151 Halloween Costumes You Might Wish You Had Thought Of Yourself (New Pics)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Spending an evening exchanging scary stories with your closest friends, binging horror films that will make you sleep with the lights on for a week or passing out candy to all of the adorable kids who dressed up as their favorite characters to go trick or treating? There’s no wrong way to embrace spooky season, but if you’re looking for a frightening experience, what might be even more terrifying than ghost stories and strolls through moonlit cemeteries in the wee hours of the night is arriving at October 31st without a clue of what to dress up as that evening! The horror!

But have no fear, we’ve got you pandas covered. We’ve been scouring the internet to find some of the most impressive, hilarious, spooky and spot-on Halloween costumes people have ever seen to provide you some inspiration. You still have a week to put together a prize-winning outfit, so enjoy checking out all of these spectacular costumes.

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Below, you’ll also find interviews we were lucky enough to receive from Halloween enthusiast and the woman behind Spooky Little Halloween, Miranda Enzor, and creator and editor of Halloween Love, Black. Be sure to upvote the photos you find most creative and impressive, and let us know in the comments what you plan to dress up as this year. Then, if you’re looking for even more costume inspiration from Bored Panda, you can check out some of our previous lists on the same topic here, here and here.

#1 Another Year Of Incorporating My Wheelchair Into My Halloween Costume

Image credits: shehappens

When it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween costume, I always have a hard time. There are so many avenues to take, and I can never decide whether I should aim for a silly costume, a character I love, an impressive look, a character I actually resemble in real life, or personifying something clever like a pun. Celebrating Halloween always turns out to be a great time, but the weeks leading up to it are often filled with ruminating about what to dress up as. So to help all of you pandas (and let’s be honest, myself as well) decide on what to wear on the spookiest night of the year, we reached out to Miranda Enzor, the woman behind Spooky Little Halloween.

First, we wanted to hear what she loves most about Halloween and what inspired her to start a blog discussing October 31st all year round. “I love that you can make Halloween what you want it to be, from fun and family-friendly to creepy and gory,” Miranda told Bored Panda. “There’s no wrong way to celebrate it. Originally, I started Spooky Little Halloween as a space to document my annual party, but it quickly became fun to seek out Halloween products, Halloweenify other holidays, and share those ideas with others.”

#2 Me And Me Pal On Halloween

Image credits: DancePrize

#3 Took My Headless Horseman Cosplay To Visit Washington Irving In Sleepy Hollow

Image credits: arorea

While there’s no wrong way to celebrate Halloween, we were curious what Miranda thinks the best way to celebrate it is. “For me, parties are at the center of my celebration,” she shared. “I think it’s a fun opportunity to dress up as an adult, drink a spooky cocktail, and spend time soaking in October. But you definitely don’t have to host or attend a party to celebrate Halloween. Hosting at-home movie nights, visiting local haunted houses, or simply enjoying carving a jack-o-lantern are all great ways to celebrate too.”

We also asked Miranda what the most important factors to consider are when choosing the perfect costume. “I don’t have a lot of rules for creating Halloween costumes, but I think an important factor to consider is comfort,” she told Bored Panda. “That doesn’t mean taking the lazy route—it means finding ways to accomplish your look, no matter how simple or elaborate it might be, and making it comfortable to wear.”

#4 Don’t Blink (My Daughter’s Costume, Made By Me)

Image credits: Western_Nebula9624

#5 Gonna Miss Halloween Tonight, Stuck In The Office

Image credits: AndTheJuicepig

“Nothing is worse than having an uncomfortable costume you disassemble 20 mins after you put it on,” Miranda noted. “One tip I always share is don’t underestimate what costumes might be hiding in your closet! My favorite thing to do for myself is putting together costumes from clothing I already own. It’s original, it’s more affordable, and I’m always amazed at what I can create.”

When it comes to some of the best costumes she’s ever seen, Miranda says, “I LOVE costumes that take an idea and elevate it or put a unique spin on it. I have some friends who did a group costume of the Avengers, but they made 18th-century ball gowns inspired by their favorite characters. I just saw an idea the other day on TikTok where a group of girls made ice cream witch costumes—their hats were overturned ice cream cones with different flavors of ice cream, and their costumes coordinated with the ice cream colors. So clever and fun!”

#6 Stranger Things Family Halloween

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Image credits: compugreg

“My own favorite costume was my favorite because the creation process was so satisfying,” Miranda shared. “I dressed up as Janet from the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I had the best time pulling together all the details. If you’re not in a time crunch, it’s so much more rewarding to put together a costume yourself than to buy one.”

If you’d like to gain more Halloween insight from Miranda or hear about some of her spookiest celebrations, be sure to visit her blog Spooky Little Halloween right here!

#7 Happy Halloween! I Am The One Who Knocks

Image credits: suchadiehl

#8 Fast Food Villains. Didn’t Get A Retweet From The Restaurants. Must Be Bad For The Branding

Image credits: gulaboy

#9 Our Family Halloween Costume

Image credits: emilyntyler

To gain even more insight on the spookiest day of the year, we reached out to another Halloween enthusiast, Black. As creator and editor of the Halloween and horror blog Halloween Love, Black shared with Bored Panda that their favorite aspects of Halloween are the season, the colors (both of autumn and the decorations), and horror movies. When it comes to how they recommend celebrating October 31st, Black told us, “For kids, classic trick ‘r treating is a must. For teens and young adults, a house party is great. And for those of us that are getting older and settling in, a quiet night at home with snacks and scary movies is probably the wisest choice.”

#10 Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert, Dressed As Loki For Halloween With An Alligator Variant

Image credits: RobertIrwin

When it comes to choosing a costume, Black says comfort is key. “If your intentions are to have the best or scariest costume, that’s most likely going to come at the cost of comfort because of masks, prosthetics, and accessories,” they shared. “But, if you’re going to be dancing/partying all night long, you better pick something simple and light.”

They also told Bored Panda that some of their favorite costumes are “anything that’s highly detailed and screen accurate”. Some of their personal favorites are when people dress up as movie monsters, such as Freddy, Jason, or Michael.

If you’d like to gain more insight from Black and delve deeper into this spooky season, be sure to check out Halloween Love right here.

#11 My Girlfriend Is Practicing Her Halloween Makeup, Our 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Terrified

Image credits: Kub3rt

#12 Finished Making My Mask Last Night

Image credits: HowdyPartner79

In many countries, Halloween is a big day. The traditions may differ from place to place, but the holiday is celebrated all around the world. When it comes to an American Halloween celebration, candy and costumes are at the center of the show, as many kids look forward to trick or treating the entire year. In fact, one quarter of all of the candy sold annually in the United States is bought in preparation for Halloween. It makes sense though, as I remember my mother and I working our way through the massive bag of candy we purchased for trick or treaters months after the big day. And we did this every year, but we never learned to just purchase a smaller bag. Candy still tastes great in March anyway!

#13 My Wife And I As Van Gogh And Starry Night

Image credits: notakermusic

#14 Made Myself A Ghost Rider Mask From Scratch This Year

Image credits: Kostini

#15 My Mothman Costume From 2021. I’m Really Proud Of How It Turned Out

Image credits: meat-bird

While kids and adults have been dressing up in Halloween costumes for over a century now, more recently, there has been a trend to dress up our furry friends as well. In fact, in 2019, Americans spent $490 million on costumes for their pets. This trend has become so large that several animal organizations have even addressed the topic to ensure that pet owners find safe and comfortable costumes for their fur babies, if they choose to dress them up. According to the Animal Humane Society, an animal costume must first not limit or hinder their movement and senses. “Your animal should be able to walk, bark, meow, see, and hear clearly,” they explain. 

#16 My Friend And I Dressed Up As Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy For An Early Halloween Party

Image credits: Vurbun

#17 The Wet Bandits

Image credits: avalle03

#18 Human Cat Tree

Image credits: yank_eh

A pet costume must be made of non-toxic materials and be free of any small or dangling accessories that could be potentially chewed or swallowed. The Humane Society also recommends avoiding any costumes that have masks or shoes. It might also be helpful to get your pet used to the costume before they actually wear it out on the town for Halloween, as it’s important for them to feel comfortable, and you don’t want any unexpected issues to arise on the day of. Offer your fur baby lots of treats for cooperating with the costume too!

#19 This Years Halloween Costume Is Archibald Snatcher From The Boxtrolls

Image credits: Starkfelt17

#20 Here Is My Tribute To Sadako Yamamura From The Classic Film Ring. Had A Blast Scaring People Around Town During Halloween In 2019

Image credits: jen_marshmello

#21 My Wife As Gollum

Image credits: eren_yeagermeister

When I was a child, I dressed as Dorothy for Halloween for about 5 years in a row. The Wizard of Oz was my favorite film, so my grandmother would kindly sew me a new Dorothy costume year after year for me to wear to trick or treat in. I absolutely loved those outfits, and I’m happy to say that my parents have some adorable photos of me in them. But even back then, I had the hardest time coming up with ideas for a Halloween costume. I just decided to be the same character year after year because, why not? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to an adult-sized Dorothy costume today, but if you’re anything like me and still can’t decide what to wear for Halloween, might I recommend considering all of your favorite characters from films and TV shows?

#22 This Was My Halloween Costume Last Year, It’s Spiderman From Avengers Endgame. I Made Everything Myself Including The 3D Printed Parts And Lights. How Did I Do?

Image credits: heybluguy

#23 Proud Of My Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Image credits: pwatersnh

#24 Lebron James Last Halloween

Image credits: BleacherReport

If you’re unsure of what to wear, make a list of all of your favorite films and TV shows. Then start listing the characters from each one that you would be interested in dressing up as. Bonus points if you actually resemble any of the characters in real life, but Halloween is for fun, so don’t feel the need to restrict yourself to any gender or characters that share your hair color. If none of those characters stand out to you, you can always try one of your favorite musical artists as well. Oftentimes, you’ll have something in your closet that can pass for one of these realistic characters or actual people, and you might just need to borrow or purchase a few small accessories to complete the look!   

#25 Sunscreened Zuckerberg

Image credits: mc_lotta

#26 Happy Halloween

Image credits: FullMetalNapkin

#27 I Was Mary Sanderson For Halloween This Year

Image credits: ash_eloop

Have you decided what you’re going to wear this year? Whether you plan to dress up for Halloween or not, we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with friends, binging horror films or taking your kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat. (And don’t forget, you must get some candy!) Keep upvoting the costumes you find the creepiest, most impressive and most brilliant, and let us know in the comments if you’ve got any big plans for October 31st. And if you haven’t checked out our previous articles featuring people who went all out with their Halloween costumes, you can find them here, here and here.

#28 This Halloween I’m An Anti-Faxxer And There’s No Changing My Mind

Image credits: thatszamora

#29 Not Pictured. Harp From Hell

Image credits: gustogummi88

#30 Here Is A Throwback To My Skeleton Pirate Makeup I Did On Myself And The Costume I Created For The Halloween In 2017

Image credits: jen_marshmello

#31 I Don’t Think This Is What People Were Expecting When We Told Them We Were Dressing Up As Jessica And Roger Rabbit. Happy Halloween

Image credits: _Redhead_Redemption_

#32 My Wife Is A School Bus Driver And Dressed Up As Ms. Frizzle For Halloween This Year

Image credits: nukemgt

#33 My Optical-Illusion Makeup For Halloween – This Took 5 Hours And I’m Dizzy

Image credits: tinaonthedaily

#34 A Guy From Work Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: xalisquillo7

#35 First Halloween! Wife Made The Costumes

Image credits: DjModus

#36 Last Year’s DIY Costume – Weather Reporter Caught In A Storm

Image credits: lunarkiss789

#37 Family Halloween Costume From This Year. I’m Sure The Addams Family Has A Shark Somewhere In Their House. Also Turns Out I Am Both Beautiful And Terrifying In Heels

Image credits: TumblDriLo

#38 Hello Peter. My Take On My Favorite Marvel Villain. Happy Halloween

Image credits: tophoftheworld

#39 Happy Halloween From Us And The Little Baby Yoda. Our First Family Costume. How Did We Do?

Image credits: tesschristinexo

#40 Steve Buscemi As His “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” Character From 30 Rock For Halloween

Image credits: Forke

#41 My Zombie Jill Valentine Cosplay For Halloween

Image credits: angelinazelda

#42 My Halloween Mando Costume For Our Uni Halloween Day, I Hope I See More Star Wars Costumes Today

Image credits: bittenbadger

#43 I Was A Secretary Bird For Halloween

Image credits: werpicus

#44 Real Horror This Halloween

Image credits: Scotts_Tot_For_Life

#45 A Scary Day In Space

Image credits: Astro_Alex

#46 Kid Wanted Me To Be A Demogorgon. You Got It. First Time Making A Costume

Image credits: BestPirateEver

#47 Epic Bert And Ernie Costumes

Image credits: imgur.com

#48 My Friend’s Costume This Year

Image credits: ShortyKodi

#49 What Are Your Thoughts On My Halloween Costume?

Image credits: mike1999ofhalo

#50 Happy Halloween, Star Wars Fans. Who Did You Dress As This Year?

Image credits: matt_griffith

#51 Here Is My Cosplay For Halloween. It’s Time To Scare Some Kids

Image credits: Paraste

#52 Our Family Halloween Costumes. I’m Mommy Mayor

Image credits: villainess

#53 My Wife And I For Halloween

Image credits: travizius

#54 My Britney Spears Costume

Image credits: pez4all

#55 Think I Was Gonna Let Halloween Go By Without Posting Our Costumes?

Image credits: LWhannell

#56 Lady Dimitrescu Would Be The Queen Of Halloween

Image credits: kebabs0verabs

#57 Storm And Wwolverine

Image credits: latoiafitzgerald_

#58 Been Struggling With Depression Since I Was A Teenager And Anxiety All This Year. Friends Forced Me To Dress Up For Halloween And I Actually Liked How I Looked

Image credits: JNaran94

#59 Marnie & Mayor Lewis – A Stardew Halloween

Image credits: sajosp

#60 Happy Halloween From Austin, Foxxy, And The Evilest Dr. Evil There Ever Was

Image credits: gisalilbert

#61 My Girlfriend And I Were Louis And Lestat From Interview With The Vampire For Halloween

Image credits: 123qwe33

#62 A Halloween Costume That I Designed And Have Sewn

Image credits: UCanArtifUWant2

#63 Stumbled Out Of The Towns And Into The Woods

Image credits: jordynwoods

#64 This Year’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: kween4theknite

#65 Did My Best Trunchbull Impersonation On Halloween Last Year

Image credits: BakingTheData

#66 My Halloween Costume This Year. Made It Myself

Image credits: dvrkstar

#67 My Brother On The Right And I On The Left Handmade And 3D Printed Our Halloween Costumes This Year

Image credits: DansJungle

#68 My American Dad And Canadian Mom As Niagara Falls For Halloween 1985

Image credits: j_d0tnet

#69 Yes, I Am Obsessed With The New Dune Movie, Lol. Happy Halloween Y’all

Image credits: HennaJes

#70 Family Photo From Halloween. Pretty Sure We’re Gonna Use This As Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: partymouseplanet

#71 My Daughter Was Worried No One Would ‘Get’ Her Costume, It Was Big Hit With All The Gen X Parents

Image credits: AliCracker

#72 Last Years Costume, Inspired By Mary Shaw

Image credits: R41NB0W-C4T

#73 My Mario Costume For Halloween This Year

Image credits: Kevin_taco

#74 Me, As Darkwing Duck For Halloween 1993. Homemade (Mom-Made) Costume

Image credits: kristiandepue

#75 I Was Bilbo For Halloween (Everyone Else At The Party Was Sexy And I Didn’t Get The Memo)

Image credits: AlisurPal

#76 I Made Mine And My Partner’s Halloween Costumes Last Year. They Were Vintage Inspired

Image credits: bebeshouse

#77 My Silent Hill Costume. Before vs. After

Image credits: ShapeshiftaerCos

#78 Candyman And Bloody Mary

Image credits: antdavis23

#79 Last Year’s Halloween Costumes Were A Minion And A Banana

Image credits: lupitanyongo

#80 Hot Diggity Dog. Happy Halloween. I Hope You All Have A Fun Night. We Just Finished Trick Or Treating And Getting The Kids Ready For Bed

Image credits: styleofsam

#81 This Halloween, I Came Out As Anti-Vacs

Image credits: thegriffith

#82 My Yennefer Cosplay For Halloween

Image credits: javamacaron

#83 Vinz Clortho The Keymaster Of Gozer

Image credits: Pavementaled

#84 This Is The Way. That My Daughter And I Dressed Up For Her First Halloween

Image credits: ittyditties

#85 Toss A Coin To Your Witcher This Halloween

Image credits: MissJinxed

#86 Clicker From The Last Of Us Was My Halloween Costume

Image credits: LizzyLooper

#87 Halloween Needs Shai-Hulud From The Movie Dune

Image credits: zedextol

#88 Happy Halloween From My Family Of Loki Variants

Image credits: CaptCash

#89 I Dressed As Guy Fieri For Halloween

Image credits: Tylajay488

#90 I Was A Sexy Miss Pacman For Halloween. Here’s My Homemade Costume

Image credits: mixiq

#91 Fiancé And I Went To A Halloween Party Me As Audrey 2 And Him As Seymour

Image credits: swinty28

#92 Halloween Costume. Mister Dimitrescu

Image credits: ev6464

#93 My “Web Server” Halloween Costume – 404 Champagne Not Found

Image credits: pkpenton

#94 So Here’s A Picture Of My Mayor Dressed Up As Kakashi For Halloween

Image credits: Baconhairdude

#95 Going Out For Halloween As My Favorite Character From Animal Crossing! Just Hoping No One Dresses Up As A Spider

Image credits: YourThoughtsHaveBeen

#96 My Halloween Costume This Year As Cersei

Image credits: kaitywilliamsDP

#97 McPoyles Take On Halloween, Even Brought The Warm Milk

Image credits: GreenEggsAndRumHams

#98 I Don’t Know How Many Years On This Earth I Got Left. This Halloween I Got Real Weird With It

Image credits: JackKirby22

#99 I’m Going As 1970s MLB Pitcher Rollie Fingers For Halloween

Image credits: puntini

#100 My Prince Costume For Our Work Halloween Contest

Image credits: sdbelefonte

#101 “Black Is Such A Happy Color” Morticia Addams

Image credits: laur_vb

#102 They Own Halloween At This Point

Image credits: LWhannell

#103 Halloween? No Thanks, I Would Rather Celebrate Chissmas

Image credits: stant7

#104 Happy Halloween From Some Fallout Vault-Tec Scientists

Image credits: whengeekscraft

#105 Daredevil Season 3 Changed My Life. I’ve Lost 115 Lbs Since March Because I Wanted To Fit Into My Hero’s Suit This Halloween. Thank You Daredevil

Image credits: alexflores076

#106 My Cursed Halloween Costume

Image credits: slothysquid

#107 Halloween Costume. I Dressed Up As A Hopper, My Girlfriend Was Joyce, And Freddie Was A Demodog

Image credits: b4ndw4g0n2k16

#108 You’re A Mean One

Image credits: tyresehaliburton

#109 First Halloween Using My Walker For My Chronic Pain, So I Had To Think A Bit Outside The Box

Image credits: taytay1144

#110 Stuck

Image credits: HunterAtHome

#111 Halloween Is Coming

Image credits: DmitriyBragin

#112 Worked With What I Could And Drastically Improved On My Grave Robber Costume From Last Year

Image credits: NicholasTheEgghead14

#113 My Take On Tony Leung’s Wenwu From Shang-Chi For The Halloween

Image credits: ricefield

#114 The Mummy 1999. This Halloween, My Wife And I Were Rick O’connell And Evelyn Carnahan

Image credits: Storytellerjack

#115 After Growing Up In A Christian Household, Never Allowed To Watch Movies With Magic Or Celebrate Halloween, I Chopped All My Hair Off This Year And Dressed As Nancy Downs

Image credits: RainHaven

#116 It’s Halloween. That Is Really, Really Good Timing

Image credits: MohanBhargava

#117 Scooby-Doo And The Gang Hit The Streets For Halloween

Image credits: kwazi7

#118 Fem Eddie Costume I Put Together For Halloween. My Man Is Going As Chrissy

Image credits: Juno23Bug

#119 Trying Out Anubis This Year

Image credits: stormrockox

#120 I Was Pizza For A Day And It Was Wonderful

Image credits: kaykah

#121 My Homemade Rosie From The Jetsons Costume

Image credits: Chalmation_Nation

#122 Our Beetlejuice And Lydia Costume This Year

Image credits: Outrageous_Pop8745

#123 We All Float Down Here, You Will Float Too

Image credits: majo_garcia1211

#124 Hope You Guys Find This Interesting. My Castlevania Inspired Vampire Slayer Costume

Image credits: Eternal_Struggler

#125 Who’s The Master. Sho Nuff

Image credits: dwighthoward

#126 They All Float. Are You A Scary, Cute, Or Sexy Costume Person? I’m Scary All The Way

Image credits: flashesofstyle

#127 I’m Professor Birch For Halloween This Year

Image credits: ABEGIOSTZ

#128 I Wanted To Try Being Daphne Blake For Halloween

Image credits: Astro_Anie

#129 I Knew Everyone Was Going To Be A Guard For Halloween, So I Did I Own Slavic Twist On It

Image credits: loopypaladin

#130 I Got A Lot Of Compliments On My Halloween Makeup So I Thought I’d Share Here

Image credits: theeblackdahlia

#131 Halloween Poison Ivy

Image credits: TheMightyRaccoon

#132 My Wife And I Last Year As Haunting Of Bly Manor’s Dani And Ghost Fiancé

Image credits: elstevebo

#133 Bought Some Glasses For An Easy Costume – Now Wondering If My Mum Ever Met Steve Jobs In 1996

Image credits: sandwichsandwich69

#134 This Is My Halloween Costume

Image credits: BigLebrouski

#135 These Two Won Halloween

Image credits: xwebsterx

#136 My Wife’s Halloween Costume Is Quite Derivative

Image credits: stipo42

#137 2019 DIY Sansa Stark Costume

Image credits: reddit.com

#138 Wife And I A Few Halloweens Ago

Image credits: Jay_Ray

#139 My Costume While 8 Months Pregnant

Image credits: muhfuhsayyeah

#140 My Friend And I Dressed As Doug Dimmadome And Jorgen Von Strangle From Fairly Odd Parents For Halloween This Year

Image credits: bepiscola21

#141 Halloween Is Getting Closer And Closer

Image credits: blankasatora

#142 Talked My Wife Into Halloweening As The First Video Game I Ever Owned

Image credits: GymPowers

#143 Lil Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

Image credits: dwill8

#144 We Had To Be Our Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Couple For The Halloween

Image credits: stxrlesseyes

#145 Was Looking For Onigashima, Ended Up In A Pumpkin Patch? Happy Halloween

Image credits: citruscake

#146 Happy Doctober

Image credits: FullMetalNapkin

#147 Meme Costume

Image credits: murrmaid10

#148 Black Widow Last Season

Image credits: Atmosphere_Vegetable

#149 I Dressed As Fire Luigi With A Realistic Twist For Halloween This Year

Image credits: Artorias1223

#150 Happy Halloween From Casual Day Meredith And Mose And The Lady Scarecrow

Image credits: duhdutchess

#151 Worked Hard On My Viking Costume, And Abs To Match – Happy Halloween

Image credits: Appledarling

#152 My Las Vegas Costume. Made From Cards, Poker Chips, Money, Dice

Image credits: w2talent

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