154 Of The Best Neck Tattoo Ideas Ever

Even if the mere thought of a needle buzzing around your ear makes your head spin, neck tattoos are happening. Now, whether or not you want one is totally up to you, but no matter how you feel about it, I think we can all admire the creative ways in which artists are inking this delicate part of the human body. Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best neck tattoos out there that deserve all the attention they can get. From subtle chokers to trippy optical illusions, scroll down to check out these awesome designs and upvote your faves.


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Image credits: nero_tattooer

angry snake Tattoo

Image credits: satatttvision

Pisces Jellyfish

Image credits: dukkha_tattoo

keyhole tattoo

Image credits: juodi_dygsniai

Shiny, wraps and hard to photograph today’s neck

Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo

Little neck spider

Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo

Throat / under-chin skull beetle from last week

Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo

Healed wolf

Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo

The taker of souls

Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo


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Image credits: neil_dransfield_tattoo

very elegant neck tattoo

Image credits: bruxandrade

spider web

Image credits: danielbacz

wolf tattoo

Image credits: danielbacz

fantastic neck art

Image credits: danielbacz

My neck! Work in progress

Image credits: latemodelescarole

my new neck adornments. Lots of grays in here that will soften and lighten as they heal

Image credits: latemodelescarole

Mandala filling in all the space left. The tattoos around it were not made by me

Image credits: luzwozen

The result of the collaborated work of two cool tattoo artists

Image credits: baza4269

cool tattooed neck

Image credits: scottish_pony

in the process of this tattoo

Image credits: max_danilkov


Image credits: nayferox11

flower On the neck

Image credits: frankdotwork

tiny Leaf twig

Image credits: sparrowflies_agnezvirblyte

black Dot-work on the neck

Image credits: darkline_tattoos

Made my first neck tattoo

Image credits: teamblacksheep_tattoo_studio

What a wicked head shot

Image credits: westcoastink

this is so cute

Image credits: ratsntats

bird tattoo

Image credits: one_eyed_baby

flowers on neck

Image credits: dimitarzlatanovhenry

octopus tattoo on neck

Image credits: inkerkate

raven tattoo

Image credits: tattooraven

ship tattoo on neck

Image credits: gobagamas

tattooed neck

Image credits: dinalitun

today finished this throat tattoo

Image credits: dinalitun

back-neck mandala

Image credits: dinalitun

full throat tattoo

Image credits: _brinablackwolf_

this one was painful

Image credits: boegbert1

full neck tattoo. it hurts so bad but it was worth it

Image credits: lukas_adventure

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