150 Adorable Pics Of Animals And Their Favorite Plush Toys To Make You Smile

Some pets need their favorite toy as much as we need them. Whether it’s dirty or barely holding it together, if the darn thing has become their source of comfort, they might refuse to part with it, even when their owner is stitching it, making sure it will last just a little while longer.

Dogs, for example, love to have soft and cuddly toys for comfort. These are great for catch and carry games, for the hunt and kill scenarios, and for the ease of separation anxiety if ever they have to travel to a new place.

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Soft plushies are good for cats as well. Just like pups, they might be drawn to stuffed toys and even sleep with them, enjoying reassuring comfort in situations outside their comfort zone such as car travel and visiting their vet.

Bored Panda has collected a list of photos to show you just how sweet these relationships can look, so continue scrolling, upvote your favorites and enjoy.

#1 Bonnie Put Her Favourite Toy On My Packed Suitcase… Oh Man, The Feels

Image credits: jayblesz

#2 Pickles Has Found A New Toy To Guard. Let’s Hope Nobody Tries To Take It From Him

Image credits: dangerkitten00

#3 Hedgehog With Plushie

Image credits: BreakingCampeon

#4 4 Years Later, She Has Ripped Up Hundreds Of Toys, But She Refuses To Hurt Her Dino

Image credits: a7xxx

#5 Elliot’s Owner Shares What He Looked Like At 4 Weeks vs. Full Grown, With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#6 Twenty Year Old Mister With His Favourite Ghost Toy

Image credits: grandparadise

#7 Trash Panda Loves His Plushy Trash Panda Toy

Image credits: GallowBoob

#8 My Dog’s Favorite Toy. Watching The Faces Of People Who Are Walking Past When My Dog Is Staring Out The Window With Them In His Mouth Is Brilliant

Image credits: Hanfaz94

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#9 My Cat Carries His Toy With Him All Over The House. I Just Went Out In The Kitchen And Saw This. Apparently He Thought It Was Hungry Too.

Image credits: neonlexicon

#10 My Friend’s Horse Showing Off His New Plushy. He Is Very Proud Of It.

Image credits: lfdaily5

#11 How I Found Him Moments After I Changed The Batteries In His Snuggle Buddy, A Toy With A Little Heartbeat He’s Had Since He Was 3 Months Old

Image credits: wampus514

#12 This Is Rizzo. She Likes To File Her Toys Now. I Have No Idea Why

Image credits: TzucciMane

#13 My Son Has Noticed How Old Our Dog Is Getting, So He Tries To Comfort Her With His Stuffed Toy Sloth. She Loves It.

Image credits: ammofortherank

#14 My Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is My Grandma Sewing It Back Together

Image credits: andthenhestabbedme

#15 A Good Boy Growing Up With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: commonvanilla

#16 His Favorite Toy Is The One That Looks Just Like Him

Image credits: king_bumi_the_cat

#17 My Cat With His Catnip Toy Bottle Of “Furrball Whiskey” That He Got For His Birthday. I Think He Likes It

Image credits: Oddling_82

#18 This Is The Only Toy He Doesn’t Rip To Shreds

Image credits: jem_

#19 For 13 Years, He Has Tried To Catch A Squirrel To No Avail. I Just Bought Him A Plush One And The Poor Deprived Dog Has Been Carrying It Around With Him Everywhere All Day And Snuggling With It. Sorry It Took Me So Long Buddy

Image credits: visceralharmony

#20 Whenever Someone Comes Over He Shows Them His Favorite Toy.

Image credits: thegreatambini

#21 Sleeping Baby Corgi With His Toy

Image credits: ninlooq

#22 Today Was The First Day He’s Ever Picked Out His Toy At The Pet Store. He Carried It To The Car, Into The House, And Right Into His Crate At Bedtime. My Heart

Image credits: daisyyellow21

#23 Charlie’s Favorite Toy Is One That Looks Just Like Him

Image credits: Sn0wb0und

#24 My Girl Molly With Her Favourite Toy

Image credits: A_dozen_eggs

#25 Holidays? Alpaca My Favorite Toy!

Image credits: maxmorgan

#26 He Came In To The Thrift Store With His Toy And Then His Owner Asked Him Do A Trick For My Photo! Made My Day

Image credits: Moose930

#27 My Mum Washed All The Dog’s Toys. And Now He Won’t Come In The House Without Them

Image credits: Azura_BlackHeart

#28 All These Years Later And It’s Still Her Favourite Toy

Image credits: BeefJyrkii

#29 Old Girl (15.5 Years Old) Cuddling Her Toy.

Image credits: Jennyvarela

#30 Her Favorite Toy Is A Stuffed Dog That Looks Just Like Her. Every Time I Visit She Grabs This Toy And Runs Over To Show Me

Image credits: EdiblePsycho

#31 After 7 Years Of Buying Her Stuffed Toys That She Completely Destroys Within A Couple Days, I Finally Found Her One That She Absolutely Loves. She’s Had Her Dragon For Few Months Now And Cuddles It Every Chance She Gets

Image credits: durpabiscuit

#32 A Year Later And 12 Pounds Heavier, It’s Still Dobby’s Favorite Toy.

Image credits: PaleBlueDot_23

#33 Almost Every Morning My Puppy Likes To Grab A Toy And Take It To Go Potty. It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Image credits: rileighvaldez

#34 My Sister In Laws Dog With His Toy Cigar

Image credits: ProAztec

#35 “Do My Toys Really Need A Bath, Mom?”

Image credits: livieluv

#36 My Pup Waiting For My Husband To Get Home! She Likes To Bring Him A Toy

Image credits: forest_mirage

#37 Our 6yo Rescue Dog Didn’t Know What Toys Were. He’s Slowly Learning, And His Favorites Are The Plushies. Here Is Frank With Slothy.

Image credits: JudaciousGreen

#38 Murphy Destroys Every Single Toy He Gets Within A Few Hours, Yet This One Is Different. He Only Cuddles It And Won’t Let Anyone Touch It

Image credits: illbeyourchaser

#39 Dino Is His Favorite Toy. He’s Our Favorite Pup.

Image credits: anna1317

#40 As A Lonely Kitten, Monster (Left) Would Pull The Stuffed Animal Off The Shelf For Cuddles, Kisses, And Play Times. It’s 6 Yrs Later And The Toy We Now Refer To As “Monster’s Baby” Has Made It To Every Vet Visit, Emergency Surgery, And New Home. Baby Is A Lil Worn But Monster Loves Him All The Same.

Image credits: ChyInc

#41 Cuddled Up With Her Favorite Toy, Watching Her Favorite Movie

Image credits: cozymouse

#42 Ollie Is Still Obsessed With His Toy Donut That He Received From Secret Santa Almost Two Years Ago

Image credits: Olliebean6

#43 She Never Greets People At The Door “Empty-Handed” – Everyone Gets Shown A Toy. No Takes, Though. For Your Viewing Pleasure Only

Image credits: PuppyBearDragon

#44 My Parents Bullmastiff Never Chews On Any Of Her Toys And Shows Them Off To Anyone That Comes Over

Image credits: lanfear212

#45 My Cat Has A Stuffed Kitten Toy That He Treats Like His Baby And Grooms

Image credits: EjQMi

#46 My 12-Ish Year Old Dog Has Adopted This Eeyore Plushie As A Baby And Carries It About All Day

Image credits: s0updrag0n

#47 Good Girl Waiting For Dad To Fix Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: BigToeBanjo

#48 That Banana Is Now Always On The Porch For Him

My neighbor’s kitty was hanging out with me while I gardened. He ended up walking into the garage, finding an old bag of cat toys, and pulled out a catnip banana. This was him for the next 30 minutes.

Image credits: elenuna

#49 My Kitten, Khaleesi, Is Obsessed With Cuddling My Dog’s Dragon Toy… I Guess I Gave Her The Perfect Name

Image credits: sugar0182

#50 My Name Is Milo And I Was Just Rescued, I Wouldn’t Leave The Shelter Without My Favorite Toy Though So They Let Me Keep It!

Image credits: sneakie13

#51 I Thought He Was Feeling A Bit Lonely On His First Day So I Got Him An Old Toy

Image credits: obiwanTrollnobi6

#52 The Teddy Used To Be His Sister’s Before She Died. Now Eddie Carries It Around With Him And It’s The Only Toy He’s Never Destroyed

Image credits: milkshake841

#53 My 7yr Old Girl That I Rescued 4 Years Ago Waiting Ever So Patiently For My 79yr Old Grandma To Fix One Of Her Favorite Toys

Image credits: AlwaysHigh27

#54 Boomer Is Nervously Waiting For Me To Fix His Favorite Toy

Image credits: srogood

#55 My Dog’s Favorite Toy Is Herself

Image credits: daBelleOfDaBalllllll

#56 Malfoy Likes To Bring People His Monkey Toy When He Is Happy

Image credits: crunchatize-me-daddy

#57 We Got This Dog Toy At Target And She’s Obsessed With It ? She Fell Asleep Like That ?

Image credits: arla_stan

#58 He’s Destroyed Every Toy He Owns. Except For The First One He Ever Met

Image credits: SuperSmashBrother

#59 Three Years Later, His First Toy Is Still His Favorite

Image credits: Sauci1

#60 My Spaniel Will Only Put Down Her Toy Badger When It’s Time To Eat

Image credits: buffy394

#61 Guess Who’s 17 Today And Still Has Her Favourite Toy From A Puppy

Image credits: INeedaWeapom

#62 My Friends Cat Loves To Sleep With His Stuffed Toy, I Thought More People Deserved To See This

Image credits: ATeeleef

#63 The Cutest Moment Of My Life, The Brown Doggie Went Back Inside The Car To Grab The Stuffed Animals To Offer It To The Other Doggie

Image credits: Miguel Herrera Arredondo

#64 The Kitten We Rescued. Meet Luna, Sleeping With Her Toy Mouse

Image credits: CasMaSas

#65 His Favourite Toy

Image credits: yagokoros

#66 My Girl Turned 9 Today. She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Got Her New Toy

Image credits: nothing-no-one

#67 Find Someone That Looks At You The Way Sookie Looks At This Sandwich Plushie.

Image credits: KevRGen479

#68 My Pup Playing With Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: TomNooksBae

#69 Safety Of Toys > Personal Comfort

Image credits: smalltofuu

#70 Almost 18 Years Old And Still Sleeping With The Toy Frog She’s Had For 14 Years

Image credits: COMB__THE__DESERT

#71 Yesterday My Cat Brought Me And My Husband His Favorite Bear Toy And I Just ?

Image credits: Lavandovo1

#72 A Kitten With His Pillow

Image credits: ammejak

#73 Every Time I Pack A Suitcase She Has To Lay In It. Every Time. This Time, She Decided To Pack Me A Toy

Image credits: Mseafigs

#74 Morty’s First Squeak Toy. It’s A Pig. He Thinks We Hurt It When Squeezing It, So He’s Been Protecting It For The Last 45 Minutes

Image credits: Bawlze

#75 When He’s Ready For Bed, He Collects His Toys And Then Comes To Stare Into My Soul Until I Get Up From The Sofa

Image credits: _adanedhel_

#76 We Rescued Him A Month Ago From The Humane Society. He Has Finally Started To Bring His Toys To Us For Play Time! His Name Is Kona

Image credits: pickledbalogna

#77 Operating On My Dogs Favourite Toy. He Looks Very Concerned

Image credits: bezbum

#78 She’s Deaf And Mostly Blind But She Loves Fetching And Catching Toys

Image credits: arturg87

#79 This Is Buster. He’s Almost 14, And Loves His Toys

Image credits: Azorian77

#80 He Loves His Dragon Toy And Wants To Show It Too You

Image credits: anires925

#81 Every Morning She Guards Her Favorite Toy From The Birds!

Image credits: jfzastrow

#82 Oscar With His 18in Paint Roller. What Is Your Pet’s Favorite Non-Toy Toy?

Image credits: ComfyFloofs

#83 This Is My Favorite Toy. I Brought It To You Because I Love You

Image credits: ehmque1024

#84 Nothing Helps Chelsea Our Corgi Pupper Sleep Like A New Bed And Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: BaconAndEgg

#85 Gave This Toy Dog To My Dog When She Was A Baby. Now It’s Her Favorite Dog

Image credits: direw0lf87

#86 My Dog’s Face Through Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: Remnant16

#87 Chewy Was Up Several Times During The Night! When I Awoke I Noticed He Surrounded Himself With His Favorite Toys And His Head Was Resting In The Log!

Image credits: andycollins10

#88 He Sleeps So Happily With His Toy.

Image credits: Lerkaios

#89 Her Favorite Toys

Image credits: viscous_settler

#90 He’s So Proud Of His New Toy – He Carried It All The Way Home From The Pet Store

Image credits: lostcatfoundcat

#91 Just My Boy Ralph Watching The Birds While Holding One Of His Favorite Toys

Image credits: bananaraptor

#92 Posted Byu/Annikamonti 1 Month Ago Wholesome Isn‘T It Normal That A Labrador Walks With His Plush Toy Into The Wood? Monti Thinks So. Never Without His Teddy Bear „teddy“.

Image credits: annikamonti

#93 Wanted To Show Off My Baby With Her Favourite Toy

Image credits: AnneHocque

#94 My Dog Randomly Cudding With My 2 Year Old Niece’s Toy

Image credits: NoahGetTheBoatPlz

#95 My Floofer Always Stacks His Toys To Lay His Face On

Image credits: epeenasaur

#96 I Love How Puppies Are All Go, Go, Go, Until They Konk Out. Mid Play. With The Toy Still In Their Mouth. My Teddy

Image credits: msha7

#97 My Moms Dog Took The Princess Bubblegum Plush I Gave Her (It’s Old, Idk Why It Doesn’t Have A Crown)

Image credits: FinnyStarryLB95

#98 I’m Not Going To Tell Her It’s Only A Toy

Image credits: Suberiou

#99 My German Shepherd With His Toy German Shepherd

Image credits: robcape6912

#100 My Cat Skye Has Decided She Absolutely Loves Her Toy

Image credits: doggosRcute

#101 Sleeping Dog. Check. Dog’s Favorite Toy. Check. Happy. Double Check.

Image credits: Unteyetled_

#102 A Smelly Boy And His Dinosaur Toy

Image credits: a95z

#103 This Is Miley And This Is Her Favorite Toy Lion. She Likes To Bring It Out To Show Off When She’s In A Good Mood

Image credits: brainliquid

#104 Sam The Dog Chewing On A Favorite Toy.

Image credits: kadelopa

#105 Ladies And Gentlemen! He Finally Did It! After 11 Months On This Earth My Boy Moose Got Two Toys In His Mouth At The Same Time! He Was So Proud Of Himself

Image credits: Cccb3088

#106 My Dog Tore Open His Yoda Plush Toy And The Squeaker Inside Is A Heart

Image credits: TimSPC

#107 He Loved These Huge Shiba Plushes That We Brought Back

Image credits: kobikleekai

#108 My Puppy Brings Me Toys When I’m Pooping So I Don’t Get Bored

Image credits: actualnuisance

#109 The First Toy He Picked Out On Our Way Home From The Shelter. He’s Never Rough With His Baby, Only Carries It With Him From Room To Room And Lays On Or Cuddles It

Image credits: KLOw_91

#110 Excited To Buy A New Toy

Image credits: idkbanana

#111 He’s Destroyed Every Toy Except This Deer – We Gave It To Him On The First Night Home And It’s Only For Snuggling

Image credits: blutrawberry

#112 I Posted Mona On This Sub A Year Ago. She Is Still Very Sassy And Very Protective Of Her Piggie Toy.

Image credits: Virgilkills1337

#113 This Is Ham, He Found A Sponge, And It’s His New Favorite Toy.

Image credits: paigebennettblack

#114 Here’s Toshi, Who Stole My Dog’s Favorite Toy.

Image credits: /forwinter

#115 I Think He Likes His New Toy :3

Image credits: TheNeoMae 2

#116 ‘This Is My Toy, You Can’t Have It’

Image credits: LuggiHH

#117 Buddy Boy Decided To Get All His Favorite Toys Together And Pose For A Pic. Diva Doggo!

Image credits: DiscombobulatedPea26

#118 My 14 Year Old Staffordshire. He’s Never Liked Toys But He Loves This Duck

Image credits: errortacet

#119 Rainy Afternoons Are Spent Best Napping With Your Favorite Toy

Image credits: LycheeSour

#120 Adopted This Guy A Week Ago. Was Scared Of Everything, But Decided To Trust Me. Four Days Later, And He Is A Very Good Boy With His Very First Own Squeaky Toy

Image credits: wild_northerner

#121 She’s Always Bringing Toys With Her

Image credits: Wazujimoip

#122 Baby Is A Lil Worn But Monster Loves Him All The Same

As a lonely kitten, Monster (left) would pull the stuffed animal off the shelf for cuddles, kisses, and playtimes. It’s 6 years later and the toy we now refer to as “Monster’s Baby” has made it to every vet visit, emergency surgery, and new home.

Image credits: ChyInc

#123 For His First Halloween, Jeeves Dressed Up To Match His Favorite Toy, Frog! ?

Image credits: cheryl_af

#124 No Matter How Tough A Dog Is, They Turn To Mush When They Have Their Favorite Plush Toy ?

Image credits: MetroPaws

#125 My Girl’s Favorite Toy Is Currently A Little Sloth Lol She Won’t Let It Out Of Her Sight!

Image credits: BulldogsPuppies

#126 This Is My Good Boy, Pepper, With His New Toy

Image credits: tatumturnup

#127 Our Sweet Luna’s Favorite New Toy, Gifted By Our Toddler As A Chew Toy But Is Carefully Treated Like Her Baby!

Image credits: xsweetiebellex

#128 Lily Resting Loving On Her Toy.

Image credits: Rudyrobbob

#129 My Furry Monster Cuddling Her Toy

Image credits: Xkeltmonkey777X

#130 Got Up And Took A Shower Before Heading Out To Work. Someone Decided To Try And Entice Me Back To Bed With Her Favorite Toy…

Image credits: NotLikeThis3

#131 Random Stranger Saw My Dog In The Car, Asked To Pet Him, Then Said Merry Christmas And Handed Him A Newly Bought Toy From His Own Groceries. Best Show Of Holiday Spirit I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: conderic

#132 My Girlfriend’s Dog Knew She Was Feeling Unwell So She Brought Her A Toy

Image credits: Binatko

#133 Get Yourself Someone Who Looks At You The Way Ninja Looks At His Toy

Image credits: MeowieCatty

#134 My Old Lady Showing Off Her New Toy

Image credits: rexdani

#135 Maximus Always Has To Have His Plush Toys With Him. He Often Uses Them As Pillows Too!

Image credits: Harpuafivefiftyfive

#136 Ronnie Enjoying His Toy At The Park.

Image credits: LoLSupBen

#137 This Is Nico And His Favourite Toy When He Was A Pup.

Image credits: FuriousGremlin

#138 Best Girl Turns 10. Destroyed 3 Toys In Under 2 Hours And Ate Cake

Image credits: R_Deschaine

#139 Bru’s Reaction To His Favorite Toy!

Image credits: bluefawnpups

#140 My Grandma’s Dog And Her Toys, She Has Never Torn Apart One And My Grandma Washes Them For Her

Image credits: Eightysixx

#141 My Handsome Boy Loves Nothing More Than His Feather Toy.

Image credits: vicsin

#142 My Puppy Rusty (Red Collar) And His Sister Bella (Pink Collar) Chewing On Their Rope Toy.

Image credits: StubbornUnicorn95

#143 Denver Has A Basket Of His Favorite Toys Right There, But Prefers A Toilet Paper Roll.

Image credits: delaney14

#144 He’s With His Favorite Toy 🙂

Image credits: Wiggly-Voyage

#145 Happy Poodle With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: intimidating-soup

#146 Noodle Passed Out After Playing With His Toys! ?

Image credits: BryceLeRice

#147 My Mommy Buys Me All Kinds Of Toys But My Favorite Are Pepsi Boxes

Image credits: Psychokelly4

#148 I Think She Likes Her New Toy

Image credits: burningmanonacid

#149 Ollie Is Still Obsessed With His Toy Donut That He Received From Our Secret Santa Almost Two Years Ago. Thank You Again, Kind Stranger

Image credits: Olliebean6

#150 My Kitten, Khaleesi, Is Obsessed With Cuddling My Dog’s Dragon Toy. I Guess I Gave Her The Perfect Name

Image credits: sugar0182

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