153 Times People Took Halloween Decorations To The Next Level

It can be hard to find Halloween decorations that aren’t cheesy. Plus, it’s a holiday, which means you’re supposed to have fun. Not stress over whether or not that inflatable lawn that you bought online will arrive in time.

So we at Bored Panda put together a list of creative ideas to help you prepare for the spooky night. There’s a zombie attack, a skeleton puking acid, and all the other things that must’ve gone viral not only on the internet but in the neighborhood as well.

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So continue scrolling to check out the pictures and remember, there’s still time to get ready for the 31st of October.

#1 Halloween Decoration From Melbourne, Australia

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#2 Zombie Attack! I Wrapped Friends In Duct Tape And Stuffed The Forms To Make This Halloween Display

Image credits: kevinb773

#3 My Raven And Crow Mantel This Year

Image credits: beachcover

#4 Heres A Pic Of A Teeny (6in) Graveyard Terrarium I Made For Halloween

Image credits: Bantam_earth

#5 My Grandma Sent Me A Picture Of Her Halloween Decorations This Year

Image credits: Turd_Ferguson15

#6 May Not Have A House But I’ve Got A Balcony

Image credits: ion360

#7 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations

Image credits: juangusta

#8 I’ve Got My 12 Foot Skeleton, Now I’m Anxiously Waiting For Home Depot To Bring Back Their 8 Foot Ferry Of The Dead

Image credits: Baidon

#9 I Have Wanted To Make These Since I Was A Kid. I Love Halloween

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Image credits: jarsofbuttons

#10 Wife’s Pumpkin Arch Lit Up. Really Did Tie It All Together

Image credits: poptart_boner

#11 Entry Decor

Image credits: dirtypoololdman

#12 Couldn’t Get Him Complete For Last Year, But This Year He’s Looking Great

Image credits: burziw32

#13 Halloween Dinner Party Decor

Image credits: dirtypoololdman

#14 My 12ft Eddie Munson With A 9ft Guitar. Happy Halloween

Image credits: Zakkattack86

#15 Decorator Of The Year Award Goes To

Image credits: WillOfTheLand

#16 The Coolest Halloween Decoration I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Mellersby

#17 Where’s Freddy? Oh, There He Is. He’s Just Melting

Image credits: DetectiveBukket

#18 My Brother And Sister-In-Law Put Together The Most Epic Halloween Decorations Every Year

Image credits: NWAConsulting

#19 Last Year’s Trick Or Treat Dining Room Setup

Image credits: no-more-mr-nice-guy

#20 My Neighbor Does Not Mess Around When It Comes To His Halloween Decorations

Image credits: juniejunicorn

#21 It Didn’t Feel Like October In Salem

Image credits: halloweenhorrorghoul

#22 Recycled Last Year’s Costume Into A Fall Wreath

Image credits: Tweezus96

#23 Spotted This In Someone’s Yard On My Morning Walk

Image credits: DaisyCutter1485

#24 Halloween Decorations At My House Have Gotten Much Better Since My Son Suggested A Spider Theme

Image credits: Atrampoline

#25 Sick Beetlejuice Display In My Neighborhood

Image credits: circa10a

#26 My Spooky Decorations

Image credits: EchoingPulse

#27 Why We Can’t Use This Halloween Decoration Anymore

Image credits: Summer-xwx

#28 Happy Halloween

Image credits: LimJahey504

#29 Pumpkins + Skeletons + A Kraken Makes Pumpkin Spice?

Image credits: krakenhousenola

#30 I Got To Love It When An Entire Block Gets Into The Spirit And Decorates For A Holiday

Image credits: an_uptown_girl

#31 I’ve Waited So Long For Pumpkinhead

Image credits: lyricallycharmed

#32 One Of The Best Halloween Decorations I Saw This Year

Image credits: gary6043

#33 New Halloween Decor

Image credits: WARPIGxUSMC

#34 Halloween Decor: Hunt Springfield, IL

Image credits: IndictmentOfHumanity

#35 Halloween Dream

Image credits: trekbette

#36 Bewitching Beauties Came To Join The Dinner Party. A Reminder That Outdoor Decorations Can Make A Dramatic Display Inside Too

Image credits: giggleliving

#37 I Glued Empty Cardboard Boxes Together, Glued Dollar Tree Plastic Halloween Decor All Over It, And Spray Painted It All Black

Image credits: Witch_Ever

#38 Trick Or Treat? Halloween Decoration Of Famous Pittaki Street In Athens. Do You Like Halloween?

Image credits: travellingwithgiannis

#39 I Made A Halloween Chandelier

Image credits: MosesLeroy

#40 Halloween Display Of A House In My Town. They’ve Gone All Out

Image credits: scouseconstantine

#41 Halloween Decorations In My Neighborhood

Image credits: GZings

#42 Anti-Vaxxer Reunion For This Year’s Halloween

Image credits: iAmAwesom3

#43 Entry-Way Decor Complete

Image credits: synchro13

#44 Dressed Up My 12ft Skeleton As 1985 The Return Of The Living Dead Box Art Zombie

Image credits: Bandofthehawk

#45 Gothic Du Jour

Image credits: Chance_the_Author

#46 Not Our House But So Cool

Image credits: General_Spark1001

#47 Halloween Is My Favorite Day Of The Year. I Wanted To Share A Few Of My Favorite Interior Decorations With Like-Minded Folks. I Made A Lot Of Them

Image credits: Mom102020

#48 This Year I Have Made The Difficult Decision To Take The Year Off From Decorating. Looking Back At My House From Halloween 2021

Image credits: Used_DeLorean

#49 Should I Move?

Image credits: jordanchez

#50 Every Year We Go All Out On Decorating For Halloween. Last Year We Built A Giant Spider Den, This Year We Got A Case Of The Worms

Image credits: worm666food

#51 Things Are Getting Strangely Spooktacular

Image credits: rwpzoo

#52 Happy Halloween From Hawkins

Image credits: laura.g.kaschak.author

#53 Halloween Night. What Do You Think?

Image credits: LD-starling

#54 We Took This Year’s Halloween Decorating To The Max

Image credits: BriansBalloons

#55 Sandworm Candy Slide

Image credits: wildgeesenebula

#56 On 90 Degree Summer Days When You Can Just Close All Of The Curtains, Light A Fall Scented Candle, Blast The AC And Hide Inside Like A Vampire

Image credits: Relevant_Strike_9785

#57 Beautiful

Image credits: AlexTheFFE

#58 My Tiny Halloween House

Image credits: Emd09020

#59 To Have Fun With A Halloween Decoration

Image credits: i-like-to-be-wooshed

#60 Upgrading Thrift Store Finds Into Halloween Decorations

Image credits: jsrm20

#61 Fancy Halloween

Image credits: tmalesys

#62 Don’t Put Fingers In There

Image credits: jephjacques

#63 I Asked My Sister To Make Me A Witchy Halloween Wreath This Year And She Did Not Disappoint

Image credits: anywaynope

#64 Saw This Crazy Decoration At A Neighbor’s House

Image credits: adjesent_donkey

#65 I Thought I’d Share My Fireplace. Waiting On A Few More Things But I’m Pretty Pleased So Far

Image credits: moonstoneddd

#66 I Move My Skeletons Around Each Week. This Week They Are

Image credits: navycow

#67 My Fisher Price Gothic Dollhouse Glow Up! Halloween Everyday

Image credits: SnooHobbies7109

#68 Missing Last Year’s Grant Park Halloween Set Up

Image credits: Duckstuff32

#69 We Went For The Funny vs. The Scary For Our Halloween Decor

Image credits: ourmanflint1

#70 My Halloween Decorations This Year

Image credits: PumpkinKing89

#71 A Spider Helped Us Make Our Halloween Decorations A Bit More Creepy

Image credits: dragnscalearmor

#72 This Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Konetiks

#73 Living In Haddonfield, There’s Only One Prop We Use For Decoration

Image credits: hey_suburbia

#74 I Wanted To Share This Past Halloween Decorations

Image credits: Mr_Luis_Angel

#75 Halloween Plants I Made For My Creepy Garden. I Didn’t Finish In Time For Last Year, But It Will Be In My Decor This Year

Image credits: Cigam_Nogard

#76 I’m So Ready For The Premiere Of Hocus Pocus 2

Image credits: boogyman_dom

#77 Welcome To The Pumpkinshire. Who Else Has Been Watching The New Lord Of The Rings Series?

Image credits: kjp

#78 The Skeleton House Is The Most Humerus Skeleton Display Around. The Queen Of Halloween Outdoes Herself Every Year, Adding More Punny Skeletons

Image credits: nolamaven

#79 I Finally Finished My Newest Halloween Decoration. Audrey From “Little Shop Of Horrors”

Image credits: hotdogehangover

#80 My Halloween Decoration Collaboration I Made. Ghostbusters And Ghostface

Image credits: Patrick_Gorman

#81 I’m Loving This Kitty Moon Wreath I Made

Image credits: jess41378

#82 Turned Our Grandfather Clock Into The 13 Hour Clock From The Haunted Mansion

Image credits: Quizchris

#83 Slowly Putting Together A Tiny Spooky Coffee Bar

Image credits: -hpudding-

#84 Wife And I Built This One From Scratch

Image credits: Hot-Campaign-4553

#85 Our Halloween Mantel Complete With Black Cat And All

Image credits: Ajm28674

#86 Spotted In Caldwell, Best Halloween Decor

Image credits: KimraLuna

#87 My Neighbors’ Halloween Display

Image credits: cowsmilk1994

#88 The Halloween Display In Front Of The Original Yuengling’s Brewery In Pottsville, Pa

Image credits: TWANGnBANG

#89 This Halloween Decoration At The Santa Ana Airport (At Night, When The Airport Is Closed)

Image credits: haphizard

#90 The Startling View From My Door’s Peephole After Hanging A Halloween Decoration

Image credits: filmhamster

#91 I Made My Very First DIY Halloween Decoration This Year

Image credits: Dairypr0duct

#92 The Decoration I’m Most Proud Of

Image credits: damn_mrs_pearce

#93 Feeling Pretty Good About My DIY Halloween Decoration

Image credits: hawaiianpunchh

#94 I Decided To Get My Flamingos Involved In My Yard Decor

Image credits: LoudLalochezia

#95 Another Great Halloween House. Love The Skeleton Hanging From The Top Window

Image credits: vintagejunkinmytrunk

#96 House Costume Complete With Curious Cat

Image credits: RepecaPecan

#97 Pumpkin Palace. My Favorite Halloween House In The City

Image credits: witchvoid

#98 My Dad’s Hand-Crafted Halloween Decorations

Image credits: SochieLife

#99 These Scenic Pictures From Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail In Plant City, Florida

Image credits: hauntscene

#100 Halloween In Salem

Image credits: hellosalem

#101 Wrestling Skeletons

Image credits: imwithaew

#102 Naturally Carved Pumpkin

Instead of carving the jack-o-lantern myself this year, I poked a bunch of small holes in a pumpkin and stuffed the holes with peanut butter. I then let the squirrels go at it for two days. The result is something truly disturbing.

Image credits: restisconfettii

#103 Getting In The Halloween Spirit

Image credits: countkarnstein

#104 For Halloween I Turned My Bar Into Moe’s Tavern! Complete With Flaming Moe’s And Prank Phone Calls

Image credits: Whiskkas

#105 Spray Paint And Dollar Item Upcycled Decorations

Image credits: throwaway__scientist

#106 I Know Everyone Has Their Feelings On Inflatables. But We’re Finally Decorated

Image credits: ZeroJackOogie

#107 It’s Almost That Time

Image credits: AlexTheFFE

#108 The Pumpkin’s All Start Creeping Back In As It Nears Closer To Halloween

Image credits: finalgirlfridays

#109 The Coffins Came Out Good

Image credits: every1getslaid

#110 The Front Of My House This Year. Not Done Yet But What Do Ya Think?

Image credits: scribbless

#111 My Halloween Living Room Last Year

Image credits: Ghoulfriend88

#112 DIY Ghost Decorations

Image credits: veege14

#113 We All Have One

Image credits: UptonDide

#114 My Mom’s House Decorated For Halloween

Image credits: thefreaksarecoming

#115 Ok, I Think That’s Everything Out Now

Image credits: AwItsTaylor

#116 My Halloween Decorations This Year

Image credits: ANOTHERLUMP

#117 A Test Setup Of The Pumpkinhead-Themed Tombstone I Made With Vines And Pumpkins. It Will Be Incorporated Into The Pumpkin Patch Area Of Our Display This Year

Image credits: Oaklanecemetery

#118 Halloween Decorations In My Hometown

Image credits: Alternative_Bake_277

#119 I’m A Big Fan Of Our New Halloween Decorations For This Year

Image credits: Avalanchekenny47

#120 Couldn’t Resist The Urge To Start Decorating A Bit Early This Year

Image credits: nsfwhappyfuntime

#121 Our Halloween Decorations Are Crawling Along

Image credits: Khaleeasi24

#122 Some Halloween Decorations Spotted In North York

Image credits: Rhuskman

#123 We Finished Our DIY Scream Halloween Decorations Today

Image credits: Noblefire_62

#124 A Few Spooky Nighttime Scenes From Around Salem

Image credits: purelysalem

#125 Lights Are Here. Explore A Variety Of Larger Than Life Pumpkin Pop-Up Installations Throughout The Pier

Image credits: navypierchicago

#126 The Greatest Halloween Decoration

Image credits: paigebyerly

#127 Blursed Halloween

Image credits: robinparrish

#128 Our Floating Candles Set-Up For Halloween This Year

Image credits: Leucadians

#129 My Neighbors Use Of Their Halloween Decorations During Summer

Image credits: timmy6169

#130 My Neighbor’s Yard Decoration

Image credits: 86Zeus

#131 Got Spooked By My Neighbor’s Yard Decorations

Image credits: paint_after_dark

#132 My Halloween Coffee Station

Image credits: fritzstriker

#133 My Vibe

Image credits: skelerva

#134 I Thought You All Might Appreciate My Shelf I Redecorated Yesterday

Image credits: trixie_lacroix

#135 Witchy Halloween Porch

Image credits: Appropriate_Fix_6037

#136 I Told A Couple People I Would Post The Sandworm Groundbreaker After I Got Him In The Ground

Image credits: Donthurtmyceilings

#137 Thought This Was A Clever Halloween Decoration

Image credits: PooperJackson

#138 Halloween Decoration At PlayStation

Image credits: ClimbTheCanopy

#139 The Perfect Halloween Decoration Doesn’t Exist

Image credits: the_atlien

#140 I’ve Got A Huge Rock In My Lawn, So I Thought, Hey Halloween Decoration. Say Hi To Grunty

Image credits: Aggravating-Maize-46

#141 My Grandma’s 12ft Skeleton In The Dark

Image credits: Cosmic_Cubix

#142 The Neighbors Asked When The Halloween Decorations Were Going To Come Down. “These Are Everyday Decorations.”

Image credits: theottoman_2012

#143 What Is Even The Point Of Decorating When My Neighbors Do This?

Image credits: TheGreatQ-Tip

#144 Time For Big Skelley Float Trip

Image credits: Trippingthroughtime

#145 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decoration

Image credits: slipperystevenson69

#146 Halloween Party Tonight. I Had Fun Decorating

Image credits: rickyshine

#147 My Living Room

Image credits: snacksizedshelb

#148 Halloween Decor

Image credits: beachdal1

#149 My Only “Spooky” Decoration For The Season. If You Know The Show Reference, I Will Give You Virtual Candy

Image credits: stephany04

#150 Halloween Chandelier

Image credits: MosesLeroy

#151 The Coolest Halloween Display I Have Seen (Olmsted Falls, Ohio)

Image credits: Obv2003

#152 When You Gotta Tape Up Your Windows To Prepare For Hurricane Ian But Still Wanna Show Your Spooky Season Spirit

Image credits: viceroywaffles

#153 Human Spider Prey I Made A Couple Of Years Ago

Image credits: Super_Jackfruit_7302

Source: boredpanda.com

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