166 Times People Were Expecting Cute Babies But Ended Up Having Old People Instead (New Pics)

So what if they just entered this world? They already look like their grandparents. Introducing, old babies.

There’s nothing wrong with them or anything. These little fellas just appear to be decades older than what their birth certificate says.

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It’s often temporary as well so their kind, loving relatives can’t resist the urge to immortalize their first golden years. Thankfully!

Bored Panda collected some of the funniest pictures of old babies we could find, so get yourself a rocking chair, sit back, and enjoy.

#1 My Son. Birth Certificate Says 1 Week, But The Forehead Wrinkles Say Your 80-Year-Old Grandfather Who Looks Vaguely Like A Bulldog And Falls Asleep In His Recliner While Chewing On A Stogie

Image credits: StarKing18

#2 Born In The Year 2020

Image credits: allshowernoflower

#3 When You Gotta Finish That Fresh Batch Of Cookies But Have Nap Time At 3

Image credits: Longbeacher707

#4 My Brother In Law Used To Look Like A Travel-Sized Soprano

Image credits: UploadMeDaddy

#5 “Lost My Job, Lost My Wife, Lost My Binky”

Image credits: yoshioshilol

#6 He’s Figuring Out Which Cup Wesley Poisoned

Image credits: TristanLennon

#7 This Baby Looks Like He’s Ready To Pour You A Pint At His Pub

Image credits: robwallace7

#8 Me Running For Local Office

Image credits: Valgeirsson

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#9 5 Weeks Old And Grumpy As Hell

Image credits: mandacado

#10 Picture Of My Friend’s Newborn. This Baby Has Definitely Been Through Some Hell

Image credits: ArthurJay10

#11 I Guess A Lot Of Babies Look Like Wallace Shawn, But Man, Those Eyebrow Wrinkles

Image credits: CatastropheWife

#12 Just Became The Father Of This Old Man

Image credits: riezert

#13 These Might Just Be The Best Baby Facial Expressions I Have Ever Captured! Mom And Dad Both Said She Came Out With This Same Face! Grumpy Old Lady

Image credits: justinetuhyphoto

#14 The Greatest Surprise: Finding Out Your First Child Is A Boy

Image credits: Diablo9489

#15 This Baby Already Sick Of Everything

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Old Babies You Say?

#17 I Was One Of Those “Old Man” Babies

Image credits: Jenicsaco

#18 I Feel Judged

Image credits: epistemophilia

#19 We Told Ben He Looked Like His Grampy, He Didn’t See The Resemblance

Image credits: bex_boys_and_books

#20 Little Old Man

Image credits: awheeler92

#21 I Think My Son Is Benjamin Button

Image credits: traceface

#22 Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

Image credits: Claire8ball

#23 My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito

Image credits: pangitlee

#24 He Already Looks 40

Image credits: MykaWorld

#25 Tiny Ron Swanson

Image credits: Dachy03

#26 After A Successful Board Meeting

Image credits: MacItOut

#27 My Brand New Old Man

Image credits: mrmrr

#28 My Nephew At 3 Days Old. He Is Wise Beyond His Years

Image credits: Redscoreblue

#29 Put Me Back Where I Came From Or So Help Me

#30 My Old Looking Baby

Image credits: reilleyerin

#31 That Sad Sweet Baby Face Gets Me Every Time!!! I Love When Babies Are So Expressive For Their Session

Image credits: justinetuhyphoto

#32 This Disgruntled Baby

Image credits: propav8r

#33 A Very Grumpy Baby

Image credits: JoePatrick1

#34 Friend Of A Friend’s Baby Looking Like A Grizzled Accountant Ready To Retire Soon

Image credits: darthsigma

#35 Baby Me Vibing

Image credits: zdookie

#36 Had The Perfect Picture From When My Son Was Two Weeks Old

Image credits: PrincessFluffyBunny

#37 Time To Change What?

Image credits: Triggercut72

#38 Throwback To When My Baby Was One Month Old. He Was Very Judgy

Image credits: Dachy03

#39 The Angriest Newborn

Image credits: 867-53OhNein

#40 The Original 80 Year Old Baby

Image credits: GoodGuyRK

#41 Already Been Through A Lot

Image credits: skydivingmommy

#42 My Mom Brought Me Home Like This

Image credits: blonde_af_8724

#43 My Little Assistant At Work Day Helping Me Test The Light For My Session This Morning

Image credits: jndavenport

#44 What Kind Of Baby Makes Faces Like This

Image credits: mariahmae

#45 My Husband Was Born Ready To File Your Taxes For Less Than What The Other Guys Charge

Image credits: xsweetiebellex

#46 My Twins Looking Like An Old Married Couple

Image credits: chaiiya

#47 Less Than An Hour Old And Already Jaded

Image credits: rakufman

#48 This Man Has To Have Seven Grandkids Already

Image credits: GuntherWheeler

#49 Just Got Back From Work, Ready For A 12 Pack

Image credits: Athenas_Perch

#50 My 3 Week Old Daughter Reminds Me Of An Old Aunty That Always Judging You

Image credits: Cradle2Grave

#51 My Daughter And Her Great-Great-Grandmother. I Think That The Resemblance Is Quite Uncanny

Image credits: moonlyra

#52 An Hour Old And He’s Already Regretting His Life Decisions

Image credits: yourmomprobably

#53 “Where’s The Penny Slots?”

Image credits: chokingontheback

#54 50 Years Or 2 Weeks, I Can’t Tell

Image credits: spumpy

#55 She Looks Like A Yawning Old Man

Image credits: ohlook_shells

#56 You Call This Music??

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Being Born Was The Easy Part Of 2021

Image credits: yestobrussels

#58 I Feel My Friends Baby Needs Captioned

Image credits: MaxViren

#59 Born On The 21st Hour Of The 21st Day Of The 21st Year Of The 21st Century, Heres My Newborn Daughter Striking A Pose For The Camera

Image credits: PelicanParker

#60 Uncle, Are You On The Side?

Image credits: kayui.m

#61 At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever

Image credits: kimay124

#62 I May Have A Grumpy Old Man Baby

Image credits: duedatesaredumb

#63 Old Man Baby

Image credits: moses_iam

#64 The Face You Make When You’re Born In 2020, During A Global Pandemic, And Just So Unimpressed With Life At A Day Old

Image credits: kshep89

#65 Theo Was Not A Fan Of Going To The Doctor And Having His Blood Taken Again

Image credits: glopez425

#66 A Grumpy Old Little Man

Image credits: mrsjamijackson

#67 Old Man Or Baby? You Decide

Image credits: lalla326

#68 Our Beloved Old Man Baby

Image credits: the.s.hall

#69 My Girlfriend Looks Like An Old Mob Boss In Her Baby Picture

Image credits: Stoli_thedog

#70 Why Does My Baby Always Look Like He’s About To Yell “Get Off My Lawn!”

Image credits: awheeler92

#71 So Old Babies Are A Thing Now?

Image credits: SelkieSirenSong

#72 When You’re An Old Soul. One Month Going On 80

Image credits: shannoncorrine

#73 Say Hi To Grandpa Luca! 1 Month Old Or 71 Years Old?

Image credits: mikeeedeeee

#74 I Was A Mom First So My Two Sisters Have Years Of Aunt-Ing On Me

Image credits: sarahmartinhood

#75 Thomas Is The Mood Of Every Single Buyer’s Agent In This Current Market. Y’all. It’s Rough Out In These Streets

Image credits: makennamoves_dfw

#76 My Two Week Old Looking Like He Is Mini-Me

Image credits: schwarta77

#77 I’m Alive But I Ain’t Happy About It

Image credits: Trygler5

#78 55-Year Old Office Administrator Ready For Her Lunch Break

Image credits: buggbomb

#79 Why Does It Look Like My Baby Cousin Ready Whoop Me With A Wooden Spoon If I Wake Her From Her Nap

Image credits: httpabigaillll

#80 Hey! I’m Sittin’ ‘Ere!!

Image credits: biladi79

#81 She Wants To Feed You Homemade Cookies And Hear About Your Day

Image credits: go_ask_your_father

#82 Me Circa 1990. Born Hungover And Confused

Image credits: RidingWithTheGhost

#83 Me 75 Years Ago

Image credits: Lfetterolf17

#84 So My Baby Looks Like Old Man From Pawn Stars

Image credits: KnivesAndWolves

#85 Caught My Son At His Absolute Worst. Looks Like He’s Been Working The Night Shift For 25 Years And Cranking A Pack Of Hoons A Day

Image credits: PM_ME_YOUR__MOMS

#86 Guess Grandpa Did Not Want A Bath

Image credits: mammmmm5

#87 No, I Dont Know, I Just Got Here

Image credits: secondof7

#88 Found This Absolutely Ancient Baby In A Family Photo Album (Picture From ~1975)

Image credits: biscuitsnshit

#89 Four Years Ago My Son Was Born An Old Man

Image credits: RugbyHuntress

#90 Our Grumpy Old Man Is 3mo And Happy As A Clam

Image credits: slimb0

#91 Grumpy Baby Photoshoot

Image credits: WolfgangSho

#92 Baby Grandpa

Image credits: alljmu

#93 Zen Is Using The Powers Of His Old Man Hair To Take Down The Hulk Already

Image credits: coachbaz10

#94 Here’s My Grumpy Baby Girl Fresh From C-Section

Image credits: Brokenabacus

#95 Hopefully Crossposts Are Allowed, This Baby Definitely Belongs Here

Image credits: CrazyPyro516

#96 Unimpressed Judgey Old Man Baby

Image credits: sarahstachurakienle

#97 My Friend Looked Like An Old Man As A Baby

Image credits: YukiAmano

#98 Looking Like A Little Old Man With That Hairline

Image credits: iammorganmc

#99 Little Old Man

Image credits: leannethompsonhome

#100 Looking Like An 80-Year-Old Unker During A Burping Session By Ah Ma

Image credits: ig_maurice

#101 Not Impressed There Mate, Going Bald At 1 Month Old. The Grey Hair Is Round The Corner

Image credits: carneyn91

#102 Just Look For Me Back In The Warehouse If You Need Me. I’ll Be Wearing This And Loading 2×4’s For Delivery

Image credits: jfandcompany

#103 Two Weeks Going On 30 Years

Image credits: PicpoulBlanc

#104 Middle Aged Man Headed To A Job He Hates

Image credits: Tekon421

#105 Grandpa Baby, Grandpa Pyjamas

Image credits: J-JAG5187

#106 Fresh From The Oven And Baby Already Wants You Off Her Lawn. And To Turn Down That Dang Rock Music

Image credits: fluorescentpuffin

#107 He Looks Like An Accountant

Image credits: pmd815

#108 My Niece, The Middle School Math Teacher

Image credits: pixelSHREDDER

#109 Offered To Do My Taxes Straight Out Of The Womb

Image credits: lgrabowski

#110 Who’s In Charge Here? I Need To Speak With The Manager

Image credits: noicenuggs

#111 Me, 1991. I Already Look Tired Of It All

Image credits: kwag91

#112 My Daughter And Her Friend Looking Like An Old Married Couple

Image credits: tverofvulcan

#113 Receding Hairline At The Ripe Old Age Of 3 Weeks

Image credits: hdj1987

#114 I’m So Proud To Introduce My New Grandson Here. I Showed Up To Visit And The Old Coot Promptly Kicked Me Off The Property

Image credits: redfancydress

#115 My Little Old Man On Homecoming Day – 3 Days Old Here And Looks Like He’s Already Done With Life

Image credits: Highlyeccentricc

#116 Get Off His Lawn (My Brother, 1973)

Image credits: m00nf1r3

#117 Looking Back At Old Pics Has Made Me Realize How Old My Son Was As A Newborn

Image credits: nessaleigh

#118 When You’re Crying And Mom Mocks You

Image credits: MykaWorld

#119 My Daughter Was Done With Nonsense Two Hours After Being Born

Image credits: MRsMuddy

#120 Family Member Was Doing Some Genealogy And Found This Gem

Image credits: I-Chancho-I

#121 My Girl Looking Like A Russian Mobster

Image credits: Helagoth

#122 My Grumpy Week Old Son… Likes To Stare Into Your Soul As A Hobby

Image credits: RemoraVictim

#123 He Just Pulled An All Nighter Balancing His Checkbook

Image credits: Angry_Custurd

#124 This Newborn Baby

Image credits: TongueBandit69

#125 We Have A Little Old Man On Our Hands

Image credits: jolenejojoey

#126 That Wrinkly Old Man Forehead

Image credits: fritzyhazy

#127 2 Months Old, Not A Wig

Image credits: christophermm

#128 Ronan’s Got That Old Man Baby Charm About Him

Image credits: suburbanmango

#129 This Baby Has A Lot Of Important Meetings Today

Image credits: sp00ky._.mulder

#130 14 Weeks Old Going On 85

Image credits: sannabravo

#131 Wrinkles And A Receding Hairline

Image credits: skumbalavelil

#132 He’s An Old Soul

Image credits: jeff.thomas.829

#133 Mammys Handsome Man Dressed To Impress

Image credits: x.lucy_oscar.x

#134 I Swear His First Words Will Be “Ol’ Whipper Snapper”

Image credits: urfavorite_theylien

#135 Brayden Knox Johnson On The Move Almost 3 Weeks Old

Image credits: bjohnson6699

#136 Sometimes My 5-Week-Old Looks 85. And It’s Adorable

Image credits: gracemartinez0525

#137 Old Baby Thinks You Mfers Need Jesus

Image credits: thelittlemisses

#138 “I’ll Tell Ya What, I’ll Do It For A Caravan”

Image credits: smokeawitness

#139 My Daughter Was Born An Angry, Old Man

Image credits: highheelcyanide

#140 Before, During, And After Gripe Water

Image credits: MykaWorld

#141 Just Turned One Month And Sixty At The Same Time

Image credits: Looseends_Newfriends

#142 My Son With A Combover At 4 Days, Looking To Discuss My Job Performance

Image credits: 5HTjm89

#143 My 2 Month Old Nephew Is Already Yelling At Kids On His Lawn

Image credits: stonedchristian

#144 Grandpa Bebe

Image credits: haybails720

#145 A Picture Of My Grumpy Newborn Baby Brother Giving Judgmental Looks

Image credits: dramaticmanchild

#146 Baby Niece Is 2 Hours Old And Already So Done With 2020

Image credits: helpIamnotcreative

#147 Grumpy Baby Contest Entry. Introducing, My Daughter. 1 Minute Old And Full Of Grump

Image credits: Acad12345

#148 Get Off My Lawn!

Image credits: jiovanna_j

#149 Don’t Forget To Take Breaks And Naps Between Meals Today

Image credits: spencerdoesthings

#150 When My Boy Was A Marshmallow

Image credits: cjmartinez2012

#151 We Have Matching Forehead Wrinkles

Image credits: epistemophilia

#152 I Post A Million Baby Pictures. But With This Face How Could I Not?

Image credits: hgrayferg

#153 Somebody’s Not Thrilled About All The Nakedness

Image credits: stacy_bo_bacey

#154 My 75-Year-Old Daughter

Image credits: MokeOG

#155 Baby Benjamin

Image credits: julessmith_

#156 “Hey You Kids, Cut That Out!”

Image credits: sirurbs

#157 Grumpy Old Man

Image credits: rakufman

#158 My Cousin At 15-Months Making An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Image credits: williamsdk

#159 Once Again, My Nephew Judges His Aunt (Me)

Image credits: MykaWorld

#160 My Nephew, Back From Street Market

Image credits: Geeze-Us

#161 Geriatric Flower

Image credits: darthpickles

#162 My Grumpy Old Man

Image credits: reddit.com

#163 This Little Grandpa Was 3 Months Yesterday

Image credits: haught_justin

#164 Silas Around One Week Old

Image credits: mrskaitjones

#165 Grandson Just Discovered His Hands. Now He Won’t Stop Balling Up Fists And Shaking Them At Me And Calling Me A Whippersnapper

Image credits: redfancydress

#166 Newborn Or 75?

Image credits: Usedmaxipad51

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