164 Squishy Dog Cheeks That Are Impossible To Resist Squishing (New Pics)

There’s not a shred of doubt in our minds—dogs are incredibly cute and they deserve all of the internet space that they can take up with their canine smiles. Move over, cats, it’s doggo time. In fact, dogs are so cute that sometimes their owners can’t resist squishing their cheeks, stretching their skin flaps or scruffs, and sharing the photos on the net.

It’s adorable. It’s funny. It’s here on Bored Panda. Upvote the photos that brought a smile to your face as you’re scrolling down, dear Readers, and be sure to let us know which canine companions won over your hearts. Pssst, you’ll find our earlier list about squishy dog cheeks that are impossible to resist squishing right over here.

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Just keep in mind, Pandas, that the dogs featured in this list aren’t in any pain. In fact, some of them enjoy the mini face massage. But this isn’t the case with every dog. Before you start stretching random doggos’ skin, ask their owners for permission, speak to dogs themselves (always fun!), or talk to a professional vet, breeder, or trainer.

#1 Slobbersaurus 3 Month Glow Up. Bigger Wrinkly Cheeks, Bigger Blep, Heckin’ Good Boi

Image credits: Courtney Jones

#2 Stretch Dogstrong

Image credits: hoppi

#3 Stretchy Face Dorothy. I Love Her Cheeks

Image credits: mareacuda

Depending on the dog and the owner, they might squish their pets’ cheeks, play with the skin flaps around their faces, or stretch the loose skin around their neck. That last bit, by the way, is known as the scruff, and it’s what mother canines pick their puppies up by.

It’s a myth that dogs can’t feel their scruff. They can, so if you do play around with it or grab it, you have to be gentle and firm. Know your own dog’s boundaries and don’t try anything funny with a random dog’s scruff—it might not thank you very much.

#4 This Is How Loose My Dog’s Neck Is

Image credits: harryq15

#5 My Dog Has A Lot Of Extra Skin

Image credits: AustinXC

#6 Mr. Cheek

Image credits: fhosalay

Aside from scruffs, different breeds and individual dogs can have loose skin. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, ranging from weight loss and Cutaneous Asthenia (a hereditary disorder that causes stretchy, saggy skin) to hunting dogs like basset hounds or bloodhounds having been bred to have more loose skin folds around their faces and necks (they trap the scent of their quarry so the hound doesn’t miss it by chance).

#7 Someone Needs A Little Nip Tuck

Image credits: watsonthewondermutt

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#8 Jackson’s Mighty Roar

Image credits: strawhat_harris

#9 Here’s A Lil Stingray Face To Brighten Your Morning

Image credits: beingbarley

However, the loose skin folds and wrinkles capture not just the scent of the dog’s prey. They also collect dirt and can be the perfect breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria. That’s why you need to clean in between your dog’s folds once or twice a week to help keep their skin healthy. You can wash the folds or clean them with a soft cloth.

#10 Love This Guy

Image credits: dylanwelsh86

#11 He’s A Special Kind Of Special

Image credits: aylaalyssa_

#12 Chipmunkin’ On Friyay

Image credits: bearcoat_tonkey

There’s a difference between us and dogs (it sounds obvious, we know, but give us a moment to explains): while mommy dogs know exactly how to pick their kids up by the scruff without hurting them, human beings don’t have the same natural instincts and we can accidentally end up causing the puppies pain. So if you do have to carry them, unless you’re incredibly experienced, don’t go for the scruff.

#13 Lovely Stretch

Image credits: mojiakira

#14 It’s Tough Smiling Through These Big Flaps

Image credits: reggie_thepig

#15 Sleepy Stretch

Image credits: fhosalay

What’s more, when a pupperino grows up, it becomes far heavier, so grabbing and carrying them by the scruff then is a big no-no. You can’t place that much weight on their neck. So if your dogs’ legs get tired in the middle of your walk or if they want to get on the couch but can’t, you’ll have to pick them up properly, gently, and carry them to their destination. Dogs: 1; Owners: 0.

#16 Easy There With Your Shenanigans Dad

Image credits: hankandsasha

#17 “I Don’t Pay Rent. I Don’t Clean. I Don’t Cook. I Contribute To The Home By Letting The Humans Stretch My Face”

Image credits: thedailyfritz

#18 When He Was Sick, He Lost A Huge Amount Of Weight. He’s Got Some Extra Skin He Needs To Grow Back Into

Image credits: skettiosandgoobers

When done carefully and properly, grabbing your dog by the scruff can be a part of training them. When you do so, you’re mimicking wild dogs and showing your pet that you’re the dominant one here.

But before you go grabbing loose skin folds willy-nilly, you ought to consult with a dog trainer or a vet. There’s only so much you learn from books, the internet; when it comes to your dog’s wellbeing, experienced guidance is necessary.

#19 She’s Still Growing Into Her Face

Image credits: carmenabernethy

#20 Reversed Dog Squish

Image credits: muttadventures

#21 Stingray Face With A Tongue. Best We Could Do With A Crazy Pup

Image credits: hali_fax

However, here are some basics, as presented by ‘DogIDs,’ about how you can train your dogs to follow commands and refrain from unwanted habits. It’s important that a pet know what exactly it is that they did wrong, so giving them a stern talking to should occur immediately after the fact, not later.

#22 Extra Skin

Image credits: frank_fromthehood

#23 Squishy Cheeks

Image credits: danielthegoldie

#24 This Dog’s Stretchy Face

Image credits: jessesewell

Keeping in mind that you should do everything incredibly gently yet firmly, if your dog is being a big meanie, you can grab them by their scruff, shake it slightly, and say ‘no’ in a commanding voice while looking at your pet’s dreamy eyes that you could get lost in for days. That way, your dog should be able to associate the consequences with what they did wrong. Dawdle for too long and your canine could get confused about what exactly it was that’s considered to be bad behavior.

#25 Look At All My Extra Skin In My Cheeks From My Dramatic Weight Loss

Almost three years ago I went from 31 pounds to about 20 pounds. I lost about 1/3 of my body weight. I have sooo much extra skin! I guess what I technically need is a pug tummy tuck, but that’s okay- my extra skin makes me extra cuddly!

Image credits: louiewiththetongue

#26 Just A Little Extra Skin

Image credits: mollythepocketpuggle

#27 Why Dani Has Trust Issues

Image credits: conroedoper

#28 Why So Serious?

#29 Pointy Doggo Doin A Stretch

Image credits: Johannesdl

#30 Stretchy Doggo

Image credits: gompey_chomp

While a lot of character features might be determined by your dog’s breed, they’re still individuals. So if your dog is jumpy, frightful, and against you touching its scruff (or smooshing its face to make it look even more like a cutie), stop doing it. Grabbing a dog by the scruff of its neck should only be a part of training if your dog is confident and only needs minor corrections to its behavior.

#31 Eats Snack While Also Looking For Another Snack

Image credits: myotherusernameisbetter_

#32 Pancakes Anyone?

Image credits: myotherusernameisbetter_

#33 He Protec, He Attac, But Mostly, Many Squishy Is Back

Image credits: iBovata

#34 Pancake Face

Image credits: hoosehippohoosemoose

#35 I Died

Image credits: caseyfitz26

#36 “If You Force Yourself To Smile, Within A Couple Minutes, You Feel Happy”

Image credits: hoohoo_thebully

#37 Who Puts An Instant Smile On Your Face?

Image credits: dominicthepit

#38 Squishy Cheeks

Image credits: jbilly90

#39 Sting Bae

Image credits: goodboypacino

#40 Still Growing Into My Face

Image credits: growingupgriffey

#41 Smoosh… Smoosh…

Image credits: aneki_bean

#42 Mister Stretchy Faycee

Image credits: burtnanigans

#43 Stretchy And Squishy Kiri

Image credits: tinybeano

#44 Whyyyyy Sooo Serious?!

Image credits: lucywrinkles

#45 My Face When Grandma Comes Over

Image credits: boethebearcoat

#46 We Big Dogs Have A Loot Of Loose Stretchy Skin

Image credits: stretchy_dogs

#47 Humans Are So Strange

Image credits: mr.hankthehound

#48 This Is Maisie, She Likes It When We Play With Her Extra Skin

Image credits: pante710

#49 My Friend’s Dog Is Very Stretchy

Image credits: shaigi1

#50 Such Smile. Very Happiness

Image credits: loopdeloops

#51 Smooshy Face

Image credits: swim.in.my.pool

#52 Sorry I’ve Been Missing In Action For A While. I’ve Been Busy Flying Around With My Newfound Face Wings

Image credits: obi.woof.kenobi.and.yoshi

#53 In Case Anyone Wants To Leave The Fridge Open Or The Dog Food Bag In My Reach, I Have Got Lots Of Room To Grow

Image credits: barbecuetheweimar

#54 Guys, I Don’t See What The Big Deal Is. Doesn’t Everyone Have This Much Face Skin?

Image credits: murphyandsissy

#55 So, My Dog To Has A Lot Of Extra Skin

Image credits: FranKatzenjammer

#56 So Much Extra Skin

Image credits: baileyrosethemutt

#57 She’s The Squishiest Pup In This Neck Of The Woods

Image credits: anonymous-horror

#58 I’d Say She Qualifies

Image credits: mouthfullofsnakes

#59 Hope This Smile Brightens Your Day And Wakes You Up

Image credits: dunc.thedane

#60 Those Big Jowls… I Want To Have Bloodhound

Image credits: annekasvenskaofficial

#61 Stretchy Husky Smile To Brighten Your Day

Image credits: StarWolfStone

#62 I Got Distracted By Wynne’s Stretchy Face While Studying For Finals. But Can You Blame Me?

Image credits: 13kat13

#63 “Owner Thinks I Used To Be Fat Because My Skin Is So Loose”

Don’t worry, this didn’t hurt him at all, we really don’t have to do much of any pulling on his skin, he’s just got WAY more skin than most dogs his age and he’s probably made of flubber

Image credits: rowdyreggie

#64 The Things I Let My Mom Do To Me

Image credits: sherlockthemutt

#65 Trying Out Stingray Face And Kinda Failing

Image credits: roxygrrrl

#66 Extra Skin

Image credits: ahtiemma

#67 I Am Not Smooshy. I’m Cute And Stretchy

Image credits: silverservicedog

#68 The Weekend When I Got To Meet These Fluffy Pup Cheeks

Image credits: lovina_hua

#69 Mah Doggo

Image credits: hippik

#70 Imma Stingray

Image credits: yourweeklyharold

#71 Doggie Face Lift

Image credits: daisy_and_roscoe_life

#72 True Beauty

Image credits: adventureswithtatertot

#73 Any Recommendations On Skin Tightening Creams? I’m Too Young To Be Worrying About This

Image credits: wyattthedog

#74 I Think I Need A Skin Removal Treatment

Image credits: ms.momo.yu

#75 Gimbel’s Manager: Why Are You Smiling Like That? Buddy: I Just Like To Smile, Smiling’s My Favorite

Image credits: lilo.the.redbone

#76 She Got That Extra Skin

Image credits: stephkempf

#77 Skwishy Fays

Image credits: gaiabee

#78 Stretchy Mastiff’s Smile

Image credits: zara_themastiff

#79 Not Impressed

Image credits: chiefthemastiff

#80 He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, He’s Got A Flappy Face

Image credits: chiefthemastiff

#81 This Dog Looks Really Happy

Image credits: justinewdm

#82 Squishy Face vs. Stretch Face

Image credits: Jhomeboy

#83 A Little Extra Skin Never Hurt Anybody

Image credits: cotton_wang

#84 So, Jojo Has Some Extra Skin

Image credits: bmoney808

#85 “Lately, Momma Has Been Obsessed With My Stretchy Cheeks. I Know I’m Cute, But Seriously This Lady”

Image credits: my_omi_one

#86 Stretch Face

Image credits: hank_the_service_dog

#87 Throwback To To That Time Beardog Sprouted Wings And Flew Away

Image credits: kelsiemccormick

#88 This Dog With A Face Of A Fox

Image credits: sophlili

#89 So My Dog Has A Lot Of Extra Skin Around His Face

Image credits: steph.mayfield

#90 You’re So Handsome, Opie

Image credits: pibblesandplants

#91 A Little Extra Skin For Backup

Image credits: hoosehippohoosemoose

#92 Loony, What’s This?

Image credits: lunathetoona

#93 Stingray Face Cutie

Image credits: mika_the_lucky_dog

#94 Our Dog Has A Lot Of Extra Skin

Image credits: Maplekitty2

#95 He Has A Stretchy Face

Image credits: deutschedorie

#96 Do (Not) Try This On Your Shiba Inu

Image credits: pupperpasta

#97 The Weekend Is Finally Here

Image credits: scooterthecorgi_mn

#98 Hard Day At Work In The Office For Drogo Yesterday

Image credits: drogothedogeo

#99 Evidently Not The Most Willing Participant Of This Photoshoot

Image credits: tiara_the_shiba

#100 I’m Entering This Doge To The Squishy Dog Cheeks Contest

Image credits: janetcmonkey

#101 It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

Image credits: thesissybear

#102 When You’re Being Good Waiting For A Treat And Mum Tries To Break Your Concentration

Image credits: viking_25181037

#103 Bruno And His Smiles. Most Lovable Guy

Image credits: fionataytor

#104 Let’s Talk About Leo’s Fat Loss Journey

Image credits: willliecoggins

#105 She’s So Sillay

Image credits: monicatrep

#106 My Pup Also Has Stretchy Skin

Image credits: Cyrusis

#107 Squishy Face

Image credits: bennythefosterfailpup

#108 I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Lips Ain’t One

Image credits: theodoretheboxerpuppy

#109 Big Smile For Everyone

Image credits: mavely._.bella

#110 Look How “Mochiy” My Cheek Can Be

Image credits: madamede_orange

#111 All Smiles

Image credits: timthetoothninja

#112 Smiles All Day

Image credits: timthetoothninja

#113 Keep Smiling

Image credits: ichoosethemountain

#114 Stretchy Great Dane’s Cheeks

Image credits: greatdane_eden

#115 Edgar Qualifies For Stretchy Dogs

Image credits: georgiasdogwalkies

#116 It Is Not Funny Human. Don’t Mock My Elastic Super Power

Image credits: roy.the.rowdy

#117 When Your Cheeks Seem To Be A New Version Of Slime

Image credits: ribolla_golden

#118 Puppy Face Massage

Image credits: emmajane417

#119 Teddy Bear

Image credits: toffeethegermanshepherd

#120 I Heard We Are Doing Dog Cheeks Now

Image credits: volcomchk143

#121 My Dog, Easy, Has A Stretchy Face. This Doesn’t Hurt Him

Image credits: easysnipes

#122 Stretchy Face

Image credits: JankyTango

#123 Happy Lunar New Year

Image credits: milo_the_shibainu

#124 Happy New Year Everyone! Hope This Year Is Filled With A Bunch Of Floppy Tongues And Lots Of Treats

Image credits: sweetlifeofmochi

#125 Extra Skin Dog

Image credits: mlabrozzi

#126 Love Handles

Image credits: maceytheguarddog

#127 Took This Pic At The Request Of My Auntie Penny. She Mocks Me

Image credits: muttbuttmia

#128 Some Days You Just Have To Force A Smile And Carry On – Archie

Image credits: mila_thepug_australia

#129 Squishy Boi

Image credits: elperri

#130 Is It A Polar Bear?

Image credits: mavely._.bella

#131 Bianca Cracks Me Up! This Dog Loves To Pounce And Wrestle. Her Big Ol Jowls Get Ya All Slobbery And She Comes Back For More

Image credits: bryson_farms_alabama

#132 Sometimes Smiling On A Monday Requires A Little Extra Help

Image credits: chiefthemastiff

#133 A Little Extra Fur Goes A Long Way

Image credits: fractionsofzero

#134 Just Keep Smiling, Just Keep Smiling

Image credits: timthetoothninja

#135 Stretchy-Faced Shibas

Image credits: me_and_my_doges

#136 Smile For You

Image credits: echotheaussieexplorer

#137 This Super Cute Stretchy Shiba

Image credits: shiroshiba.fuku

#138 Really Silly Face

Image credits: hello_hazelkim

#139 Flappy Face

Image credits: burgerisme

#140 Woofer’s Face Does A Big Stretch

Image credits: gally_91

#141 My Catahoula Has A Little Extra Skin

Image credits: jdizzle4

#142 Mum Says I Have Nice Flaps

Image credits: buhmynameisgeorge

#143 Got Smiles For Days

Image credits: pitbullkids

#144 So Happy

Image credits: p_willzzz

#145 I Hope You Find The Perfect Stick Today! Even If It Pokes You In The Mouth

Image credits: beauandbellethedoods

#146 Please Let This Quarantine End So My Brother Can Pick On Someone Else

Image credits: kenjithecorgi

#147 This Guy Needs A Face Lift

Image credits: hardhitteritter

#148 I Have Accepted, This Is Me

Image credits: cookie_the_bulldog

#149 Oh Hi There Stingray-Face Dog

Image credits: meggi.m

#150 Flappy Lips

Image credits: maudedevilliersstfrederic

#151 No Dogs Were Harmed In The Taking Of This Photo

Image credits: remytherescuedoug

#152 When You Try To Stay Majestic While Someone Pinches Your Cheeks

Image credits: captainbobsy

#153 Pancake B O Y E

Image credits: super_monero

#154 Mom And Dad Always Say I’m “Cheeky”

Image credits: ukeepuglife

#155 My Face Is So Stretchy, I Can Go Wind Gliding With No Equipment

Image credits: arnoldstaffzenegger

#156 Definitely Not A Fan

Image credits: tari_no1

#157 The Cutest Smile I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: iammayonnaise

#158 Stretchy Face

Image credits: bully_basset

#159 Gunther Has A Big Smile, When His Hooman Helps Him

Image credits: gunther_thebasset

#160 Don’t Forget To Smile Like Alfie Here

Image credits: vitawakeuk

#161 Good Morning

Image credits: kira_rottwailer

#162 The Happiest Kona Ever. Do You Ever Just Want To Like Squish And Play With Your Pups Cheeks? Same. Kona Is So Good She Doesn’t Ever Care What I Do To Her She Just Accepts It

Image credits: scoreyspack

#163 Gotta Love That Loose Puppy Skin

Image credits: pyxiusthefrenchie

#164 Tongue Mastiff Monster

Image credits: jez_the_mastiff

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