167 People Who’ve Hit New Levels Of Cringe And Got Posted In The ‘Cringetopia’ Online Group (New Pics)

Cringe is as cringe does. Even though the internet is full of wonderful things like cat pics, wholesome local news, and articles written by yours truly, it’s also home to the vast and spooky wilderness where you’ll find the most bizarre and cringe-worthy posts. And it’s the members of the ‘Cringetopia’ subreddit that bears the heavy burden of documenting the cringiest examples to share (and publicly mock!) with the world. These cringetopians have a duty to show us what to never ever do while at the same time providing us with some hilariously weird content.

We’ve collected some of the best recent posts that will make your face contort, your mind reel, and your lips say, “Oh God, why?! Please, no!” Remember to upvote the cringiest pics that hurt you emotionally (and maybe even physically). Oh, and if you haven’t had enough internet for today, then be sure to check out our previous posts about the ‘Cringetopia’ subreddit right over here: Part 1 and Part 2.

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What the 1.3-million-strong ‘Cringetopia’ community teaches us is that cringey posts are more common than we might think. And we’ve all no doubt done embarrassing things that we still remember in the shower or late at night when we should be sleeping. However, ignoring these feelings and running away from them is far from healthy.

Bored Panda had a talk with a couple of the subreddit’s moderators to learn more about how the massive community is managed, as well as how to live with the cringey things that we’ve done in the past (spoiler warning: it’s to take responsibility for your mistakes and live life with courage). Scroll down for our interviews with them, as well as for our chat about embarrassment with award-winning social psychologist Vanessa Bohns, the author of the forthcoming book ‘You Have More Influence Than You Think.’

#1 $4k Rent

Image credits: Kalibribois

#2 Airsoft

Image credits: klammdaddy

#3 What The F Is Twitter

Image credits: TheTricksterJesus

Moderator Fjallmadur is incredibly proud of the entire mod team that keeps the community running smoothly. “Moderating such a large community, especially one that is as active as this one, is difficult, but we have a very solid moderation team who help to run things smoothly,” they told Bored Panda. However, even with a solid team, problems arise from time to time; it’s only natural.

“Even a well-oiled machine has its times when something goes wrong, and we know that things slip through the cracks sometimes, but the team does its best to make sure this is an enjoyable sub for people who want a good cringe subreddit to visit.”

#4 W H I T E P E O P L E A M I R I G H T!!!

Image credits: PrimaryCommon2972

#5 Dork A** Losers

Image credits: rayan2002

#6 Just Stop

Image credits: reddit.com

Fjallmadur told me that the best way to confront embarrassing and cringey situations is to fully admit to them. “A person should own up to their mistakes and embarrassments because it makes them a better person. If you’re too concerned about doing something that may make people laugh at you, then you’re never going to live,” the mod noted to Bored Panda that being afraid of embarrassing ourselves can’t have a wider impact on how we tend to live our lives.

“The jocks think the geeks are cringey, and geeks think the jocks are. And everyone thinks bronies and furries are cringey. Someone will always be there to make fun of you,” Fjallmadur said, urging people to not mind the critics. “Live your life the best you can.”

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Meanwhile, redditor Tejmar, another ‘Cringetopia’ moderator, told Bored Panda that the people behind the community are absolutely awesome and laid back. “I can say this mod team is one of the friendliest and easy-going groups I’ve been a part of,” they praised their colleagues.

#7 Keep Your Neck

Image credits: cutestnataliee

#8 Feels So Bad Man

Image credits: DeintegrateBaseball

#9 47

Image credits: Quaydo

Meanwhile, social psychologist Vanessa told Bored Panda that embarrassment has a clear purpose that lets us get closer to others in our social circle, community, and broader society.

“The function of embarrassment is to bind us to others by showing people that we know we made a mistake or violated some social norm, and that we feel badly about it,” she explained.

“So, being open about feeling embarrassed is probably the best way of dealing with it. It’s the kind of acknowledgment that tells people what they want to hear: this person knows they messed up, and feels badly about it,” Vanessa said.

#10 Now Listen Here You Little S**t

Image credits: Lordgrimtheinvncble

#11 Entitled Af

Image credits: Jec1027

#12 So Much For Independent

Image credits: StickDynamite

Earlier, I spoke with social psychologist Vanessa about other aspects of embarrassment as well. She noted that we ought to embrace our embarrassment instead of shying (or running!) away from it. Not only does it help our reputation, it also helps us accept the fact that we can’t always be perfect.

“We spend a lot of time and effort presenting an ideal version of ourselves to other people. When something happens that contrasts with the image we’ve been projecting—when we say or do something that shows we actually aren’t as graceful or as smart as we’d like people to believe—we feel embarrassed,” Vanessa told Bored Panda previously.

#13 That Is A Good Question

Image credits: percy___potter

#14 Want Another Baby But Your Husband Doesn’t? Just Get Him Drunk

Image credits: Had2-4kKarmaOnOldAcc

#15 That’s A Flex

Image credits: PhillyPhresh

“Discovering you were wrong about something most everyone else around you has long known to be true is one of those moments. In that moment we learn, ‘Wait a minute, maybe I haven’t been presenting the image of being smart or worldly that I thought I was presenting all this time,’ which is embarrassing,” the social psychologist noted that embarrassment occurs when reality doesn’t align with our view of ourselves. In short, embarrassment denotes a contrast between our subjectivity and objective reality.

“One thing that’s interesting about embarrassment is that, for as much as we might experience it as painful in the moment, it’s actually very socially adaptive. Being embarrassed signals to other people that you care about what they think. And that actually draws people in to you.”

#16 Vice Journalism At Its Finest

Image credits: sebikuraz

#17 This Is Exactly How A Split Personality Looks Like. Enjoy The Cringe!

Image credits: ggnoobzzz

#18 I Want Death

Image credits: EpicGamer420th

The expert continued: “So blushing, burying your head in your hands, laughing, acknowledging how embarrassing something was, are all totally healthy ways to react.” So while embracing our embarrassment is the healthy (and socially useful) way to react, trying to cover up our own faults and mistakes creates the opposite, negative effect.

“The unhealthy way to react is to pretend you’re not embarrassed, that you didn’t make a mistake, or to get angry. Those things undo the positive effect that embarrassment typically has on other people by conveying insincerity and pushing people away rather than drawing them in.”

#19 Found This On Facebook

Image credits: bestnamew

#20 Only Real Gamerz Will Understand

Image credits: Pokeball_connoisseur

#21 That’s Totally How It Works

Image credits: Mozziebag

#22 This Redditor’s Bio. This Ain’t It, Chief

Image credits: JazminDelpha

#23 What The Hell?

Image credits: breakfastinbred

#24 Easy Mistake

Image credits: DeintegrateBaseball

#25 Logan Paul

Image credits: AwarenessNo9898

#26 I Love Twitter

Image credits: Number-no-1

#27 This Made Me Cringe

Image credits: good_namesAre_taken

#28 The Kid Who Never Pays Attention In Class And Blames Everyone Else Made This

Image credits: warcrimess

#29 A F***ing Child

Image credits: tlrd

#30 More Of A Sad One

Image credits: theorangemisfit

#31 That Hurts

Image credits: Kalibribois

#32 This Is Not Cute

Image credits: Radical_Posture

#33 E – Rejected

Image credits: CelestinaLam

#34 When You Just Want A Legitimate Business

Image credits: Acobbsalad

#35 Facepalm

Image credits: OppositeTrue6

#36 Found This On An Instagram Physics Page

Image credits: MrWolf_MRW

#37 Wow Real Help

Image credits: obstantial_is_thy

#38 Oh Wow, No One Can Handle My Music

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Huh

Image credits: That_dummy_head

#40 U Aren’t A Man Of Culture

Image credits: Yimster-Sama

#41 Awoo.

Image credits: Epm0d

#42 Prime America Moment

Image credits: SurrealSnooz

#43 The Woman Is The Cringe One Here, In Case Anyone Is Confused

Image credits: lordofthehamstrings

#44 Are You Kidding Me

Image credits: comrade_squidgy17

#45 Much Boomer

Image credits: ihob21

#46 I’m Sure That’s How It Went

Image credits: AlienTear

#47 And Then Constantly Calls Every Lois, “Hey Lois Can I Get Mc Chicken”

Image credits: qai-

#48 The Future Of Abortion

Image credits: V_Lisyanskiy

#49 Twitter Moment

Image credits: HAXAD2005

#50 Um

Image credits: ZookeepergameSea672

#51 S**tty Thing To Say Ngl

Image credits: Basis_Fresh

#52 This Was Posted Non-Ironically By My Edgy Cousin. She Didn’t Notice The Beans

Image credits: sr_pretzel_man

#53 Love The 92/8 Ratio

Image credits: MrFluffernutter00

#54 Dinner Hangout Hype

Image credits: Kalibribois

#55 The Duality Of Cringe

Image credits: FairArkExperience

#56 Ooooooo Scary Hacker Ooooo

Image credits: shankipanki06

#57 Astrology Isn’t Real

Image credits: MEAUUX

#58 That’s A New Low

Image credits: 12gaugefacesurgery

#59 Height Of Stupidity

Image credits: percy___potter

#60 I Don’t Know Why This Is Hurting Me So Much To Look At

Image credits: MirrorJackal

#61 “Normalise Girls Cheating”

Image credits: Redditscrollernr100

#62 Reddit Headquarters

Image credits: mcguffin99

#63 A L P H E T

Image credits: UrDadLezbian69

#64 Probably Would Die As Soon As I Enter The Ambulance

Image credits: ThiCrayton

#65 Bro This Woman

Image credits: YoanceeQBR

#66 For Sh*t Sake

Image credits: ISuckAtMaths12

#67 Buzzfeed Being Buzzfeed, Along With A Nice Comment

Image credits: AmaryMurillo

#68 I Think I Finally Found Some Pure Cringe

Image credits: universal_boner

#69 Classic

Image credits: simpforkermit

#70 Holy S*** Man

Image credits: chunkybot327

#71 Op Got Exposed

Image credits: XFalzar

#72 Read Another Book

Image credits: theorangemisfit

#73 2007 Kids

Image credits: LoreezyNL

#74 Why Is It Always The Minions?

Image credits: Hohohomicide420

#75 Simp Gets A Username Tattoo Of Egirl And She Deactivates Her Account

Image credits: lifeandtimes89

#76 She’s Insufferable

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

#77 When You’re Begging For Likes

Image credits: -LexXi-

#78 I’m Not Gonna Say Anything Other Than A Certified Internet Moment

Image credits: DehBoi2000

#79 Introducing The Carpeted Shower Floor

Image credits: KourtR

#80 Tryna Sample The Whole Buffet

Image credits: sniper-get-sniped

#81 “Georgy, This Is The Store That Sells The Juul, My Mom Gave Me 20 Dollars Lets Go Bro”

Image credits: epicman2246

#82 Niece Or Not

Image credits: lilronhubbard

#83 People Who “Fix Art”

Image credits: noname_knut

#84 A Kid In A Discord Server I’m In Posts Sh*t Like This Sometimes. It’s Almost Scary How Dumb He Thinks We Are

Image credits: TinyCatStomper4000

#85 Eminem White

Image credits: wigga257

#86 This Had 7k Upvotes

Image credits: SimpleTragety

#87 Jesus Neckbeards Just Don’t Give Up

Image credits: EssietryCaldwell

#88 A Friend Of Mine Posted This To Her Story. I Don’t Get It

Image credits: The_real_shrek_

#89 I Am Terrorist

Image credits: Vodka_user3000

#90 That Family Tree Is A Whole Tesseract

Image credits: MrChookMan

#91 Damn

Image credits: PieCreeper

#92 Whats The Point Of This

Image credits: Supra360

#93 Imagine The Shame

Image credits: nohoserescue

#94 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Image credits: senay1211

#95 Terrifying

Image credits: ThisOneAgain508

#96 Fortnite Bad

Image credits: RuthlessMorbius

#97 Jesus Christ

Image credits: thisisridiculous_

#98 Koreaboo

Image credits: sealie33

#99 She Is Not The Cringe But Those 6k Neck Beards Are! I Freaking Love Her Idea

Image credits: BigPapaPage716

#100 Pretty Cringe

Image credits: Missdisasterous

#101 Does This Count?

Image credits: alexdionisos

#102 For Real I Hate This

Image credits: hospitalcottonswab

#103 So Many Of Us Are In The Same Boat Bro

Image credits: jesuslovesme69420

#104 Imagine Being The Parent And Getting This Email About Your Child

Image credits: OhItsDazzy

#105 When You Got Your Results From Ancestry.com

Image credits: HammertonMili

#106 Legit Cringe Here

Image credits: tcmardoc

#107 Homemade Tattoo

Image credits: MechanicWings

#108 Hummus Is Gay Now Fellas

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

#109 “I Like Anime And Kpop”

Image credits: merothecat

#110 Potato Pride

Image credits: Mr-Hargreaves

#111 We Live In A Public Bathroom

Image credits: GenderBenderBitch

#112 What The

Image credits: GregRam724590

#113 Just Looking For A Single Crumb, M’lady

Image credits: SmileyBennett

#114 Power Of Makeup

Image credits: OppositeTrue6

#115 Flashback To When I Tried To Tell My Crush I Liked Her In Binary

Image credits: iamflying1234

#116 Can You Hear This “Tics And Roses”?

Image credits: Streend

#117 Yikes, That’s Awkward

Image credits: MomentCareful3623

#118 Anon Uses Hentai Logic To Lose His Virginity

Image credits: real_The_Rogue12

#119 For Once, I Think I Side With China On This One?

Image credits: ObiWahnKenobi

#120 Haha Girl Bad Boy Good

Image credits: watercomputer

#121 Oof

Image credits: kpopstansscareme

#122 Down Atrocious

Image credits: Donovan1232

#123 These Posts

Image credits: Zayyded

#124 No U Dont

Image credits: unloved_imp922

#125 Mmm Yesss, I’ll Wear This To Class Today

Image credits: alannVERTICAL

#126 A Much Sadder Tail Then Even Darth Vader

Image credits: RATGUT1996

#127 My Highschools New Mascot

Image credits: Never_Played_It

#128 All Hail Master Elon

Image credits: dace154288

#129 This Poor Man

Image credits: AnySeason9104

#130 He Speaks Japanese

Image credits: Dr_TAM

#131 Classic Twitter

Image credits: thegreatestoneofall

#132 F


#133 Excuse Me!!!

Image credits: Jeeorge

#134 That’ll Show ‘Em

Image credits: jesuslovesme69420

#135 Clickbait Like This

Image credits: eeman0201

#136 Uh

Image credits: giovtaklaa

#137 I Found This On Pinterest

Image credits: Noticeme_mickeymouse

#138 Reddit Strong

Image credits: Alex_Kolchak

#139 Gatekeeping Children’s Names?

Image credits: Slader111

#140 This Article

Image credits: im-still-right

#141 Yeah Man I Feel Horny When I Look At My 2k Rupees Note

Image credits: harerp

#142 Pretty F***ing Cringe Of China If You Ask Me

Image credits: Arknightsfan42069

#143 I Just Wanted To Enjoy Something After School Man

Image credits: Kareem7454

#144 Feels Bad To Laugh

Image credits: Mystery_Meat_69

#145 That Happened

Image credits: hallomakker

#146 That’ll Teach Em

Image credits: realalexjean

#147 Delicious

Image credits: Savage_Sewage

#148 Gets Doxxed For Calling Cardi B Trash

Image credits: MrFluffernutter00

#149 Cultural Appropriation

Image credits: Schxdenfreude

#150 Not The Horse Riding Lessons!

Image credits: tentavia69

#151 What The F**k

Image credits: Zozolecek

#152 Redditors

Image credits: lily——-

#153 Some Good Ol’cringe

Image credits: GoobleGayTennis

#154 He Couldn’t Hold Back

Image credits: CheeseLoverMax

#155 Real Fans Googled His Name You Effing Fake Fan!

Image credits: tuliheshmin

#156 Read. Another. Book

Image credits: Lordgrimtheinvncble

#157 Remember Osvaldo Getting Doxxed? Well Now He Got Swatted

Image credits: Dk785

#158 Nevar Forget

Image credits: AlwaysBamboozled

#159 Anyone Else Starting To Find This A Bit Repetitive?

Image credits: Antinatalist_Femboy

#160 Papa Meatcanyon Has Heard Your Nikado Prayers

Image credits: Porlebeariot

#161 If You Already Knew This Have A Nice Day

Image credits: am_person_not_robot

#162 What A Prick

Image credits: Cockroach-Nation

#163 When The Bed Is Sus

Image credits: JacobH42

#164 Furry Paradise

Image credits: TFOCyborg

#165 Mom Groups On Facebook Are In A Whole Different Realm

Image credits: grove4lyf

#166 Hm

Image credits: Real_Cowboy_Patrick

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