158 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationships Are Never Boring (New Pics)

What keeps a relationship or a marriage healthy, happy, and full of endless possibilities? That’s right! You guessed it! Bullseye! It’s humor. What? That’s what you were thinking about, wasn’t it? Of course it was.

Humor and playfulness are very important when it comes to keeping the spark in a relationship alive and turning it into a roaring fire. It’s what makes the good times great and the bad times not-so-bad. To show you how ingenious some boyfriends and husbands are in their relationships, Bored Panda collected some of the wittiest and most hilarious examples of their antics, pranks, and bamboozlement. Because this is the way that you should do relationships.

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#1 I Needed My Wife And Daughters To Smile During A Photo Shoot, So I Told A Dad Joke

Image credits: Tio76

#2 My Wife Forgot To Leave Me The Car Seat So I Could Take Our Son To The Babysitter’s House. This Is The Picture I Sent When She Asked How I Was Going To Get Him There. I Then Turned Off My Phone For The Next 4 Hours

Image credits: Big-D_OdoubleG

#3 Wife Left Me Alone With The Kids For The First Time And After Asking For An Update I Sent Her This

Image credits: johnsbuffalo

We can’t be super-serious 24/7. Especially when it comes to relationships. After all, you need passion and lightheartedness from time to time, not just a stern demeanor.

Most of us know that laughter is good for your health, but it’s also great for your relationship. Humor can defuse tense and awkward situations, creates a lively back-and-forth debate with your partner, and changes your perspective about life. 

#4 Sending Sexy Pics To The Wife Like:

Image credits: Brandon Sillings

#5 My Aunt Had Been Complaining They Hadn’t Been “Festive” Enough. I Present To You My Uncle’s Masterpiece

Image credits: OpticDream

#6 Girlfriend Left Me And The Dog Home Alone For The Weekend. First Thing I Sent Her

Image credits: eric72goblue

Psychology Today explains that humor should never be used as a weapon in a relationship. In fact, one study showed that certain types of humor are healthy for relationships, while others are detrimental.

#7 When You Have Candles, But Not The “Right” Ones For Your Wife’s 39th Birthday

Image credits: Kwantumflux

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#8 My Girlfriend And I Celebrated Our 1-Year Anniversary. We Met On Tinder, So Naturally I Had Our First Conversation Printed On A Blanket

Image credits: TeenageTeenwolf

#9 Send Bail Money

Image credits: she_oops

Humor’s great, but it shouldn’t be treated just as a means to an end: after all, laughing is valuable in and of itself. It’s all about having fun with your partner, not calculating what you have to do to maintain optimal happiness levels without down-trending fluctuations.

#10 Plane Toast

Image credits: bonjourdebbie

#11 My Husband Ian Insisted That Our New Puppy Nala Get Her Own Stocking. I Thought It Was Sweet Until I Realized He Had Ulterior Motives

Image credits: alymac95

#12 Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

Image credits: julcarls

Approaching life with a smile on your lips and a childish glint in your eyes readies you for whatever difficulties reality will throw at you. If you can see the positive and humorous side of situations that are downright terrifying and soul-crushing, you’ve basically just won at life.

#13 My Wife And I Recently Attended A Rave-Themed 5K Event. I Took This Picture Of Her Standing In Front Of A Light Board

Image credits: SunknLiner

#14 My Husband Came Home While I Was Asleep And He Says, “Wake Up Or I’m Going To Grab The Goats And Bring Them In!”

Guess I thought he was messing with me. Nigerian dwarf goat, Poptart.

Image credits: whitedragonatx

#15 My Wife Told Me To Get Dressed Up For Professional Christmas Photos. Think I Nailed It

Image credits: Darzin

#16 My Husband’s Idea Of A Gender Reveal Cake

Image credits: Lemongrass29

#17 My GF Had To Wear This To Work Today. Never Wanted Her More

Image credits: Henrythehoover

#18 Classes Canceled Due To Polar Vortex. What Else To Do But Wrap Your GF Like A Burrito And Feed Her Mozzarella Sticks

Image credits: goodlittleguy

#19 My Wife Put “We Still Do. 13 Years” On This Letter Board. I Added A Word When She Wasn’t Looking. She Is Posting This Version To Facebook As I Type This Without Realizing The Change. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE

#20 Decided To Photobomb My Wife During Our Wedding Photoshoot Last Month

Image credits: Thatguy9211

#21 Spent 10 Minutes Snapping Pics Of My Wife So She Could Have ‘The Perfect Sexy Instagram Photo.’ When She Was Finally Happy I Asked Her To Return The Favour. We Got This Beauty In One Take

Image credits: pimack

#22 My Husband Decided To Label Some Of My Herbs

Image credits: whit1and

#23 My Friend Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s. He Thought It Would Be Funny To Send This As His Christmas Letter. His Wife, Horrified, Added The Sticker

Image credits: akiro27

#24 Target Husband

Image credits: ninnuh

#25 What Happens When My Wife Asks Me To Write The Letter From Santa At 12:30 Am

Image credits: SirSilksalot

#26 My Boyfriend Decided To Take My Dog To The Beach Today For Some “Quality” Time Together

Image credits: AlexandraTheGr347

#27 I Gave My Girlfriend A Set Of Keys To My Apartment Today

Image credits: Brunoyouknow

#28 My Wife Cries At Absolutely Anything. I Mean, Anything. So I Started Writing The Reasons Down Because Reasons

Image credits: TechnicallyRon_

#29 My Wife Wasn’t Sure What To Spend Our 1900 Dave And Busters Tickets On. I Made An Executive Decision

Image credits: narcolepsyinc

#30 Girlfriend Sleep-Talks A Lot. I Write Down The Best Ones When I Can

Image credits: Soggybrick

#31 My Girlfriend Has Recently Had A Bug Problem In Her Apartment. She’s Drunk And Went To The Bathroom. I’m About To Be Single

Image credits: ketchuppacket

#32 My Wife Hates Comic Book Movies. Thanks, Universal

Image credits: holmw1

#33 My Wife Hates Roller Coasters. After I Pitched A Fit About It, She Finally Picked One She Would Ride With Me

Image credits: chopbustre

#34 My Girlfriend Says That I Own Too Many Video Games. I Sent Her This

Image credits: xl3rockhaus

#35 My Girlfriend Didn’t Like My Mustache. I Shaved It For Her, But Not Before Having A Professional Photo Shoot With My Dog

Image credits: sapperdanman

#36 My Fiancée Hates The Pet Stairs I Bought For Our Dogs, Saying They Don’t Even Use Them. After Weeks Of Attempted Training I Sent Her A Pic This Morning

Image credits: thejohnblog

#37 My Fortune Cookie Is Trying To Start Some Drama With My Wife And I

Image credits: c0rnnut007

#38 I Told My Fiancé That We Needed To Get A Funny Tree Topper To Offset The “Adult” Tree. He Nailed It

Image credits: katlikeafox

#39 He Finally Fell Asleep When My Wife Asked For A Picture And I Wanted To Let Her Know What Hes Been Like Until Then

Image credits: DamnItIan

#40 Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend vs. Photos He Takes Of Me

Image credits: s-poon

#41 Boyfriend Gave Me This Poster Of Prison Mike Made Entirely Of Pictures Of Us

Image credits: katherine_angel

#42 There Will Never Be Too Much Of Sassy

Image credits: plasticrouge

#43 This Is My Favorite Photo From Our Wedding. Not Pictured: My Wife

Image credits: nstuchlik

#44 Caught My Girlfriend Doing Her Makeup This Morning

Image credits: Swedishkangaroo

#45 My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel

Image credits: Arsenicyellow

#46 My Name Is Virginia. This Is My Husband’s New Favorite Shirt

Image credits: saratina

#47 I Send This To My Girlfriend When Our Arguments Aren’t Getting Anywhere

Image credits: rennypenn

#48 My Wife Said I Would Never Get Duchess In The Baby Bjorn

Image credits: gcbeehler5

#49 I Found Out That Our Volkswagen Fits In The Den. Will See What The Wife Thinks When She Gets Home

Image credits: TomTheTerrific

#50 Every Month I Guess Date Night. Today My Fiancé Threw Me Off And Told Me To Dress In My Best Outfit. Now We Feast On Taco Bell

Image credits: Mr_Curtis_Loew

#51 Missed My Flight To Meet My Boyfriend And Some Friends In NY, So My BF Was Stuck As A 3rd Wheel For A Day

Image credits: Chippany

#52 Pettiness Level 100,000,00. My Husband Was Angry This Morning So He Decided He Was Only Making His Half Of The Bed

Image credits: bearfoxmousemushroom

#53 I Made The Mistake Of Buying A “Romantic” Cabin Poetry Set For Our Refrigerator

Image credits: upvoter1529

#54 My Wife Hates This Picture Of Me, So Naturally I Made It Into A Blanket For Her As A Valentine’s Gift

Image credits: mrbean27

#55 When I Ask My Husband To Cut Vents In The Turkey Pot Pie

Image credits: FillsYourNiche

#56 I Wanted To Celebrate And Announce My Awesome Father’s Day Gift From My Wife. No Better Way Than A Sexy Photoshoot

Image credits: bouchdon85

#57 My Girlfriend And I Took Some Photos Today. She Wasn’t Very Pleased When I Uploaded This

Image credits: sealcouch

#58 My Boyfriend Decided This Is What He Wanted To Wear To Walmart Today

Image credits: jazzybebo

#59 One Of My Girlfriend’s Christmas Presents Arrived Today. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: coming__up__milhouse

#60 Friend’s Husband Played A Prank On Her

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 I Had A Promo Code For 250 Free Business Cards, So I Made Cards For My Wife And I

Image credits: KustomKonceptz

#62 My Wife Let Me Nerd Out For My Son’s Newborn Session So I Present To You Lord Hamish Of House Shirley, First Of His Name

Image credits: Uninteresting_guy

#63 I Asked My BF To Pick An Outfit For Me While I Was In The Shower

Image credits: dnise

#64 My Friend Gave Me This Awesome Chihuahua Onesie And My Husband Stole It

Image credits: MooPig48

#65 Friend’s GF Really Loves His New Shirt

Image credits: TheChin709

#66 My Girlfriend Let Me Decorate Our Apartment’s Front Window For Christmas. She May Have Made A Mistake

Image credits: Osko1337

#67 So My GF Sent Me A Picture Of Her New Piercings. I Sent This Back To Her

Image credits: Blastafart

#68 This Picture My Boyfriend Caught Of Me And My Cat Sleeping

Image credits: ohshit_aj

#69 “Right And Left” Joke

Image credits: harambevan

#70 My Girlfriend Says I Never Look At Her This Lovingly

Image credits: dfree3305

#71 My GF Accidentally Inserted Herself Into This Beautiful Moment At A Wedding Recently And I Made It Into My Anniversary Card To Her

Image credits: QueefMachine

#72 Husband Saw A Girl In A Bikini Doing This And Thought He Would Follow Her Lead

Image credits: Shansquatch

#73 Patty Loves Her Bikinis So I Thought I’d Buy Her A New One

Image credits: pedrocuz

#74 Asked My Husband To Take A Photo Of Me In Front Of An Inspirational Sign After My First 5K. This Is What I Got

Image credits: cottoncandyqueef

#75 My Fiancé Proposed To Me But He Didn’t Have A Ring Yet So He Improvised

Image credits: CarFullOfRadios

#76 Wife Wasn’t Too Pleased

Image credits: GeorgiaDawgs623

#77 Wife Is Mad This Is The Only Picture I Took At The Museum

Image credits: Harrybub

#78 My Wife Said She Was Tired Of Seeing The ATV In The Yard

Image credits: Pjacob77

#79 My Wife Is Unhappy With My Attitude, And This May Be One Of The Reasons

Image credits: satellittfjes

#80 My Boyfriend Put The Lights On The Tree

Image credits: jessicalm44

#81 I Was Jealous Of This Handsome Man’s Photo That My Girlfriend Had On Our Fridge. So I Swapped It Out

Image credits: AlmaGordo

#82 I Made This Lemongrab Card For My Girlfriend’s Birthday

Image credits: della_penna

#83 The Christmas Moose Contains 12 Gifts For My Wife. Head Is A Bit Small, But It Was All For Fun Anyhow

Image credits: NovusOldMan

#84 I Move Around Quite A Bit In My Sleep And Last Night I Accidentally Hit My Girlfriend. So I Went And Got Her A Cake

Image credits: The_Bearded_Beast

#85 My Friend’s GF Told Him He Can Only Have One Drink

Image credits: princealiofil

#86 My Dad Accidentally Bought A Same Sex Valentine’s Day Card And Instead Of Getting Another Card, He Drew A Little Beard On One Of The Women

Image credits: PJSamus

#87 I Left My To-Do List On The Counter, Apparently My Husband Found It And Added An Extra Task

Image credits: _sunshine_daydream_1

#88 My Wife Asked If I Could Set Up A Little Cork And Canvas For Her And Her Friends. I Doubt This Is What She Meant

Image credits: calhounahan

#89 My Wife Bought This Off Amazon To Clean My Dogs Paws After He Comes In From Outside. I’m Going To Keep It On My Side Of The Bed

Image credits: imonlinedammit1

#90 Figured Out Something To Do With All The Hair My Girlfriend Keeps Safely Stored On The Shower Wall

Image credits: siredwardh

#91 My Boyfriend Made A Very Unfortunate Find At The Mall Today

Image credits: jmrlet

#92 My Girlfriend’s Glasses Broke. So I Replaced The Lenses In Google Cardboard With Her Prescription Lenses. Works A Bomb

Image credits: acrawf1

#93 Valentine’s Card From My Lovely Hubby

Image credits: ladymarie1

#94 Potential Baby Names

Image credits: SunsetSkin

#95 Wife Asked Me To Change The Computer Wallpaper To A “Nice Family Photo”. One Of The Nicest Ones I Could Find

Image credits: McVeeth

#96 When My Husband Asked Where The Markers Were, I Should Have Been More Suspicious

Image credits: MellieMayhem

#97 Put My Girlfriend In Front Of The Projector While Creating A Character In Skyrim

Image credits: ThatDoubleTap

#98 Girlfriend Told Me She Was Arriving Home From Europe Earlier Than Planned. Had To Think Fast

Image credits: HS_TakenSeriously

#99 My Girlfriend Took Me To A Furniture/Homewares Store, So I Did What Anyone Would Do – I Made Cheeseburgers Out Of The Coasters

Image credits: chumjumper

#100 I Broke The Toilet Seat. This Is How I Broke It To My Wife

Image credits: boogerknows

#101 My Girlfriend Didn’t Think She Burned The Cookies She Made The Other Night. So, I Took A Picture And Told Her “Find The Cookie”

Image credits: BowlJob

#102 My Husband Decided My Beautiful Floral Guest Bathroom Needed More Wall Decor

Image credits: CasMaSas

#103 And This Is My Husband’s Background On His Computer, Phone, And His Profile Picture. Oh Yeah, And We Have A Framed 8.5 By 11 Too

Image credits: CaptainSpect

#104 My Boyfriend Likes To Take Nice Pictures Of Me

Image credits: krogs

#105 Apparantly My GF Is Not Interested In Dressing Up For The Hobbit Tonight

Image credits: JBEHAR11

#106 I Never Showed My Wife My Senior Photo Until Way After We Were Married

Image credits: jtnichol

#107 I Sneak This Ornament Onto My Wife’s Meticulously Decorated Tree Every Christmas. She Has Yet To Notice In 3 Years

Image credits: MrNewMoney

#108 Walked In To Find That My Body Pillow Now Has A Face. Makes Sense Since We’ve Been Calling It Ryan Gosling For Months Now

Image credits: the_true_tara

#109 Every Year I Make A Christmas Card Picture With My Dog, And GF And Me In It. Here’s This Year’s

Image credits: EvanHMG

#110 So My Boyfriend Had His Birthday Dinner With Jennifer Lawrence

Image credits: croatiansensation504

#111 Just Got Married Tonight, Got To The Hotel Room, This Is Our Action Tonight!

Image credits: skittlewig

#112 Told The GF I’d Buy Her A Bottle Of Cristal If She Ever Farted In Front Of Me. Months And Months And Months Later:

Image credits: Anorexorcist

#113 This Is How My BF Tells Me We Need Toiletpaper

Image credits: Meg_Munster

#114 True Story

Image credits: whippinboi

#115 Trying To Get A Pic Of My Girl And I Coming Off The Ski Lift

Image credits: AbooLovesYOU

#116 How I Make Vegetarian Pizza For My GF

Image credits: FastEd66

#117 I Ran A Bath For My Girlfriend, She Was Not Happy

Image credits: imgur.com

#118 My Wife Left Me In Charge Of The Shower Curtain As Well

Image credits: btoxic

#119 An Artistic Approach

Husband: ‘the depressing thing is, this is probably now the most widely-read thing I’ve ever written.’

Image credits: LizzieSwann1

#120 I Asked My Boyfriend How Scrabble Night Was Going With His Relatives, He Posted This Story

Image credits: Pher_yl

#121 Sometimes I Wonder What It’s Like To Be 5’1″, Then I See My Wife And I’m Good Not Knowing

Image credits: Anubyss88

#122 My Wife Asked Me To Dry The Dishes

Image credits: ask4jo

#123 My Girlfriend Turned 30, So…

Image credits: CarpenterRadio

#124 It’s My Birthday Today And My Boyfriend Drew This For Me

Image credits: ninawowcool

#125 My Nephew Left His Coloring Book At My Home. My Husband Has Been Finding Creative Ways To Scare Me With It

Image credits: katedid

#126 I Am A Hypochondriac. This Is What My BF Got Me After I Was Bit By A Mosquito And Decided To Update My Will

Image credits: allthethings_maeghan

#127 “Because We Had A ’Discussion’ About Leaving His Socks On The Floor”

Image credits: TheWiseAreWild

#128 My Husband, After He Cut Our Daughter’s Umbilical Cord This August

Image credits: peachypineapple11

#129 My Wife Absolutely Hates Nicholas Cage With A Deep-Seated Passion

Image credits: tmone

#130 Been Dating This Cool Girl And It’s Her Half Birthday Today

Image credits: Katasia

#131 My Stepmom Won Some Money From The Lottery Last Night, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image credits: drolrats

#132 Thanks A Lot

Image credits: favejuju

#133 My Husband Sent This To Me Today. The Feeling Was All Too Real After My Split Rock Randomly Perished

Image credits: theofficialjill

#134 Ask Husband For Chocolate, You Get This

Image credits: MelancholyGhost

#135 I Got My Girlfriend A Romantic Flour Arrangement For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: gassmaster

#136 Girlfriend Knows I Hate Shopping, Takes Me Anyway, Regrets It

Image credits: OyVeyzMeir

#137 My Boyfriend Draws Faces In The Vegetables And Fruits That I Bought But Forgot To Eat

Image credits: ayrtz111

#138 My Wife Said She Needed A Smart Man In Her Life, So I Proudly Went And Got Two Degrees

Image credits: MyJelloJiggles

#139 My Boyfriend And I Had Our First Baby In December, And This Is What I Came Home To For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: heycarla

#140 Asked My BF To Take A Cute Picture Of Me And The Dog. This Is What I Get

Image credits: ImUnimaginative

#141 I’m A Professional Transcriptionist. My BF Works At A Record Store. This Is The “Present” I Found On My Pillow This Evening

Image credits: msmika

#142 My Husband Had These Set Up On The Counter For Me And Said “It’s Your Early Valentine’s Day Gift. Don’t Ever Say I Didn’t Get You Flowers”

This is why I married him.

Image credits: skittlewig

#143 Buddy Got His Wife A Very Expensive Bouquet Of Flowers – This Was The Card That Came With It

Image credits: FLAttorney

#144 My Hilarious Husband Got Me What Every Girl Wants For Valentine’s Day: “Flours”, Chocolates And “A Card”

Image credits: wivsta

#145 My Boyfriend Dressed Up As Princess Leia For Halloween

Image credits: Alisha_face

#146 I Asked My Husband To Make Sure The Kitchen Counter Was Clean

Image credits: HardPass10

#147 I Also Painted My Girlfriend In Watercolor

Image credits: gutterchrist

#148 Hmmm, It Appears A Husband Has Been Here. Cup Of Beer, Cup Of Cheer – Same Thing!

Image credits: meremazing

#149 How To Initiate With Your Wife When You Have A 1-Year-Old

Image credits: JediMasturBates

#150 This Is My Husband’s Attempt At Slowing Me Down

Image credits: TamTamLH

#151 I’m Short And My SO Is Not

Image credits: eggshellgreen

#152 My Boyfriend And I Have A Collection Of Movies In ‘The Box’ To Watch. He Got Me A Bunch Of Movies This Christmas To Add To It And Wrapped Each And Every One In A Printed Screen Shot Of Brad Pitt In ‘Seven’ When He Says The Line ‘What’s In The Box!?’

Image credits: ljw738

#153 I Told My BF He Can Look Forward To Winter, He Told Me I Can Look Forward To Summer

Image credits: what_the_vulture

#154 So My Girl Said She’d Do Anything For Me If I Can Make A Painting Look Good With A D*ckbutt Brush. Challenge Accepted

Image credits: rooyall

#155 Came Home From A Really Bad Day At Work And Found This From My Amazing Husband

Image credits: bubble_girl0211

#156 My Wife Complained That I Left A Cabinet Door Open Again. Naturally I Thought This Would Be The Best Way To Leave The Kitchen This Morning Before Leaving

Image credits: joearminio.2

#157 I Decided To Help My Wife With The Labeling

Image credits: kodek64

#158 Found This Gem, Taken During My Drug-Free Birth And It Really Sums Up The Experience. I Could Have Killed My Husband

Image credits: wickedcreative

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