156 Interesting X-Rays Which Is Something You Don’t See Every Day

In 1895, German physics professor Wilhelm Röntgen produced and discovered X-rays while experimenting with Lenard tubes and Crookes tubes and began studying them. In his initial report, the first paper written on X-rays, Röntgen referred to the radiation as “X”, to indicate that it was an unknown type of radiation.

The name stuck, although many of his colleagues suggested calling them Röntgen rays (over his great objections). Interestingly, they are still referred to as such in many languages. In 1901, Röntgen received the first Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery.

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Today, X-rays are essential in various sectors such as health care and transportation security. People even use them to detect art forgeries!

To show you just how deeply they have penetrated our lives, Bored Panda put together a list of some of the most interesting X-ray images we could find on the Internet. From an Egyptian sarcophagus to a metal arm, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

#1 X-Rays Of Children’s’ Mouths Between The Ages Of 6-12 Years Still Hold Wonder For Me, Even After Being A Dentist For 10+ Years

Image credits: purplprism

#2 X-Ray Of A Kiwi Bird With Its Egg

Image credits: casualphilosopher1

#3 Roommate Is A Radiology Major And Today They X-Rayed Flowers. Thought You Guys Might Enjoy

Image credits: daisy_cutter_

#4 X-Ray Of A Stingray

Image credits: Sonnyisemo

#5 An X-Ray Of An Egyptian Sarcophagus Revealed A Kitten Inside

Image credits: Campbell Price

#6 Pregnant Cat X-Ray

Image credits: NoParkingInDriveway

#7 I Have A Rare Disorder Called Cleidocranial Dysotosis. Got My First Dental X-Ray Today And I Have A Lot Of Extra Teeth

Image credits: NicolasNSane

#8 Scoliosis Surgery, Before And After

Image credits: JoshuaS3

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#9 X-Ray Of A Foot In Stilettos

#10 X-Ray Of A Pregnant Dog

Image credits: RyanReynoldsWrap

#11 X-Ray Of A Hammerhead Shark

Image credits: Fishguy_FHL

#12 My Wife’s A Ballerina, This Is Her X-Ray While En Pointe

Image credits: Gvadam04

#13 A Tiger’s Paw

Image credits: OregonZoo

#14 X-Ray Of My Metal Arm

Image credits: bluehaiku2

#15 This Is An X-Ray Of The Device Doctors Put In My Dad’s Neck, Containing Undeveloped Bone Cells And Stem Cells To Regrow Parts Of His Spine. Science

Image credits: atonyatlaw

#16 Snake Has A Kidney Tumor. Wanted To Share His X-Ray. Wish Him Luck In Surgery

Image credits: thebarberstylist

#17 Ineffective Gold Thread Acupuncture Treatment For Osteoarthritis Of The Left Knee

Image credits: Han-Gyul Yoo, B.S., and Wan-Hee Yoo, M.D.

#18 Backscatter X-Ray Identifying Contraband In A Truck. An Operator Noticed Anomalies In The Right-Side Z Backscatter View, And Flagged This Vehicle For Further Inspection

Image credits: git-security.com

#19 This Guy Had Two Nails From A Nail Gun Hit His Leg, And They Both Missed His Femur And His Kneecap

Image credits: ILLMATIC1994

#20 X-Ray Scans Of A Painting Of The Young Charles II Of Spain Reveal That The Artist Painted Over An Earlier Painting When Charles Was A Few Years Younger

Image credits: museodelprado

#21 Missing Dentures Found In Man’s Throat 8 Days After Surgery

Image credits: bmj_company

#22 I Got A Panoramic X-Ray Of My Teeth The Other Day. The Dentist Forgot To Have Me Remove My Glasses

Image credits: maggiemoocorgipoo

#23 Gravid Ball Python X-Ray

Image credits: 053-Pythons

#24 X-Ray Of A LED Bulb From Philips

Image credits: K-RayX-Ray

#25 I Love How Sinister These Cute, Innocent Dolls Look Under X-Ray. It Shows Their True Colours

This peek-a-boo doll shrieks that over and over again even with just one squeeze. It also covers its eyes. If only it would cover my ears

Image credits: xraysofthings

#26 A Man In China Had A Steel Spoon Lodged In His Esophagus For A Year, But Surprisingly, The Half-Swallowed Utensil Didn’t Cause Too Much Discomfort

Image credits: Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital

#27 Bullet In Knee After 14 Years. A 46-Year-Old Man With A Prior Gunshot Wound To The Left Knee Presented With Worsening Knee Pain

Radiographs showed fragmentation of the bullet into innumerable metallic particles

Image credits: Jose I. Marquez, M.D., and Michael A. Schindlbeck, M.D.

#28 X-Ray Of A Panda Hand vs. A Human Hand; Pandas Have An Extra “Thumb” To Help Grip Bamboo Stalks

Image credits: SAT0725

#29 X-Ray Of A Cat With Scoliosis, Causing Her To Be Round

Image credits: MarieGotLost

#30 Panoramic X-Ray Of A Child (Adult Teeth Growing In)

Image credits: lesliethepanda

#31 Snake X-Ray

Image credits: paceholder

#32 I Went For A Sinus X-Ray And They Said I Didn’t Need To Takes Out All My Piercings, This Is What It Looked Like

Image credits: Lola-M

#33 Pre-Flight X-Ray Image Of Neil Armstrong’s Moon Boots Taken On July 7, 1969

NASA x-rayed everything the astronauts wore in order to verify that there were no sharp objects embedded in the cloth that could puncture the pressure suit

Image credits: history.nasa.gov

#34 X-Ray Of A Plant As A Decoration At My Local Hospital

Image credits: theolivej

#35 A Wooden Adjustable Doll. Some Interesting Bits In The Inside

Image credits: xraysofthings

#36 Steel Boned Corset. I Can’t Believe This Is Clothing

Image credits: xraysofthings

#37 Anne Geddes Baby Bear Toy. I Hope You Saw This In The Morning And Not Right Before Bed

Image credits: xraysofthings

#38 X-Rays Before And After Spinal Fusion Surgery For Scoliosis. I Had Surgery At 12 After The Curvature Continued Getting Worse Despite Interventions Being Taken

15 years since surgery and I have no back-related issues. The only issues are caused by the scar tissue from the auto-bone graft from my hip

Image credits: sassyburger

#39 X-Ray Techs Were Amazed At My Cervical Spine Imaging Given Extreme Hyper Mobility

Image credits: backupasterisk

#40 Just Received My X-Rays From Saturday’s Debacle. They Had To Cut My Ring Off Before Returning My Bones To Their Full Upright And Locked Position

My fingers are still sore/stiff/swollen but mostly functional

Image credits: tonyhawk

#41 An X-Ray Of My Cat’s Intestines, Kinda Looks Like Santa In A Sleigh

Image credits: GloomShade

#42 My X-Rays Before Braces In August 2018 To Now August 2020

Image credits: BoaGirl

#43 X-Ray Of A Pregnant Dog

Image credits: Headhuntern1

#44 X-Ray Of A Hedgehog With Balloon Syndrome

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#45 I Dislocated My Jaw… While Eating Cereal

Image credits: itsskylaraiden

#46 Patient Went To Take Vitamins She Had In Her Pocket, Scooped Up The Ring In There As Well

Fun fact, the reason the ring was in her pocket in the first place was because the center stone fell out and she was going to take it to the jewelers.

Image credits: North-East-Lights

#47 Digestion In The Process – X-Ray Of A Diamond Python

Image credits: radioactivegirl12345

#48 X-Ray Of A Seahorse

Image credits: kitsua

#49 My Chest X-Ray After 3 Pacemaker Surgeries, A Median Sternotomy And Valve Repair

Image credits: sillysquidtv

#50 Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis

Image credits: Nmasse

#51 The Little Girl Swallowed A Coin

Image credits: julicmd91

#52 My Son Got Shot In The Face By A BB Gun Two Years Ago (Accidentally). Found The BB Today

Image credits: thebrimac

#53 My Newborn Son’s X-Ray At 1 Day Old

Image credits: Luca_overthemoon

#54 When You Accidentally X-Ray Anubis. Dog Moved At Just The Right Time During An X-Ray

Image credits: Shutupstupidgary

#55 Miss Correct Posture, 1956. At A Chiropractic Convention In Chicago, The Contest Winners Were Picked For The Beauty Of Their X-Rays And Their Standing Posture

Image credits: Two_Inches_Of_Fun

#56 6 Years Ago Today I Had A Surgery To Straighten Up My Spine, This Is The Before And After Result. I Gained 5 Cm With The Process

Image credits: BiblicalNuisance

#57 The Radiology Waiting Room In Local Hospital Has The Usual Naff Floral Decor, Except… They’re X-Rays

Image credits: fitful_head

#58 Cheese!

Image credits: cbarso

#59 5-Day Progression Of Covid Pneumonia

Image credits: flamants

#60 Well, That Sucks A Lot

Image credits: 2_maria_8

#61 My (Nearly 60-Years-Old) Father’s Arm After Being Thwomped By A Cow This Morning

Image credits: SlowDanceChubbie

#62 X-Ray Of A Flamingo

Image credits: DontWorryImMedicated

#63 Daughter Demanded Peppa Pig Get X-Ray With Her

Image credits: cynicalslacker

#64 Polydactyl Claw X-Ray

Image credits: Radiopaedia.org, rID: 24352

#65 A Bike Going Through The Security X-Ray At The Malaga Airport

Image credits: 401vs401

#66 Chest X-Ray Of Attempted Suicide By Injecting Elemental Mercury (Quicksilver) Intravenously

Image credits: Francisco Gutiérrez, M.D., and Lucio Leon, M.D.

#67 Nikola Tesla’s Foot In A Shoe, By Himself. Tesla Obtained The Image In 1896 With X-Rays Generated By His Own Vacuum Tube, Similar To Lenard’s Tube, At A Distance Of 8 Feet

Image credits: The Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

#68 Black & Decker Coffee Maker

Image credits: xraysofthings

#69 80’s Video Monitor/TV Screen. I Found One Small Enough To X-Ray. This One Brought Me Joy. I Hope It Does For You Too

Image credits: xraysofthings

#70 Just A Bunch Of Grapes. Green Ones To Be Slightly More Specific

Image credits: xraysofthings

#71 A Baseball

Image credits: xraysofthings

#72 Wasp X-Ray

Image credits: iis.fraunhofer.de

#73 Father In Law Is A Radiologist. Put This In His X-Ray Stack For My Hand

Image credits: lancecpa

#74 X-Ray Of A Coconut

Image credits: Reintji

#75 This X-Ray Of A Male Veiled Chameleon Shows The Internal Structure Of Its Casque (Structure On The Head) Which Is Used To Collect Dew, Funneling It Towards The Mouth

Image credits: animax_nz

#76 An X-Ray Of A Ghost Bat

Image credits: Taronga Zoo

#77 My Daughter’s X-Ray Last Year When She Was 5 Years Old. I Was Amazed At Seeing This

Image credits: kalieworkman

#78 Here’s What A Canine Skull X-Ray Looks Like

Image credits: Faye_Paige

#79 X-Ray Of My Arm After Amputation, Thanks To Driver Who Fell Asleep At The Wheel

Image credits: maxkravts

#80 This Is An Xray Of My Old Cochlear Implant. Unfortunately It Didn’t Work, So It Was Removed. But It Is Pretty Wild To See All Of The Parts That Were In My Head

Image credits: mmjgg123

#81 X-Ray Of A Turtle With Eggs

Image credits: Jesse_no_i

#82 My Friends X-Ray After Being Shot With A Shotgun

Image credits: blackspaceman

#83 I Have 5 Wisdom Teeth

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 How Fat My Cat Looks In His X-Ray

Image credits: Booyacaja

#85 Since We’re Posting Cool X-Rays (Possibly A Gila Monster)

Image credits: whit1and

#86 The Worst Case Of Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: ax0r

#87 Not Every Day You See A Prosthetic Breaking

Image credits: Dannysap7

#88 Hedgehog (Dark Spot Is Gas In The Stomach)

Image credits: OregonZoo

#89 Winnie Jungbluth, At 5 Years Old “She’s Exhibiting Nesting Behavior But Hasn’t Laid Any Eggs And We Are Worried About Her”

Image credits: DrShellyJ

#90 This Is My X-Ray After I Ate A Quarter After Stealing It From My Brother When I Was 5

Image credits: pika_art1193

#91 Went Through 21 Years Thinking I Never Broke A Bone Until An X-Ray For A Shoulder Problem Revealed This Atrocity, It Broke And Healed Without Me Knowing, Was Nice Knowing You

Image credits: eightgalaxies

#92 Doctor’s Office Christmas Card Is An X-Ray Made To Look Like Rudolph

Image credits: ratchmond

#93 A Nice Clear X-Ray Showing My RNS Device, The Leads That Run To The Point Where My Seizures Originate

And also the brackets holding my skull together after my craniotomy (and the staples holding my scalp together).

Image credits: sknmstr

#94 Swamy X-Ray From When I Was 3 And Swallowed An AA Battery

Image credits: ilovepretzles69

#95 I Finally Got X-Rays Of My Leg After Amputation

Image credits: twofortragedy

#96 My Wife Took Our Cat To The Vet And My Son Told The Vet His Toy Dinosaur Was Feeling Poorly So The Vet Gave It An X-Ray

Image credits: DonutNinjaa

#97 I Went To The Dentist For Tooth Pain, I Got My X-Rays Taken And The Dental Assistant Said My Wisdom Teeth Were “Like Something Out Of A Textbook”

Image credits: upvotesforall1989

#98 Thought I Had Jammed My Pinky. At The Doc’s Office The Next Day, She Told Me To Come With Her To The X-Ray Room And To Bring My Camera

She said it was a ‘spiral fracture’ and that she doesn’t get to see many of those (she’s my PCP). I was quickly referred over to ortho

Image credits: terriskywalker

#99 This X-Ray Of My Hedgehog

Image credits: DragonsExMachina

#100 So My Patient Wouldn’t Let Me X-Ray Her Unless I Promised To X-Ray Her Pony After

Image credits: trixiesnood

#101 A Well Loved Pair Of Capezio Tap Shoes

Image credits: xraysofthings

#102 Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

Image credits: xraysofthings

#103 Moon Snail Shell. This Was Collected By A Friend Off Of Savary Island B.C.

Image credits: xraysofthings

#104 My Little Pony Collection. They’re My Daughter’s Newer Ones. We Blew Up My Sister’s Original Ones Back In The Day

Image credits: xraysofthings

#105 Sunbeam Heating Blanket

Image credits: xraysofthings

#106 Lipsticks! I Love That They Added Some Weight To A Couple To Make Them Feel Expensive

Image credits: xraysofthings

#107 A Friend Of Mine Asked Me To X-Ray Products To See If We Were Getting Ripped Off. So Far The Biggest Rip Off Has Been This Extinguisher

Somebody is probably going to chime in and say it’s filled only 75% for a reason, but they’re likely just a shill for big fire extinguisher

Image credits: xraysofthings

#108 My Cat Louis Ate A Key. Don’t Worry, He Is Okay Post-Enterotomy

Image credits: halsafar

#109 I Took An X-Ray Today And They Told Me That My Wisdom Teeth Are Pretty Strange

Image credits: TatoBig

#110 X-Ray From The Dentist Shows A BB From When I Got Shot In The Face About 15 Years Ago

Image credits: Marlereric

#111 My Heart Rat Had To Have X-Rays. This One’s The Most Humorous. She Gave 2 Poops

Image credits: Nonsense89

#112 This Person Broke This On Sunday And Came In On Thursday

Image credits: dicksledgehammer

#113 X-Ray Of Blow Dart In My Hand

Image credits: 420danger_noodle420

#114 Finally Cropped Out All My Personal Info So, Enjoy This X-Ray

Image credits: coolcolton101

#115 My Nipple Piercing On My Chest X-Ray

Image credits: butchard

#116 An X-Ray Of My Dog’s (Naturally) Bent Tail

Image credits: ztiflem

#117 My (33 Year Old) X Rays Showing My Remaining Baby Teeth

Image credits: kjpugs

#118 Had My Septum Ring Flipped Up Inside My Nose During An Xray And This Is How The X Rays Came Out

Image credits: spookysnoop

#119 You Can See My Smart Watch In The X-Ray Of My Broken Arm

Image credits: jruhlman09

#120 My 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Dental X-Ray Image

Image credits: cosmicdust75

#121 Had A BB Removed From My Arm After 20-ish Years, Here’s The X-Ray And Post Op Culprit

Image credits: buck_merril

#122 My Snake Is Full Of Eggs

Image credits: friendlyfir

#123 Girl Was Nervous The X-Ray Machine Would Hurt So I Took A Quick Shot Of Her Stuffed Fox To Show It Was Fine

Image credits: nfreni

#124 X-Rayed A Turtle

Image credits: HanzoCoin

#125 I Give This Post Two Thumbs Up

Image credits: 5HTjm89

#126 The Vet Forgot To Take Off My Pug’s (Fake) Pearl Necklace Before An X-Ray

Image credits: yungrii

#127 Fat-Tailed Gecko

Image credits: OregonZoo

#128 X-Ray Of A Photographer And Camera

Image credits: vedanthprao

#129 An Old X Ray Of My Pacemaker/Defibrillator. I’ve Since Gotten A New Heart And Don’t Need It Anymore

Image credits: Cheffie43

#130 I Took This X-Ray On A Covid+ Patient Hours After My Friend Tried To Tell Me Covid Isn’t That Bad

Image credits: SoYup

#131 X-Rays Of My Spinal Fusion Surgery Before And After

Image credits: CYN9CAL

#132 X-Ray Of A Nintendo Switch I Took, Thought Some Of You Might Find It Interesting

Image credits: wedge754

#133 A Bunch Of Random Pens. My Favourite Is Third From The Left, You Can See The Little Crystals Really Well On The X-Ray

Image credits: xraysofthings

#134 It Would Be Pointless For A Guessing Game, So Here’s A Twix

Image credits: xraysofthings

#135 As I Am No Botanist, Here Is An X-Ray Of A Random House Plant

Image credits: xraysofthings

#136 Saxophone

Image credits: xraysofthings

#137 A Nespresso Machine

Image credits: novo-dr.com

#138 The Extra Row Of Teeth In The X-Ray Of My 7-Year-Old Kid

Image credits: Azuil

#139 Dental 3D X-Ray On A Child

Image credits: Strictlyforbargain85

#140 Cat Pooping During An Xray

Image credits: Wyrd212

#141 This Xray I Have Of A Pregnant Woman

Image credits: fattybommbatty

#142 Dads Leg Xray

Image credits: iWorkoutBefore4am

#143 Xray Of My Little Finger Dislocated

Image credits: damanisjon

#144 An X-Ray Of My Parrot

Image credits: Foxy_Cleopatraa

#145 Got Bored At Work And X-Rayed My Flash Drive

Image credits: TheGreenGold

#146 X-Ray Of My Bunion. I Thought It Was Interesting

Image credits: bbandit05

#147 Someone Took “The Key To The Heart Is Through The Stomach” A Bit Too Literally

Image credits: DukeGordon

#148 ED Patient From A While Ago Who Stabbed Himself In The Leg – AP Showed The Knife Sitting Around 2 cm Medially To The Femur

Image credits: simple-egg

#149 Today I Took A Dental X-Ray For A Child. This Is How The Milk Teeth Change Permanently. The Picture Clearly Shows How The Premolar Comes Out

Image credits: DrunkMast3r

#150 Dwarf Mongoose

Image credits: OregonZoo

#151 Screech Owl

Image credits: OregonZoo

#152 Flamingo’s Legs

Image credits: OregonZoo

#153 Forgot To Take Out My Bars Before A Chest X-Ray Today

Image credits: Greyskiesgreeneyes

#154 My Gecko Got X-Rays The Other Day And Thought You Guys Might Like To See

Image credits: TheKingLizard

#155 Don’t Punch Things Folks

Image credits: manualkiller

#156 A Woman I Work With Had An X-Ray Done To Her Foot For Her Arthritis… Found This Surprise. Apparently It’s Been There For Over 30 Years

Image credits: moldypeaches12

Source: boredpanda.com

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