneasy relationship with the mainland ever since, attempting to keep its special status in a “one country, two systems,” agreement. Attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to further impose its will on the island have resulted in pro-democracy protests and civil disobedience among the youth especially, with activists finding their voice in the 2014 ‘Umbrella Movement’ which occupied large parts of Hong Kong for 79 days.

Now Hong Kongers are out on the streets again, in even larger numbers this time. It is estimated that around 2 million people, 25% of the population, have taken part in the protests so far, and they have forced both the local government and Beijing to rethink their stance. These are no wild, violent insurrections though. Hong Kongers do their protests differently! Showing discipline, unity, and respect for their city, this is an expression of peaceful people power at its finest, something that we could all learn from when dealing with oppressive and undemocratic policies from those in power.

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Scroll down to check out some examples of Hong Kongers successfully standing up for their civil rights in an extraordinary display of grassroots political power, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Hong Kong Students Studying For Their Finals While Protesting

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Hong Kong Protestors Giving Way To Ambulance Like Crossing The Red Sea

Image credits: samq90

Level Of Tidiness In Hong Kong After A Protest Of 1.3 Million People!

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Impressive how thoughtful and organised these protestors are. Bottles of water are left along pavements and other strategic areas so people can douse themselves, and put out teargas grenades when police move in

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Hong Kong Protestors Cleaning Up The Field After The Protest.

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Protesters Shield Themselves With Umbrellas Against Pepper Spray Used By The Police Outside The Government Headquarters In Hong Kong

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We’re Hong Kong People, We’re Crazy People. There’re 2 Millions People Protesting But Still Very Disciplined.

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Hong Kong Protesters helping Journalist after tear gas deployment

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Hong Kong Press Wears Helmets, Eye Masks And Reflective Vests To Express Discontent Towards Local Police’s Actions.

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1.03 million peaceful protestors marching through the streets of Hong Kong

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These Hong Kong Protesters run around putting out fires instead of starting them

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A small crowd is back outside the Hong Kong government offices…to clean up the rubbish. To sort out recyclables and unused materials, and clean up the rubbish. Incredible

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Notes of remembrance cover a sidewalk outside Pacific Place, a luxury mall from which a protester fell to his death yesterday night.

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Social workers set up this station for people “to commemorate a martyr, to express their feelings and emotions.”

Volunteers in ponchos marked with a blue cross, wearing surgical masks and goggles, form a human wall to protect the first aid area right outside Admiralty station, across the street from the Hong Kong central government offices

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At Times Square, Causeway Bay a guide on how to fold origami lilies for those who’d like to pay tribute to the protester who fell to his death Saturday night

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