15 Small Towns Worth a Vacation Visit

After two years without a summer road trip, you may be itching to go somewhere new. But you don’t want to drive too far with gas prices the way they are, and you certainly don’t want to deal with crowds of tourists doing touristy things. The US offers a lot of interesting and different experiences in small towns, and one may be relatively near you.

Cartersville, Georgia, has only 23,000 residents, but has three Smithsonian Affiliate museums, plus historic sites and businesses that keep an old-fashioned aesthetic. Africatown, Alabama, is where the formerly enslaved Africans of the ship Clotildasettled, and some of their descendants still live there. Africatown has a new museum opening this summer. And everyone knows Winslow, Arizona, thank to the Eagles song “Take It Easy”  -they even have a Standin’ on the Corner Park! But Winslow also has Fred Harvey’s last railway hotel (now a Historic Landmark), the Old Trails Museum, a Hopi archaeological site, and it’s close to Meteor Crater and the Pretrified Forest. Read about these towns, 15 of them in all, and what they have to offer at Smithsonian.

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Source: neatorama

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