159 Times Grandparents Were So Wholesome, Their Grandkids Just Had To Share These Pics Online

About 1 billion people in the world today are grandparents. Because humans are living longer, we are spending more time in the grandparenting role compared to past generations. As a result, more and more people are embracing the silver age of wisdom and the perks that come with it.

So as a tribute to all those perfectly fluffy apple pies only grandmas know how to make, and to these seriously useful handy skills you can only thank your grandpa for, Bored Panda has compiled this joyful list of wholesome grandparents.

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From grandparents meeting their newborn grandchild for the first time and crying their eyes out from happiness, to grandma knitting a rainbow sweater after her granddaughter came out as bi, this is the grandlove we all deserve in life.

#1 After Not Seeing My Grandparents For Months, They Finally Figured Out How “To Work Facetime.” This Was My Grandpa’s Face When He Saw Me

Image credits: bogar13

#2 Best Grandma

Image credits: itsmeloly_

#3 Grandpa Pushed Grandma Out Of The Way Before Getting Run Over By Some Moron In A Van

Image credits: SpoonHandle

#4 My 90-Year Old Grandma Mailed A Homemade Vest For Me To “Wear To Parties”. It’s Amazing

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Dedication Level – Love

Image credits: renblankk

#6 Grandfather With Vitiligo Crochets Dolls To Make Children With This Condition Feel Better

Image credits: joaostanganelli

#7 My Nana Knitted A Blanket For A Baby Elephant Called Khanyisa In South Africa, It Arrived Yesterday From The UK After 4 Months And She Is So Happy

Image credits: marcusjsmall

#8 Don’t Be Mean

Image credits: conarck

#9 My Grandma Wanted To See The Ocean One Last Time Before Checking Into Hospice. Her Face Says It All

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Image credits: ecost

#10 Reunited With Grandpa After 15 Years

Image credits: viagianne

#11 Sweet Grandma

Image credits: starbrightfemme

#12 She Drew A Picture Of Her Dream Dress, And Her Grandma Made It For Her

Image credits: ritomynamewontfi

#13 My Dog Gets Really Anxious In The Car, So My Grandma Asked To Sit In The Back With Him. The Whole Car Ride All I Heard Was “It’s Okay, We’re Almost There Brave Boy”

Image credits: bex_yeah

#14 A Grandpa Got A Cochlea Implant Tattoo To Become Like His Grandson

Image credits: criesuncontrollably

#15 My Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is My Grandma Sewing It Back Together

Image credits: andthenhestabbedme

#16 I Will More Than Likely Lose My Grandma Tonight, But I Will Forever Cherish This Photo Of My Grandparents. Almost To 53 Years Married

Image credits: DwarfWarrior17

#17 This Grandpa Seems To Be Really Cool

Image credits: SuitingUncle620

#18 I Told My Grandma I Was Bisexual A Few Weeks Ago And Today She Gave Me This

Image credits: sunatjexd

#19 Sweet Grandma

Image credits: Sierra Sessions

#20 My 91-Year-Old Grandpa Asked To Switch Hats For A Photo – “So I Can Be ‘Cool’ Like You!”

Image credits: unfortunatedelaney_

#21 Went Out Fishing With My Grandpa This Evening And There Was This One Kid Who Had Some Sort Of Mental Handicap

About halfway through our fishing, his rod broke and there were several knots in his line. Not only did my grandpa completely fix his rod he untied the knots. Never been more proud of him.

Image credits: ManiacGoblin46

#22 My Dad Meeting My Son For The First Time Yesterday. I’ve Never Seen My Dad So Happy. Feels Real Good, Man

Image credits: tripdiesel91

#23 My Grandma And Grandpa Just Delivered Me Thanksgiving Meal Because They Aren’t Having Everyone Over

Image credits: Blueshark25

#24 Today My 3 Year Old Son And His 89 Year Old Great Grandma Teamed Up To Catch Both Their First Fish. He Hooked It She Reeled It In

Image credits: Beezy8d5

#25 My Grandfather Has Kept A Photo Of Me In His Wallet Since I Was 5 Years Old. Surprisingly Good Condition For A 20-Year-Old Photo

Image credits: Returnofthequeen9224

#26 My 92 Year-Old Grandpa Takes My 91 Year-Old Grandma Dinner In Bed Every Night

Image credits: LLLMMMCCC

#27 My 84-Year-Old Grandmother Apologized For Having To Wear Her Nightgown In Front Of Us

I said it was no problem and that it actually looked very comfortable, so she immediately offered one to me. It’s not like I could have rejected this generous gift…

Image credits: JarrodAlonge

#28 Way To Go

Image credits: lifeofbryony

#29 Professional Portrait

Image credits: theanncam

#30 Every Hat

Image credits: 6_5Tail

#31 My Grandpa’s Cat Passed Away Early December. He Was Crushed And Didn’t Want To Insensitively Replace Her, But He Was So Lonely

He let my mom help him find a new kitten after a couple weeks. This is the picture she sent me.

Image credits: FuzzyChrysalis

#32 This Is The Last Note My Grandfather Left My Grandma Before He Died. He Attached It To His Will Because He Knew That’d The Only Time She Would Find It

Image credits: CorrCpu

#33 Every Year My 90-Year-Old Grandma Crochets Hats For Kids In Need. This Year One Of Her Assigned Teens Wrote That They Were Bi In The “About You” Section

She asked me what it meant and I explained. On her own, she researched and made a hat that includes both the flag & the girl’s favorite color, green.

Image credits: PaperPonies

#34 My Grandma Ringing The Bell After Officially Winning Her Battle With Breast Cancer Today

Image credits: Coopster1125

#35 Grandpa Makes An Amazing Cradle For His Grandson

Image credits: BlackEyedBroad

#36 My Wonderful Grandmother Has Alzheimers. My 91 Year Old Grandfather Stuck It Out While I Explained Over The Phone How To Facetime, And He Did It! Now I Get To See Them Every Day And Talk To My Gram

Image credits: jackie_ou_ohyeah

#37 My 90-Year-Old Grandpa Is Sewing The Holes My Dog Made In Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: puzzled-bets

#38 When We Moved My Grandma Bought A Towel For When I’d Come. 12 Years Later, She Still Hangs The Same Duck Towel For Me When I Arrive

Image credits: ericisnotcool

#39 93 Year Old Grandma And Her Grandson Recreating Up

Image credits: Smoothsmith8

#40 My Son Met His Great Great Grandma Today

Image credits: thebatmunk

#41 My Great-Grandma, Who Will Be 103 On Valentine’s Day, Laughing With My 2-Month-Old Daughter

Image credits: mrsroyalmountain

#42 My Grandpa Met Tucker For The First Time Today

Image credits: inidooH

#43 My Grandma Turns 101 Today! Here’s A Photo Of Her Working Out

Image credits: lavt10

#44 My Grandma Can’t Protest On The Streets, But She Still Wants To Show Her Solidarity And Support

Image credits: lovejellybeans

#45 My Grandma, 96, With My Grandpa, 100, Hours Before Her Death This Weekend. 77 Years Of Marriage

Image credits: RealLiveGirl

#46 My Grandma Meeting Her Great-Granddaughter For The First Time In A Surprise Visit

Image credits: LectaAus

#47 Grandma Goals

Image credits: kevinmwomack

#48 The First Selfie My Grandpa Took With His New Phone

Image credits: bosvert234

#49 My Grandma Had A 10th Birthday Party For Her Dog

Image credits: mk_richards_

#50 My Grandma Watering Me So I Would Grow (1991). Next Month She’ll Be 98

Image credits: pinche_ben

#51 My 101-Year-Old Grandfather Threw A 100th Birthday Party For His Best Friend, Bob

Image credits: Lourdez01

#52 My Grandfather Bought These In 1956 And Gave Them To Me When He Retired In 1996. I Hope He’s Proud That He Inspired Me To Become An Engineer

I’ve carried them on many jobs in multiple countries over 3 continents. 

Image credits: JohnSherlockHolmes

#53 There Is Almost Exactly 100 Years Of Age Between My Son (2) And My Grandfather (102)

Image credits: RexRizzo

#54 My 88 Year Old Grandma Bakes More Than 30 Kg Of Cookies Each December. She Donates The Majority Of Them To The Christmas Market From The Local Disability Home

Image credits: 000vicky000

#55 My Grandfather Reads His Mother’s Day Card To His Wife Of 65 Years Who Lost Her Sight Three Years Ago. They Are My Two Favorite People In The World

Image credits: EllipsoidaltwopointO

#56 100 Years Apart. My Grandfather On His 103rd Birthday With My 3-Year-Old Daughter. This Picture Is Priceless To Me

Image credits: Howells2202

#57 My Grandma Is 89 And Her Groom Is 86. They Met 9 Months Ago And Fell Madly In Love, Showing It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again

Image credits: streetmeet88

#58 My 88-Year-Old Grandfather Holding A Bunny For The Very First Time

Image credits: OPJesseVeronie

#59 My Grandfather Built A Floating Dock For Turtles In The Lake By Their House, And The Turtles Love It

Image credits: marsarose

#60 My Grandma Turned 98 Today

Image credits: imobsessedwithsims

#61 I Decided To Go Back To College In My 30’s And My Grandma Sends Me A Card Every Month For Support

Image credits: keepchill

#62 Lunch With Grandpa

Image credits: melissamacxo

#63 Baby Yoda And Granny

Image credits: Prowarrior0047

#64 Heartwarming

Image credits: Darrien Arnold

#65 My Oma (Grandmother) Made Me This Quilt For My Graduation. She Thought The Rainbows Would Be Good Because I’m Gay. My Grandparents Are New To This Whole Gay Thing But They Are Doing Their Best

Image credits: AbbyClaw

#66 Super Cool Grandmother

Image credits: BobbyDukeArts

#67 My 78 Year Old Chinese Grandma Who Spent Most Of Her Life Living In China Has Been Trying To Learn English. She Sometimes Sends Me Wholesome Messages In English

Image credits: lindajing

#68 Went To Senior Community Breakfast With Granpa In Law And Saw One Senior Handing Out Printed Memes To The Other Seniors

Image credits: SpecialSnowflake02

#69 It’s A Match

Image credits: djbewbz

#70 Sent A Text To My Grandparents, They Were So Happy They Framed It

Image credits: chusman16

#71 I Just Found Out That My Grandmother Has Spent Her Time During Covid Hitting The Weights, She Turns 85 Next Week

Image credits: joemaniaci

#72 Wholesome And Supportive Grandpa

Image credits: TahmagicKenchShell

#73 Grandpa Joins Local Woodworking Group

Image credits: aarnens

#74 Talent

Image credits: catneylang

#75 Spongebob

Image credits: Lazyllama52

#76 My Grandpa Rescued An Abandoned Baby Deer

The mom was actually killed by a car, but the baby was spared. Trust me, I’m not one to mess with wildlife, but this lil guy needed some help, and my grandpa plans on turning him over to a rehabilitation center.

Image credits: coltonisfugly

#77 My Son (7) And My Grandpa (77) Go On A Ride Together At Least Once A Week

Image credits: capturedbymab

#78 This Wholesome Grandpa

My sister went to visit our grandparents today and our grandfather (who unfortunately has dementia) felt really sad for the dogs who had to stay outside. So he spent the day entertaining them by showing them various paintings.

Image credits: Thomas J Morrison

#79 My Grandparents Have Been Married For Almost 60 Years. My Grandpa Still Courts My Grandma. He Sent This Picture To The Family Chat Saying ‘Two Beautiful Matching Flowers.’ I Love Them

Image credits: DragonAgeFenris

#80 Supportive Grandma

Image credits: AlbertRamonTV

#81 My Grandma Has A Ring That Is Her Most Prized Possession. She’s Always Said One Day She Would Pass It Down To Me

Now, I am the first person in our family to get a Master’s Degree, and as I lined up for graduation, she handed me my own…identical to hers and told me she was proud of me.

Image credits: killaqueenmac

#82 This Grandma Just Turned 105 Years Old Today

Image credits: abdirahmanmahdi

#83 My Grandma Hand Drew All Her Wrapping Paper

Image credits: Hammar_Morty

#84 This Grandfather With His Zucchini

My barely 5ft tall grandfather wanted me to show “those people on your phone” his zucchini. But first he needed sunglasses so that he looks cool for the internet. Also the last picture is of him doing what he will do to those who say that his zucchini is ugly. Bless his soul

Image credits: spengebeb

#85 My Grandfather And His Friends Recently Got iPhones

Image credits: i_wont_be_here_long

#86 My Heart Is Melting! My Grandfather Just Gave Me This. Love You So Much Gunny

Image credits: Bananaman0658

#87 My 57 Year Old Grandmother Is Graduating With A Bachelors The Same Year I Graduate High School. I’m Super Proud Of Her

Image credits: Braheem2853

#88 Left Hand

Image credits: jazz_inmypants

#89 My Grandfather (Who Is Generally Technologically Inept) Spent Days On A Computer For All The Grandkids Making CDs Of The Top Ten Songs From The Day We Were Each Born

Image credits: Hadditor

#90 My Grandma Has Alzheimer’s And Used To Spend The Night At Home Before Her Care Facility Went On Lockdown. This Is The First Time My Grandpa Has Gotten To See Her In A Few Weeks

They are my relationship goals.

Image credits: gattinarubia

#91 2010 – The Day My Grandma Helped Me Move Into My First Home And Changed My Life

Image credits: I_live_4_my_animals

#92 My 96-Year-Old Grandma Making Sauce

Image credits: Tik__Tik

#93 My Grandfather Worked His Whole Career As An Engineer. Yesterday He Bought Himself This Shirt

Image credits: SpacebarOddity

#94 My Wife And I Got Married Over Thanksgiving After 10 Years Together. Her Grandma Immediately Got To Work On My Christmas Stocking. She Just Finished It. I Think It’s Awesome

Image credits: too_Far_west

#95 My 7-Year-Old Girl That I Rescued 4 Years Ago Waiting Ever So Patiently For My 79-Year-Old Grandma To Fix One Of Her Favorite Toys

Image credits: AlwaysHigh27

#96 Grandma Sneaking The Goods

Image credits: goldioldilocks

#97 My Grandma Bought Me A New Shirt Today. I’m 34

Image credits: CaptainSnatchbuckler

#98 My Grandfather And Grandmother Have Been Married For 46 Years. I Believe I Found Out Why This Morning They Love Each Other So Much

The note says: “Good Morning. Thank you for all the things you do little or big. Made a pot of coffee but cut it off did not know what time you would be here. Maybe you can heat it up. Love you very much. See you in a little while. Saw 3 deer @ 6:50. Tommy”

Image credits: what_was_that_again

#99 My Son Having A Pokemon Battle With His Grandfather

Image credits: WavesOfEchoes

#100 Birthday Present From My Grandma. She Gets It, Man

Image credits: llama1892

#101 Five Generations. My 94-Year-Old Great Grandfather Meeting His Great Great-Grandson For The First And Only Time

Image credits: dariendrollinger

#102 Here Is My Great Grandma With A Picture Of Her When She Was 20. Almost 100, Half Blind And On Oxygen, But Still Kicking

Image credits: 22Redtailed22

#103 My Grandfather Is So Proud Of His Cacti (I’m Pretty Proud Of Him)

Image credits: applelanche

#104 My Grandfather Takes In And Takes Care Of All His Neighborhood Animals. Strays And Rescues Included

If they’re sick he medicates them (nurses them back to health), he builds homes for them on his porch, he feeds them all. Even wild deer and raccoons eat from his hand. He’s truly inspiring.

Image credits: CrazedFlower

#105 My Grandma Heard About Our Local Hospital Being Low On Masks Because Of Covid-19, So She Decided To Take Things Into Her Own Hands

Image credits: ItsChimeTime

#106 I Left My Blanket At My 90-Year-Old Grandma’s House And Asked Her To Send It Back. She Wrapped Cookies And Brownies Inside

Image credits: emzieees

#107 My Great-Grandma Wears A Necklace With My Baby Picture When I’m Traveling Because She Worries. 95 And Going Strong

Image credits: faith_the_free_elf

#108 95yr Old Grandma Teaching Her 9 Month Old Great Granddaughter How To Walk

Image credits: bowzer087

#109 Hell Yeah I Wanna Go To Red Lobster, Grandpa

Image credits: kabdoronald

#110 This Is My Grandpa/Dad. I’m Adopted By My Grandparents

He’s survived bacterial meningitis and the doctors were 99% sure he was going to die. He is the nicest and funniest guy I know and he would do anything for me. Every time he does something I smile, because he means so much to me

Image credits: thatsmadbro_

#111 I’m Visiting My Grandparents This Weekend And My Grandma Is Already Asking Me What I Want To Eat For Dinner. It’s Only Thursday. I Really Don’t Deserve Her

Image credits: SphVonBon

#112 Wholesome Grandpa

Image credits: grazipeach

#113 Next Door Grandpa

He is 95 years old, and is the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever met. Though his wife has passed, and his kids and grandkids are grown, he never stops making an effort to love people. Andrew and I have gone out to dinner with him a number of times, and Earl always tells us he can be our “next door grandpa.” I’ve never had a better neighbor. I hope to be half as giving, caring and amazing as him in my lifetime

Image credits: laxerado1313

#114 I Am A 29 Year Old Grown Lady And My 77 Year Old Grandpa Still Mails Me Birthday Cards With A Twenty Dollar Check

Image credits: lilacsinthesummer

#115 Grandson Decides To Get His 84-Year-Old Grandpa A New Wardrobe And Makes Him An Instagram Star

Image credits: slvr.tty

#116 Nap

Image credits: mckenziebrelyn

#117 Awesome Grandpa

Image credits: suraaura

#118 Had To Cancel My Flight For Grandpa’s Surprise Party And Was Feeling Sad. Turns Out My Mom Posted This To Fb And He’s Just Psyched To Be An “Internet Sensation”

Image credits: ginsomnia

#119 Did A Christmas Scavenger Hunt. This Is What My Grandpa Sent For 3 Wise Men

Image credits: WizardlyJB__ps4

#120 My 78 Year Old Grandpa Using Text-To-Speech Is My Favorite Thing

Image credits: hiddensquidx

#121 This Is My Grandpa Outside Of My Grandma’s Therapy She Recently Broke Her Back And He Can’t Go Inside Cause Of Covid So They Talk Like This Through The Phone For Hours In The Freezing Cold. This Is Love

Image credits: diego17424

#122 Wholesome

Image credits: vibkit

#123 We Moved To The Us From India And My Grandma Can Only Speak Very Broken English But Had Me Help Correct Her And Spend Over An Hour To Write A Card In English For My Wife So She Could Understand It

Image credits: fezesrcool

#124 Hero Grandma

Image credits: MacfarlaneJamie

#125 My Grandma Never Lets Us Take Pictures Of Her, But She Is Rocking This Purple Hair I Couldn’t Help Myself

Image credits: totallytylerrr

#126 I Asked My Grandfather A Few Days Ago What My Grandmother Was Like When She Was Younger, And He Just Sent Me This

Image credits: ap457

#127 When My Now 3 Yr Old Son Got Cancer In 2018, My 91 Yr Old Grandmother Wanted To Get As Close To Him As She Could. She Wrote Down The Colors Of The Paw Patrol Pups So She Could Watch It With Him. I Found Those Notes Today

P.S. He’s cancer free now and they still watch Paw Patrol

Image credits: xIAmSpartacusx

#128 Someone’s Grandma Texted Me By Mistake. It Definitely Made Me Smile

Image credits: ziltussy

#129 My Grandfather Making A Remark On How Few Ribbons I Have

Image credits: ohmeimlurking

#130 My Grandfather (Born: 1919) Holding My Son (Born: 2019)

Image credits: I_See_With_Sound

#131 My Grandma Wanted Me To Show The World The Giant Sunflower She Grew Last Summer

Image credits: dannyarmy

#132 My 101-Years-Old Grandfather With Me And My Wife On His Birthday. He Is WW2 Hero From Poland And Funniest Guy I Ever Met

Image credits: MasterOfDizaster

#133 My Sister Somehow Got My Grandfather On The Carousel

Image credits: svo_svangur

#134 My Grandfather Lost My Grandmother In February. He Decided To Get Out More. Here He Is In Milan Living His Best Life

Image credits: louknows

#135 My Grandma Showing Her Cat How Bad The Weather Is

Image credits: WhereEaglesDave

#136 My 95-Year-Old Grandfather Just Bought Himself A New Alfa Romeo

Image credits: HarleyMom1972

#137 My Grandpa Is 90 Yrs Old And My Grandma Is 88. Today They Shared Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: YeaThatWasMe

#138 My Great-Grandfather Wanted A Picture Of Himself Next To His Garden. He Will Be 90 In October

Image credits: willyboy82

#139 Meet My Grandmother And Her Best Friend From Third Grade. They’re Both Named Dorothy, They Both Turned 90 This Month, And Until Today They Haven’t Seen Each Other In 25 Years

Image credits: titsinski

#140 My 82 Year Old Grandma Painted This For Me And Gave It To Me For Christmas

Image credits: MoistPinkyFinger

#141 My Grandfather Makes Pocket Knives. I Spent The Day Documenting His Craft. I’m In Love With This Shot

Image credits: WoodyCreekRanch

#142 My Grandma Showing Off A Quilt She Made For My Little Sister’s Birthday

Image credits: aioli_cannoli

#143 My Grandma Made Me A Quilt Because I Love Avatar. However, It Strangely Looks Like Something Else. I Love My Grandma! Enjoy Her Work, Internet

Image credits: waddletoy

#144 My Grandma Knows I’m Going To The Game Tonight, But Don’t Have A Jersey

Image credits: Doogiehoser

#145 My Grandma Turned 101 Today

Image credits: Texas12thMan

#146 This Picture Of My Grandfather Meeting His Great-Grandson For The First Time

Image credits: Lucklesshero

#147 For My 30th Birthday, My Grandma Wanted To Bring Me Somewhere Special

Image credits: Chilissouthwestsalad

#148 My Grandma Knits Dolls For Children In 3rd World Countries

Image credits: usernameidkwhat

#149 Grandparents Are Too Pure For This World

Image credits: heatheerdaniels

#150 Grandma Made Me (28F) A Bag During Crafts At Her Nursing Home. I’m Keeping It Forever

Image credits: coasny

#151 She May Be 88 But My Grandma Can Still Put On A Damn Good Indian Feast

Image credits: on_another_planet

#152 Star Wars

Image credits: elliottmorgan12

#153 My Grandpa Made A Post Today About My Grandma. I Thought It Was Cute. If You Read It In His Thick Spanish Accent It’s A Little Cuter

Image credits: Chicago-Rican

#154 Grandma Left Me A Note Tucked Under My Pillow After Spending The Night In My Room

Image credits: FilmAndChill

#155 Grandma From My Previous Post Asked Me To Take This Picture To Show You How Well She’s Doing At 90. Look At That Pose. You Go Martita!

Image credits: mrsboucher-

#156 Got To See My 82-Year-Old Grandfather Today. He Wore His Finest Shirt To Celebrate The Occasion

Image credits: deejayrareco9

#157 My Wive’s Grandfather (93) Standing On The Gun He Manned On The USS Intrepid During WWII

Image credits: Vampire1187

#158 My Grandfather, A WWII Dive Bomber, On His 95th Birthday

Image credits: jmorneault

#159 My Grandpa Handcrafted A Bunk Bed For Our Cats

Image credits: Cronchy_Tacos

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