15th century sculptures re-imagined with bits of modern life

Sculptor and artist Gerard Mas is very serious about his art. And he well should be, because they are beautiful. Still, one can’t help to have a smile – perhaps even let out a giggle or two – with his latest artwork. Imagine a classic Florentine portrait of a woman, all dressed accordingly –  now, add a microphone headset to the picture, or a bubble of gum ready to pop, or a tattoo of a skull on her chest. The Spanish artist does bring out the most tasteful flavor of humor with his work. However, the artist does manage to amusingly create 15th century Florentine sculptures re-imagined with glimpses of various aspects that come from modern life.

Mas uses alabaster, resin, wood, and marble with his contemporary busts. At first sight, they look like they were fished straight out from the Renaissance – until you get a closer look. Sucking on lollipops or picking noses while posing for a sculpture surely is no way for a 15th-century woman to behave.

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Gerard Mas is a Spanish sculptor from Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona. He mastered his craft at the Llotja Art School in Barcelona. See his latest work and more on his official website.

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